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  • Tento podcast má nahlédnout do světa financí z pohledu poradců finančního plánování, ale také z pohledu hostů, kteří jako podnikatelé či majitelé firem řeší finance dnes a denně. Můžete se těšit na různá témata, která jdou s dobou! Zaslechnete zde informace o POJIŠTĚNÍ, INVESTICÍCH, HYPOTÉKÁCH, ÚVĚRECH, PENZÍCH, REALITÁCH. Ale dost čtení, jdeme poslouchat! :)

  • En este podcast trataremos puntos muy importantes para asegurar el bienestar y un parto seguro de las vacas preñadas

  • Have you ever felt lost, stuck, or clueless about where you are in your career or your life? I've definitely been there, and found myself running the rat race on the path to 'success', and going through the motions just to make it to the weekend only to find that there wasn't any 'cheese' for me at the end and that the feeling of emptiness lingered on. If this sounds at all familiar, I want you to know that you're not alone, and that this is the perfect podcast for you that will provide you with a sense of community focused on sharing ideas and stories around self empowerment, mindset, and fulfillment that will help you get closer to finding a true sense of inner fulfillment- no matter where you are in your life.

    I'm your host Karl Sona, and I believe that your free time is the greatest asset you have to help you take back control of your life so you can tap into your potential and discover what really makes you come alive. Every Monday and Thursday I share the conversations I have with other inspiring young professionals and sales leaders, who are really no different than you or I, and we discuss ways that we can all become more intentional with our time in order to win at life and at work.

    Facts are, we were all put here for a great reason. Aren't you curious about what yours is? Listen to The Free Time Podcast anywhere you get your podcasts, and please rate and review the show if you enjoy it. Remember, we're all on this planet to help one another level up, so go out, be kind, and lend a hand where you can.

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  • In this digital first world, the old ways of recruiting are becoming obsolete. Or are they? The talent demands on every business has put TA squarely in the hot seat.

    Welcome to Talent Acquisition In The Trenches, a real dialogue podcast with talent acquisition pro’s closest to the front line. We want to talk to our peers who are actually doing the heavy lifting day in and day out.

  • Daniel Bauer a Otakar Lucák jsou zakladatelé digitální agentury Socials. Spolu se svým týmem pomáhají desítkám e-shopů růst díky kombinaci výkonnostní reklamy, e-mailingu a SEO. Se svým týmem spravují milionové rozpočty v Meta Ads, Google Ads, S-kliku a dalších. V podcastu nečekejte suchou teorii z učebnic. Získáte konkrétní tipy, vtipné příhody, zkušenosti z praxe a možná i pár překvapivých odhalení. Pokud vás nebaví obvyklá marketingová klišé a toužíte po něčem, co opravdu funguje, jste tu správně. 😎

  • Welcome to The Marli Williams Podcast, where we invite you to join us on a transformative journey of epic leadership, facilitation, and speaking. I'm your host, Marli Williams, and together, we're on a mission to help you become the best leader, coach, or speaker you can be.
    Are you a transformational leader, coach, or speaker with a burning desire to create unforgettable experiences, retreats, workshops, and presentations that leave people awestruck every single time? If so, this podcast is tailor-made for you.
    Each week, we dive deep into the world of personal transformation, self-discovery, and the art of crafting epic experiences. Through thought-provoking insights, interviews with industry experts, and real-life success stories, we'll empower you to unlock your full potential and lead with impact.
    Whether you're looking to ignite your coaching practice, design life-changing retreats, or captivate your audience from the stage, we've got you covered. Our goal is to equip you with the tools, strategies, and inspiration you need to create magic in your leadership, coaching, and speaking endeavors.
    The Marli Williams Podcast is your go-to resource for:
    Inspiring stories of individuals who have transformed lives through leading epic events, workshops and retreats.
    Strategies for designing and delivering workshops and presentations that leave a lasting impact.
    Expert insights on personal development, communication, and leadership.
    Practical advice on building a thriving speaking and facilitation practice and leading epic retreats.
    Mark your calendar because The Marli Williams Podcast launches on Wednesday, November 1st, and new episodes will be released every Wednesday. Don't miss out! Be sure to subscribe or follow wherever you listen to podcasts, and join us in our quest to lead together and transform lives.
    Get ready to be inspired, empowered, and equipped to take your leadership, coaching, and speaking skills to the next level. Let's create epic experiences and make a lasting impact. Join me, Marli Williams, on The Marli Williams Podcast - Let's Lead Together.

    With Katy
    "The Christian Career Mom" podcast is a resource for working Christian moms who desire to live purposely, grow spiritually, and create a harmonious balance between their work, life, faith, and family.
    There is a way to have it all and be it all without losing yourself, mama.

    I'm Katy, owner and founder of Covenant Collections Christian Parenting company, author of Christian children's book 'Happy are the people', certified youth, parenting, and family coach, and fellow Christian career mom.

