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  • Clyde Broadcast Technology brings to you 'The Clyde Broadcast Podcast'. A series of inspirational interviews with the voices leading the broadcast industry and driving the future of broadcasting internationally. Tune in to hear from media revolutionaries, tech experts, and the latest in broadcast technology.

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  • This episode is talking about some interesting facts about Tyler and some of his big accomplishments and how he grew up.

  • During the worst pandemic in over 100 years, 1 in 4 people voluntarily left their jobs, but why? What caused this mass exodus? Why I Left brings you weekly episodes of honest, informative, and entertaining discussions with people across industries who left their job. Created and hosted by Brian Aquart, he aims to explore the Great Resignation and chronicle real stories from real people about why they left their jobs during the pandemic, what has happened since, and share insights from the lessons they learned.

  • "The Ravi Verma Show" is more than just a podcast; it's a platform where authenticity and realness take center stage. Ravi Verma, the host, goes beyond the surface and delves into the intricacies of his own life, sharing personal stories and the invaluable lessons he's gained along the way. Listeners can expect not only relatable narratives but also practical suggestions, tips, and tricks derived from Ravi's genuine experiences.

    One of the unique aspects of the podcast is the occasional inclusion of influential guests. Ravi brings in individuals who have made a mark in their respective fields to share their views and valuable suggestions. This diversity of perspectives adds depth and richness to the discussions, making each episode a well-rounded exploration of various topics.

    "The Ravi Verma Show" isn't confined to personal anecdotes alone. Ravi also ventures into the realm of entertainment and culture. The podcast features segments where Ravi discusses and reviews books, shows, and events. His authentic take on these subjects adds a refreshing honesty to the reviews, making them more than just opinions but genuine reflections.

    While the podcast maintains a positive and insightful tone, Ravi doesn't shy away from expressing his opinions and occasional rants. This unfiltered approach adds a layer of spontaneity and rawness to the conversations, creating an atmosphere where listeners can truly connect with the host on a personal level.

    Above all, the guiding principle of "The Ravi Verma Show" is honesty. The openness and sincerity in Ravi's discussions create a space for authentic dialogue, fostering a sense of connection with the audience. Whether sharing life lessons, hosting thought-provoking conversations with guests, or providing entertaining reviews, the podcast promises an engaging and genuine experience for its listeners.

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  • A new Southern Star podcast featuring interviews with some of West Corkโ€™s most successful business people. On each episode of West Cork is the Business, Seรกn Mahon, MD of Southern Star Media, talks to leading West Cork business people about success, spotting opportunities, challenges, what makes them tick, advice for others and building businesses in West Cork.

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  • Itโ€™s Upgrade Season + Iโ€™m your host Alexandria 

    This weekly upgrade is the only place to get raw + unfiltered advice on getting your shit together one week at a time, so you can embody that main character energy + create a life even better than your vision board.

    This isn't your typical self-help podcast; it's a movement for those who refuse to settle for the ordinary. No gatekeeping hereโ€”just your weekly download to curate a life that feels as good inside as it looks outside.

    Join me every Monday for your Upgrade: where weโ€™ll be sharing how you can radically upgrade your life and every Friday for the Whine down, where weโ€™ll be pouring a glass of wine, spilling the tea + answering your dilemmas.

    Remember, it's not about waiting for the right time; it's about realising that every season is an upgrade season. 

    Small shifts, huge upgradesโ€”let's fucking do this. 

  • Practical, efficient and fun, The Legal Department podcast delivers the bottom line of what busy in-house attorneys need to know to level up their career. Whether youโ€™re the general counsel or just starting a career in a corporate law department, The Legal Department podcast is the place to get real world advice from leading legal executives, executive coaches, and other thought leaders on how to grow your career and deliver more value to your clients. 

    Through conversations with prominent general counsel, chief legal officers and select law firm thought leaders, youโ€™ll get to the bottom line of what you need to know about front page legal issues like digital privacy, cybersecurity and AI. Guests will share their strategies for managing the legal team, budgets, and navigating tricky company politics. Episodes will also tackle in-house fundamentals like the attorney client privilege, litigation, M&A, governance and working with boards of directors and the c-suite.  

