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  • TÜL ehk Teatriteaduse Üliõpilaste Loož on Tartu Ülikooli kultuuriteaduste instituudist välja kasvanud vabatahtlik ühendus. TÜL pakub noortele teatrihuvilistele võimalust pidada teatriteemalist dialoogi ja korraldada erinevaid etenduskunstidega seotud ettevõtmisi. Nüüdseks on TÜLikad jõudnud omadega teatrile keskenduva taskuhäälingu "Lähme TÜLi" loomiseni. Mõtteid vahetatakse kõikvõimalikel teatriga seonduvatel teemadel – juttu tuleb nii inimestest, lavastustest, teatriharidusest kui ka kõikvõimalikust muust päevakajalisest. Loodame, et kõnetab!

  • Renar Trummal on piinatud Geenius. Rohkem piinatud ja vähem geenius, kui sellest hoolimata sõuab ta elus edasi. Ehk see podcast on inimesele, kes soovib oma elutaju laiendada, samal ajal elu mitte liialt tõsiselt võttes. Kõike seda ja muudki veel pakub sulla 28-aastane julge noormees, nimega Renar Trummal. Mõnusat kuulamist!

  • Kabbalah Daily Lessons: Video podcast in Russian. See also our telegram channel t.me/kab_rus.

    Bnei Baruch is the largest group of Kabbalists in Israel, sharing the wisdom of Kabbalah with the entire world. Study materials in over 32 languages are based on authentic Kabbalah texts that were passed down from generation to generation.

    Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education and Research Institute is an international movement of many thousands of students dedicated to publicly sharing the authentic wisdom of Kabbalah.

    Bnei Baruch was established in 1991 by Rav Michael Laitman, PhD (Professor of Ontology and Theory of Knowledge, PhD in Philosophy and Kabbalah, and MSc in Medical Bio-Cybernetics), following the passing of his teacher, Rav Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag (The Rabash).

    For further information please visit websites kab.info, kabbalahmedia.info, telegram channels t.me/kab_heb, t.me/kab_rus, t.me/kab_eng.

  • False Bottomed Girls features two beer experts guiding listeners through the wonderful yet sometimes confusing world of beer.

  • Привіт, ми Ліза та Даша і в якийсь момент ми зрозуміли, що нашим думкам та міркуванням недостатньо місця в оффлайн просторі. Так і з’явився «Ключ».
    «Ключ» – це наше бачення цього світу.
    Про сучасність та події, про емоції, про стосунки, про важливі етапи життя.
    Без експертів та спікерів. З гумором і любов’ю.

  • Themis is a specialist financial crime risk management agency. Our goal is to reduce the global impacts of financial crime.

    Themis helps clients and members identify and manage their specific financial crime risks, through a combination of innovation, insight and intelligence.

    Bringing you interviews and insight from leading investigative journalists, senior business leaders and changemakers who are at the forefront of tackling financial crime.

  • Since 2007, Two Writing Teachers has been a meeting place for a world of reflective writers. After over 15 years of blogging, we’ve decided to create a podcast that will serve as a companion to our blog. On the podcast, we’re excited to talk about ways to create, lead, and sustain joyful and productive writing workshops. Let’s work together, inspiring and empowering students to be competent, brave, and confident writers.

  • Guruji Sri Vast is a Living Master, Mystic and Poet – full of authentic joy, love, grace & a flow of natural wisdom, teaching the celebration of Life as a way to total liberation. Guruji’s Teachings bring freedom, love and bliss into everyday life. They ignite self-transformation of one’s past imprints, conditions and boundaries. Attaining one’s natural state – the realized one – is the core of Guruji’s Teachings. Guruji invites everyone into the Enlightened Era, where humanity can live in harmony with all beings and explore the love, beauty and sacredness in everything and everyone.

  • The Rehab show is about overcoming drug addiction. The topics range from medical treatment to spiritual fellowships and psychotherapy. Other forms of therapy will be explored as well. The underlying theme is that everyone is different and we cannot apply a single method of treatment to all people and expect it to work. Listening carefully to what works and does not work for an individual, treating people with respect and understanding that behaviors caused by addiction are the result of a medical condition are important. Patients presenting for treatment of addiction should be addressed with caring, compassion and understanding.

  • The Cove Podcast aims to explore all aspects of Professional Military Education within the Australian Army. From short tips and soldier's fives to interviews of Army personnel on operations, find out how the men and women of today's Australian Army work towards professional excellence.

  • Tere, meie oleme Sandra, Killu ja Sandra - sa kuulad podcasti Asi on minus, kus jagame harjutusi ning tööriistu, et saaksid oma elu teadlikumalt juhtida.

  • The Death Studies Podcast is a platform for the diversity of voices in, around and contributing to the academic field of Death Studies. Find out more at www.thedeathstudiespodcast.com

  • A podcast hosted by Decluttering Consultant Simply Mel. Join Mel as she discusses minimalism, motherhood and gives her top tips on where to start decluttering your home and your life.

    For more information about Mel's decluttering coaching and services visit www.simplymelliving.com

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/simplymel01

  • The 'Do Shit, Get Shit Done' Podcast: your regular reality check | kick up the butt | accountability buddy! You asked for it so here it is... the bite-sized version of Lee Bridges best-selling book 'The Transition: Do Shit, Get Shit Done'. Covering all the pieces of the puzzle from motivation, mindset, and confidence, to health, fitness, and business. No more excuses, no more playing the victim... If you are ready to cut the BS and start living life, then I'm here with ya! Let's GO! DsGsD!

  • MCN's mission is to grow the digital capacity of museum professionals by connecting them to ideas, information, opportunities, proven practices, and each other. This audio collection contains recorded sessions from previous conferences, topical webinars, continuing educational lessons, and conversations between musetech professionals.

  • Let’s take the guesswork out of becoming an L&D professional.

    Are you looking to get into Learning and Development and don’t quite know where to start? Have you recently been promoted to a Corporate Trainer or Instructional Design role and want to make sure you have the tools to knock it out of the park?

    If any of those are you, you’ve come to the right place.

  • A podcast about self-care by a host that hates the term self-care. Therapist KC Davis, author of the book How to Keep House While Drowning talks about mental health, care tasks, and more.

  • The Hey You Human Podcast - hosted by Katie Buemann - is a soft place to land. A place for you to come home to where you can tune in to real conversations, with real people, about that one thing, that unites us all. The human experience. We riff on things like acceptance, connection, simplicity, nature, consciousness, frequency, change, intuition, mental and emotional health, somatic healing, and all the things woven into the alchemy of being a human. Especially if you’re of the sensitive variety. Because it is in sharing our humanness, in seeing and being seen, that we will all walk each other home.