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  • IMPACT Players exists to inspire men to be great husbands, fathers and leaders. Join us as we break down important issues, interview special guests and feature our very own IMPACT Players!

  • Hello everyone, and welcome to "25 Ghante The Podcast" India's first 'HINDI' Productivity Podcast! On this Podcast, we will talk about how to make achievable goals, How to channel your energy efficiently. How to capitalize this digital era to be at the top of our game.

  • This is a journey of a gujarati billionaire who will be crorepati before their 21 age and billionaire before age 30.

  • This is the platform where you get your own problem discussed with solution and with songs and funnnnn...... so Enjoy the Gujarati Podcast. This is the first Gujarati podcast which entertain you every week twice... Every Wendnesday and Saturday. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If you want to learn about the struggles and triumphs of starting a business, performing for sold out arenas, or inspiring those you lead - UP TO THE MIC is the show for you.

    Throw on some headphones and get ready to listen as our host, Vinny Hale, sits down to showcase the stories of those who deserve their stories be told.

    From young entrepreneurs, to critically-acclaimed musicians, and so much more - Vinny helps compile a season of interviews that inspire listeners to follow in the footsteps of his guests.

    Follow Vinny:
    Website: vinnyhale.com
    Insta: vinny_hale07

  • "Soulful Spark: Five Minutes of Motivation" is your go-to podcast for anyone navigating the complex terrain of mid-life and mid-career crises. If you're feeling the weight of these pivotal moments, let us be your guiding light.
    In each bite-sized episode, we ignite your soul with insightful wisdom, inspiring stories, and practical advice. Discover the power of resilience, the magic of reinvention, and the joy of rediscovery. We help you shift your mindset, reignite your passions, and find the spark within you.

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  • A beginner's survival guide on life. A user friendly tool kit on facing every day with some emotional intelligence. This mini-podcast is a collection of quick rants, observations, success and failure stories, anecdotes, hacks and learnings. I can only hope that some of this would be useful to those out there working on fulfilling their own glorious purpose.

  • Advices and life hacks in order to make you enjoy your life better.

  • Hey friends! I'm Manav and Welcome to Desi Podcaster Channel (Indian Hindi Podcaster) Indian Podcast space is still a Blue Ocean and it can be a great chance for the people who want to make their mark in the online space. Join the Indian Podcasting Revolution.
    This Channel is fully focussed on sharing videos of Podcasting only.

  • Learn to solve one of the greatest challenges of our time: climate change. In this course you’ll use systems thinking to understand the causes, systems, and obstacles underlying the climate change challenge and discover a portfolio of possible solutions. Explore our easy-to-understand, science-backed lessons featuring global experts in climate research, policy, technology, and beyond, with actionable advice and practical skills you can learn to start taking action right away without being a scientist!

    When you're ready to learn more skills, join for FREE at Plato.University/courses/climate-change to get exclusive access to lesson content, worksheets, coaching, and a learning community.

    How to Solve Climate Change is a skill course brought to you by Plato University.

  • Myself Dr. Kashyap Shah and i'm practicing as a Nutritionist & Diabetes Educator since 14 years. Let us be clear: the recent increase in the number of people with diabetes worldwide constitutes the biggest disease epidemic in human history. If you or any of your loved one is having diabetes, it takes lots of efforts and time in coming terms with diabetes. Diabetes education can have a wide range of positive effects at a number of levels. Diabetes education is an active process that supports people in building self-management skills, and provides for shared decision making about how best to fit diabetes treatment into daily life. Diabetes Talk is an effort to educate you and your family about diabetes. My aim is that diabetes education should fulfill certain objectives and the diabetic patient should be able to: 1. Understand diabetes and its management. 2. To develop practical skills and be able to analyze and relate facts, make decisions and
    take appropriate action. eg. adjusting insulin dosage or making the right food choices.
    3. To develop a positive attitude and have self confidence. 4. To be able to live a healthy and active life by reducing hospitalization due to complication of diabetes. Understanding Diabetes is the first season, and lots of another season with variety of issues related to diabetes would follow soon. Happy Listening!

