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  • This is a fantasy story podcast that follows one girl's journey into the world of belly dance as she learns to find herself and save her family from black market beasts. Created, narrated, and written by Tayler Turner, relax and enjoy the quest that dives into the life of a belly dancer. Support this podcast:

  • We are a short film series that tells stories about the trials of a Black teen/college life that captivates your ears only. Join us as we tackle relationships, mental health, lying friends, and sticky texting situations all marinated in drama, secrets, and plot twists. Headphones are advised! Warning: Explicit Language

    IG: @talesofthetextpodcast

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  • life of a slender, or life as a copy and paste? What do you pick. Roblox “drama?” To what player are you,to most popular places in Roblox. And last but not least slender hangouts.

  • Pride and Prejudice is a novel by Jane Austen, first published in 1813. The story follows the main character Elizabeth Bennet as she deals with issues of manners, upbringing, morality, education and marriage in the society of the landed gentry of early 19th-century England. Elizabeth is the second of five daughters of a country gentleman, living near the fictional town of Meryton in Hertfordshire, near London.

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  • Authors Over 50’s weekly podcast celebrates writers and their journeys to publication. Writing after 50 is a whole story on its own. So, let’s skip to life’s sweetest third and talk with authors about their journey from pen to publish.
    Welcome. I’m Julia Daily, your host, and I invite you to listen to interviews with writers who’ve achieved their goal of publishing a book just later in life. We’ve seen award lists for Under 30 or Under 40, but I’ve yet to see lists for those who’ve achieved a significant milestone of their own—launching a new career and publishing their first book after the age of 50. We will hear about these authors’ inspirations, struggles, strategies, and the smell of that first book. These writers’ journeys inspire me because I’m one of them.

  • This podcast features a mix of short fiction stories that bring you into a realm of magic and into the unknown. Featuring SFX and atmospheric songs from the websites mentioned below, this podcast is perfect for spending a lazy afternoon relaxing and listening to tales of hope and love. You can visit me at Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.comJason Shaw:""> Creative Commons Music by Jason Shaw on"Audionautix: "">Music by

  • بعضی از داستان ها زندگی ما رو نجات می دن، غافلگيرمون می كنن، یا مثه آینه ای جادویی دنیای درون مون رو به خودمون نشون می دن.

    در رادیو ایرانمهر داستان های آينه وار می‌شنويد

    داستان، داستان صوتی، پادکست، قصه، قصه گویی، شعر، شعرخوانی، درسگفتار، زندگی، تاریخ، ادبیات، روانشناسی، داستان نویسی، داستان خوانی، کتاب، کتاب صوتی، کتاب ، ایران، حافظ، گویا، گفتار، جستار، حافظ خوانی خصوصی، تاریخ ایران، کوروش،

  • این‌جا اپیزودهای داستانی فصلی‌ام را منتشر می‌کنم

  • Редакция тонкого литературного журнала НЕЗНАНИЕ разговаривает о писательских и издательских делах друг с другом и гостями.

    Инстаграм: @neznanie.journal



  • Join popstar Princess Pipp Petals and her trusty pony producer Jazz Hooves in the all-new podcast series, My Little Pony: The Podcast. With eight episodes filled with fun life lessons, music and guest appearances from all your mane friends in Equestria, everypony can learn how to make their mark and celebrate what makes them unique! It’s going to be ICONIC!

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  • In a world filled with talking animals, cartoony villains, and crime, two detectives must solve the crimes no one else can. Detective Howard Blank is trying to solve the mystery of his past, and his partner, Johnny Taco the dinosaur, is the only one willing to work with him. They must learn to work together to save the day.

  • Der Podcast aus dem Multiversum, bei dem im Idealfall am Ende eine kleine Geschichte bei rauskommt!

    Ich nehme mir eine Idee und denke mir dazu eine Geschichte aus, die dann verbessert, vertont oder sonst etwas werden darf!

    Für alles gibt es eine E-Mail!
    [email protected]

  • Real dope raw and uncut. Publishing and getting paid like writers do

  • Jared Stern is going to die. That is, unless he can slay a vampire before falling to his fangs…

    When an anxious altruist becomes chance witness to a vampire's murderous meal, he takes it upon himself to rid his city of the threat. But the vampire, not so easily defeated, takes an interest of his own in his would-be slayer.

    Stakes are raised in ensuing bloody battles, a bout of about turns of turns of mind, and a deadpan penchant for puns—and that's only the beginning.

    So join me, for a lively horror thriller, a tale of tricks and traps traversing New York City. This is Star–Cross, book one.

  • Untold short stories about human relations #tamilpodcast #podcasttamil #shortstories #kuttystory #tamilshortstories#Tamilpodcast

  • This is a narrative poem written by C.S. Lewis, begun in his teen years and published when he was a tutor at Oxford. It appeared in print under the pseudonym of "Clive Hamilton," which is the author's own first name and his mother's maiden name.

    The story begins in "The Perfect City," a place instantly recognizable to a modern audience as a classic dystopia. Dymer lives in this city until the age of nineteen, when he suddenly rebels, breaking the laws of the city and striking out into the wilderness alone. The rest of the story tells of his search for meaning, identity, and the fulfillment of his longings.

    This book was not well received at the time of its publication and remains largely unknown. Many reasons for this have been suggested, but perhaps the simplest is just that the poem is difficult to understand. It is a complex work, and Dymer's character changes in some profound ways throughout the story. Especially for those who are familiar with Lewis' other work, however, or that of his "master," George MacDonald, this will be an engaging experience.

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  • Three heroes set off into a chaotic world, where they will battle with whatever they have available to save the world - their weapons, their magic, their butterscotch, their twerking.

  • Його звати Саша і йому майже 30 років. Він був безробітним, поки не отримав цікаву пропозицію — взятися за створення аудіосеріалу. І він не знав, чого хоче, поки не почув про Антарктиду — давню мрію свого друга Маркіяна, яку йому вдалося здійснити.

    Саша вирішує, що подорож до Антарктиди — саме те, що треба. Однак чи зможе він потрапити туди і чим закінчиться робота над його аудіосеріалом?

    Нові серії зʼявлятимуться двічі на тиждень.
    Не хочете чекати? Слухайте всі серії аудіосеріалу одразу в мобільному додатку MEGOGO у розділі Audio:

  • Група друзів-задротів збирається пограти в d&d