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  • Mark Glick (father/composer) and Emily Glick (daughter/performer) team up with a few friends to present the occasional audio operetta. Somewhere between Broadway and Opera. Low-budget, high aspirations.

  • A pod for those who love fresh and daring prose and poetry.

    Field is a platform for new and exciting work from writers and poets across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

    A monthly listen that is loving produced.

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    You can subscribe and support Field's work via patreon at UK and Ireland just £5 per month. 

  • 狐群狗黨們的那些事

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  • 在角色扮演中

  • Cute But Cruel.

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  • Join us as we solve mysteries and unravel mysteries with the clever and insightful Father Brown. In The Innocence of Father Brown, G.K. Chesterton masterfully blends detective fiction with spiritual themes to create a one-of-a-kind series of mystery stories. With his sharp wit, intellect, and deep understanding of human nature, Father Brown is the perfect guide to solving the most complex and confounding cases. Subscribe now and experience the magic of Chesterton's timeless tales, a must-listen for mystery lovers and fans of classic literature. - Check out our Streaming Service for our full collection of audiobooks, podcasts, short stories, & 10 hour sounds for sleep and relaxation at our website

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  • 和軍娘一起重返各個臺灣都市傳說


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  • 想了解更多韓國文化嗎?
    跟著Sunny的Korea PLAYlist

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  • 收听福利
















  • 穿越到将军世家就是好!爹娘宠爱她,敢在王爷生辰当日大放厥词,她敢对皇子冷嘲热讽!就是如此的嚣张!要是谁敢不服?她的爹爹嘿嘿一笑,手指头一指,灭了他!

  • 仙界无上邪尊重生在废物赘婿身上,竟发现妻子与前世的恋人一模一样,但恋人的三魂七魄早已七零八落,为寻回前世恋人,也为重登尊位,废物邪尊开启自己的人间渡劫之旅~

  • Welcome to Planecrash / Project Lawful / Mad Investor Chaos and the Woman of Asmodeus, a roleplay-format fan fiction by Iarwain and Lintamande. If you enjoyed HPMOR but wished for more chaos, more math, and more questionable morality, then this story is for you!

    Our protagonist is Keltham, a young man from a world of advanced technology and science called dath ilan. He dies in a plane crash and wakes up in Cheliax, a country in a medieval fantasy world where the god Asmodeus rules over his Lawful Evil followers. Keltham decides to use his scientific knowledge and rational skills to bring progress and enlightenment to this new world, but he soon discovers that things are not as simple as they seem. His new friends have secrets, his new enemies have plans, and his new god has a twisted agenda.

    Join us as we follow Keltham’s adventures in this darkly humorous and epic tale of magic, romance, sex, math, and hell. This is not a story for kids or the faint of heart. You have been warned.

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  • Hosted by Sruti Islam and Alex Nierenhausen
    Theme Songs by Gino Visconti and Michael Jaworski (@mikejaws)
    Audio Production by Kyel Loadenthal

  • “Le Bon Bouquin”, c’est le podcast qui vous redonne le goût des livres à travers des chroniques littéraires, des anecdotes sur le monde de la littérature, des conseils pratiques pour réintégrer la lecture dans votre quotidien.
    Je vous parle des livres qui m’ont captivée, des livres qui ne m’ont pas laissée indifférente et dont je me souviendrai toute ma vie. Je vous pousse les portes de ma bibliothèque peuplée de classiques et de romans contemporains, de gros pavés ou de petits livres de rien du tout.
    Vous êtes prêts ?
    C’est parti ⚡️

  • A wise and eccentric old scientist embarks on one last epic adventure, taking an inquisitive young runaway and a rag-tag crew along for the ride.

    Written in the 1970s by Lance Daniels, this 25 part story has been re-created by Lance's children and grandchildren.

    Music: Michael

    Voices: Ellie & Paul

    (although Ellie & Paul do all the voices, there is a cameo by Lance in episodes 22 and 23)

    Age 7+

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Analisis comparativo de la mujer en la lit argentina - la gauchesca

  • Un podcast de entretenimiento ligero donde decidimos si la gente tiene razón o si simplemente son unos cretinos...

  • Charla de sucesos paranormales con mis compañeros

  • Un podcast de ficción sobre historias y personajes LGBTIQ+ de Argentina. Una producción de la Fundación Igualdad con apoyo del programa Gestionar Futuro del Ministerio de Cultura de Argentina.
    Atención: Esta ficción está inspirada en hechos reales, pero los acontecimientos aquí narrados no buscan reflejar la exactitud de los hechos, personas ni tiempos históricos. Los eventos abordados son utilizados en nuevos contextos, por ello se han creado algunos nombres de personas e instituciones como parte de un ejercicio narrativo y otros han sido borrados o sustituidos a criterio de cada autor.