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  • This podcast is a resource for those with a STEM background seeking to understand the vast career opportunities outside of the laboratory, how to prepare these roles, and tips on being successful after making the transition.

  • KSM PODCAST Growing Business Online with Kristina is created to support and help female and male small business owners in starting and running online business, building online presence, growing their audience, get much more visibility, leads, and customers. Especially is dedicated to online entrepreneurs who want to expand their business to the global market.

  • Expert speaker Todd Robertson of ProspectsPLUS! Market Dominator talks about effective, powerful marketing for Realtors interested in real estate marketing success that results in market domination.

    Learn how to get 20% market share.

    Todd Robertson is a national real estate sales trainer and featured speaker at the Century 21 Global Conference in Las Vegas.

    After winning numerous speech contests with Toastmasters International, and enjoying a dominating Real Estate career in California, Todd went on to work with mentors Anthony Robbins, Floyd Wickman and Mike Ferry.

    Todd is the author of the book, "Become a Listing Legend".

  • Welcome to the “Real Talk Children’s Mental Health” podcast brought to you by The Children’s Center in Midtown Detroit. Hosted by our very own Laura Lefever (TCC_Laura), Director of Community Projects.

  • The Thoughtful Talents Show is what happens when two Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches who both have Deliberative and Responsibility talents get together.

    Coaches Jen Werner and Chad Ahern share their unique & thoughtful perspectives about Gallup’s CliftonStrengths talent themes, leadership, followership, and teamwork.

    In our coaching work, we've each encountered clients who want to understand the nuances of how each talent theme can show up differently. This is our answer. We look forward to sharing our personal insights about living and working with our unique talents, how we’ve seen others use their talents, and how others can address leadership & teamwork principles.

    We hope the insights we share in each upcoming episode will help you, and others, live your talents, understand those around you, and be effective leaders and teammates.

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  • How many decisions do you make every day? Have you ever said, "I can do this or I can do that?" Doug Hensch is an accomplished Executive Coach in search of a new way to see the Looking for AND. Doug will be talking to business leaders, psychologists, artists and anyone that can teach a thing or two about being open-minded and more effective critical thinkers.

  • You ever walk out of a creative brainstorming session fired up? Like there was some magic in the air? That's every episode of Sweat Equity. Creativity. Breakdowns. Playbooks. Without the fluff.

    For more growth marketing playbooks, head to

  • Mindset Matters is a quick daily show hosted by Pete O'Neal, Jr. that drops a quick discussion to help you start your day! We're talking about mental wellness, business, career and personal development.

  • Gospodarski forum regionalnih zbornic je podkast o dobrih in slabih praksah v gospodarstvu, konkurenčnosti in svežih načinih vodenja.

    Gostje so uspešni slovenski gospodarstveniki, ki z vami delijo svoje izkušnje in poglede na inovativnost, produktivnost, gospodarsko politiko in še kaj.

    GZS je od leta 2015 izvedla preko 70 forumov z eminentnimi gosti iz gospodarstva. Vaša gostiteljica je Marjana Grčman (RTV Slovenija).

    Komentarji in predlogi dobrodošli na [email protected].

  • IB Insider is dedicated to bringing you all things related to Investment Banking. We explore the industry from an insider perspective and interview students, aspiring investment bankers, thought leaders and CEOs from the field. How did they break into banking? What challenges did they overcome? What tips do they suggest to ensure success?

    Join us to hear topics that range from career advancement, financial news, health, property, lifestyle, and much more. Whether you’re a seasoned investment banker or looking to enter the industry, then this podcast is for you.

  • Welcome to the Upside & Impact: Investing for Change Podcast! Produced by VegTech™ Invest, Upside & Impact is hosted by VegTech™ Invest CEO Elysabeth Alfano. In each episode, Elysabeth will dive deep with a leader in the impact investing space to uncover the potential financial upside and long-term impact investing in sustainable sectors like alternative energy, transportation, building materials, food and so much more.

    Topics will range from protecting biodiversity, natural resources, climate change, land and water use, human and animal welfare and health, food waste, diversity, equity, inclusion, and the potential financial upside that can come from investing in major trends. Can you do well by doing good?

    They get into it! The Upside & Impact: Investing for Change podcast is on iTunes, Spotify and the New York Stock Exchange's ETF Central podcast hub.

    About VegTech™ Invest: VegTech™ Invest is an investment management company that advises a Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF, EATV. It also produces an industry benchmark, the Plant-based Innovation & Alternative Proteins Index, EATVi.

