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  • Tu rêves de poser ta dem' pour changer de vie ? Tu veux un job avec plus de sens pour ENFIN t’épanouir dans ta vie professionnelle ?

    Bienvenue sur Pose ta Dem’, le podcast qui t’aide à réinventer ta vie professionnelle avec audace et sérénité.

    Chaque semaine, retrouve :

    👉 Le lundi est consacré aux échanges.

    Découvre "Le Parcours", un échange entre une coach Pose ta Dem’ et un·e ancien·ne démissionnaire ou "L'Expert", un expert vient partager son parcours et donner les clés de son succès.

    👉 Le jeudi est consacré aux conseils.

    Découvre "Pépite de Coach", un conseil concret d'un·e coach pour t’aider dans ton changement de vie ou "La réponse", Charlotte répond à une question posée par un·e auditeur·rice !

    Abonne-toi pour ne pas louper un seul épisode


    Pose ta Dem’, c’est ce podcast, mais aussi un média avec des articles et interviews, c'est la communauté, mais aussi les programmes d'accompagnement et de formation.

    Rejoins la communauté !

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  • How did the planet's richest people make their billions? From celebrities and secretive CEOs to sporting legends and tech titans, Simon Jack and Zing Tsjeng find out, and then decide whether they think they’re good, bad, or just another billionaire.

    Ever wondered how Taylor Swift went from country singer to money-spinner? How Amazon boss Jeff Bezos came to launch one of the biggest corporations of the internet age? And how six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan made his fortune with Nike? Good Bad Billionaire is here to analyse the minds, motives and money of some of the world's wealthiest individuals. No detail is too small and no story too wild to uncover.

    Join us on a global journey, discovering all we can about some of the richest people on the planet. We hear about billionaires in Russia, China, New Zealand, India, Nigeria and the UK. In the United States, there are those who made their money in Silicon Valley, on Wall Street and high street fashion.

    Exploring the lives of Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, El Chapo, Narayana Murthy and Kim Kardashian, this podcast paints a vivid picture of business, entrepreneurship, capitalism and how our world really works.

    In season two, we learn how the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Peter Jackson, Doris Fisher and George Soros came to join the billionaires' club. We explore how Tiger Woods went from a child golfing prodigy to the world’s highest paid athlete, how a communist mime artist became the boss of fashion house Prada and how Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich bought an English football club. Find out how Mukesh Ambani became Asia’s richest person, and how Patrice Motsepe became the first black billionaire in a post-apartheid South Africa.

    Plus, we examine some of the biggest names behind the technology shaping our world – the founders of TikTok, Google, ChatGPT, Alibaba and Bumble. But it's not just how these billionaires made their money; it's what they did with it next. Ultimately, Simon and Zing consider whether they think these people are a force for “good”, the opposite, or somewhere in between.

    Join Simon Jack, business editor for BBC News, and journalist, author and podcaster Zing Tsjeng as this podcast unravels tales of fortune, power, ambition and moral responsibility, and invites you to make up your own mind: are they Good, Bad, or Just Another Billionaire?

    New episodes released on Mondays.

  • (LT) „Ant Agile Sofos“ tai pirmasis Lietuviškas Podcast įrašų ciklas nagrinėjantis Agile metodiką. Jo sumanytojai bei laidų vedėjai tai trys Agile Coach‘ais dirbantys ir ilgametę patirtį šioje srityje sukaupę Agile metodikos entuziastai.

    Ant Agile Sofos komanda taip pat teikia konsultavimo ir mokymų paslaugas įvairiomis su asmeniniu, komandų ar organizacijų efektyvumu susijusiomis temomis. Padedame tiek pradedantiesiems, tiek ir labiau pažengusiems pagilinti savo žinias, efektyvinti darbo principus ir pasiekti geresnių rezultatų. Mūsų tikslas – jog Agile mąstymas atneštų kuo daugiau naudos kuo didesniam ratui įmonių Lietuvoje.

    Kviečiame susisiekti su mumis, klausytis tinklalaidžių, užduoti klausimus ir dalintis savo komentarais Agile temose bei įkvėpti vis daugiau žmonių pabandyti šį veiklos organizavimo būdą.


    (EN) "Ant Agile Sofos (On the Agile Couch)" is the first Agile themed lithuanian podcast diving deeper into agility and methodology of agile. Co-founders of this podcast are 3 Agile Coaches practitioners with extensive experience from this workfields.

    On the Agile Couch team also provides agile trainings and consulting in various, personal, team or organizational efficiency related topics. We can help everyone - ones that are just starting their journey or more experienced individuals and companies. We strive to make your working environment more efficient and to reach better results by applying Agile principles. Our goal - to help agility adoption bring as much as possible benefits for organisations in Lithuania.

    We do invite you to contact us, listen to our podcasts, raise questions and share your own experience or insights about agility adoption and inspire more and more people to try this mindset - AGILE.

  • Want to know how I've sold over $1,000,000 of beats online without relying on tons of subscribers or social media followers? The Midi Money Podcast is going to pull back the curtain and share how you can do the same. --> Learn more at

  • We're on a mission to help organisations unlock the power of their data. Follow us here for practical tips on how you can do that.

  • This podcast series is for the lawn and landscape and snow and ice management business owner that wants to become more successful and profitable. I don't pretend to know it all but I do have 40 years of experience in the industry and I want to pass some of that knowledge, wisdom, and experience on to you. Our weekly podcast covers everything from how to figure out what to charge to why you need to be insured and much much more.

  • Как начать инвестировать в США.

    Компании, фонды, стратегии, цели и риски.

