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  • Interviews of lawyers and others dedicated to serving the common good. The host of Higher Callings® is Donald Frederico. A Boston lawyer with several decades of experience representing clients and leading nonprofit organizations, Don has encountered a host of people who have found ways to serve their communities and the broader public and help people in need. We hope that, by shining a light on their good works, Higher Callings will inspire others to find their own paths towards making the world a better place.

  • In Virtual Sentiments, Kristen Collins interviews scholars and practitioners grappling with the most pressing problems in political economy today with an eye to the past.

  • Welcome to the Clear Voice Podcast! My name is Florence and my vocal journey started when I was training to be a classical singer. I performed at the Royal Albert Hall, the Royal Festival Hall and Alexandra Palace (to name a few!). I toured extensively throughout the UK as well as working in Europe and Asia. I have done session work for the BBC and Channel 4 and have recorded numerous times at Abbey Road Studios. Sounds great, doesn't it?!

    Well not quite, something wasn't right. I wasn't fulfilled, I was miserable and anxious. The only satisfaction I gained from my work was teaching and working with individuals to find their voices. So I started to change my focus and set up a business coaching young artists in the patriarchal world of pop.

    During this time, I found that I was being spoken over, ignored, interrupted and disregarded. My ideas weren't given any time until they were brought up again weeks later by a male colleague. But I was a confident, opinionated, intelligent person with gravitas and experience, so why was this happening and how could I stop it?

    A few things then changed. I discovered some amazing female role models, read a lot of feminist literature and started to employ the techniques I'd used to have a successful performance career and hold space on a stage to hold space off stage. Things started to move, I was being listened to, I didn't have to compromise on my ideas or become one with the patriarchy.

    And so Clear Voice was born. A place where women support and inspire other women to be confident in their voices and to be heard.

    But it's not just about me. There are so many things that women are speaking out against and so many stories that we have to tell. Each week I will be joined by a different guest who has found their voice and is using it for change. I hope you will find their stories helpful wherever you are on your journey to finding your voice.

  • We hear it all the time from the law firm owners we coach... "They didn't teach us this in law school!" We are set on bringing outside business ideas and advice into the world of entrepreneurial law firm owners... so join us as we investigate new stories and strategies each week in They Don't Teach This in Law School!

  • The omnichannel podcast in which we unbox tales of online retail and digital transformation

  • The seasoned, active investors at MacKay Municipal Managers provide valuable insights into the highly fragmented, complex, and inefficient municipal bond market. With topics that can range from public policy, market technicals, and municipal strategies for clients to consider, tune in to our monthly in-depth conversations for the team’s latest views on the municipal market.

    MacKay Municipal Managers is a team of portfolio managers at MacKay Shields. MacKay Shields is 100% owned by NYLIM Holdings, which is wholly owned by New York Life Insurance Company.

  • Aesthetics Unlocked – the cosmetic podcast brought to you by Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance.

    Hosted by Viki Hooker on the first Wednesday of every month, Viki sits down with Hamilton Fraser CEO, Eddie Hooker and Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance Associate Director, Mark Copsey to discuss tips and tricks as well as industry news. Each month they are joined by a special guest, who will offer their professional perspective and judgement on issues affecting the aesthetics sector, and answer any questions you may have.

    Who is our host? Viki is normally kept busy being Hamilton Fraser’s Cosmetic Events Coordinator, but when the events industry came to a halt due to COVID-19, this enabled Viki to embark on a new venture, and thus Aesthetics Unlocked was born. With her background in aesthetic events, Viki was aware of how many questions people have about the industry, as well as what topics attract the bigger crowds – essentially what people want to know. Aesthetics Unlocked is an easily accessible initiative for practitioners to learn about the sector and have their questions answered through a light hearted, fun and easy listening setting.

    We hope you will join us and have a listen!

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  • Business can teach you a lot about life. In this series of podcasts serial entrepreneur Alyson Hogg and her guests from every walk of life, explore familiar concepts with often surprising interpretations based on fascinating life lessons. Alyson works her way through the alphabet several times over, exploring every thing from abundance, bastards and bottom lines, to complacency, deadlines and dreams. In each episode she gives her guest a list of words based on what she knows about them, from which they choose 2/3 to unpick and discuss. All together these shows create the Survival A to Z, strategies to thrive in the business of live.