    VegTech™ Invest invests in public companies that are actively innovating to create more sustainable food systems and supply chains. We believe these companies positively impact climate change, planetary health and sustainability, human health, and animal health. We also believe that we are on the cusp of a long-term secular trend that will result in the disrupting of the global food and materials supply chain for a more efficient, climate friendly and sustainable future.

    For more information and to learn about host Elysabeth Alfano, visit

  • Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey with host John Bertino, the brilliant mind behind The Agency Guide (TAG), as he unveils the coveted secrets to success in various industry verticals—one niche at a time!

    Welcome to the Niche Marketing Podcast, where each series immerses you in a distinct industry vertical, exposing the game-changing strategies and tactics employed by true experts in their respective fields.

    Whether we're unraveling the mysteries of marketing a real estate business, showcasing the ingenious techniques for promoting a construction company, or delving into the captivating world of consumer packaged goods (CPG), every guest is a seasoned professional with deep industry-specific experience. They'll share priceless insights, insider secrets, and innovative approaches that are bound to empower you in your business.

    Hold on tight as we embark on a comprehensive exploration of niche marketing, leaving no stone unturned. From branding and content creation to SEO, advertising, communications, and social media, we'll equip you with a treasure trove of knowledge to help you penetrate and dominate your chosen niche.

    Subscribe to the Niche Marketing Podcast now and unlock the doors to niche marketing mastery. Brace yourself for an infusion of inspiration, invaluable knowledge, and a competitive edge that will skyrocket you above the competition in any industry. Your thrilling journey to targeted success begins today! 🚀

  • Whether you call it a beta, a delta, a user acceptance test, or anything in between, the world of product testing can be daunting to navigate. That’s why Centercode launched The Delta Huddle Podcast.

    In the Delta Huddle Podcast, we feature experts from companies like Intel, Square, and Peloton to discuss techniques, and test processes behind running effective testing programs.

    So whether you’re an industry expert, or just starting your testing journey, you’ll find the wisdom, experience, and best practices for making your testing program shine - all here on The Delta Huddle Podcast.

  • The Journey of Entrepreneurship, the Struggles and the Success, the Mission and the Mindset, the Vision and the Voice.

  • Natalie Suppes host of the Sick and Successful Podcast is the founder of S and S Creative Inc. a digital and social media marketing agency. She also is a chronic illness warrior who was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. She has a degree in Marketing and International Business and over 12 years of experience climbing the corporate ladder as a Sales professional. Natalie is married and has a beautiful daughter, and these major life changes helped pushed her toward following her ultimate dream of starting a business. Despite all the trials and tribulations that life has thrown at her, being in and out of the hospital she was determined to become successful no matter what. Now that she is a CEO of a successful business, she wants to help you get there too, no matter what life throws at you. She asks the tough questions & talks about things others shy away from. Being faced with adversity doesn’t mean you should give up; you can shoot for the stars & accomplish your wildest dreams. It is not only possible to be #sickandsuccessful, but it is possible FOR YOU! Dream big and tune in!

  • Bienvenue sur ce podcast IntervYou qui traite de deux grandes thématiques : le business à l'international et la parentalité en tant que chef d'entreprise ou dirigeant.

    Je suis Peggy Santerre et je relève chaque jour le défi de diriger une famille et également une entreprise qui accompagne les PME, grands groupes et institutions à mieux communiquer à l'international à travers des traductions professionnelles.

    Sur un format 20-30 minutes, vous découvrirez les aventures, anecdotes et conseils de dirigeants et gérants d'entreprises tournées à l'export.

    Je fais interagir un ou deux professionnels sur une thématique (métier, pays, problématique, personnelle...), pendant 20-25 minutes avec de la bonne humeur et des anecdotes...

    Travailler à l'international c'est une aventure humaine et j'ai eu envie que chacun prenne le micro pour partager ses succès, ses joies, ses peurs, ses rires, ses mésaventures etc...

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  • This is the Second Bite Podcast where we talk with top entrepreneurs and CEOs about creating valuable companies through creative transactions.

  • Jamz Supernova’s DIY Handbook, digs deep into the experiences that have shaped her personally and professionally, with a thoughtfully curated set of admirable guests that have inspired her, gone through similar situations, or have reached her end goal. With genuine advice and real-life anecdotes woven throughout each earnest and deeply insightful yet relatable conversation, no stone is left unturned.

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  • Gosta prve Podcastra epizode sta bila Žiga Čuk in Urban Repič, organizatorja poletnega festivala Ale v Pale, ki poteka v Ajdovščini.

    Klepet sta v ajdovskem studiu Radia Robin moderirala Laura Čoha in Matjaž Jazbar