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  • 'København og havets hoteller' er en anderledes podcastserie, der udforsker forholdt mellem København og krydstogtturismen. Serien dykker ned i Københavns historier og ser nærmere pÃ¥ de forandringer, der har formet byen til en international krydstogtdestination. Samtidig leverer den en aktuel forstÃ¥else af krydstogtindustrien og dens indflydelse pÃ¥ København. Hver episode tilbyder nye perspektiver, der bl.a. udforsker, om krydstogtturister er en fordel eller en ulempe for byen, om krydstogtsferie overhovedet kan gøres bæredygtigt og ikke mindst hvordan fremtiden ser ud.

    Podcastserien produceres af podcastbureauet hearHEAR og udgives af CruiseCopenhagen.

  • Welcome to Growth Leap, a Stun and Awe podcast that looks into how business builders design and grow their companies for performance and impact.

  • Audio format of posts on -- generated with AI from the author.

  • Helping humanity shepherd through this transition as we embrace the final invention of mankind: advanced artificial intelligence. David Shapiro aims to provide a pragmatic and optimistic view of the future.
    Spreading awareness about David Shapiro's work of shepherding the transition that we're going through by means of this podcast.
    Core Ideas:
    Metamodernism: Narratives and emergence view of reality
    Postnihilism: The demand for meaning is false, there is only the Great Mystery
    Heuristic Imperatives: An ethical, moral, and decision framework.
    - Reduce suffering
    - Increase prosperity
    - Increase understanding
    Post-Labor Economics: Replace humans with machines (better, faster, cheaper, safer)
    His mantra:
    EXPLORE: Delve into the unknown, driven by curiosity and a quest for discovery. Seek knowledge.
    ELUCIDATE: Make complex ideas clear, communicating them in an accessible and comprehensible manner.
    ENUMERATE: Ground insights in concrete data, providing measurable and quantitative evidence.
    ELABORATE: Add depth and detail to understanding, weaving comprehensive and nuanced explanations.
    David Shapiro's Links:

  • Explore the future of sustainable mobility with Destination: Charging - a podcast by Powerdot.
    Join us for engaging conversation and insights from leading voices in the industry.
    Each episode unveils new perspectives and highlights the steps towards a greener future.

    Keep moving forward with Destination: Charging

  • 🎙️ Welcome to "The AI Revolution," the podcast that delves into the transformative world of Artificial Intelligence! 🤖Are you fascinated by the rapid advancements in AI technology? Curious about how machine learning, robotics, and data science are reshaping our world? Then you've come to the right place!🌟 What We Offer:- In-Depth Interviews: Hear from leading experts, researchers, and innovators in the AI field.- Case Studies: Real-world applications of AI that are revolutionizing industries from healthcare to finance. Support this podcast:

  • The internal podcast made public. Listen in when the CTO Office in KMD Group adresses internal and external technology developments relevant to our customers and our own product organisations in the near future. We pick subjects related to our annually updated Technology and Innovation map.

    The podcast originated as internal knowledgesharing but you don't need to be an employee (yet) to find it interesting.

    Who are we?
    The Chief Technology Officer's Office is a small team of senior engineers and product professionals working directly with the Chief Technology Officer focusing on technology exploration, product innovation, technology culture and process optimization across the many different products in KMD Group.

  • Tune in to The Only Constant for insights you haven't heard before. And if you wish to explore the intersection of business and technology in the age of AI where only one thing remains constant – change.

    Here you can listen to global thought leaders, and unravel the digital challenges and opportunities facing modern enterprises together with your host, Lasse Rindom. The Only Constant is a podcast for you who prioritize exploration over explanation.

    For you who like to dive right into a pressing and challenging question.

    So, tune in to The Only Constant and get lost in conversations about everything AI, IT, and business.

    This podcast is hosted by Lasse Rindom, who is AI Lead at Basico, and sponsored by Basico. Connect with Lasse on LinkedIn for more insights blended with lighthearted humor.