    Мировые новости инвестиций, финансов и экономики

    Публикации зарубежных авторов.
    Исследования. Анализ. Рекомендации.

  • Ką tiria rinkos tyrimai? Ar tikrai jų reikia? Ar galima jais pasitikėti? Norime demistifikuoti šią sritį ir nusprendėme, kad atėjo laikas apie tyrimus kalbėti(s) paprastai. Todėl mes trys rinkos tyrimų entuziastės – Rita Klebonaitė, Diana Žardin ir Dovilė Končak – pradėjome tinklalaidę „MR Hackers“ (angl. Market Research (MR) Hackers) – erdvę, kurioje galime atvirai diskutuoti apie tyrimus bei jų pritaikymą versle, kalbinti pašnekovus ir ieškoti paprastų atsakymų į sudėtingus klausimus, o klausytojas galės įsitraukti į mūsų kuriamą turinį, siūlant temas ir keliant klausimus.

  • Hear how successful B2B SaaS companies and agencies compete - and win - in highly saturated categories. No fluff. No filler. Just strategies and tactics from founders, executives, and marketers. Learn about building moats, growing audiences, scaling businesses, and differentiating from the competition. New guests every week. Hosted by Peep Laja, founder at Wynter, Speero, CXL.

  • A discussion on true crime regarding Unsolved Murders and Missing People mainly from Delaware Support this podcast:

  • Power and the strategies related to building your influence in society, organization or community. Tune in to get exclusive access to tips, ideas, examples and guidance directly from Elite Executive Coach Monika Kruk.

  • Today, there are more opportunities than ever to create a business and succeed. But with all of those opportunities also come challenges, questions, and confusion. “How do I rise above the competition? How do I manage my growth? How do I attract and retain top talent? How do I drive my business forward?”

  • SaaS Talks: From Lead to Close is the top B2B SaaS sales podcast in short-form audio. You'll learn how to schedule more demos, build a bigger pipeline, and close at least 50% of your demos. Every episode will be short and to the point so you don't have to waste time listening to sales fluff.

    Each episode is less than 10 minutes and cuts out ALL of the fluff. There will also be a special monthly guest every month where they'll give practical tactics to improve your sales skills.

    Now you can listen to it during your bathroom breaks, in-between meetings, or anytime you want!

  • In this top-charting podcast series, entrepreneur Grace Beverley breaks away from the conventional business podcast rhetoric - immersing us in the extraordinary journeys of people from all walks of life who have achieved remarkable success in unique fields. From housing campaigners to investors and sex experts, no avenue is off limits. Each conversation brings new lessons and stories that will inspire you to consider what ‘success’ really means to you and how you can achieve it.

    Grace and her guests open up about the life lessons they wish they had known earlier, sharing insights from their entrepreneurial endeavours, offering advice on health and wellbeing, shedding light on pressing social issues, and being frank about the things that didn’t go quite right.

    Think of it as a school of life. You’ll come away from each episode with actionable advice to help you achieve balance, success, and fulfilment whether you’re working hard, or hardly working.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Industrial Talk is about celebrating the women and men of industry and manufacturing. We celebrate these innovative leaders and companies because they make our lives better and are changing the world for the better! These passionate leaders collaborate, innovate and educate with speed and purpose to positively impact people and communities around the world. Industrial Talk in collaboration with industry and manufacturing leaders address topics that include: Digital Transformation, Big Data, Industry 4.0, IoT, IIoT, AI, ML, Optimization, Edge, Cloud, Asset Reliability, Maintenance, 5G, Sales, Marketing and Branding and strategies for success. This is a podcast that is focused on Getting Stuff Done and learning from individuals and companies that have been there and have a track record of success. We celebrate a bright future in industry and manufacturing from with women and men dedicated to making our communities and world a better place.

  • Welcome to “Heatwaves of Change” from the Climate Democracy Initiative. We urge you to listen to something new today... In an era where the climate crisis is one of the most pressing challenges of our time, “Heatwaves of Change” serves as guidance for those who are creating a more sustainable and equitable future.

    Each episode, your hosts will guide you through new themes and in-depth guest interviews. We share honest stories of individuals, communities, and experts who are involved with climate action and democratic engagement. We go beyond statistics and data and delve into personal experiences. We are breaking down complex climate science and policy topics into inclusive, accessible, and engaging discussions.

    Our core is exploring the intersection of the climate crisis and democracy. Our goal is to empower listeners to be a part of the solution and gain the knowledge they need to address the climate crisis. The issues we tackle are complex, but by tuning in, you can make informed decisions for a better future.

    Listen to “Heatwaves of Change” today! Available on Apple, Spotify, and Amazon podcasts.

  • Let’s Talk Marketing is a podcast that explores the latest trends, techniques and strategies in the world of marketing. With insightful interviews with top marketers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders, this podcast covers a wide range of marketing-related topics, including digital marketing, social media, branding, advertising, analytics and more. And it offers engaging and informative discussions to help you stay up-to-date on the latest marketing trends and take your marketing skills to the next level.

  • Only the best of the best. Exclusive content from Nick & Armand PLUS any Hall of Fame worthy content from the show that started it all.

  • If you’re an aspiring author and want insights into what’s involved in launching a book into the world, this is the podcast for you. Maggie Smith, author and blogger, interviews debut novelists from the Women’s Fiction Writers Association discussing not only the inspiration behind their book, but also their insights into the writing process, the best advice they ever got, and the joys and sometimes pitfalls they encountered on their path to publication.

  • Whether you're a young professional looking to make your mark, or simply curious about the minds and experiences of the next generation of leaders, JUVY is the spot for you. Hang out with us each week as we reverse stereotypes and challenge perspectives.