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  • Introducing The Career Scoop, a new podcast that digs deep into all things careers. Hosted by career experts, James Fitzsimons and Sylvia Jones. James and Sylvia know all about careers and their ups and downs as two leading recruiters who between them have a combined experience of over 40 years placing people into their dream jobs. Each week they will bring you advice, insights and guidance from industry leaders from different fields around the world.

  • Every Wednesday catch a new episode of Black Wealth Weekly where your host, Shaniqua Nicole, interviews high performing professionals and entreprenuers building wealth in their unique way. Find inspiration in their stories, lessons in their tactics, and build your plan to Financial Freedom.

    Shaniqua Nicoleis a Millennial Wealth Activist, Entrepreneurial Enthusiast, Wealth Strategist, Real Estate Investor, Author & Mentor. During her successful career on Wall Street she quickly realized that the same investment knowledge she had developed over the years, was lacking in her peers. Nicoleโ€™s dedication, entrepreneurial drive, and commitment to her community led her to founding Black Wealth Weekly, a podcast and magazine positioned to highlight, honor, and interview the brightest minds. The organization hosts the Black Wealth Awards, annually where highly distinguished entrepreneurs, activists, thought leaders, and influencers gather to be publicly honored for their commitment to increasing black and brown wealth across the globe.

  • A podcast series from Martello Leadership discussing the extraordinary decisions ordinary people have made to change their lives, careers or direction despite the risks. Some people push those nagging feelings that they're doing the wrong thing to the back of their mind and have an ongoing inner debate for years. Others, in spite of what can be paralysing fear, make a pivotal decision to change direction often risking everything. What do you do when your inner voice is telling you to make a change or jump? Martello Leadership works with clients asking this question personally or in their organisation as businesses leaders looking at driving systemic change. Learn more at:

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  • Hey my loves, welcome to Her success podcast. A Podcast where we elevate and inspire each other to become the highest version of ourselves. We will be working towards our journey to success, happiness, love and peace.

    Every week I will release episodes to help guide you on your mental, spiritual, emotional and financial journey. I want you guys to get to know me and grow harmoniously on our journey to success. We’ll talk Money, content creating, friendships and many more. I’m your bestie in your pocket. Talking to you anytime and anywhere. Mwah ๐Ÿ˜˜ so let’s get into it x

  • Fully Covered is an insurance podcast hosted by Emma Leonard, where industry leaders give their invaluable insight into hot topics in the Irish insurance market.

  • Host Padraic Grennan gets up close and personal with legal and business professionals about starting out, their entrepreneurial journey, and where they're headed.

  • Interpath is a financial advisory business with a broad range of specialisms covering restructuring, advisory and deal advisory.

    In our podcast, Interpath in Focus, our team dive deeper into the challenges and opportunities facing business today with the help of some very special guests.

  • Growth from Failure is a podcast series created and hosted by Yinh Hinh. The show highlights unique interviews with entrepreneurs, investors, athletes, pioneers of all types - and shares their personal and professional journey. Join Yinh as they discuss their mistakes, their failures and the lessons learned along the way. This show will encourage you to reflect, to keep learning and ultimately to keep growing.

  • Wij zijn Willeke en Adrian. Collega's รฉn al meer dan 20 jaar geliefden.

    In onze trajecten begeleiden we ambitieuze, succesvolle leiders (ondernemers en C-level leidinggevenden) en hun partner naar meer bruis en verbinding in hun relatie.

    In deze podcast delen we over allerlei thema's rondom relaties, liefde en communicatie.

    Meer info op of via onze Instagram-account (

  • Information, Trends & Inspiration for restaurant, cafe & foodservice operators - helping to create a strong, dynamic industry in a fast-changing world

  • Anchored by their 21st birthday and reflecting on their aspirations, our guest discusses how their perspectives on life and leadership have been framed, what critical life and leadership lessons they’ve learned, and what they would say today to their 21-year-old self.