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  • Hey!!! The Swift Sessions is inspired by THE SECRET SESSIONS that Taylor used to host where die hard fans hand picked by her got a chance to listen to the new album before anyone else , we wont be able to do that but we can create a space for die hard fans to come hangout , talk about different theories flying around the fandom come with us to a deep dive into Taylors discography and talk about iconic moments from our fandom and remines about them thank you so much for checking us out hope you enjoy you time exploring the Taylor swift universe !!

  • Rejoignez-moi, CC, dans l'exploration passionnante et sans filtre de ma vie et de tout ce qui m'entoure. Que vous soyez curieux des relations, intéressés par le lifestyle ou désireux de découvrir les hauts et les bas des voyages CCTV podcast est fait pour vous! À travers des conversations authentiques, des anecdotes hilarantes, et des réflexions profondes, je vous emmène avec moi dans les aventures trépidantes de ma vingtaine. Accompagnée de mes amis et entourée de mes pensées perso je partage avec vous les moments funs, les défis et questionnements auxquels je fais face au quotidien. Welcome!

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  • Step into Amanda Carluccio's cozy loft, as she encourages you to be your true self while delving into a monthly recap of compelling topics. Get ready to discuss relationships, dealing with being cheated on, awkward encounters with exes, heartwarming family stories, crushing 2024 goals, social media hacks, mental health, and much more!

  • There's just too much going on around us these days. We are stressed, and we need an outlet. From our relationships to our jobs, there's always something to talk about. Join me on Mondays, 2 pm PST for some real-life conversation. Nothing is off limits! Nothing is too crazy! Let's hash it out through the podcast waves. We've got nothing but time these days, so grab your wine, and sit back while I say the things you've been thinking. Unscripted, unfiltered. Let's get it! Support this podcast:

  • Perfection Unfolding with Cara G. is a podcast centered around the idea and philosophy that everything is perfect exactly as it is. Regardless of how we’re relating to what it is. Regardless of how we’re relating to what is happening to us. Whether we think it’s dumb or cool, or it makes us sad or angry or devastated or elated. There’s beauty in everything. That’s ultimately the message in this philosophy when you distill it down to its core.

    It also coincides with the idea and belief that the universe is neutral. It’s not good or bad. There are things in the world that are helpful and hurtful, but if a tree dies in the forest it just begins decaying. It has no opinion about the decay. It has no opinion about the growth. It just is. It just is perfect. Being is perfection. And we are Humans Being perfection. And I think that’s an incredible way to look at the world and find the beauty in everything. To find perfection in everything.

    The embodiment of this philosophy is not to negate or invalidate our suffering but to sit in it and know that it's perfect. Not perfect because we’re supposed to learn something or we’re supposed to get something out of it, but just because it’s a part of being alive. It's a part of the human experience.

    Without This, there cannot be That. It’s honoring the Yin and Yang of all that Is.

    I’m not some special poet. I’m not the first person to ever think of this concept or use this philosophy, but I really try to practice and integrate this in my life.

    This podcast is a dedication to the cycles of life and letting them take us, wherever we’re meant to go. We grow. We decay. We Transform. We grow. We decay. We transform. Over and over again, just because we can. That is, to me, perfection unfolding.

    We are perfection personified. God, Source, Energy, Universe, Spirit, whatever you want to call it, can only know they’re perfect and that they’re pure love, but they can’t experience it unless we’re here. The universal life force that flows through everything can not experience itself without us. And I think that’s so f*cking cool. If the universal life force is perfect, then we are perfect. Everything is perfect and immaculate.

    That’s the idea of this whole pod. It’s me sharing and discovering how to implement this idea and philosophy throughout my life and sharing it with you. It's me taking life experiences I’ve had, that I’ve traditionally had a negative view on, and finding and squeezing the perfection out of it. Squeezing the juice of life out of it. Something you sometimes can only really do in hindsight. This space is also for sharing other people’s experiences and how they’ve squeezed the juice and perfection out of their lives.

