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  • Web W Web Podcast
    Podcast o szeroko pojętym IT - rozmawiają dwie głowy, zawsze Web W Web!

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  • Artur Markiewicz podcast

    Podcast dotyczący budowania cyberbezpieczeństwa i ludzi, którzy to robią.
    Podcast o wizerunku branży, branżowców.
    Historie ludzi, ich doświadczeń, planów.

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  • The LIDAR Magazine podcast, hosted by Dr. Stewart Walker, brings measurement, positioning and imaging technologies to light. Since 2012, we've addressed all aspects of lidar technology: including airborne topographic and bathymetric; terrestrial; mobile; close range; underwater and others alongside cutting-edge measurement, positioning and imaging technologies as they relate to and impact the world of geospatial technology. Join us as we map the lidar revolution.

  • Podcast o nowych technologiach i programowaniu. Prowadzącym jest Adrian Iwanek, programista z blisko 25-letnim doświadczeniem, współtwórca setek projektów IT a także założyciel, CEO i CTO UniqSoft Coding. Na co dzień, razem ze swoim zespołem, zajmuje się realizacją nietypowych projektów IT. W podcaście opowiada o swoich doświadczeniach z projektami i programowaniem, cyberbezpieczeństwie, aktualnych trendach i ciekawostkach z obszaru IT.

  • Welcome to The (un)secure world, an edgy and unfiltered cybersecurity podcast that takes you on a wild journey into the underside of the digital realm. Get ready for engaging discussions, real-life examples, and unfiltered insights that will empower you to navigate the (un)secure world we live in.

  • Jamie Bartlett traces the story of how and why social media companies have become the new information gatekeepers, and what the decisions they make mean for all of us. It's 20 years since Facebook launched and the social media we know today - but it all started with a crazy idea to realise a hippie dream of building a "global consciousness". The plan was to build a connected world, where everyone could access everyone and everything all the time; to overthrow the old gatekeepers and set information free.

    But social media didn't turn out that way. Instead of setting information free - a new digital elite conquered the world and turned themselves into the most powerful people on the planet. Now, they get to decide what billions of us see every day. They can amplify you. They can delete you. Their platforms can be used to coordinate social movements and insurrections. A content moderator thousands of miles away can change your life. What does this mean for democracy - and our shared reality? It starts in the summer of love, with a home-made book that taught the counter-culture how to build a new civilisation - and accidentally led to the creation of the first social media platform. But a momentous decision in the mid-2000s would turn social media into giant advertising companies - with dramatic ramifications for everyone. To understand how we arrived here, Jamie tracks down the author of a 1996 law which laid the groundwork for web 2.0; interviews the Twitter employees responsible for banning Donald Trump who explain the reality of 'content moderation'; and speaks to Facebook's most infamous whistle-blower in a dusty room in Oxford. He goes in search of people whose lives have been transformed by the decisions taken by these new gatekeepers: a father whose daughter's death was caused by social media, a Nobel prize winning journalist from the Philippines who decided to stand up to a dictator and the son of an Ethiopian professor determined to avenge his father's murder. Far from being over, Jamie discovers that the battle over who controls the world's information has only just begun.

  • Podcast dla osób przedsiębiorczych, które chcą wykorzystać technologię w swoim codziennym życiu, pracy, czy małym biznesie.

    Znajdziesz tutaj praktyczne porady na temat wykorzystania technologii, wskazówki na temat korzystania z niej efektywnie, czy wyjaśnienia działania złożonych narzędzi technicznych. Wszystko to podane prostym językiem, zrozumiałym dla ludzi, którzy na codzień pracują przy komputerze.


    🖼️ @ztechnicznego

  • The design podcast that believes that every pixel has a story. Nik Lakeev and Ningfei Ou team up as co-hosts to navigate the crossroads of product design, technology, and the creative journey. Design Unframed features insightful dialogues with diverse creative visionaries, revealing the untold stories embedded within their work. Based in Berlin.

