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  • Join Angie Morley and guests as we explore ESG issues and how they impact Mills & Reeve as an organisation, our people, clients and the wider communities that we serve. For those of you who are new to the topic, ESG is an acronym which stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. Each episode will explore different elements of ESG and delve into the people, teams and practices that make Mills & Reeve a responsibly run, sustainable, diverse and inclusive workplace.

  • Добре дошъл в нашия канал!

    За какво ще си говорим тук?

    1. Бизнес и кариерно развитие - Уроците, които сме научили в сферата на бизнеса и предприемачеството, тъй като ние сме такива. Развиваме успешен бизнес през последните 5 години, а тази година бяхме избрани от Форбс, за класацията 30 под 30.

    2. Инвестиции - Как ние инвестираме в нашето бъдеще, за да подсигурим и старините си. Ние не сме daytrader-и. Целта ни е да запазим стойността на нашите финанси, а заедно с това и да увеличаваме нашия net worth. Не сме специалисти в сферата, така че споделяме личния ни опит и как това се отразява в

  • Brought to you by Women In ETFs. Kristine Delano talks to executives in the height of their careers. We’ll find out about the lessons they have learned and how they spot talent in their organizations. Whether you work in high finance or are curious about the hustle it takes to succeed on Wall Street, this podcast is for you.

  • For over a century, the Insurance industry has stood by people at the worst moments of their lives, and kept the risk of these moments from standing in the way of people pursuing their dreams.

    But the industry, and the demands of the people we serve, are changing. The Future of Insurance podcast brings you thoughts from leaders from across the industry to help inspire and inform how we can all help evolve into the future.

    Brought to you by Bryan Falchuk, industry veteran and author of the best-selling series, "The Future of Insurance: From Disruption to Evolution"

  • Tu es freelance, indépendant.e, entrepreneur.e, et tu te demandes si le podcast est une bonne stratégie pour ton entreprise ? Tu es au bon endroit !

    Je suis Elise Bultez, podcasteuse compulsive et créatrice du Studio Caféine qui aide les entrepreneur.e.s à communiquer via le média podcast. 

    Avec Podcast ton Business, je te propose des tips pour te lancer sereinement dans le merveilleux monde du podcast, je te partage les tendances du moment, et j’échange avec d’autres entrepreneurs qui ont utilisé le podcast pour faire grandir leur entreprise. 

    Rendez-vous tous les lundis sur ta plateforme d'écoute préférée !

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  • Fintech CEOs Adam Holt & Derek Notman host Rethink, the Financial Advisor podcast. With decades of real world experience as veteran and actively practicing advisors they’re rethinking what it takes to succeed as a financial advisor in the 21st century. Challenging the status quo, Holt and Notman examine practice management, technology, planning, products, delivery of advice, digital marketing, designations, compensation, licenses, types of advisor, mindset, and entrepreneurship – all thoroughly explored and debated. Starting, growing, and running an advisory practice should no longer be done like it’s 1985. Notman and Holt ask the tough questions to get the answers no one else is telling you. Fresh, innovative, brutally honest, inspiring, tactical, and a side of peaceful rebellion banter – just what you needed to learn something new and walk away with a smile.

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  • Welcome to Building Brand You, the podcast that helps you accelerate your success by unlocking your greatest asset – you.

  • What if you could hang out with a joyful, healthy business owner, ask about their successes and lessons learned, then apply that insight to yourself? Well, you can! Hosted by Sheila M. Wilkinson - attorney, coach & educator - this podcast is for every service-based professional (lawyers, yogis, bookkeepers and everyone in between). Each episode will help you reflect and admit what you want, so you can get the clarity, confidence, and courage to build your life exactly how you want it! // WWSS is an Original CreativesEd™ Podcast

  • A series of regular audio briefings for the alternative asset management industry.

  • Aurélie Moulin est l'autrice du Guide Instagram, publié aux éditions Eyrolles.

    Experte en marketing digital, Aurélie Moulin vous révèle dans ce podcast Power Angels tous les secrets d’Instagram : ses rouages, ses nouveautés, ses défauts comme ses qualités, rien n’est laissé de côté !

    Ce podcast s’adresse à tous : ceux qui passent leurs journées à scroller et qui postent tous les jours, mais aussi ceux qui s’y connectent une fois par mois, ceux qui ont déserté Instagram et même ceux qui n’y ont jamais mis les pieds !