    Expect to hear some incredibly vulnerable readings of notes and journal entries I’ve dug up from my past, how I made it through the other side of some of my darkest moments, lots of comedic relief, and anecdotal advice that hopefully spreads some inspiration along the way.

    Along this journey, my hope is that we all remember our Truth. We aren’t our unhelpful habits. We aren’t our relationship mistakes. We aren’t our lowest days, or even our highest and brightest. We are perfection unfolding. Peeling back the layers of ourselves and unlearning our conditioning a little everyday to help us remember who we really are.

    Topics to be explored: Intuition, spiritual health, relationships, depression, anxiety, community, mental health, business, success, and more

  • Welcome to a Jungian and a Witch Podcast.

    I'm your Co-Host Molly, The queen behind Queen of Cups Apothecary and your resident witch. And this is my dad, Steve, A Jungian Analyst with over 30 years of experience, a master's in divinity, and a myth expert.

    Join us as I get the Jungian perspective on a wide range of witchy topics.

    Learn more at

    New episodes drop on Mondays. On Break until Monday the 17th.

    Feel free to reach out with any questions to [email protected]

  • Being a "Senior Citizen" isn't a derogatory thing! In fact, these days - being a "Senior" is "Hip!" We'll introduce you to vendors who help support them! Be ready to laugh! Cry! Learn! Want to be on our podcast? Schedule Here!

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  • The ELC is a podcast about embodiment as a primary vehicle for personal healing, liberation from oppression, and ancestral trauma. Hosted by T. Aisha Edwards, Kaila June, and Chris Morita Clancy, all somatic educators and healers with backgrounds ranging from mental health to movement science. These three explore trauma healing, guide vulnerable conversations with thought leaders and social justice activists, offer stories and poetry, lead embodiment practices and so much more. In these troubling times, Emergent Liberation Collective guides us toward a radical future centered in hope.

  • You’ve probably heard a story about Congresswoman Lauren Boebert. Like, how she got kicked out of a production of “Beetlejuice” for vaping and groping her date. Or, where she really was on January 6th. Whether you believe in her or despise her, it's hard not to watch her meteoric rise and wonder: What does it mean for the future of American Politics?

    Host Bree Davies and Executive Producer Paul Karolyi have been covering Boebert’s wildest moments on the daily news podcast City Cast Denver for years. And with only a month until her make-or-break primary on June 25, they’re talking to former friends and rivals, supporters and detractors, real people throughout the state who have been affected by her work in Congress, and hopefully Lauren herself for a new limited series from City Cast.

    Because no matter how you feel about her, you have to admit, it feels like Lauren Boebert Can’t Lose.

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  • The Tom Fraser Podcast features interviews with global leaders about how to build organizations. From New York to Singapore, Fraser talks with public and private sector leaders about economic development, conservation, parks, gardens, museums, culture and the performing arts.

  • Paris Luxury Tours is a responsible and dependable private tour operator offering the private Paris tour and escorted France tour packages. With the experience of living in France, their tour guides allow travelers of any kind experience the City of Light and beautiful sites in the French countryside in the best way as possible. They aim to let travelers understand the history and romance of its creation and evolution.

  • On The Irish Australia Podcast, we interview Irish people living in Australia and get their stories of how they ended up in Australia and what they are up to now. 

    Through their stories and experiences, our guests provide valuable advice to people just coming out to Australia or to those who have decided to stay in Australia for the long term.

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  • Bienvenue dans le podcast de Cercle des Voyages, l'émission pour vous accompagner dans la préparation de vos futures aventures.

    Cercle des Voyages est une agence de voyages sur-mesure. Dans ce podcast, nous allons prolonger ce que nous faisons au quotidien : vous accompagner dans la préparation de votre prochain voyage. Dans chaque épisode, l’un de nos spécialistes vous parle d’une destination, d’une aventure ou d’un thème de voyages.

