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  • Van Hesser, KBRA’s Chief Strategist and host of 3 Things in Credit, a weekly podcast about credit trends, interviews leading experts about the latest trends in credit investing. He'll be speaking with market participants across the credit spectrum from investment grade to high yield to public to private. 

  • Sur Paradox Sans Filtre on va parler de la VRAIE vie.

    Tu t’assoies avec moi pour passer un bon moment avec des gens aux parcours hors du commun, souvent inaccessibles, et on découvre ensemble les coulisses de leur vie. On rentre de leur tête et on fait ressortir les paradoxes qui ont changé leur vie et leurs idées parfois à contre-courant.

    On t’emmène aussi lors de nos conférences et événements, et sous forme d’extrait sans fioritures, on partage nos réflexions, les paradoxes qui nous fascinent et qui changent notre vie.

  • Brené’s newest podcast is based on her book, Dare to Lead, which debuted at #1 on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists, and has become the ultimate courage-building playbook for leaders at every level. Brené writes, “The Dare to Lead podcast will be a mix of solo episodes and conversations with change-catalysts, culture-shifters, and as many troublemakers as possible. Innovating, creating, and building a better, more just world requires daring leadership in every part of our daily lives – from work to home to community. Together, we’ll have conversations that help us show up, step up, and dare to lead.”

  • Dans Brasseurs, suivez I'histoire de Robin et Nicola : deux amateurs de bière qui se sont lancés le défi d'ouvrir leur propre micro-brasserie.

    Ici, on vous raconte toutes les étapes de cette aventure au jour le jour en discutant de houblon, de recettes et de fabrication, mais aussi d'entrepreneuriat ! Vous découvrirez aussi un aperçu de nos bières artisanales "craft" préférées.

  • Le Groupe Vingt-Quatre est un partenaire autorisé de ZOHO pour l’implantation des solutions infonuagique de ZOHO ONE. Nous offrons nos services d’implantation, d’accompagnement et de formation en français et en anglais.

    De plus, nous nous spécialisons dans la création d’automatisation, les intégrations de ZOHO CRM-BOOKS-SIGN-PROJECT-FORM, les personnalisés et bien plus!

  • Il podcast per aiutarti a comprendere come incrementare il valore aziendale, differenziarsi dalla concorrenza, riposizionarsi e ottimizzare le prospettive di successo puntando su analisi, strategia e sviluppo dell’identità di marca.
    Se sei una piccola-media impresa o una startup questo è il tuo podcast.

    Progetto e realizzazione podcast

  • Your Leadership Legacy Podcast with Tina Paulus-Krause. This podcast is dedicated to leadership, transformation and how to be the best possible leader of yourself and others to create a legacy that lives on. The goal is to empower leaders and teams to rise into their collective leadership, unleash TEAM performance and ignite transformation and results in a new, remote business work place.

  • Welcome to the RootsToFoods podcast, brought to you by AV-Ventures, your gateway to the dynamic world of African agriculture. Join us on this exciting journey as we dive deep into the agricultural sector, exploring innovative financing, investment opportunities, and cutting-edge technologies that are reshaping the landscape of African agriculture.

    We’re here to empower you with knowledge and inspire you to be a part of the food resilience revolution on the African continent. In addition, the podcast will highlight approaches to challenges and specific strategies to achieve success. We will prominently feature the topics of building complementary teams, scaling ventures, and business building.

    The RootsToFoods podcast is a rich resource hub and community of entrepreneurs, executives, and investors in the agtech, food systems, and climate adaptation sector in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Dans ce podcast dropshipping je parlerais avec vous des différents leviers psychologiques qui vous permettrons d'augmenter votre taux de conversion sur votre site Shopify.
    Profite de 14 jours d'essai sur Shopify :
    Ce podcast traite une grande variété de sujet qui vous permettront de mieux maitriser le CMS Shopify mais également ma vision sur le dropshipping. On parlera aussi des leçons que j'aurai moi même tiré de mon aventure en dropshipping.
    Il pourra également m'arriver d'aborder le sujet des muses passive income.

  • Descomplicar as Finanças Sustentáveis, uma série de oito episódios dedicados ao tema das Finanças Sustentáveis. Este podcast é o resultado de uma parceria entre o Jornal Económico, o Centro de Finanças Sustentáveis do ISEG e a Embaixada do Reino Unido em Lisboa. Através de conversas com interlocutores britânicos e portugueses com reconhecido trabalho na área das finanças sustentáveis, nosso objetivo é tornar o tema ainda mais acessível e destacar o papel do setor financeiro no combate as mudanças climáticas.