  • Learn English Speaking with Naveenเฅค Learn English Grammar, Vocabulary, spoken English in Hindi with me

  • Sanskrit stories read by Samskrita Bharati volunteers from the Sambhashana Sandesha Sanskrit Magazine (2000-2004). To subscribe, visit http://samskritabharatiusa.org/index.php/study/publications. To reach out to us please email us at [email protected].

  • Grab the Coffee was made to connect, inspire, and reflect. Join Shannon and Trenton James every Wednesday to talk about stories, dreams, and trying to figure out life in this crazy world.

    So Grab your Coffee (or any other drink) and join us for many conversations.

  • Investigating the relationship between magic and location/geography via folklore, history, archeology and literature, 'Magic and the Sense of Place' was a three-day conference held in 2022. The goal of the conference was to explore magic and the sense of place in four geographical locations – Britain, Northern Europe, Central Europe, and the Americas. Bringing together personnel from the heritage and museum industries with academics and a creative group of writers and artists, they discuss the relationship between place/location and magic.

    The conference also provided a sustained exploration of the relationship between place and magical ideation. Questions addressed included the following: how does an idea of magic arise from the interpretation of a place? What kinds of places seem magical to particular cultures? How far can place become a significant generator of meaning when it represents a meeting or a clash of cultures? Who controls these processes and when do they become contestations?

    The conference features 20-plus talks across three days, under session headings 'Who Owns This Place?', 'The New World', 'Making a Place', 'Between', 'Getting Lost', 'Urban', 'Rome' and 'Placing the dead'. Talks include the following and more:

    Ronald Hutton - How Sacred Are The Dead?
    Neil Philip - “All that he owned”: Alan Garner and the sentient landscape
    Caroline Tully - Cosmothonia - 'Henges and wildercharms: the magical earth-sky-love-body in Feraferia'
    Andrew Chesnut - Holy Death in Times of Pestilence: Santa Muerte, the Newest Plague Saint
    Diane Purkiss and Alex Paddock - Sinking into place; bog bodies, Grendel, and the green chapel
    Steve Gladwin - "The woods are lovely dark and deep", An Encounter in Time, Story, and Duality
    Todd Borlik - Malaria and Maleficium in The Witch of Edmonton
    Sabina Magliocco - Crafting Enchantment: Fairy Gardens and Emplacement in North America
    Sophie Page - Magic and Living things in Medieval Europe: Extinct, Everyday and Extraordinary Creatures
    Nancy Caciola - Learning from Folk Horror

    Cover photo by 'lankelsall1' from Wikimedia, used under CC BY-SA 4.0 and available for reuse on same terms.

  • We offer quick tidbits of information relating to all things Hand Therapy.  So if you are a hand therapist or an aspiring hand therapist this is the podcast for you.  For more great content check our www.handtherapyacademy.com or email [email protected] 

  • Disobedient Buildings (disobedientbuildings.com) is a multi-sited research project about housing, welfare and wellbeing based at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, part of the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography (anthro.ox.ac.uk), at the University of Oxford. It is funded for four years by the Art and Humanities Research Council. Launched in January 2020, the project employs a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and visual practitioners to study the impact of neoliberal reforms over the past three decades on the everyday lived experiences of inhabitants of ageing tower blocks in different European welfare states: the UK, Romania and Norway.

    The Disobedient Buildings podcast is conceived and presented by Inge Daniels, the project's principal investigator, and the project’s two postdoctoral researchers: Gabriela Nicolescu and Anna Ulrikke Andersen. In Season One, the team scrutinises key themes guiding their research such as disobedience, inequality, urban development, welfare and health. The 10 episodes feature interviews with local experts and highlight commonalities and differences experienced by residents in the three field sites of London, Bucharest and Oslo. The podcast asks, what is a disobedient building, why is home ownership promoted, and will the State look after you?