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  • Join "the Recruitment Coach" Mark Whitby as he and his guests unpack the secrets of what it takes to be a profitable and long-lived professional in the recruitment industry.

  • Do you know the science behind what works and doesn’t work when it comes to keeping people safe in your organisation? Each week join Dr Drew Rae and Dr David Provan from the Safety Science Innovation Lab at Griffith University as they break down the latest safety research and provide you with practical management tips.

  • The Property Academy Podcast is a daily show that gives you insight, analysis and strategies for how to get the most out of the NZ property market.

    That's whether you're an existing or aspiring property investor, you want to get into your first home, or you're just interested in the property market.

    Andrew Nicol and Ed McKnight host the podcast. Andrew is the Managing Partner of Opes Partners and a prolific investor himself. Ed is an economist.

    Legal Stuff:

  • My name is Josh and I started REBEL8 from my San Francisco studio apartment with five-hundred bucks in 2003. I've decided to share everything I've learned of running an internationally-recognized independent streetwear clothing brand. On this podcast you'll find a mix of passionate story-telling, sound business advice, insights into the streetwear world, tips on how to start a successful t-shirt company, as well as new original content for this podcast. It's time to remove the smoke and mirrors and be radically transparent.

  • The Travel Geniuses podcast is a podcast for travel agents who LOVE planning vacations for their clients, but wish the business side of things was a little easier.

    We talk about marketing, technology, systems, tools, and tricks that help you focus less on the stuff you hate, and more on the things you love.

  • Master Electricians is the professional trade organisation for electrical contracting businesses in New Zealand. Our membership is made up of over 1000 businesses across New Zealand whom we actively support and advocate for.

    Watt’s Up is the official podcast of the Master Electrician bringing you content relevant to the industry and your business.

    Each week we will cover a new topic that relates to the monthly theme. Providing tools and resources that will help you grow in business and life.

  • Looking for work and living with a disability, injury or illness? Are you an employer who knows that a diverse workforce focusing on abilities gives you a competitive edge? Are you a policy maker with an interest in giving all New Zealanders a fair go in the job market? Mahi is for you.

    Subscribe to Mahi - The Disability Employment Podcast, for news, lively discussions and testimonials on inclusive employment in New Zealand. Have your say via email or our listener line.

    The podcast is fully accessible, with every episode transcribed.

    Mahi is brought to you by Workbridge, New Zealand's leading employment agency for disabled people and those with an illness or injury.

  • Former professional rugby player of 10 seasons, Wallaby and Super Rugby Champion and now Leadership and Culture Coach and Consultant Beau Robinson hosts this podcast on Leadership in High Performance Teams.

    Robinson interviews current and former members of professional sports teams and the elite military and police force members to gain an insight into the role and influence the Leaders had on creating an environment where individuals and teams performed at the highest level and got results!

    Beau relates these perspectives and learnings back to the Corporate and Business world to ensure listeners can develop their leadership skills and become great Leaders.

  • Ian 'Harv' Harvey, founder of Collective Intelligence, talks to a bunch of really cool New Zealanders about the hard stuff, the fun stuff, and the epic stuff-ups that have shaped how they go about making the world a better place. All guests are members of Collective Intelligence, a unique membership-based leadership development community that helps curious people evolve and become more courageous. Podcast production supported by the great team at Te Awanga Estate.

  • Chur Maori podcast where we interview maori people in business, share their stories and help inspire our maori people to be their own boss and get ahead in life. This is but one way that we can share the knowledge of other maori have been able to create an income of their own. That way we can prove to other maori that anything is possible.
    Chur Maori is all about pumping up maori people and encouraging them to get outside the box. Many of our maori are lost when it comes to starting a business as know very few if any business leaders to look up to. The majority of inspirational leaders that are recognised are either sports players or entertainers however our talents do not stop there. We want to showcase other successful Maori so that others can learn and gather the courage create a better life.
    Many maori who move to away from home tend to lose touch with their maori culture. We want maori to be able to learn basic maori by sharing Kupu Hou that can be used in every day situations. We also want to share Whakatauki Proverbs that we can use as inspiration and morals we can use to lead better lives.
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  • Award-winning advertising, marketing and publishing guru and New Zealand’s premier property investment strategist, Nikki Connors has learned a big lesson from "having it all" and then losing it - and she wants to share her hard-won wisdom with you. She has made millions, lost them and made them again, with heartbreak of every kind along the way. Known as the Queen of Property in New Zealand and author of the best-selling book A Fabulous Failure, Nikki's career has spanned more than 25 years as a board member and director of multinational companies in New Zealand and the UK.

    Now, as the founder of New Zealand's most respected property investment company, Propellor, and as principal of Metropolis Design, Proportional Property Ownership and PropellorFirst, Nikki spends every day realising her passion for helping every Kiwi on to the property ladder. She is here to tell you how it's done

  • Efficiency means having the ability to live the way you want to live and give yourself and others the time you want to give them. Let's talk about how to do more, make time, prioritise better, be more decisive and increase our life efficiency. We'll be talking through common issues, innovative solutions, and how you can take your best next step.