    Nos conseillers spécialistes ont vécu ou grandi dans les destinations qu'ils représentent, ou ont exploré ces contrées à maintes reprises, forgeant ainsi une connaissance approfondie et une compréhension intime des cultures locales.

    Des steppes péruviennes aux paysages enneigés de Laponie en passant par les plus belles croisières du monde. Conseils pratiques, recommandations, astuces et bon plans : restez à l’écoute !

    Et pour prolonger le voyage, rendez-vous sur pour poser toutes vos questions à nos conseillers spécialistes.

    Présentation : Rose-Marie Farrugia
    Enregistrement et production : Célia Cailliaux

  • Equality starts at home.
    Let the hosts of “The Everyday Feminist” show you how being mindful of the simple acts of daily life can change your relationships for the better!

    With: Lois Volta, owner and operator of the feminist domestics firm Volta Naturals, and author of “Confessions of a Cleaning Woman” -and- clinical psychologist, teacher, mentor, and executive advisor, Dr. Stephanie Heck.

    "The Everyday Feminist" airs live weekly on Sundays from 5-6pm on G-town Radio in Philadelphia. It can be heard on the air at 92.9FM, online at, and on most podcast platforms.

  • 身為兩個孩子的母親,深刻體會親子關係是人世間最難處理又割捨不掉的關係希望用生活占星的方式來聊聊占星對日常生活以及對人生、人際關係的啟發和影響⭐️本命星盤、流年運勢、靈魂占星、親子占星、換置占星(旅居)🗺️、醫學占星如果你也有遭逢類似的經歷,歡迎留言或來信與我分享。**請關注臉書和IG帳號**臉書: Celine 捨令占星工坊 IG帳號: Celine_Astrology 如預諮詢,請填寫表單: [email protected] provided by SoundOn

  • 『抱怨俱樂部 / 解決才算數』

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  • Il y a 3 ans, quelques mois après mon installation à Singapour, je suis atteinte d’une lésion nerveuse. Je m'appelle Julie Moulin, je suis autrice, j’aime sillonner le monde et je me retrouve à passer des heures sans bouger. Forcée à l’immobilité, je lis. Et en lisant, je reprends mon exploration de l’île. En lisant, je suis de nouveau en mouvement. C’est cette découverte de Singapour, au travers d’auteurs locaux, que je voudrais vous raconter. À écouter en marchant, en roulant, en volant, ou allongé.e sur un lit ou un canapé.

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  • 猛男勃士Expolde 頻道的目的在於生活的紀錄,一個關於猛男行業的酸甜苦辣鹹,帶聽眾體驗99.9%不為人知的親身經歷 想對猛男說什麼話,在這留言就對啦❤️ 官方IG: 卡卡洛斯IG: 阿良IG: 合作邀約及其他業務配合請洽:[email protected] -- Hosting provided by SoundOn Powered by Firstory Hosting

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  • Sustainable Planet is a podcast hosted by political scientists Michael Baranowski and Kimberly Weir. Both Michael and Kimberly are PhDs with decades of experience as university professors. Delivered to you each week, they examine the issues that impact the future of our planet and discuss ways we can live more sustainable lives. With combined expertise in American and international policy and politics, they take a deep dive into the economic, political, sociocultural, and environmental aspects of sustainability and development, covering topics including consumerism, climate change, waste, and food, water, raw material, and energy security and conservation.

  • This American Ex-Wife. The podcast where we discuss the state of American heterosexual marriage. And by state I mean trash fire. Host Lyz Lenz sits down with a cast of women to talk about their divorces, their journeys and unpacks an institution many take part in but few talk about: divorce.Hear from writers like Maggie Smith and Minda Honey. A sociologist who studies marriages disparate impact on Black women. And of course some insight from Lyz’s divorce lawyer.Produced by Zachary Oren Smith. Illustration by Alessandro Gottardo . Show art by Suzanne Glémot.