    Comment fonctionne l’algorithme d’Instagram ? Comment définir ses objectifs sur Instagram ? Compte pro ou compte créateur ? Comment rédiger une bonne bio sur Instagram ? Comment définir sa ligne éditoriale ? Vie pro, vie perso : où fixer la frontière ?

    Du lundi au vendredi, dans Power Angels, Aurélie Moulin vous donne toutes les clés pour bâtir votre communauté, en 5 minutes top chrono via son podcast Se démarquer sur Instagram !

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    Ecriture & Voix : Aurélie Moulin

    Montage : Richard Samia

    Photo : Céline Nieszawer

    Visuel : Christophe Faureau

    Responsable Éditoriale : Alix Philippot

    Responsable de production : Vincent Zuresco

    Musique via Audionetwork

    Production : La Toile sur Ecoute

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  • Two Birmingham City University fashion lecturers, Laura and Sophie talk through the latest fashion news in healthy debates and discussions with an array of guests throughout the industry. Listen to the podcast every other Monday with your not so normal fashion academics.

  • The increasing focus on corporate purpose, accountability and operational resilience continues to strengthen environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters as a core strategic issue for businesses, investors and lenders. In this podcast series, we discuss the risks and opportunities to provide much needed clarity to achieve a sustainable future.

  • A podcast dedicated to interviewing the world’s leading ESG property experts, extracting their ideas, processes and approaches for how they think differently to consistently deliver the healthiest, most sustainable and financially lucrative real estate assets on earth. We exist to educate the property industry on environmental, social and governance impact in real estate assets, giving access to industry leading information, products and approaches that you can use to maximise your impact and returns - with hosts: Jordan Relfe & Adam Hinds from LifeProven ESG Property Company.

  • On the SDR&R Podcast, we tackle everything holding us back from crushing our goals!

  • The CleanTechies Podcast was created by Silas Mähner to host conversations with CleanTech / ClimateTech enthusiasts, professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, advocates, and inventors. -Our goal is to have conversations that will help raise awareness about the newest technologies being developed to help reverse climate change. If you want to be part of the CleanTech revolution join our Slack Channel | If you'd like to come on the show or have recommendations please connect with Silas over LinkedIn | Silas is a Renewables, ClimateTech, and ESG headhunter and the Founder of ErthTechLabs; a consultancy working with early-stage ClimateTech founders to connect with Capital, Co-Founders, and Advisors. He grew up in a very anti-climate-change part of the country in rural Wisconsin. When he got out on his own he realized the incredible benefits of ClimateTechnologies in addition to the realities of Climate Change. He then launched CleanTechies in 2021 to help raise awareness of the various benefits of ClimateTechnology.

  • Harnessing the wisdom of a one-of-a-kind global community, Profoundly is a podcast for women who want to grow, learn, connect and thrive. 

    Every episode, host Pips Taylor brings Fem Foundry’s industry leaders to you, sharing expertise, personal stories and advice to help you navigate every element of your life, from the professional to the very personal. 

    No jargon; no filters. Just open, honest conversation with some brilliant guests. 

    Welcome to the Club.

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  • Zwei Ex-Investmentbanker, der eine Finanzprofessor, der andere Unternehmer, sprechen jede Woche über Finanzen, Börse, Wirtschaft und Karriere. Anekdotisch, humorvoll und lehrreich.

    Zum Podcast Discord Kanal:
    Prof. Dr. Holger Graf auf Instagram: @prof.goldgraf
    Thomas Kehl:

  • Welcome to ‘How to Scale’, the podcast focused on helping purpose-led software companies to successfully Scale-Up hosted by Jens Düing, one of the Senior Partners at Frog Capital.

    For more than 10 years we have developed a solid understanding of the common challenges that scale-up companies face. With our group of operating partners, who have learnt from years of experience, we have created the Scale-Up Methodology, which brings together insights and tools to help improve companies’ probability of success of reaching sustainable profitability. Each podcast looks at a different challenge that all companies will face on their way to scale.

    Register on our website for updates on new episodes of the podcast with other related content from our Operating Partners and the Scale-Up Methodology.

    We welcome all feedback, questions or topic suggestions for us to cover in future episodes, so please email us any time.

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