  • 🎧 🚀 🔊 **Podcast AI Codziennie, czyli co słychać w sztucznej inteligencji.** 🤖
    🌅 **Twój dzienny przegląd newsów ze świata AI**

    Cześć, Entuzjasto AI! Nazywam się Michał Dobrzański i witam Cię w "AI Codziennie" - Twoim źródle codziennych newsów z obszaru sztucznej inteligencji. Chcesz wiedzieć, jak AI rewolucjonizuje życie i biznes? Dołącz do nas! 🚀😎
    Przygotuj się na przegląd trzech topowych informacji, który zapewni Ci przewagę w codziennej dyskusji i pracy. 🏢💡
    Nie trać czasu - bądź na bieżąco z "AI Codziennie". Zasubskrybuj teraz na ulubionej platformie streamingowej. ☕🎶
    Chcesz dowiedzieć się jak AI może wspomóc Ciebie, Twoją firmę i Twoich pracowników w codziennych czynnościach? Chcesz wyprodukować własny podcast?
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  • Player: Engage is the ultimate podcast for games industry professionals that have a passion for player experience, support, engagement, and safety. Each episode features in-depth interviews with leading minds in the industry. We dive into their biggest challenges, favorite strategies, technology, trends, and best practices for creating unforgettable player experiences and thriving communities. Whether you're a support team leader, community manager, trust & safety professional, or a game developer, "Player: Engage" is the must-listen podcast that will take your games to the next level. Tune in now and get ready to engage your players like never before! Brought to you by Helpshift and Keywords Studios.

  • TNW's Daily Dose is 24 hours of tech news broken down to a 5 minute podcast. Load it up as you walk out the door and you'll be caught up before you get to work.

  • A Conversation with "GENE" on BCG's AI Learnings.

    This audio program from Boston Consulting Group explores the transformative impact of GenAI on business—and our featured expert would know! The program stars a GenAI chatbot named GENE in conversation with BCG editor in chief Paul Michelman. GENE's memory banks are stocked with research and insights on GenAI from some of BCG’s top thinkers.

    GenAI on GenAI  will help leaders understand the state of AI in business today; how it stands to reshape industries and companies over the coming years; and the ways companies can make the best use of AI responsibly.

    This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis:

    Chartable -

  • Подкаст о научных открытиях и новостях недели, которые напрямую влияют на нашу жизнь.

  • is an early stage funding for CEE startups led by helpful founders and operators.Since launching at TechChill '22, we have invested over €1M in 13 startups, and our global member pool keeps growing, spanning 150+ members from 16 countries and counting. Our members are founders and operators, who’ve been building such companies as Vimeo ($450M), Printify ($54M), Pandadoc ($51M funding), Pipedrive ($90M), Bolt ($1.3B funding), Apollo ($151M funding), Bird ($783M funding), Shopify ($122M), Printful ($130M), Twilio ($614M), Veriff ($192.3M), Wise ($1.3B raised), Interactio ($30M), Vinted ($562.3M), NordVPN ($100M), Hubspot ($100.5M).

  • The Collective Intelligence Community Podcast takes the same great discussions we have at each of our events and makes them available for all! Curated for the community by the community, we are bringing the brightest minds in generative AI to the table to discuss the field’s hottest topics and more. Join us in this special opportunity to peek into the minds of the founders, funders, and thought leaders shaping the generative AI revolution as we answer your most pressing questions.

  • In Supply Chain, relationships come first. Learn about the unique Supply Chain Connections that make up the partner and customer ecosystem. 

    Each of us has a unique journey through this industry. In each episode we focus on the individual, learning about how they got into the industry, what made them stay, and how they're overcoming the industry's biggest challenges. 

  • Das ist der Human Firewall Podcast von SoSafe! Die Bühne für hochkarätige Persönlichkeiten aus der Digital- und Cybersecurity-Welt! Es erwartet dich ein Line-Up aus führenden Expert:innen, die ihre wertvollen Perspektiven auf das Thema Cybersecurity und den Faktor Mensch teilen.

    Lerne digitale Selbstverteidigung, Entwicklungen und Herausforderungen kennen und werde Teil der Human Firewall!

  • 🎙️ TechCast Podcast 🎙️ to podcast poruszający kwestie nowych technologii 💻, które na dobre wpisały się w obraz naszej rzeczywistości 🌎.

    TechCast jest projektem opowiadającym o rozwiązaniach, z których korzystamy na co dzień lub które zostaną dopiero spopularyzowane. Najczęściej będzie o szeroko pojętej elektronice użytkowej (smartfonach 📱, tabletach, komputerach 🖥️ etc.) i oprogramowaniu dla użytkowników końcowych 📀, ale nie zabraknie ambitniejszych tematów związanych m. in. z coraz popularniejszą sztuczna inteligencją 🦾.

    Kontakt 📧: [email protected]