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  • naam sunte hi hamara dimag apne aap ek aurat ko chulha jalate hue, khana banate hue imagine kar leta hai ....kyoki hamari society me hamesha se bataya gaya hai ke mard ghar ke bahar aur Aurat ghar k andar kaam karti hai....Lekin ab aurat bhi ghar ke bahar nikal kar kaam kar rahi hai...zimmedari utha rahi hai.. to kya mardon ka farz nahi banta ke wo ghar ke kaam mein haath batayen...??? kya aisa ho sakta hai.....jaaniye BIG FM ke is naye podcast "Rasode Mein Mard Hai" mein...#RasodeMeinMardHai
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  • Sanskrit and Eastern Religion/Philosophy Enthusiast, Michael Douglas Neely walks you through the Upanishads explaining the content with occasional sidebars on the Sanskrit language.

  • Vijayendra Mohanty on where we came from, where we are, and where we are going as a culture, as a nation, and perhaps as a species. This podcast dwells on the intersection of storytelling and society and tries to throw light on the fact that religion, culture, and politics are manifestations of the human tendency to tell stories.

  • In Pop Fiction Women we deep-dive into the complicated women of books, movies and TV shows, along with the women that bring them to life behind the scenes. Think Fleabag and Phoebe Waller Bridge, Normal People and Sally Rooney, and so much more.

    In each episode you can expect us to:

    * Break down the protagonist as we ask what makes her complicated?
    * Identify the best scenes, which can mean sweetest, funniest, or most badass. Anything we love.
    * Recount the cringiest scenes. The ones that make you squirm. Sometimes it’s self-sabotage, sometimes it’s growth, but it’s always part of the process of becoming our complicated selves.
    * Play arm-chair therapist in What’s Your Damage, Heather? An homage to the iconic line in Winona Rider’s Heathers, we discuss how these characters got to be the way they are.
    * “What She Said” - the segment where we scour every essay and interview with the women behind the scenes and share some of our favorite first person quotes. Real life is as interesting as fiction here.
    * Look into our crystal ball and ponder where these characters are six months later and five years later. Typically, Kate gets very real and Carinn gets buck wild.
    * Provide a takeaway, aka that part in the podcast where we try to sound deep. We leave you with some parting wisdom, challenge each other with thought-provoking questions inspired by the work, and urge you to “stay complicated.”

  • We unearth the unauthorized, dramatic, and real stories behind India’s most iconic brands. Get a front row seat to founder feuds, back-breaking political changes, and atomic rises and nuclear falls. Find out how these companies have revolutionized what you buy and how you live. Because, behind every great brand is an even greater brand story! Created by Bound, a storytelling company, in collaboration with Shruti Taneja, branding expert and founder of Stumble and Paired. Reach us at [email protected]

  • Analyzing events in history to understand why they happened. The factors that led to various events at different times in history. The show picks certain eras like post-World War II and tries to connect events that happened across the globe around that time.

  • 'In Perspective' is The Swaddle's flagship podcast series, where academics reveal little-known facts about Indian history, society and culture.

  • The Europe – Asia Podcast aims at deepening the mutual understanding and building stronger relations between Europe and Asia. Through the narrative driven conversations featuring high-level guests, we embark on the exploration of the complexities and nuances of our time. Episodes will feature the multi-layered relations between Europe and Asia, putting in context topics ranging from socio-historic phenomena, international relations, economics, sports, research and artist.
    Podcast is presented by the Brussel's based Europe – Asia Center and hosted by Amb. (ret.) Piet Steel, center's Chairman and Matic Gajsek, center's Deputy director.
    #EuropeAsiaCenter #Europe #Asia #Publicdiplomacy #Internationalrelations #Geopolitics #Softdiplomacy #Culturaldiplomacy #Sportsdiplomacy

  • A Malayalam Podcast published every Monday hosted by Vinod Narayan, Founder of the Active Learning Community at These are mostly Solo rants packaged as 'notes to self' on life, career, society, culture, films, books, articles read and so on. Instagram|YouTube|Twitter @pahayanmedia and @penpositive More details on

  • Welcome everyone! This is my podcast channel where I have casual conversations with guests on a wide range of subjects. We don't have any plan or agenda in these talks other than just exchanging ideas. Hope you enjoy this channel and share it among your friends and family.

