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  • World renowned fertility expert, Dr. Shahin Ghadir, has helped thousands of people start a family. In The Fertile Life, he interviews guests about their paths to parenthood and dives into discussions around how the road to becoming a parent differs for all. He discusses balancing a family with life’s responsibilities, and what challenges one encounters along the way. Through insightful conversation, he hopes to create a guide for listeners in all stages of life, as well as break stigmas often associated with fertility. Follow along, as he takes you on the journeys towards The Fertile Life.

  • When life turns upside down, we can see the world from a new perspective.

    No matter who you are, you have either walked through deep hardship, you are in a hard season as we speak, or you will be soon enough. Sorrow and suffering can feel deeply isolating, and it would be easy to believe that no one could possibly understand. But trust us, you are not alone. We believe every person can experience hope and joy, even in the midst of sorrow.

    Hosts, Daniel and Kelly Crawford, have the privilege of walking with men and women through the valley of the shadow of death on a weekly basis through their ministry, Abel Speaks. In their own story of suffering and countless others, the Crawfords have seen the redemptive truth that God never wastes an ounce of our pain. Join them each week for authentic conversations and gospel hope for the hurting.

  • Podcast apresentado pela Lais, uma Brasileira que mora na Estônia e compartilha um pouco dos perrengues de criar os filhos em outro país e longe da família e desse aprendizado que é a maternidade. Laís traz leveza, informações diversas, realidade e aquele abraço na alma para quem precisar.

  • why dog breeding is unethical and either shouldn't be used or be limited

  • Brought to you by three mamas, this podcast navigates motherhood in all its bitter sweet stages. From pregnancy to parenthood, we give you a raw insider look and share all the things that no one told us.

  • Lastejutud on muinasjutud lastele, mis ilmuvad tavaliselt kord nädalas. Lastejutte loevad ette ühe pere lapsed ja nende vanemad.

  • One mamas take on all things motherhood and slow living. Thoughts, lessons learned, and hopes for the future.

  • Kirjanik Epp Petrone räägib lastega elust ja ilmast. Naljakad, harivad ja äratavad klipid, kõigile, kes armastavad lapsesuu-jutte.
    ...ja õhtul võid meiega uinuda. #unejutt

  • Räägime emaks saamisest, emaks kasvamisest, muredest-rõõmudest ja kõigest, mis emadusega kaasas käib. Sekka puistame teemasid ka isadele. Teeme podcasti teile ja teiega! Jaga meiega oma lugusid, et saaksime neid kajastada ja anda teistele emadele tunde, et nad ei ole oma muredega üksi.

  • Lapse Kingades on LNK podcast kus inspireerime lastetöö tegijaid ja julgustame lapsevanemaid oma usku kodus lastega jagama.

  • This is a new set of podcasts about the series The School For Good and Evil, by Soman Chainani

  • Short effective Dog training manual made by me, for the world to learn more about dogs!!

  • Welcome to the Music For Kiddos Podcast, where we talk about early childhood music resources and how to use them. This podcast is for music therapists, music educators, teachers, SLPs, OTs, PTs, parents, and anyone else who is interested in supporting a child's development through music.

    Stephanie Leavell is a board certified music therapist, music educator, mom, and the founder of She is deeply passionate about using high-quality music resources to help kids express their feelings and reach their developmental goals.

  • Jess, lapsed! Ja täiskasvanud - ja kõik need, kes ei tunne end ei täiskasvanu ega lapsena, kes on või ei ole lapsevanemad! Võtame siin taskuhäälingus ette kõiksugu kasvamise ja kasvatamisega seotud teemasid, näpistame neid pisut, kaasame erinevaid hääli ja mõttekäike, anname just kui niidiotsa kätte - ja jätame sind siis mõtisklema.

    Kui soovid “Jess, lapsed!” taskuhäälingut ja kontot toetada - ootab sind avasüli! Patroonidele on saadaval ka iga taskuhäälingu osa täispikkuses loetavana ning vaimse tervise ja teadveloleva vanemluse ampsud. Lisaks muidugi ka südamerahu vanemahariduse edendamisest! Aitäh sulle!

  • Ashley Reid isn't expecting much when she and her family go on a walk to the park on a Saturday morning-- until her parents fall into a trapdoor and a wizard appears, telling Ash and her brother, Jax, that they must embark on a quest to get their parents back. Now they have to go into seven worlds . . . retrieve seven keys . . . and save their parents.

  • MyDadReads rubrika "Mazās piektdienas saruna" reizi nedēļā tiekas ar kādu sabiedrībā pazīstamu cilvēku (īpaši Liepājas pusē).
    Runājam par dzīvi, bērniem un stāstām stāstus. Mēģinām iedvesmot uz labiem darbiem, iedrošinām ģimenes kopā pavadīt vairāk laika un ieguldīt vienam otrā.
    Parasti mūsu pagrabiņa studijā izveidojas ļoti sirsnīgas sarunas.
    Intervijas iespējams noskatīties arī video formātā vai
    Patīkamu klausīšanos!

  • Nick and Amaris Beecher believe that life’s a journey to be enjoyed walking with God. Not rushing to the next “stage” or “goal” but treasuring Christ through the valleys and the peaks.

    This was always God’s design for us; to live freely, purposefully, and intentionally together with Him.
    You were made for that kind of life. A life of purpose. A life fully alive to the calling God has for you. A life present to your family and friends. A life for God’s glory.

    Forward Conversations Podcast is about having honest, candid, and challenging conversations that bring freedom, hope, and anticipation for what God is going to do!

    The Kingdom of God moves forward, one conversation at a time.

  • 2020 aasta kevad on rohkem kui kunagi varem pannud nii õpilased, kuid ehk ka mõned täiskasvanud olukorda, kus peab oma tööde ja tegemiste eest hulga suuremal määral ise vastutama. See omakorda tähendab, et me peame olema järsku võimelised ennast väga hästi kontrollima.Õppimine, töötamine ja enesekontroll on aga kõik seotud meie ajuga ja sellega, kuidas ta toimib. Nüüd aga on mul küsimus teile:“ Kui hästi te arvate oma aju tundvat? Kui teadlikud olete ajuprotsessidest, mis puudutab nt õppimist, töötamist või enesekontrolli?“ Tere, minu nimi on Liina Kitt ja olen Viimsi Gümnaasiumi ennastjuhtiva õppija kursuse üks õpetajatest ning olen loonud selle podcasti „Ennastjuhtiv mina“ just selleks, et aidata teil olla osavamad enesejuhtijad. Selle kooliaasta lõpuni keskendun korra nädalas ühele enesejuhtimise ja aju kasutamisega seotud müüdile, mille püüan ümber lükata. Nagu ma ka tunnis tihti õpilastele ütlen, te saate kontrollida ainult iseennast ja sealjuures ainult neid osi, millest te teadlikud olete. Nii et saagem siis koos iseendast teadlikemaks. Head kuulamist!