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  • Do you ever struggle with imposter syndrome when it comes to your career or business? Wish you had unshakable confidence no matter who’s in the meeting? Ever wonder how those wildly successful women got to where they are today? What if I told you that every one of them had moments of “failure” would failure seem less scary to you? What if "failure" is part of the journey towards success and purpose?

    Welcome to the BUT FIRST, SHE FAILED podcast. In this podcast you will learn practical tips on how to develop the boss woman within you to excel with confidence in your career and business.

    Hear candid conversations with trailblazing women that are dominating in their fields as industry leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers and more. Learn as they share wisdom, strategies and get vulnerable about how moments of “failure” propelled them to where they are today.

    Hi! I’m Paola Soares:) I’m a former Journalist and National News Producer that has had stories appear on Univision, Telemundo ABC News among others. While working in news my favorite stories were always profile pieces that helped and inspired.

    I started this podcast because I’m passionate about helping women gain confidence in their careers, businesses and overcome the fear failing that many times can be holding them back from living the life of their dreams. Because I’ve been there.

    I remember:

    + being in meetings with CEO’s, Anchors, and other high level bosses and being too nervous and second guessing myself so much that I wouldn’t speak up and share an idea that I really felt was a great one.

    + Thinking that I was nothing like those boss women that I looked up, that they had never struggled and I was the only one that had setbacks.

    + Being let go from what I thought was dream job and feeling like like I was a "failure" and struggling to move past it till I had a life-changing realization.

    Now I’m taking my love of story telling and combining it with something that is on my heart, helping women overcome fear of failing and gain confidence when it comes to their careers, businesses and callings.

    Stop second guessing yourself and become the boss woman that deep down inside you know you are supposed to become. Shake off that discouragement, it’s not too late, you are not behind!
    If you are ready for your boss-woman breakthrough this podcast is for you! Get ready to get inspired!

  • The Safety Consultant Podcast with Sheldon Primus is your weekly guide to starting or growing a profitable occupational safety and health consulting business. Do you feel that your knowledge would be better served, if you are your own boss? Your knowledge can help more people improve their workplace safety. Most of what you know may be wasting in a job that limits what you can do for the overall health and safety of workers. Now is the time to start your own safety consulting business!

  • The Empowered Practitioner Podcast, hosted by Lori Kennedy, founder of The Wellness Business Hub, is a weekly show for practitioners & coaches from all disciplines who want to create impact & income by transforming lives.

    Each week, you'll get no bs workshop-style episodes, conversations and a couple of laughs that will serve to get you unstuck and into momentum.

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  • Walter Peters (Naked Forex) and Hugh Kimura (Trading Heroes) help you upgrade your trading psychology by providing the latest tools, techniques and strategies to develop a high performance trading mindset. Learn what is working for them and other traders, in real-money trading.

  • Listen to our podcast series to hear the voices of Female Founders, Entrepreneurs and Advocates who share their stories, experiences and strategies on how to grow a successful online retail business. This is the podcast for women looking to take their idea to the world and want the knowledge, inspiration and connection to build a business that they love.

    Hosted and Produced by Chana Imsirovic, eCommerce Specialist at Owl and Monk.

    Passionate about connecting and empowering women in the eCommerce industry, Chana has also co-founded the Shopify Women’s Network an online community designed to empower women to confidently use Shopify to grow their brands.

    To learn more about this Podcast, Owl and Monk and Network visit:

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  • Do you feel stuck, burnt-out, or frustrated at work? Are Mondays your biggest nightmare? "Workaholic" is a podcast that helps entrepreneurs, executive, and employees escape burnout and experience growth.

  • It’s easy to feel trapped in our society. In today’s world of unlimited digital information and social media, it’s harder than ever to rise above the noise and not get sucked into the average life. The reality is most people are indeed ‘average’ and want to keep you stuck in mediocrity, just like them. The good news is, you can escape this trap and step into a life without limits. You can experience freedom, fulfillment and live with purpose.

    In Expanding Boundaries with Michael McLeish, you’ll discover how to build that life. You’ll discover tried and true wisdom, game changing mindset hacks, and practical advice that will help you level up your life in ways you never thought possible.

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  • Master eCommerce coach & mentor, Megan Winter shares her experience, knowledge and wisdom on all things eCommerce marketing. Megan has mentored and coached hundreds of online store owners, owns a successful eCommerce agency, and has her own thriving eComm brands… so you could say she knows a thing or two about eCommerce! In the podcast she’s going to lift the hood and share what’s working and what’s not in the world of e-Commerce.

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    If you’re looking to grow your lawncare business, whether you’re starting from scratch or already doing 5-figure months, that’s what the Mowtivated Lawn Care Show is here for.
    My mission is to help you get the most out of this transitional period in life, from either working a job to running your own business, or being owned by your business to you owning your business, by helping you build a lawncare company that you can not only be proud of, but will financially equip you to live the life you actually want, doing something simple and something you love.

