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  • Привіт!
    Тримайтеся, бо це подкаст Андрія та Сашка. Вони, маючи 20 років досвіду в ІТ на двох, раптом вирішили, що світ просто не виживе без їхньої мудрості.

  • How do you make AI useful?
    While a lot of money and attention have been focused on foundational models and chips – the "picks and shovels" of AI – it takes a different skill set to create AI products that change the way we work, learn, and live. We’re seeing this in AI co-pilots, AI-first networks and marketplaces, and entirely reimagined software categories where AI is solving long-standing challenges in new ways. 
    But how do they actually do it? Greylock partner and former product builder Seth Rosenberg talks with founders about their inspiration and process to build, test, and continually reimagine how AI and humans work together.
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  • As artificial intelligence continues to develop, it's not enough to focus on whether AI can or cannot carry out a task — we need to focus on whether the technology should carry out the task at all. At the University of Texas at Austin, researchers across a variety of disciplines are doing just that. From Good Systems — Ethical AI at UT Austin and The Drag Audio Production House, "Generation AI" explores how AI is transforming the way we live, work, teach, learn and connect with each other.

  • This is Builders, the podcast where we discuss the ups and downs of building great tech products with the people behind innovative tech products and services.

  • Welcome to The Leen Playbook, your weekly dose of strategies and insights from revenue-driving leaders – powered by Leen AI. Join us each week as we sit down with industry experts to uncover the secrets behind their consistent results and explore the best practices that propel tech companies forward. So buckle up and get ready to accelerate your growth with "The Leen Playbook."

  • Что такое криптовалюта и почему в 2024 важно в этом разбираться? Чем эта цифровая валюта отличается от традиционных валют и в чем ее преимущества? Кто создал биткоин? А что такое блокчейн? Как покупать криптовалюту и где ее хранить?

    Если вы новичок в мире крипты, то в нашем подкасте мы разбираем все понятия с самого начала!

  • Since the founding of the first Dwight School in 1872, our mission to ignite the spark of genius in every child has not wavered - nor has our pioneering attitude. But as the world changes with each passing day, so does the field of education. As we look ahead to the coming years and the many ways that learning innovations can continue to be integrated into systems of education, there is so much to look forward to. On Sparking Genius, host Dianne Drew sits down with education leaders and innovative thinkers to explore what the future of education holds. We dive into the most cutting-edge topics, and hear firsthand how new strategies and fresh perspectives can inspire and enlighten students like never before. So join us as the Dwight Schools Global Network takes the next step forward in our long history of leading the way in education — all while discovering incredible advancements that will benefit the next generations of students. This is Sparking Genius.

  • SRE — вовсе не модная должность писателей YAML'ов для Kubernetes, а набор принципов и практик, затрагивающих работу компании на многих уровнях. SREды по средам — подкаст с Павлом Гурковым и Виктором Карповым, где мы ставим перед собой задачу понятно рассказать о Site Reliability Engineering с точки зрения инженера.

  • Финтех не любит тишину — о нем нужно говорить и говорить громко. Поэтому в этом подкасте все посвящено финансовым технологиям: новым трендам, направлениям работы и взглядам крупных игроков. Вместе с Марианной Данилиной погружаемся в тренды и, главное, выясняем, как они влияют на рынок.

    Подкаст создан студией Red Barn (медиакомпания Double Day) совместно с Ассоциацией развития финансовых технологий.

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  • A Podcast Series hosted by Jenny Fielding, Managing Director of Techstars Internet of Things.

  • Join Thomas Taraniuk in hosting leading minds from the world of AI, fintech, crypto, iGaming, and more. This podcast dives deep into the most pressing issues surrounding digital fraud in business. Each episode dissects key fraud-related issues that companies—both big and small—face today. From deepfakes and identity theft to money mules and forced verification, What The Fraud? is where digital fraudsters meet their match.

