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  • Bedtime Stories for Kids is a podcast that features classic children's stories, narrated in a soothing voice and accompanied by gentle music. The stories are designed to be calming and relaxing, helping kids to drift off to sleep peacefully.The podcast features a wide variety of stories, from classic fairy tales to folktales to modern classics. All of the stories are carefully selected to be appropriate for kids of all ages, and to promote positive values such as kindness, compassion, and perseverance.Listening to Bedtime Stories for Kids is a great way to help kids wind down before bed and enjoy some quality time with their parents or caregivers. It's also a great way to introduce them to the world of classic literature and help them to develop a love of reading.Here are some of the benefits of listening to the Bedtime Stories for Kids podcast:
    It helps kids to relax and wind down before bed, promoting better sleep.It exposes kids to classic children's literature from around the world.It teaches kids about positive values such as kindness, compassion, and perseverance.It provides a fun and bonding activity for parents and kids to enjoy together.If you're looking for a simple and classic way to help your kids drift off to sleep, the Bedtime Stories for Kids podcast is a great option.

  • Home to words and voices from Asia today

    The Asian Bookshelf is a podcast delving into the world of Southeast Asian literature.

    It focusses on narratives, characters, and themes.

    It is co-hosted by acclaimed Asian-based writers T.A.Morton and Jon Gresham, and educator and presenter Devika Misra.

    It explores Southeast Asian fiction and nonfiction books: what works for readers and why; movie and streaming potential, emerging trends, and spotlights key industry figures.

    This show is for the discerning reader keen to take a deeper dive into the region’s exciting stories and emerging voices.

  • "Join us as we journey 'Around the World' through the lives of fascinating individuals from all walks of life. From close friends to influencers, and everyone in between, our podcast explores the diverse experiences and stories that shape who we are. Each episode is a unique exploration of the human experience, offering insights, laughter, and inspiration."

  • Become a Paid Subscriber: sharing their thoughts and own experiences with the Paranormal or with Paranormal Activity and to share their Ghosts stories with us and others.

  • The year is 2317. From their headquarters on the Moon, The Interstellar Criminal Investigation Agency keeps the peace. Or at least they try to. But Space Pirates have other ideas in mind. Two women find themselves on the opposite side of the law but the same side of love.

    Starcrossed was written and created by Seewai Hui and Grace Albers Smith, and stars, Samar Alshams, Rebecca Bachmann, Carey Bibb, Mason Greer, Gage McAllister, Melissa Melendez, Harris Milgrim, Angie Reed, Selah Scott, Clara Tan, and Pin Young. Music provided by Ilyès Cheballah and, sound effects by

  • Blackstone is a murder mystery podcast about a girl named Emma Thompson, who is murdered at her own party. Main protagonist, Tara and her group of friends are prime suspects in the case. Secrets begin to unravel in the quiet small town of Blackstone, Ohio.

  • मेरी सोच मेरे खयाल जिनसे आप खुदको जुड़ा हुआ महसूस करेंगे

  • Life has become a race and in this race everyone wants to be the winner and the whole hungama starts from there. We have forgotten to pause for sometime, sit and think if the mad race is worth all our efforts. But to make you listen to your inner voice and to pump up the positivity in you, jashn e zindagi is here with small stories every week.

  • A collection of Good Omens & Cobra Kai podfics recorded by Gorillazgal86.

  • 說盡天下事,故有世界說

  • Struck by a recent loss, Matt turns to spelunking for solace. As Matt battles grief, he questions if the caves are playing tricks or if something else lurks within. The Grotto is a liminal horror podcast that explores the thin line between grief, pain, mourning, and loss.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


  • Brandon returns home to Derlin county to solve a mystery surrounding a girl who went missing from his high school. After figuring it out, he soon realizes Derlin County has a lot more going on than meets the eye.
    With the help of his best friend Kyle, they open Investi-Gators, a private investigating practice and try to help Derlin by sinking their teeth into one case at a time.
    Join Kyle and Brandon as they solve a multitude of mysterious crimes and cases from missing persons, to ghosts, and E.B.E. Just to name a few. This show is stupid for the sake of stupid and contains strong language, listener discretion is advised!

  • Ponniyin Selvan - Written by Kalki, Voice by Ganesh Kumar,

    #ponniyinselvan, #ponniyinselvanaudiobook

  • 劳动力发展局WSG与96.3好FM联合呈献:广播剧《蜕变》。

    每一次痛苦都是蜕变,每一次蜕变都是成长。 疫情改变了我们,我们必须蜕变去改变世界。

  • My name is Dr. John Watson, once of the British Army Northumberland Fusilier Regiment, now a true crime podcaster based in Central London. I don't have much experience in criminology, so this is mostly a record of how I met possibly the most brilliant and bizarre person I have ever (and will ever) know. Join me as I document the adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

    This podcast is property of Goalhanger Podcasts.

    Copyright 2023.
    Based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

  • Two ordinary kids stumble across strange noises that lead to an attic. They have to overcome the challenges to get to the source of the noise. When they finally find where the noise is coming from, they realize that there is a mystery in their very own house.
    *This Podcast will be 5-10 minutes long.