  • Decide if adopting Apple’s Mac platform at scale is right for your organization with this podcast. We don’t just tell you the pros, but we discuss the challenges you may face when looking to implement or expand the usage of Mac.

    In each episode, we feature experts in user experience, security, networking, and procurement to explore what it means to buy, deploy, and manage large numbers of Mac devices across the enterprise.

    If you’re considering how Mac may help you win top talent and wondering about the bigger organizational implications, this podcast is for you.

  • Reply Talks explores the latest tech trends through conversations with industry experts and thought leaders. This series of podcast provides insights, analysis, and practical advice on how businesses can leverage these technologies to drive innovation and stay ahead of the curve. Whether you're a business leader, a technology enthusiast, or simply interested in the future of digital media, Reply Talks offers something for everyone.

  • In the Global Tech Trends Podcast we cover 12 different technology trends, that have the potential to change the world.

    We dive into the innovative ecosystems that are at the forefront and cover the most intriguing aspects of policy, entrepreneurship, corporate engagement, finance, and academia.

    These trends have been identified and developed by the seven innovation centres that are strategically placed across global innovation hotspots in Silicon Valley, Boston, Munich, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Shanghai, and Bangalore.

    The Global Tech Trends Podcast is produced in partnership between Innovation Centre Denmark and

  • Many of us take hearing for granted. If it fails, we can get hearing aids. But 85% of people with hearing loss have no solution. What technologies can we rely on to help us, now and in the future?

  • Velkommen til Perceptron. Det her er podcasten om kunstig intelligens, der ikke er helt som de andre. I Perceptron skal vi nemlig tale om hvad kunstig intelligens betyder for dig. Kunstig intelligens kan demokratisere alt fra økonomi til politik og den kan hjælpe os med at skabe en fremtid for os med øget velstand for alle, mindre arbejde, et bedre klima og langt bedre sundhed.

  • A machine learning podcast that explores more than just algorithms and data: Life lessons from the experts.

    Welcome to "Learning from Machine Learning," a podcast about the insights gained from a career in the field of Machine Learning and Data Science.

    In each episode, industry experts and practitioners will share their experiences and advice on what it takes to succeed in this rapidly-evolving field.

    But this podcast is not just about the technical aspects of ML. It will also delve into the ways machine learning is changing the world around us. From the implications of artificial intelligence to the ways machine learning is being applied in various sectors, a wide range of topics will be covered that are relevant to anyone interested in the intersection of technology and society.

  • Welcome to Carbon Conversations, a podcast by Biochar.Life. We engage not only with experts pioneering innovative environmental solutions but also with business leaders championing sustainability in their sectors. From the intricacies of biochar and renewable energy to the broader scopes of smart agriculture, we aim to shed light on the multifaceted approaches to addressing our planet's pressing challenges. Our mission is not just to inform but to inspire and empower you, our listeners, to make informed decisions and impactful changes. Subscribe and be a part of this essential conversations!

  • Welcome to The Block Reward the podcast that makes understanding Bitcoin easy for everyone, regardless of expertise.
    Join us on a trip down the rabbit hole of sound money, where we break down complex concepts into accessible discussions.
    Our goal is to create easy to understand bitcoin conversations that resonate with all listeners, by bringing in subject matter experts to have introductory level conversations.
    Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and learn about the potential of this groundbreaking technology. Subscribe to The Block Reward now and unlock the secrets of the digital currency revolution. Visit our website for more info.

  • Space Monkeys, a collection of interviews with the best and brightest minds building on Polkadot and Substrate.
    Released weekly here, and wherever you listen to podcasts.
    Make sure you follow us so you don't miss an episode of Space Monkeys!

  • Hvordan vil kunstig intelligens forandre vores verden?

    I podcasten ’Maskinstorm’ inviterer en række af Informations fagmedarbejdere eksperter i studiet for at forsøge at finde svar på netop det spørgsmål.

    Serien er støttet af Novo Nordisk Fonden.