    This is THE podcast for comprehensive, actionable, and up-to-date information on fraud. Listen in to reveal what you can do to protect yourself and your business.

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    From Sumsub and Listen

    Presented by Thomas Taraniuk, Sumsub

    Produced by Aidan Judd, Listen

    Executive Producer - Kellie Redmond, Listen

    Executive Producer - Mila Varavina, Sumsub

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  • The cryptocurrency industry moves quickly! Join Dr. Jimmie Lenz, the Director of Duke University's Master of Engineering program in Financial Technology, and Lee Reiners, lecturing fellow at Duke University and Duke Law, every other week as they break down the latest developments in crypto. If you want to stay on top of crypto technology, business, and policy, this show is for you!

  • Слон у шахах — це фігура, яка може змінити стратегію гри. Так само, як і технології змінюють хід війни, актуальність професій і світ. Михайло Федоров та Ілля Кабачинський говорять про інновації, цифровізацію, тренди і все, що змінює життя.

  • The Shift AI podcast explores how AI and ML is changing the way that we work in the digital age. The show's creator Boaz Ashkenazy interviews thought leaders who are redefining how businesses and employees will be impacted by emerging technology today and in the future | Visit

  • Вітаю вас у Українському Біткоїн просторі, спільноті та подкасті які є частиною Ukrainian Bitcoin HUB

    Ukrainian Bitcoin HUB це науково-освітній проект, мета якого допомогти та прискорити процес вивчення та адаптації Біткоін технологій на планеті Земля. Інформація в середині поділена на 3 частини, J,M,S відповідного рівня знань наших слухачів.

    Ukrainian Bitcoin HUB is a scientific and educational project aimed at helping and accelerating the process of studying and adapting Bitcoin technologies on planet Earth.


  • The Franklin Institute's So Curious! podcast is back with a bang, and this time exploring the captivating world of music through the lens of science. We all know the feeling of being moved by a song, but have you ever wondered why? Season 4 promises to get to the bottom of this mystery, interviewing experts in neuroscience, acoustics, biology, and musicology. From the connection between rhythm and dance to the link between memories and music, we'll leave no stone unturned in our quest to understand the why behind music. But it's not all serious - we're also here to entertain! Join host Bey and Kirsten for an exciting journey this summer as we discover the intricacies of music and technology, including the question of whether the next big pop star will be A.I. Get ready to dance, hum, and maybe even shed a tear - this season of So Curious! is going to be music to your ears.

  • Welcome to the Scaling Up podcast brought to you by Similarweb. In this podcast we unravel the intricacies of effective leadership and growth strategies from the minds of accomplished managers and leaders. I’m your host, Itamar Katsch, a seasoned business psychologist with a passion for exploring the psychological dimensions of leadership excellence.

    In each episode, we sit down with a diverse lineup of managers and leaders – from both within Similarweb and across various industries and divisions – to delve deep into their journey of cultivating exceptional managerial capabilities. Through candid conversations, these managers and leaders share their experiences, insights, failures and hard-earned wisdom on how they’ve not only honed their own leadership skills, but also propelled their teams, divisions, and companies to reach new heights.

    From transforming challenges into opportunities to fostering a culture of innovation, we’ll navigate the pivotal moments that define a leader’s path to success. Together, we’ll uncover the strategies, mindset shifts, and tactical approaches that empower these leaders to create high-performing teams, elevate the capabilities of their divisions, and steer their companies towards unparalleled growth.

    Whether you’re a seasoned leader seeking fresh perspectives or an aspiring manager eager to take your first steps towards leadership excellence, Scaling Up is your guide to unlocking the true potential of yourself, your teams, and your organization. Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery, inspiration, and actionable insights that will shape your leadership journey.

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  • У цьому подкасті Андрій Осипенко та Каріна Алєксєєнко спілкуються про айті та менеджмент.

  • Подкаст о международной карьере в IT и иммиграции.