    I am dedicated to empowering and guiding Christian career moms from a state of survival to a place of thriving in their work, life, family, and faith.

    I will help you:
    -> Find harmony between your career, family, and personal life
    -> Learn effective time management strategies to prioritize what matters most
    ->Reduce stress and overwhelm by setting boundaries and establishing healthy routines
    ->Achieve a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in all areas of life
    ->Discover practical ways to integrate your faith into your daily work and life
    ->Strengthen your spiritual foundation and deepen your relationship with God
    ->Find meaning and purpose in your career by aligning it with your Christian values
    ->Experience a greater sense of peace, joy, and fulfillment in your professional journey
    ->Unlock your full potential and achieve your career and personal aspirations
    ->Gain practical tools and strategies to navigate the challenges of parenting while pursuing a career
    ->Strengthen your bond with your children and create a nurturing family environment
    ->Cultivate a healthy work-life balance that allows you to be present and engaged with your children
    ...ALL without losing your own sense of identity!
    Let's go!!

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  • Zajímají Vás lidská práva, vzdělávání nebo klimatická změna? Poslouchejte nový podcast Mimo zorné pole.

  • Rozhovory s Mgr. Pavlem Procházkou. Ředitel konzultační společnosti Palatinum, lektor a manažer.Dostanete informace o prodeji, managementu, řízení firmy a tím získáte nadhled a inspiraci.Staň se placeným odběratelem:

  • Looking to sell on repeat? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the Subscription Prescription Podcast where you’ll learn everything there is to know about ecommerce. From establishing your brand identity online to winning the loyalty of your customers and limiting churn, nothing is off the table in these fun and informative conversations. In a world where online selling is the new way to shop, it’s important to stand out from the competition. Tune in each week to learn from industry expert, Matthew Holman, and jumpstart your ecommerce journey today!

  • Rozhovory s tvůrci úspěšných aplikací, které vznikly v Česku. V rámci rozhovorů se snažíme s hosty odkrývat, jaké jsou základní ingredience receptu na úspěšnou aplikaci. 

  • Vítejte v "Finančním Kompasu," vašem průvodci světem financí! Jsme vaši průvodci touto zajímavou a často složitou džunglí peněz, úspor a investic. 💰
    Náš podcast je zde proto, abychom vám pomohli získat jasné směřování ve finančním světě. Financemi občas kráčíme složitými chodníky, ale my vám rádi ukážeme zjednodušené cesty a způsoby, jak správně plánovat, šetřit a investovat. 🗺️🔍
    Náš cíl je jasný: pomáhat vám lépe porozumět penězům, investicím, úsporám, plánování důchodu a dalším finančním aspektům vašeho života.
    Nechcete-li zmeškat žádnou z našich budoucích epizod, nezapomeňte se přihlásit

  • The JRo Show interviews experts in and outside the field of investing to explore the themes of achieving mastery, sustained performance, and longevity. Does it really take 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become a master? Listen in on Thursdays to find out.

  • Introducing a podcast for leaders and managers seeking excellence in their business ventures. Stay updated on the latest trends and best practices, with new episodes every 2 weeks featuring prominent guests. Learn from experts and my own experiences in business excellence since 2000, as a consultant and C-Level executive. Get practical tips to improve business performance, employee and customer satisfaction. Tune in to solve everyday management challenges and elevate your business.

  • Podcast HN o současnosti a budoucnosti české ekonomiky s těmi, kteří ji opravdu tvoří. Byznysmeni, politici, ekonomové a manažeři se zamýšlejí nad tím, jak tuzemskou ekonomiku a celou společnost zlepšit. Ve spolupráci s 2. ekonomickou transformací dáváme dohromady ty nejlepší speakery a řešíme s nimi také aktuální témata.

  • 2 experts. 25 years of agile experience. 1 podcast filled with an infinite amount of laughs and knowledge to share. Join CirrusLabs' Head of Agility, Brandon Call, and Director of Agility, Johnny Gholson, on their weekly podcast called Agile Chat. Visit for more details.

  • Yes Radio/Podcast je projekt koji Udruženja mladih Bez Ograničenja – NoLimit iz Sarajeva – Ilidže provodi u sklopu svojih redovnih aktivnosti. Podržan od strane Općine iIlidže.

    Cilj nam je da obrađujemo oblasti i teme koje su bliske mladim i direktno su u dodiru s mladima. Slobodno vrijeme, obrazovanja, putovanje, razmjene, stipendije, zaposlenja, prakse i slične teme će biti u fokusu naših emisija. Obrađivat ćemo društvene pojave i probleme koje tište mlade ljude. Donosit ćemo vam uspješne i pozitivne priče uspješnih mladih ljudi.

    Putem modernih tehnologija interneta i socija