    The Podcast will also feature guests from the c-suite, executive coaches, and other thought leaders who will offer practice insights for attorneys seeking to fuel their own professional development and build those elusive โ€œsoft skills.โ€  Each episode of The Legal Department will provide practical tips and takeaways that you can use to take your in-house career to the next level. 

    The Legal Department podcast provides practical, concise, and actionable insights for busy in-house attorneys. Whether you're a seasoned general counsel or a new corporate law professional, each episode of The Legal Department offers the essential tools, information, and resources to enhance your professional skills. Elevate your career and deliver value to those you serve.

    Each episode features in-depth conversations with prominent general counsel and chief legal officers, and select law firm thought leaders who share war stories from their own careers. Learn how to tackle any situation with finesse and confidence, no matter how delicate or politically challenging. Accelerate your journey towards a fulfilling legal career through these podcast conversations.

    Guests will share key insights and strategies for effectively managing legal teams, budget oversight, navigating company politics, and mastering in-house fundamentals like privilege, litigation, M&A, governance, and board interactions.Becoming an in-house leader requires more than legal knowledge and experience.  It requires business acumen, executive intelligence, and being a team player within your company and with your partners.  The Legal Department podcast will help you level up your career.

    Host Stacy Bratcher, a general counsel and chief legal officer with nearly twenty years of in-house experience, has fun and engaging conversations about legal careers within in-house legal departments.  The Legal Department podcast delivers informative, relatable, and practical advice from thought leaders. As she explores topics with exceptional attorneys, c-suite executives, and other key business partners, you will gain a deeper understanding of front-page legal issues, become more familiar with the impact of today's technology on your practice, and learn to cultivate stronger relationships to position yourself as an approachable and effective legal partner.

    No matter where you are in your career, The Legal Department is here to help you tackle whatever comes your way. Join Stacy in these episodes filled with inspiring stories, valuable advice, and tips to elevate your legal practice. Become an invaluable asset to your organization or law firm and establish yourself as the dependable professional they can't afford to lose. Level up your legal career with The Legal Department podcast.

  • If you are looking to become an electrician or join the IBEW, you are at the right place!

  • Zo’n doctoraat, heb je daar nog wat aan? Naast het onderzoek dan. Een podcast over academia, transferable skills en de (on)zin van een doctoraatstraject. In deze podcast gaat Anouk De Ridder op zoek naar de Transferable Life Skills van een doctoraat: welke skills pikken mensen op wanneer ze werken aan een doctoraat? Wat leren ze naast droge theorie? Hoe leren ze omgaan met de vele ups- en downs die zo’n project met zich meebrengt? En wat na een doctoraat? Te beluisteren vanaf 23 maart 2021.

  • Think back to ten years ago. Were you having the same conversations with your recruiters, the same arguments with your leaders, the same tensions with hiring managers?
    You know what they say about doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.
    That's why I am launching this special podcast series: bringing together some of the smartest people inside and outside the talent acquisition profession to help us all do something meaningfully different so we can recruit and hire better.

  • Unlock the secrets of civilian career success with the Military to Civilian Career Transition Power Hour. Discover real stories, expert strategies, and valuable insights from experts, recruiters and transitioning veterans, all designed to help you navigate your path to a thriving civilian career.

    The Military to Civilian Career Transition Power Hour is packed with real stories from people Just Like YOU.

    Behind the Curtain Insights: Discover the rarely heard insights of recruiters, the unsung heroes behind the scenes, as we unravel the mystery and give you actionable insights for the industries and companies you're targeting. In this series, Cheryl Cross shares the mic with expert career coaches, recruiters, and those Mil2Civ folks who are literally "going through the SOUP." Some will provide direction, but it's mostly a raw reflection on what they did and how you can do better.

    In the military, you wouldn't deploy to a region without training. So why are you not advancing your knowledge on this new terrain? The civilian world is a challenge with problem-sets you won't find in TAPS class. It would take you MONTHS or YEARS to acquire the stories and knowledge that these guests share. With four voices per hour, your time is well spent, and the stories of personal Mil2Civ will resonate with you as you approach or continue to journey through your civilian mission.

    Real Stories with Real Impact: Plunge into unfiltered stories from fellow mil2civ transitioning pros who've conquered the transition. Their victories and setbacks will inspire you to face your own challenges head-on.

