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  • Hosted by Dr. Thomas Slavin, Chief Medical Officer for Myriad Genetics, Inside the GENOME will be exploring the world of cutting-edge cancer genetics with 2-3 episodes per month. Dr. Slavin will interview those on the front lines of cancer, and those advancing the science of cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Inside the GENOME - Genetics, Oncology and Me.

  • Talks at meetings or articles in journals and textbooks don't always tell the whole story of the field of plastic surgery. With the Deep Cuts podcasts, PRS Global Open delves into the details that are often hidden from view. In the "Giants of Plastic Surgery", Dr. Vimal Gokani and Dr. George Adigbli investigate what drives and motivates the most influential names in our field, while with "Leveling Up", Dr. Puru Nagarkar reveals the little technical details in a surgeon's repertoire that make all the difference.

  • A diagnosis of breast cancer can cause a lifechanging ripple effect of impact, affecting those we love the most. In this podcast, Aisling Hurley CEO of Breast Cancer Ireland talks to a selection of guests about their very personal connections to breast cancer – be it through their career choice, their own first-hand experience of the disease, or through sharing the experience of close family members. Utterly unique stories on how breast cancer has informed their perspective on life, love, family, health, their goals, and aspirations, proving beyond doubt that breast cancer is more than a lump.

  • The Animal Free Labcast is hosted by the CEO of Animal Free Research UK, Carla Owen, and is a frank, lively exchange and sharing of ideas and experiences by leading scientists, policy makers and animal protection ambassadors - all of whom seek a kinder science.Carla and her guests cut through the noise to break down why we need to accelerate human relevant science if we are to end the medical emergency - that which is in large part caused by the continued reliance on animals as models for human disease research.Listen in to new episodes every two weeks, starting on June 29, 2022!

  • A podcast about neuroscience, psychology, and anything vaguely related. Long-form interviews with people whose work I find interesting, and book discussions. New episodes every Friday.

  • The Drug Solutions Podcast, presented by Pharmaceutical Technology, features industry experts from across the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical supply chain. Join the editors as the experts share insights into your biggest questions—from the technologies, to strategies, to regulations related to the development and manufacture of drug products.
    To learn more, visit https://www.pharmtech.com

  • Cannabis Science & Technology®’s podcast, Noid Knowledge, brings together hosts Meg L’Heureux (Group Editorial Director of Cannabis Science & Technology® and Cannabis Patient Care™ magazines) and Evan Friedmann (Vice President of Scientific Cell Company) as they discuss all things cannabinoid-related—from the latest trends and research to analytical testing methods, cultivation, and extraction techniques. Each month Meg and Evan will interview industry thought leaders on a key topic and expand your Noid Knowledge!

  • Rule Your Pool is a podcast by Orenda Technologies. This show was created for pool owners, operators, and service pros who want the best water quality possible. If you want to know what's really going on with your swimming pool chemistry, this might be the podcast for you. Each week, we'll cover a new topic related to swimming pools, water chemistry, or indoor air quality. With our help, you'll be able to rule your pool without over-treating it with chemicals and wasting money.

  • ChemTalk (chemistrytalk.org) is a brand-new non-profit, whose mission is to make chemistry more fun, easier to learn, and more accessible to people around the world - in the safest manner possible and also to be perceived in a more positive way. On our podcast, we interview chemists, scientists, and educators from across the globe who show the many career paths that involve chemistry, and how a love for chemistry can manifest itself in many unique ways.

  • I've got tech, data, and media, and i'm not afraid to use them.

    My name is George Anadiotis, and i am a writer, a planner and a doer. I am an Onalytica Top 100 Influencer in Big Data and Cloud, a Knowledge Graph expert, and a VentureBeat and ZDNet contributor, among other things.

    Linked Data Orchestration is my brand. This podcast is where i share my work, as well as conversations with people who bring interesting news and views to the table. Founders, builders and thinkers, from Gary Marcus and Andrew Ng long views, to breaking news and emerging technology.

    Some might call this futurism; let's just say it's connecting the dots.

    Coming from a technology background, i've had the chance to learn to play many instruments on the way to becoming a one man band and an orchestrator.

    Before starting a career as an analyst and journalist, i served Fortune 500, startups and NGOs as a consultant, built and managed projects, products and teams of all sizes and shapes, and got involved in award-winning research. I still try to do that stuff as much as possible.

  • The High Impact Thesis Podcast is a platform that hosts PhD students, Researchers, and Professors, from Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore), to talk about their research and share their work experience.
    Brought to you by NTU World of Wisdom with hosts: Ahmed Hussein, Christopher Luwanga, and Mohammed Ibrahim.

  • NACSW produces a monthly podcast currently available only to members (samples to friends). In an effort to make more of our resources available to the general public, however, we are pleased to offer a free full podcast to the general public each quarter. We hope you enjoy what you hear and that you'd consider joining NACSW today.

  • A podcast on physics and publishing, brought to you by editors from the Nature portfolio. We go behind the scenes and talk to the authors and editors of the most interesting physics papers published in the Nature journals.

    Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Blind Conservation is a 4-part podcast documentary about conservation in South and Southern Africa, focusing on apex predators like sharks and lions. Why are these species facing dwindling numbers, and what impact does this have on humans and animals alike?

  • Listen to Medscape InDiscussion: Chronic Kidney Disease, a podcast series where thought leaders and clinical experts share their diverse insights and practical ideas for optimizing patient care. Relevant disclosures can be found with the episode show notes on Medscape (https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/971884). The topics and discussions are planned, produced, and reviewed independently of advertiser. This podcast is intended only for US healthcare professionals.

  • Social Work Sorted is an Education platform with a difference. As an experienced Social Worker and Practice Educator I want to take you through the day to day challenges you are going to face as a newly qualified worker; how to do a home visit, how to complete an assessment, how to build relationships, how to do direct work that makes a difference. I'm here to help you, with short podcasts you can access whenever you need. Follow @socialworksorted on Instagram