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  • Eluvisioon.ee podcastis toome Sinuni ägedate inimeste lood ja sõnumid, mis inspireerivad kasvama, arenema ja võtma vastutuse, et olla parim versioon iseendast iga päev. Meie oleme Liis Lusmägi ja Allan Vinogradov, enesekasvu ja paremaks inimeseks olemise platvormi Eluvisioon.ee loojad.Kui Sa tahad ja tunned, et oled valmis enda elu päriselt muutma, siis Eluvisioon.ee on alustamiseks väga hea koht. Eluvisioon.ee keskkonnast leiad ühe maailma võimsama enesearengu programmi, milleks on Lifebook Premium. Eluvisioon.ee keskkonnas on Lifebook Premium kättesaadav eestikeelsete subtiitritega. Lifebook Premium aitab Sul luua ja hakata elama just sellist elu nagu Sa ise soovid. Erinevalt teistest programmidest on Lifebook Premium eriline selle poolest, et see keskendub elu kõige olulisematele 12-le eluvaldkonnale. Nendeks on füüsiline vorm ja tervis, intellektuaalne elu, emotsionaalne elu, iseloom, spirituaalne elu, armastus ja romantiline suhe, lapsevanemaks olemine, sotsiaalne elu, raha, karjäär, elukvaliteet, elu visioon. Läbides Lifebook Premium programmi, saad täpselt teada, mida Sa soovid kõigis 12-nes eluvaldkonnas ja kuidas see päriselt saavutada. Kui see Sind kõnetab, mine www.eluvisioon.ee

  • Arutleme vabalt.

    Lahkame probleeme ja pakume lahendusi mis vastavad mõlemale anarhia põhiprintsiibile ehk austavad inimese eneseomamise õigust ja ei vaja ellurakendamiseks sundi.

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  • Explaining unknown parts of ancient Egypt mathematics.

  • What are the specific awakening moments that get people to step our of programming and conditioning to reinvent themselves?

    This podcast collects success stories and topics that touch on spirituality, mental health and personal development. 

    The show host blends solo episodes where she tell you about her latest adventures as she puts herself through the test of different transformative experiences; & Interviews where she sits down with those who study the concept of mind control within different industries.

    Along with what we call the new generation of leaders and influencers: those who pave their own ways.

    They will discuss the shifts that allowed them to act bold & creatively to let their true selves come out. This podcast is all about Going DEEP or going home!

    Come along for the ride if you are feeling lost, stuck and confused at times because you have everything to be fulfilled and you aren’t. If you are on the edge of a big change, or if simply you want to continue raising your awareness and soul.

    This is for you.

  • طرق وادوات التمكن لتزكية النفس وتوسيع دائرة التفكير والتفكر والنفع والانتفاعايمن ابراهيم كيفي Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ayman-kaifi/support

  • Hi! And welcome! I'm so glad you're here! My name is Kim and I'm a self-proclaimed connectologist. Simply put, I love helping others realize their innate connectivity, offering insight and guidance as they open to a spiritual relationship of their own understanding, to live a more deeply connected life. I currently serve in this capacity here as the host of Connected (w/ Kimberly Dam), a podcast dedicated to psychospiritual exploration, development, and growth; through speaking engagements and workshops; and by offering individual and entrepreneurial coaching services through my website kimberlydam.com.

  • Bienvenue dans Kind Moments

    Ce podcast, c’est l’opportunité pour toi de de commencer ta semaine dans un état d’esprit inspiré, rechargé à bloc côté mindset et good vibes.

    Mon objectif à travers ce projet est de vous insuffler la volonté d’avancer, de faire face, de ne pas abandonner, de tenir bon et d’y parvenir. QUELLES QUE SOIENT VOS AMBITIONS.

    Retrouvez dans chaque épisode des conseils de vie personnels, des leçons en terme de carrière, de leadership et de mindset.

    Ce podcast est animé par moi-même Mariam, entrepreneur, coach de vie, créatrice de contenu mindset, santé mentale et lifestyle (et dans mon ancienne vie, juriste).

    Retrouvez YouTube et Instagram @idelawlist

  • Roomet Poom on võtnud eesmärgiks pakendada väärtuslik informatsioon humoorikasse pakendisse. Vaata ja kuula kas see tal õnnestub või jääb ta ummikusse

  • StudKITalk organize a serial podcast on how to be a successful global master student in Karolinska Institutet.

  • Empowering People to Discover Their Inner Strength, Beauty & Passions

  • The Z2Z Podcast hosts long form conversations between Ian Sagstetter (from the Electric Coin Company) and other members of the Zcash community.

    The podcast covers a variety of different subjects, but mainly focuses on Zcash and its users' experience.

  • Dive into the world of Web3. In each episode, Scott Kominers and Luca White-Matthews sit down to discuss an interesting topic that impacts the builders and users of crypto and Web3 technology.

  • Друзья, этот подкаст записан в прямом смысле "на кухне", поэтому название его полностью оправдывает.

    Я (Роман Романов) вместе со своим другом и, по совместительству, коллегой Александром Безносиком обсуждаем темы актуальные для каждого человека.

    Следите за выпусками, слушайте нас и давайте обратную связь, предлагайте свои темы.

    Надеемся, что вы услышите для себя что-то новое, а, возможно, и возьмете на вооружение. Приятного прослушивания!

    Наши страницы в Instagram:

    Роман Романов: instagram.com/mr.roman_romanov

    Александр Безносик: instagram.com/beznosik_aleksandr

  • I will be discussing mindset, philosophy, fitness, business, tech and anything else propelling me to be subjectively better. Jump on and join me for the ride!

  • Comedian, Hip Hop artists and Rap instructor, Jamal Coleman breaks down rap from delivery, style, vocal techniques and rhythm in a new form podcast aimed at education, humor and ultimately learning to be yourself.

  • Literally First Class™ is the podcast that teaches modern day female entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives tools for overcoming anxiety so they can redefine success and achieve, what Keri calls, Somatic Success™. Hosted by Somatic Success™ Coach, Keri Ford, she shares her real life experiences and somatics wisdom to help you feel good, have more fun and give less f*cks. Each week Keri’s advice, strategies and heart-centered approach takes you on a private jet to nowhere, while giving you the virtual permission slip to break up with anxiety and take a seat in first class. She brings humor, insight and intuitive strategies for the woman that wants to live a life they love.

    Hop in. We’re going for a ride with episodes weekly. https://elevatewithkeri.com to learn more.

  • Hea Koht - Podcast - räägivad Anneli ja Eleri elust ja olust ning jagavad oma kogemusi ja mõtteid erinevatel olulistel teemadel. Igas episoodis lahatakse uut teemat - päris elust 🙂 Kaasatud saavad ka saatekülalised, kelle kogemustest ja teadmistest õppida.
    Eesmärk on ilustamata ja avatult rääkida teemadest, millega mitmed inimesed suudavad samastuda.
    Anneli ja Eleri soov on olla toeks, kasvada ning jagada mõistmist läbi oma kogemuste.
    Toome kasvõi ühe inimese päeva mõistmist ja rõõmu! :)