    அனைவரையும் வரவேற்கிறோம்! இது எனது போட்காஸ்ட் சேனல் ஆகும், அங்கு நான் விருந்தினர்களுடன் பலதரப்பட்ட விஷயங்களில் சாதாரண உரையாடல்களை நடத்துகிறேன். இந்தப் பேச்சுக்களில் வெறும் யோசனைகளைப் பரிமாறிக் கொள்வதைத் தவிர வேறு எந்த திட்டமும் நிகழ்ச்சி நிரலும் எங்களிடம் இல்லை. நீங்கள் இந்த சேனலை ரசித்து உங்கள் நண்பர்கள் மற்றும் குடும்பத

  • Real women share their real stories, dish on the many hypocrisies of the world, and hopefully, have a laugh while at it all. This podcast is based on the weekly newsletter by the same name (

  • Hosted by Preston and Stephen with Dexter in the booth, making the badge more human, and about life as a police officer, crazy calls for service, people you meet on the job, pros and cons of wearing the badge and many other stories. Support this podcast:

  • Mia and Carleigh met in their early 20s and bonded over their relationships, dating horror stories, and passion for wellness. Years later, Mostly Balanced was born as a space to hold conversations about approachable wellness, dating, and relationships. Join Mia, Carleigh, and their guests for new episodes every Monday. Find us on Instagram @mostlybalancedpodcast. Support this podcast:

  • वेगवेगळ्या विषयांची, वेगवेगळ्या मतांची सरमिसळ आणि दिलखुलास चर्चा.
    मराठी पॉडकास्ट | Marathi Podcast

    वटवटकार: सागर, पराग आणि रोहित
    लोगो: राजेश गोडे

    #मेतकूट #मराठी #पॉडकास्ट
    #म #गप्पा #पॉडकास्ट #marathi

  • ‘Hello Hallyu’ is The Swaddle's six-part podcast series exploring how the Korean wave captivated Indian fans, and forever changed our ideas of gender, fashion and romance.
    This podcast is brought to you by TS Studios, a production company that brings The Swaddle’s storytelling and creative point of view to original podcasts and films.

  • Spend your quality time in listening my tamil motivation podcast.

  • Let’s build healthier and more fulfilling romantic relationships. Jillian is on a mission to teach people how to completely transform their love life, and where you start is by addressing the relationship you have with yourself. 
    Whether you’re looking to strengthen the relationship you’re in, heal your heartbreak and choose better partners, develop a stronger sense of self, or move away from dysfunctional patterns into highly functioning ones this show is for you.
    Jillian Turecki is a certified relationship coach, teacher and writer who for 20 years has guided others on journeys toward fulfilling relationships.

  • Upnishads are teacher, guide and guru. It means the knowledge which can be received by being in close proximity of teacher These upnishads are called vedanga as they are end of veda. Upnishad talks about the infiniteness of soul and our being. They are 108 famously in number but 10 upnishad known as dasho upnishad are prime amongst them. Famous intellectual personalities in world have gone to upnishads again and again for their answers as upnishads have answers to all queries of intellect. Past life, Satyamev Jayate are words which have come from Upnishads. This Podcast aims to simplify this divine knowledge for the world and is a guide on how to apply these teachings in our daily lives.

  • आज़ादी और बँटवारे के 75 साल, दोनों देशों ने बहुत कुछ झेला. साझा इतिहास के बावजूद जिसकी ज़्यादा ज़रूरत है वही सबसे कम है आपसी संवाद. सीमा पार दो नामी-गिरामी शख़्सियतों के अनुभव.

  • Only if you’re aware of your legal rights can you or maybe not safeguard social media, cryptocurrency, music, trademarks, metaverse, NFT, traditional knowledge, trade secrets, patents, and data privacy. 

    Lawyer and new age entrepreneur Shivaarti Bajaj, who is the co-founding managing partner of RSD Bajaj Global Firm is sharing her knowledge on the new economy and intellectual property laws. Also the co-founder of INIEWA (New Economy Policy Think Tank) and FTI Ventures, she talks about owning your ideas and creativity, protecting the product of your intellect, learning about the world of intellectual property and knowing your rights.