    My name is Caleb Nguyen and I have built my very own lawn care business from the ground up, growing by a record pace of 3 to 130+ clients in under 18 months, leaving my business and traveling, letting it run itself... and then coming back and growing the business to over 300 clients in a matter of months.
    I tried to wing it for too long, but as I’ve finally started figuring out my own business, and start seeing incredible results while doing it, and am passionate about helping you do the same.

    I’m going to share with you guys everything I know to about how to build up your business, from taxes to employees to building a client base from scratch, you are going to learn everything A-Z on how to make your business a reality.

    Cheers to the future, guys.

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  • The RebelRebel Podcast is a regular dive into the hearts and minds of creative rebels and entrepreneurs who are making the world a better and more interesting place—it's a love letter to everyone who thinks audaciously and acts courageously in service to their passion and purpose—ikigai.

    Outstanding Business Series

    Outstanding Business Series

    Outstanding Business Series

    Best Host | Outstanding Business Podcast | Outstanding Title Theme | Outstanding Original Music

    Hosted by Michael Dean Dargie |
    Produced by Make More Creative |

  • Philippine Real Estate News and Tips brought to you by an Accredited Real Estate Salesperson and a student of BS Real Estate Managerment

  • Learn from Tanisha Adjo about
    Wealth & Entrepreneurship.

    Understanding & Mastering
    Building Black Wealth
    To Break Generational
    Curses & different ways to leave
    A Legacy for your Children’s
    Children. It’s time to unify and support
    One another so we can leave the next
    Generation in Prosperity .

  • This is the Philippine Stock Market Weekly podcast series by FirstMetroSec, where we will be featuring timely and relevant discussions on the Philippine stock market and economy, in the hope of providing investing and trading guidance to Filipinos.

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  • Sunny’s Silver Linings is a Top MSP Channel Podcast hosted by the CEO of IT By Design, Sunny Kaila. Sunny and his guests cover a wide range of MSP and Talent-based topics, including MSP services, cybersecurity, customer service, and strategies to achieve growth and success in the channel. Listen now to take your business to the next level!

  • Welcome to The Subconscious Expert, the podcast where your subconscious becomes your one-way ticket to the mind-blowing results you desire in your life and business!

    I’m your host, Rebecca Haydon, The Subconscious Expert who went from being stuck in victim mode to a multi 6 figure business owner. Each week, I will be giving you the subconscious tools and techniques so you can become the woman who is living out her vision with a life and business that she is truly OBSESSED with.

    I have said it before, and I will say it 100 times again: "Your business can't outgrow your mindset, and if you want to grow your business, it always starts with growing your subconscious." So let's dive into the subconscious breakthrough you so deeply deserve!

    You can connect with me on Instagram @_rebeccahaydon_ and if you want to learn more about me or work with me, head over to

  • Interested in the field of referral marketing? Or are you looking for ways to improve your referral marketing game? NaXum's got you covered. In this podcast, NaXum CEO Ben Dixon & Sales Executives Mark Stevens & Craig Cushman discuss the referral marketing space, digital marketing strategies, the evolution of direct sales, and more. We'll be talking about how to improve and grow your business through daily habits, predictive actions, and the UNIFY Platform. For more information, visit

  • Start-up Founders, Venture Captial, Private Equity, Accelerators - hear them all talk about their stories where they went wrong, what went right and what they learned!

  • The Government Contracting (GovCon) space is ambiguous. What happens in it? How do you get in? What kind of money can be made?

    The GovCon Secrets podcast will take a deep dive into the space where you will hear from a variety of guests that have expertise in pricing, strategy, and an all-around business savvy mind.

    Your host, Jim Campbell, is a Marine and CEO of AXIM Fringe Solutions Group. Jim is redefining the benefits world with his candor, expertise, and tech developed out of his obsession with saving businesses money without boring you to death.

    The goal: putting you in a position to WIN.

  • Loan with Jen was created for buyers and the real estate community to ensure that accurate information is available to everyone in need of financing needs. As a mortgage loan officer since 1995, we have seen many clients come to us that have been misinformed or misguided. Our goal is to bring you accurate information before purchasing your next home so you can make the best and most informed decisions during the home buying process.

    Your host, Jennifer Hughes Hernandez is a Senior Loan Officer and Top Producer in Legacy’s Houston area office. Since 1995, Jennifer has built her business 100% on referrals, with 2/3 of her referral base from realtors and business partners, and the remainder from past clientele. Jennifer and her team’s reputation is known for closing accurately, on time, and with lots of communication.

    Her greatest passion is caring for her family. Providing for a full household could not be possible without the loving support and teamwork from her husband, Fernando. Fernando is from Mexico and Jennifer met him there while as an exchange student (from Texas A&M) studying Economics at Tecnologico de Monterrey in 1993. In 2017, the Hernandez family started hosting an exchange student through AFS for the school year. They plan to do this for as many years as they can.

    With over 4,300+ deals closed in her 26 years of experience, the knowledge of home mortgages, the various types of loans, and other finance-related topics that are fluent to Jennifer and her dedicated team.

    ”I’ve made it my personal mission to be the most trusted lender in the Houston area for homebuyers. I help deliver the dream of homeownership with a reliable, accurate, and personalized experience by helping you navigate the home purchasing and financing process with clarity and simplicity.” - Jen