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  • Emisija namijenjena djeci u dobi od pet do petnaest godina koja radiofonijskim sredstvima u izvedbi profesionalnih glumaca predstavlja djela suvremenih hrvatskih književnika za djecu i mlade, dramatizacije poznatih klasika dječje književnosti te važne lektirne naslove.

  • Ever wonder if your kids have it in them to be a killer? It's okay, we've all had the thought once or twice. And if you're willing to admit that, you'll love How Not to Raise a Serial Killer.
    On this podcast, criminal psychologist Dr. Michelle Ward digs into the childhoods of some of the most notorious criminals and killers in order to learn from them and prevent future tragedies. Dr. Ward will use her expertise to determine what went wrong with each killer (a brain injury, an undiagnosed illness, a specific trauma) with the help of a fellow mom/non-expert who can weigh in about their own taboo parenting fears. Because on our better days as parents, we want to know how to raise good humans. But on our worst days, we at least want to know that we're at least not raising a future serial killer.

  • How do I actually push during labor? Should I get an epidural? Why is breastfeeding so hard? What exactly is Pitocin, and how much will induce labor? Is there a secret to having a successful VBAC? What happens if I poop during labor *shudder*? And oh yeah, how do I take care of a newborn?

    I know you’ve got a ton of questions and fears when it comes to giving birth. How? Because I’ve delivered thousands of babies as a labor nurse! I’ve seen it all...and as @labor.nurse.mama on IG, I’ve helped mamas all over the world stand up to their fears and walk into the labor room with confidence.

    The Birth Experience with Labor Nurse Mama is here to guide you through every step of your pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I’ll show you how to embrace your inner feminine wisdom and teach you to feel totally comfortable owning the labor room.

    Your body was made to deliver this baby, mama...let’s face all those fears and doubts and answer those nagging questions — so you can be ready for the most important day of your life!

  • The children from the senior room in St. Brendan's NS detailing events from World War 1.

  • Welcome to The Yoga of Motherhood, where we explore how the wisdom and philosophy of yoga can support and inspire the motherhood journey. Your host, Melissa Kushnaryov, interviews women from around the world who are wellness practitioners, fitness pros, mothers, entrepreneurs, lifestyle experts and more, to bring you the best, yoga-inspired knowledge out there for moms. This is the perfect podcast for all mothers, whether you‘re a practicing yogi or have never stepped foot on a yoga mat, whether you‘re brand new to mom life or a seasoned pro.The Yoga of Motherhood podcast is your weekly dose of peace, happiness and much needed mom support. Learn more at

  • On the Doorframes is a podcast created by Courtney and John Critz out of a desire to see lasting peace and purpose written on the posts of your home. Greeting you when you enter and when you exit, when you lie down and rise up. Parenting doesn’t have to be a maze of terror but can instead be a journey of coming home to all you and your family were created to be

  • It's not easy keeping up with the news—especially when you're a parent. Mary Katharine Ham and Vic Matus know that well. And while they can't get your kids to school on time (and without ketchup in their hair—ask Mary Katharine about that one), they can break down the news you need to know. Put the kids to bed, pour yourself a drink, and join us twice a week for Getting Hammered.

  • From Dr Ruth Glynne-Owen, founder of the Blue Sky Autism Project and creator of the Play2Talk therapy model comes Play2Pod, a podcast for parents, carers, families and friends of toddlers who may be experiencing some developmental challenges. It is a platform to share some amazing stories of hope from families who have been on the long journey to diagnosis for their little one. We will also be sharing interviews and advice from experts in autism, early intervention and speech and communication therapy from all over the world. Come and join us as we talk about what helps, what hurts and how we can all continue to smash through the glass ceilings that we encounter along the way!

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  • The Horse's Advocate radio show is all about helping horse owners find the missing horse owner's manual of owning and caring for horses. Hosted by Geoff Tucker, DVM (aka "Doc T"), he brings to you wisdom from almost 50 years with horses. But beware - some of this stuff is NOT what you might expect. When the "box to think outside of" was built, he was never included and remained outside! The goal of this show is to Help Horses Thrive In A Human World.

  • Welcome to the StoryWalks Podcast, a podcast of childrens stories. Each week I will upload a story that I make up and tell my kids in real-time, often while out on walks and snowshoes in the Rocky Mountains.

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  • Chris and Morgan are two working parents with a toddler who also have interests and want to communicate with each other. So, where to begin, right? It’s a podcast about their daily lives being full-time working parents and adults who have wants and needs. Oh, they also love to talk about movies, television, and that physical stuff we all shy away from talking about.

  • Bajke za decu na Srpskom. Bajke za laku noć.

  • Story telling with timeless Little Golden Books that include literary, movie, and TV favorites such as Disney, Pixar, Barbie, DreamWorks, Marvel, Sesame Street, Thomas & Friends, Nickelodeon, Richard Scarry’s Busy World and many other holiday, Christian, and vintage classics I have treasured since childhood. Perfect for bedtime with ASMR like qualities.

  • „Superhero oder Dogganandl?“ Ist ein Audiowalk des Jungen Theaters Augsburg, der einlädt zu einem Spaziergang durch die Augsburger Altstadt, auf eine Spurensuche nach plastikfreiem Spielmaterial. Ein Mitmachheft und eine Hörgeschichte begleiten die Kinder auf ihrem Weg. Die Hörgeschichte dreht sich um Luka und seine Großeltern, Marianne und Reinhold. Lukas Spielzeug, ein „Superhero“ aus Plastik, ist kaputt und lässt sich nicht mehr reparieren. Statt ein neues Plastikspielzeug zu kaufen, machen sich die drei auf in die Augsburger Altstadt, um Material für einen selbstgebastelten Superhero an verschiedenen Stationen – traditionellen Handwerksbetrieben und Läden – einzusammeln. Die Großeltern erzählen dabei aus ihrer Kindheit, von ihren Spielzeugen und Spielen: Damals wurde ein Superhero noch Dogganandl genannt!
    Für den Audiowalk benötigen Sie ein Mitmachheft, das Sie bei der Tourist-Information Augsburg erwerben oder beim Jungen Theater Augsburg unter bestellen können.

  • Wonder why it's called the Pixel Podcast? Well, we discuss the life of a bunch of Pixels... basically. Hosted by your favorite, SiimplyBubliie, in this podcast I sit down and interview fellow Roblox/Bloxburg Youtubers, and catch you up on the latest! We're super chill here, so sit back, relax, grab a cup of tea preferably, and enjoy the show!

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  • The journey of Magickal Mothering has been such a reclaimation of self. Recognising my own needs and desires by meeting and holding myself as the intuitive sensitive child who drove my mother crazy with overwhelm... just as I can find myself today with my own three wildlings.

    I have unleashed so much forgiveness, compassion and respect healing through generational lineage of strong women who were challenged by not enoughness.

    In order to guide our children to rise unbridled and wild, trusting their intincts with courageous self worth we must reconnect with our inner magic of divinity.

  • We talk about many different things, including animals, history, and video games. This podcast covers topics about earthlings and other things.