  • A educação financeira é muito mais do que apenas saber economizar o dinheiro. Ela consiste em práticas com o objetivo de trazer qualidade de vida tanto no presente quanto no futuro. Ela ensina a construir um planejamento financeiro que visa o bem-estar.
    Assim, você consegue dominar o seu dinheiro e tem mais consciência do que fazer com ele.

  • This podcast brings brings to life the stories, claims and cases that have made and continue to leave an indelible mark on the insurance and claims community. Each episode is hosted by Michael Young, an insurance coverage and extra-contractual lawyer at the Reichardt, Noce & Young law firm in St. Louis, Missouri.

    Check out the latest episodes, blog posts, and other bonus content at

    PLEASE NOTE: The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.

  • Wie steigere ich meine Lebensqualität?
    Was heißt das überhaupt?

    Ich verrate es Ihnen und zwar 2x die Woche.

    Freuen Sie sich auf spannenden Inhalte die Dir Lust darauf machen MEHR zu erreichen...

  • My channel focus on starting a side hustle, side business, and applying for government contracts. Check out my youtube channel

  • This podcast is brought to you by BeYourselfAtWork.

    We are creating a new global standard for work. One where everyone is able to be themselves, confident to navigate the world of work with an unshakeable sense of who they are. We are changing the narrative of work to one where work is an opportunity to make a unique difference and love it.

    For too long, working life has left the majority feeling like they need to shapeshift every Monday morning in order to fit in. Many have been changing their clothes, hair, demeanour, even shrinking themselves - and this affects underrepresented groups more than anyone else. We believe in a different vision. A vision to silence the hurtful self-criticism, quell the overthinking, relieve the pain of imposter syndrome and cast away self-doubt. A work experience not requiring a fix or an off switch. Instead, an opportunity for people to experience who they are and drive productivity and self-satisfaction.

    Our movement champions working environments that are not only inclusive, but actively celebrate everyone’s unique value. When we encourage people to discover who they are at their core, and live true to it, we will build a happier, and more productive society.

    We are activating the conversation around bringing your authentic self to work and to make this the standard for all. #BeYourselfAtWork is a commitment to change the future of work. We are a community of individuals unafraid to express our true and best selves, who are thriving and driving business and everywhere work happens forward as a result.

    Join us in making your voice heard and creating a new global standard for work, where everyone is able and confident to be themselves.

  • Inspiration durch Storys toller Frauen und Know-how zur Kraft des Storytellings. Für Job, Karriere und Persönlichkeit. Das ist die Mission dieses Podcasts. Dazu spricht Adriana Richter, Storycoach, Speakerin und Trainerin mit Persönlichkeiten vor allem aus der Finanzindustrie über deren mutige und ganz alltäglichen Heldenreisen und schafft Gänsehautmomente. Sie verbindet erstmalig Interviews mit Role Models mit Wissen, was gute Geschichten auszeichnet. Damit geht dieser Podcast den entscheidenden Schritt weiter und macht nicht nur role Models sichtbar, sondern vermittelt, wie wir mit der eigenen Story besser überzeugen können. Für mehr Selbstbewusstsein und Erfolg . Denn: "Wer sich seiner selbst bewusst wird, wird ,selbstbewusst'!"

    Besonders in der Finanzindustrie, in der Adriana 17 Jahre als selbständige Finanzökonomin tätig war, haben Frauen in Führungspositionen Seltenheitswert. Female Finance und Female Leadership gelingen aber nur, wenn die Frauen sichtbar und selbstbewusst werden. Storytelling leistet hier einen entscheidenden Beitrag für mehr Diversität und Gleichberechtigung.

  • Chaque semaine, rejoignez Jeff et Hanine pour une grande aventure qui durera 10 ans. C'est un compte à rebours de 520 épisodes pour découvrir leur destin : resteront-ils de simples aventuriers rêveurs ou réussiront-ils à changer le monde ?

    Dans chaque épisode, ils vous embarquent dans leur cavale en dehors des sentiers-battus, partageant des histoires, leçons et des idées anticonformistes sur la vie, le business, le monde et bien plus encore.

    Leur mission ? Vous inspirer à changer de vie et à mener votre propre cavale, loin du mode de vie par défaut.

    Alors, êtes-vous prêt à les rejoindre dans cette grande évasion ?

    Votre voyage commence chaque mardi !

  • In soldoni è un podcast sull’educazione finanziaria per spiegare concretamente e in modo semplice come si gestiscono le cose legate ai soldi: quelle con cui prima o poi tutti abbiamo a che fare. Come il lavoro: quanti contratti di lavoro esistono, cos’è la RAL, come funziona la partita IVA, come si compila una fattura, quante sono le tasse, cosa sono i contributi, come si legge una busta paga, cosa succede se perdo il lavoro.
    È un podcast di Mariasole Lisciandro, prodotto dal Post