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  • It is a means of measuring the effectiveness of organisational activities and judging the significance of changes brought about by those activities. It is neither Art or Science, but both. Impact assessment is intimately linked to Mission, and, in that sense, ripples through the organisation.

  • Exploring Arizona Life Science Research and Biodiversity with the Tree of Life Web Project. The series focuses on Sonoran Desert biodiversity and research at the University of Arizona. The Bugs of the Month sub-series features entomologist Carl Olson. The work of the general community, teachers and learners is also showcased, and we welcome contributors from all walks of life, as well as features that highlight the connections between cultural and biological diversity.

  • A podcast about black holes would explore the most mysterious and captivating phenomena in the universe. Each episode would delve into the science behind black holes, from their formation through the collapse of massive stars to their immense gravitational pull that warps space and time. Listeners would learn about the different types of black holes, such as stellar, supermassive, and primordial, and hear from astrophysicists who study these enigmatic objects. The podcast would also cover the latest discoveries, theories, and the technology used to observe black holes, making complex concepts accessible and intriguing for all audiences.

  • Rethink How Your REFILL Your Cup.  In this podcast, Jessica Carmon of ReSourced Apothecary, pours out divine wisdom she receives from the natural world. Every plant has a message to share & Jessica voices those messages with heart, soul, humor, and love. The intuitively handcrafted herbal preparations offered by the ReSourced Apothecary encapsulate the wisdom and essence of the plants. Working with the products, plant spirit messages & meditations provides a multisensory experience to help connect you to the deep well of divine wisdom within.

  • Dive into the broad field of Military Studies! SJMS Talks is an academic podcast published by the journal, Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies (SJMS). The podcast aims to bridge the gap between peer-reviewed academic scholarship and current affairs. In the 20-minutes episodes, chief editor, Jeppe Teglskov Jacobsen, invites one of the journal contributors to discuss recent developments related to their published research. By doing so, the podcast demonstrates the practical and political applicability of Military Studies as an academic discipline.

  • The main purpose of the HAL Future Humanities is to inspire humans to develop a new type of higher order process-based, innovative and progressive awareness. This purpose dwells within a new reality perception and the human abilities to engage in such a project of renewal.

    Because, as the mind expands so does the ability to adapt to changes along with the knowledge of how to face the changes, and what they bring about, in productive ways. The holographic-energetic dynamics and mechanics will become clear as our system regains its original composition, and humanity becomes sensitive to energy again. Only by expanding the brain´s capacity, is it possible to grasp the wholeness of the universal complexity, the many reality fields of sequenced energy and consciousness, the possibility and probability energy units and how the holographic principles truly work.

    Learn more on https://toveje.dk

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  • TankeStrøm's podcast er et rum for dialog og idéudveksling på tværs af traditionelle akademiske grænser og bygger bro mellem forskningsverdenen og samfundet.
    Vi lader vidt forskellige felter strømme sammen og inspirere hinanden såsom kvantefysik, queer-teori, sociologi, biologi, psykologi og kunst, og undersøger hvordan videnskaben kan blive en håndgribelig og fællesskabsbaseret ressource, der kan give os dybere selvforståelse og samfundsmæssig indsigt.

  • Within the field of social sciences the terms social construction and social constructionism are frequently used, particularly in relation to social policy. This unit will enable you to achieve a greater definition and understanding of these terms. This study unit is just one of many that can be found on LearningSpace, part of OpenLearn, a collection of open educational resources from The Open University. Published in ePub 2.0.1 format, some feature such as audio, video and linked PDF are not supported by all ePub readers.

  • Un podcast di Angelica De Vito, con la collaborazione di Luciano Canova |
    Un podcast realizzato in collaborazione con NatPower |
    La sostenibilità è una sfida complessa. L’Agenda 2030 dell’Onu, nel fissare i 17 obiettivi dello sviluppo sostenibile, ha stabilito che non si tratta di una questione unicamente ambientale, ma anche sociale ed economica. Questa visione integrata è quella che ci deve guidare verso un cambiamento del nostro modello di sviluppo. Una strada da percorrere tutti insieme, come collettività, perché i gesti individuali, per quanto importanti, non sono sufficienti, in assenza di un quadro istituzionale e giuridico adeguato. 
    Missione Terra è un viaggio in 5 tappe tra fatti, temi, falsi miti e pratiche virtuose della transizione ecologica che stiamo vivendo.

  • Information forklarer klimaet er en podcastserie, der besvarer de vigtigste spørgsmål og forklarer de mest centrale begreber om grøn omstilling, bæredygtighed og naturens tilstand. Nyt afsnit hver uge. Serien er produceret af Dagbladet Information og støttet af Novo Nordisk Fonden.

  • Lær de danske fugle at kende på nye og overraskende måder, når David Frantsen inviterer dig med på fuglekiggertur med en række af Danmarks bedste naturformidlere.