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  • Just like you, Lloyd Ross wasn’t taught anything about money during school, and it wasn’t until he experienced financial difficulty in his adult life that he sought out the simple truths of money that helped him to turn it all around and get he to where he is today.

    Let Lloyd guide you in his podcast, which is quick easy listen with episodes that are to the point. Lloyd has already help hundreds with his book, Money Grows on Trees, now he wants to help you to Plant Your Money Tree and be where you want to be!

  • Listen to New Zealand's trailblazing women sharing the twists and turns of their career journeys with Leadership Coach Anna Johnstone. An inspiring collection of open, honest career conversations with a diverse range of kiwi women.

    From journalists to lawyers, jewellers to farmers, board directors to entrepreneurs - and everything in between! - their career highlights, challenges, and advice will inspire you in your own career.

  • Join Spencer Lodge as he connects with the most fascinating personalities on the planet. From Tony Robbins and Marisa Peer to a NASA astronaut, a former mafia boss and a North Korean defector, Spencer interviews everyone from the world’s most popular experts to ordinary people with extraordinary stories and remarkable achievements.

    Tune in every Monday for a new episode.

  • Stories make the food we love taste even better. Food blogger and self-taught cook, Perzen Patel sits down weekly with the people in our food trucks, at our farmers’ markets, in home-based kitchens and beyond to talk shop and learn the stories behind the food they serve. If you love eating local, going to food festivals, secretly call yourself a ‘street foodie’ or even dream of one day starting a food truck that serves Nana’s mince pies, this is the podcast for you. Kiwi Foodcast is brought to you by Podcasts New Zealand.

  • Brought to you by The Mortgage Lab, Everything Mortgage covers everything you need to know about getting a mortgage, paying off a mortgage and buying property in New Zealand.

  • Sei Xorbitant ist dein Podcast für Mental Toughness, Gewinnermentalität, Champions Mindset und Tough Love Mentality. Es ist der absolute Real Talk, ohne den Motivationsbrei in Regenbogensprache, der einem überall serviert wird.
    Sei Xorbitant ist für Durchstarter, Schnelldenker, Starkleister, Highperformer, Schnellentscheider, Neustarter und Erfolgsjunkies. Er ist für Siegertypen und die, die es werden wollen.

    Er ist für alle, die mehr wollen, denn genau darum geht es: das Streben nach MEHR!
    - mehr für deine Familie und deine Kinder
    - mehr für Job & Karriere
    - mehr für Selbstständige und Angestellte
    - mehr Leidenschaft und Leistung
    - mehr Freiheit und Wachstum
    - mehr Lifestyle und Geld
    - mehr Kontrolle und Persönlichkeit
    - mehr Ruhe und mehr Zeit
    - einfach gesagt: mehr vom LEBEN!
    Exorbitant bedeutet gigantisch, bedeutet frech, bedeutet geben und bedeutet nehmen. Exorbitant bedeutet Höhe, Weite und Geschwindigkeit in einem.
    Willst du zuhören, lernen und den Abzug drücken?
    Sei Xorbitant – der Podcast für Mental Toughness, ist Viagra für dein Mindset!
    Eine neue Community für ein vollständiges Leben! Generation X – gewaltig und frech, eben Xorbitant! Und du bist ein wichtiger Teil davon!

    Dein Gastgeber und Moderator Marco Schneider ist Peak Performance Coach für Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) und der A-Klasse Trainer in Deutschland für Mental Toughness - und das schon seit über 20 Jahren. Nach eigenen Aussagen jedoch ist er einfach nur ein ehemaliger Junkie und Säufer, der eine beschissene Vergangenheit hat. Heute jedoch ist er erfolgreicher Unternehmer und Besitzer einer der renommiertesten Kampfsportketten Deutschlands. Er ist Trainer von nationalen und internationalen Champions im Vollkontaktsport und arbeitet weltweit mit UFC Worldchampions und deren Coaches zusammen. Marco ist Mentee von Tim S. Grover, dem Mental Toughness Master und Personaltrainer von Sportikone und Basketballlegende Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant und vielen mehr. Außerdem ist Coach Marco Schneider Mitglied im Arete Syndicate, einer weltweiten Vereinigung aus High Class Unternehmern unter der Leitung von Ed Mylett und Andy Frisella. Das richtige Mindset bringt den mentalen Vorsprung und Coach Marco macht den Unterschied zum Championsmindset mit dem dazugehörigen Killerinstinkt.

    Das fundamentale Programm für Mental Toughness „CMS Mental Basics“ gibt es hier:

  • A visit to the Cyber Savvy Cafe is like a really great coffee break discussing topics relevant to cybersecurity and technology: Business tech, cyber training, remote workstations, IoT, and more. Join us every week.

  • David Faulkner is back partnering with Harrison Vaughan from Tommy's Property Management and Will Alexander from Renti in the new Property Management show where they discuss all things relevant to Property Management in New Zealand. We do not discuss rent roll growth or compliance, we discuss the relevant topics that affect our industry