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  • A.J. Mahari is a Counselor and Trauma Recovery Coach who has 30 years experience working with those surviving Borderline Personality Relationship Breakups in all relationship types, healing from codependency, Inner Child Healing, Family of Origin and Self Differentiation, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery and much more.

  • This podcast is about my experiences of having a wife of 34 years diagnosed with BPD. I talk about the turmoil, challenges and frustrations of my relationship and raising a family when BPD is present.** I do not have any professional experience with mental health all my knowledge is from my own research and living with someone with BPD. If you love someone who has BPD, remember...“Love and understand them, because they find it so hard to understand and love themselves” - 2020 Brad If you have questions or would like to be a guest on an episode, Email: Support this podcast:

  • Practical, topical conversations with experts across the spectrum of ophthalmology. Subscribe for the latest information, evidence-based practice standards, and innovations in eye care, from the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

  • We are two therapeutic radiographers and with the help of some truly amazing individuals and experts in the field, we are ready to raise awareness of our profession, the incredible team we work with and delve further into what goes on behind the beams. We see first hand the physical and emotional effects a cancer diagnosis has. Our aim is to provide a platform to help educate, provide support and destigmatise cancer and its causes.

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  • वो राष्ट्रीय और अंतरराष्ट्रीय ख़बरें जो दिनभर सुर्खियां बनीं.

  • Intensive exhaustive revision session for medical fraternity avengers (HEAR ME AT 1.5-2.0x speed for better experience)

  • Every two weeks, Specialty Café connects medical students to Royal College specialists and residents. Created and hosted by med students, this series provides a glimpse into the reality of a day in the life of both a specialist and a resident. Who knows – you might find your chosen specialty! Transcripts are available on request (

  • The Personal Development Podcast for Female Entrepreneurs ⚡⚡

    At Mindset Reset Radio, I'm on a mission to help female entrepreneurs get intentional with mindset.

    Tune in for practical advice, powerful mindset shifts, and real-life stories of badass intention-getters who are as inspiring as they are relatable.

    If you're feeling stuck, looking for inspiration, or just want to be reminded that you're not alone on this crazy entrepreneurial journey, this is the personal development podcast for you, boo!

    Welcome to the intention-getter community! Join me:


  • Just me talking about BPD and my life, hoping to help others through my experiences. Advice from an honest regular person, not at all medical, just things I have felt and observed! Venting is one of my coping things so bare with me :)

    BPD sucks :/

    You're not alone! A journey to recovery and (hopefully) giving hope to others

  • Use hypnosis as great sex tool fantasy desire lust

  • New episodes every Monday and Thursday! Welcome to Healthy with Hema, where you will find well researched information about nutrition and exercise. You will find tips on eating and exercising right, learn about the myths about nutrition and diets, understand more about the concepts of yoga and many more things related to improving your physical and mental well-being.

  • The World’s Okayest Medic Podcast is a new podcast for all EMS providers. Whether you’re an EMT, paramedic, nurse; work in a 911 response setting or critical care transport; and are a novice or experienced clinician, this podcast is for you.

  • A life coach for men, is the guaranteed way to achieve true masculinity. Life Coaching for men has helped men from all backgrounds unleash the best version of themselves through a mentor ship by a mens coach.

  • Practical, simple weight loss advice for real people to use everyday. No fads. No tricks. No criticism. Just long-term, life-changing advice to create lasting habits and weight loss that sticks.

  • Hi! I’m Alivia D’Andrea. You might know me from my YouTube series the Glow up Diaries which is a raw docu-series of my 5 year physical and mental transformation. 
    A self growth journey is full of uncomfortable truths that are difficult to talk about so openly because the media often insists that such “shameful” feelings be kept in a closet. As a result it gets pretty lonely at times. 
    I’ve created this self improvement podcast because I want to be a friend that I needed back then; a friend that made me not fear judgement and feel accepted for exactly who I am with all my flaws that I found difficult to accept. A friend that told me that no matter who you are, what you did, or where you’ve come from, you can always change and become someone better. 
    We will be having vulnerable talks covering every glow up related topic ranging from weight loss to socializing, confidence, body image, discipline, overcoming your fears, and motivation to be consistent and chase your dreams. 
    Let this be our safe space to grow together ♡

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  • I am on a mission to help 1,00,000 middle-aged women and men to live a fit, active, and a healthy lifestyle. I am a weight loss expert and a health educator. I would like to help you in your journey of achieving great success, longevity &; prosperity by improving both your internal game (mental wellness) as well as your external game (methods to achieve your weight loss goal).

  • The Meta Health podcast simplifies the science of health, nutrition and metabolism by sparking your imagination through creative storytelling and visualization. You'll gain a deep understanding of your body to help you make informed and personalized lifestyle choices.

    The host, Dr.Ronesh Sinha, is a physician, author, speaker, and teacher who runs a lifestyle clinic focused on reversing insulin resistance in diverse ethnic groups, and designs wellness programs for top Silicon Valley companies.

  • Welcome to A Little Bit of Everything, hosted by Morgan Flitt! This podcast is your one-stop shop for all sorts of discussions focused mainly on health, fitness, and lifestyle. We'll have real conversations about real stuff we all wonder about, struggle with, and care about.

    New episodes uploaded every Friday!

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  • How to lose weight by working out from home. How to stay motivated.

  • Mind and body are always co-related. If the body is ill, consequently it would affect the mental health similarly if the mind is stressed, it would affect the physical body. It can even lead to chronic disease if it is unnoticed. So I am Vinosha Balsamy, a healer/alternative therapy practitioner, I am here to help you to understand the relation between mind and body, share my own experience on the mental health journey, and give some tips to heal from emotional traumas that cause serious physical illness. Instagram - @vino_bal & @revive_psyche.Email -