  • the podcast where we dive into the incredible story of life, science, and pioneering moments. I’m Elizabeth Carr, and I am honored to be your host. This show holds a special place in my heart because it's not just a podcast—it's my story. I am the first IVF baby born in the United States.

  • I Danmark bliver ca. 9000 mennesker diagnosticeret med glaukom om året. I denne podcast vil du som lytter få svar på nogle af de spørgsmål, der naturligt opstår i kølvandet på en diagnose.

    Hvad er glaukom? Hvordan behandles sygdommen? og Hvordan er livet med glaukom?

    Henover 8 episoder vil du få svar på disse spørgsmål, og indsigt i hvilke former for medicin og kirurgi, der bruges, hvad patienter skal være opmærksomme på i forhold til komplikationer og bivirkninger.

    Links til mere information



    Øjenforeningens synstest: https://ojenforeningen.dk/gratissynstest


    Rigshospitalets ressourcer om behandlinger og indgreb: https://www.rigshospitalet.dk/undersoegelse-og-behandling/find-undersoegelse-og-behandling/oejne/Sider/default.aspx


    Dansk Glaukom Forenings materiale om Glaukom: https://glaukom.dk/brochurer-medlemsblade/


    Øjenforeningens materiale om glaukom: https://ojenforeningen.dk/brochurer/groen-staer-glaukom



    Projekt Forever: https://synoptik-fonden.dk/projekter/forever/


    Foreninger og Fællesskaber


    Patientforeningen Dansk Glaukom Forening: https://glaukom.dk/bliv-medlem/

    Patientforeningen Øjenforeningen: https://ojenforeningen.dk/bliv-medlem

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  • Opdag "Forsyningen Fortæller," din go-to podcast fra Frederiksberg Forsyning, som udforsker kritiske emner som vand- og energiforsyning samt bæredygtige løsninger i Frederiksberg.

    Hver episode præsenterer dybdegående samtaler med industrieksperter, innovative ingeniører og nøglepersoner, der står bag forsyningssikkerheden og bæredygtige initiativer i byen.

    Gennem vores engagerende og informative samtaler får du indsigt i, hvordan vi håndterer alt fra vandrensning til energieffektivisering og grøn varmeteknologi. "Forsyningen Fortæller" er essentiel lytning for alle med interesse i byplanlægning, miljøteknologi og bæredygtig udvikling i byrum.

    Abonner og lyt til "Forsyningen Fortæller" på platforme som Apple Podcasts, Spotify, og Google Podcasts. Vær den første til at høre nye episoder og dyk ned i historierne bag Frederiksbergs infrastruktur, mens du får nyttig viden, der kan inspirere både dagligdagen og fremtiden.

    Bliv en del af Frederiksberg Forsyningens rejse mod en grønnere og mere bæredygtig by. Lyt nu, og vær med til at forme en bæredygtig fremtid.

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  • Shamel Azmeh is a lecturer at the University of Manchester. In this podcast, Shamel hosts academics and researchers for open discussions on a range of issues in economics, politics, history, and other areas.

  • Found in Translation’ opens a window into how organization and management theory is used in practice. In these episodes, we talk to a broad range of stakeholders – including managers, consultants, journalists, and scholars – about the way that organization and management theory affects (their) practice. We dig into what theory means when used in an organizational context. We aim to help our listeners gain a better understanding of how organization and management theory achieves impact and how academia and practice interact. Found in Translation is developed, hosted and moderated by Ph.D. Fellow Malia Carvalho with guidance from Eva Boxenbaum, Renate Meyer, and Pedro Monteiro. The podcast is produced by CBS Teaching & Learning for the TITAN research project: Turning Theory into Action. TITAN is funded by the Velux Foundation and hosted at the Department of Organization - also called IOA - at Copenhagen Business School.

  • Hosted by Michael Best and Jonathan Winch, the Gamechangers Video Podcast brings you stories of people, ideas and technologies that are making the world a better and more sustainable place.
    We focus on the amazing work being done by game-changing engineers, scientists, CEOs and others to take us to a better, more sustainable tomorrow. And by doing so, we hope to contribute to accelerating the changes each Gamechanger can bring.
    Each episode is recorded in a fully equipped mobile studio van, offering a fresh, new setting for intimate, candid conversations. It sets the scene for showcasing unsung heroes, innovators, and visionaries who are working tirelessly to create positive change, particularly in sustainability and healthier living.

  • Rose and her family are trapped on a land and they want to leave desperately until they find their escape. A baby?!?!?!

  • Podcast om samspillet mellem teknologiudvikling, uddannelse og arbejdsmarked med udgangspunkt i dialog med forskere og førende eksperter.

  • 10 formler, der forandrede verden - en podcast fra DM Akademikerbladet. Støttet af Carlsbergfondet og produceret af MonoMono.