    Expert Strategies: Cheryl and her guests share the behind-the-scenes tactics of the Mil2Civ transition process. Arm yourself with the strategic wisdom to not just survive but THRIVE in the civilian job arena.

    Community Camaraderie: Link up with a tribe of kindred spirits who've faced the same unique hurdles of transitioning from military to civilian life. This is your squad, your platoon, your support system.

    Inspiration for All: Whether you're a 10-year veteran, a forward-thinking active-duty service member, or helping a family member prepare for a career transition, this podcast will supercharge your belief in yourself as you prepare for the road ahead.

    XCHANGE Podcast Series: It's the platform for future podcasts on exciting topics.  Each a multi-episode series centered on an XCHANGE of ideas and knowledge. The Military to Civilian Career Transition Power Hour is our inaugural series, designed as a personal boot camp for conquering the civilian terrain.

    Join Us in Uncovering the Unheard: Listen with us as we showcase the voices of those who are on the journey, have completed the journey, and those who continue to transition even 1, 5, or 10 years after their service ended. The civilian career landscape does NOT need to be a minefield. We are your IED support to keep you safe and moving forward.

    Our Goal: Empower you with insights from 100 mentors, 100 voices, across 25 impactful episodes. With four experts per hour, gain actionable guidance for your civilian career journey.

    Join the journey at and on popular podcast platforms. Subscribe to our YouTube channel @XChangePodcastSeries for more content. Connect on Instagram @XChangePodcastSeries and become a member on Patreon:

    Your civilian career mission awaits. Let's conquer it together!

  • Content creators delen hun dromen, struggles en beste tips in de nieuwe podcast 'Online Praters'. Digital storyteller en podcasthost Silvie Strobbe vuurt al haar vragen af op jouw favoriete online makers.

  • Join Erin McGoff (aka, AdviceWithErin) as she introduces you to new people, new careers, and new ideas to inspire you to confidently design a life that makes you truly happy. In this show, Erin dives into topics that are top of mind for folks in their 20s and 30s ranging from career advice and financial literacy to relationships and self-esteem. Erin will bring on experts to give advice on questions like, "Should I move to Europe?" and "How do I negotiate my salary?" and "How do I find a work-from-home job that isn't a scam?". Listeners can expect to hear from various guests—psychologists, authors, CEOs, filmmakers, detectives, chefs, etc. There's more to life than the Sunday scaries, resumes, and the 9 to 5. In this show, you'll gain access to tangible opportunities, secret advice, and proven strategies to help you craft a life you love.

  • The restaurant industry today is drastically different from the one Top Chef Alum Jamie Lynch stepped into 30 years ago. Follow along as he discusses the current climate of the industry alongside various food and beverage professionals.

  • In the Strategic Execution podcast, we offer advice and insights on how to deliver success in major transformations such as post-merger integrations and 100-day plans using fewer resources than you have been led to believe you need and yielding a healthier company than you imagined was possible. This podcast comes to you from the Execution Gurus - Harry Gray and Greg Calaman - with over 40 years between us leading major transformations, including post-merger integrations, in companies from the middle market to the Fortune 50, on behalf of boards and investors.

  • With ServiceNow, manufacturers unlock the full benefits of digitization with a unified system of action. With one platform, manufacturers connect people, processes, and technologies, then reinvent manufacturing workflows and improve experiences across the value chain--operations, customers, employees and suppliers. Ultimately, they reduce costs and find new growth opportunities.โ€‹

  • Join hosts Amena Chaudhry and Kay Coughlin as they discuss all of the -isms we deal with in everyday life. From racism to sexism and ableism, nothing is too difficult for Amena and Kay to explore together.

  • De podcast voor en door medewerkers die werkzaam zijn in de ouderenzorg. We bespreken uitdagingen, toekomstplannen, waarom ben je begonnen in de zorg, passie en zoveel meer.

    We doen interviews van huishoudelijk medewerker tot aan leden de raad van toezicht.

  • The Propelling Performance Podcast, an in-depth interview series with top business experts and leaders from across the globe. In conversation with host, Rob Nankervis, each guest shares their insights and experiences to help founders, owners and leaders drive the performance, growth and valuation of their mid-tier businesses.