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  • If you're looking to stay current with all things automation, look no further. This is Beyond The Concept, a podcast by Concept Systems, the automation experts.

  • Dobrodošli na Zalet — podkast o dizajnu digitalnih proizvoda!

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    Ideje, pitanja, utiske i kritike šaljite na Tviteru · @draganbabic i @r2k

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  • AIFC LegalTech Podcast is about legal tech and innovation in the legal industry. The podcast is hosted by Mark Beer OBE, Chairman of the AIFC LawTech Advisory Council.

  • What happens to society when human beings are reduced to data points? What happens when our behavior, our movements, our relationships, and our obsessions are all tracked with near perfect precision? What happens when that information is indexed for the purpose of selling us products and influencing our political viewpoints all under the guise of “building community” and “making information free.”

    Well, look around. That’s the world you live in.

    Tech monopolies have built trillions of dollars of wealth watching and recording everything that you do in a day, building a database of YOU that’s so nuanced they can predict everything you’ll do next.

    Join Ari Andersen, a curious generalist, as he talks to data scientists, Internet pioneers, government officials, and various other people who understand what the heck is happening.

    If anything is going to change, first we have to understand what’s going on.

  • The podcast that reveals the magicians behind new technology and provides industry inside perspective on the week's tech news.

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    Hosts: Chris Addams & Samuel Gregory

    Editor: Samuel Gregory

    Produced by: That Tech Show

    Exec. Producer: Terry Towling





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  • de Rivo smartphone companion for the blind is een bluetooth toetsenbordje met audiofunctie om uw smartphone met VoiceOver of Talkback heel efficiënt vanuit 1 hand te bedienen terwijl deze in uw zak zit. In deze podcast vind u de basistraining, achtergrondinformatie en nieuws rond de Rivo.

  • Inside Our MIND is the flagship podcast of MIND Research Institute.

    We are a neuroscience and education social impact organization whose mission is to ensure that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world's most challenging problems. We are the creators of ST Math, a PreK-8 visual instructional program that builds a deep conceptual understanding of math through rigorous learning and creative problem solving.

    With each episode of Inside Our MIND, we take a look at issues and challenges facing education that we are working to address through research, technology and strategic initiatives.

    Learn more about our work at, and about our transformative math program at

  • Welcome to The NLP Zone Podcast, in the Zone, we talk about everything Natural Language Processing and its different components, such as Natural Language Understanding – the linguistics side, Natural language Generation – the text side, right through to hearing first-hand from our guests about some of the most interesting applications their companies are using right now.

    My names Jordan Luxford, Founder of Mont Ford, as a company we specialize in Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain recruitment across the DACH region. For me, I’m really passionate about NLP and that’s why have chosen to focus on this area. My aim is to bring you valuable content about the latest real-world happenings through speaking with expert guests of the Natural Language World.

  • Making Awesome, supported by 3D Musketeers is a podcast surrounding the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship, product development, inventing, patenting, and protections. We will also deep dive into technologies to help you get to these steps like 3D Printing, CNC Milling, and Injection Molding.

    Youtube link:

    Do you have an idea you want to get off the ground? Reach out to the Making Awesome Podcast through and someone will get you set up to be a guest!

  • The Layer 0 Podcast takes a deep dive into all things crypto, chatting with the builders, investors, and developers in this fast-moving industry.

    Hosted by TheTeriyakiDon | Presented by CryptoDiscover

  • In a world filled with self-proclaimed thought leaders and talking heads, this podcast is about things that matter to the rest of us. Hosted by Dr. Kent Gustavson and Nadia Sotnikova, Millennial nomads, growth hackers, and entrepreneurs. Talking tech, politics, business, generations and more.

  • Monologues and dialogues about Cloud Engineering with Prasanjit Singh. Learning sessions about solutions architecture and cloud business. News and discussions around AWS, GCP and AZURE amongst others.

  • Listen to the Leverage podcast to learn from entrepreneurs, thought leaders, & business efficiency experts. Hosted by Leverage Founder & CEO Nick Sonnenberg.

    Get Leverage to work smarter--not harder. Leverage offers team training & consulting packages to optimize business workflow. Get the right tools, systems & processes to increase efficiency, boost marketing, & increase top-line & bottom-line revenue.

    Visit & book your 15-minute intro call to find out what Leverage can do for your business.

  • The Westermo Podcast explores the technical world of industrial networking through easygoing interviews with various industry experts sharing their knowledge and experiences. Join us to learn more out about the variety of trends and solutions that are shaping industrial data communications. The show is hosted by Westermo's Evelina Öhlander and Ant Lane.

  • (S)panoptic označava nešto što je promatrano i što promatra sa svih strana. Uključuje i (s)panoramu i široki pogled iz svakog rakursa.

    Panoptičko je ekstenzivno, inkluzivno, sveobuhvatno.

    Teme obrađujemo dubinski, promatramo ih iz svih kutova. Našu panoptičku leću usmjeravamo na sve aspekte relevantnih IT problematika.

    Span i Spanovci imaju velik fond znanja temeljenih na iskustvu i voljeli bismo to podijeliti s IT zajednicom u Hrvatskoj pa i u regiji, s tech istomišljenicima i izvan Spana.

    Želja nam je kreirati platformu na kojoj bi se diskutiralo o tehnološkim temama, o novitetima i nadolazećim trendovima te komentirala i analizirala aktualna zbivanja iz tech svijeta.

    Od IT stručnjaka za IT stručnjake. I ne samo njih. Spanoptic je namijenjen svim IT profesionalcima i entuzijastima, svim zaljubljenicima u IT koji žele dobiti deep dive u recentnu IT tematiku.

    Spanoptic je platforma i format za tehnološki orijentiranu publiku. Sugovornici u emisiji će uglavnom biti Spanovi stručnjaci, ali ovisno o temama ideja je da nam u goste dođu i vanjski sugovornici – kako stručnjaci tako i korisnici koji će s tehničkog aspekta dati presjek svog korisničkog iskustva.

  • Getting inside the brain of manual therapists to understand their apoach to patient management.

  • Technology scouting is an element of technology management in which emerging technologies are identified, technology-related information is channeled into an organization, and supports the acquisition of technologies.

    This podcast is all about identifying new and emerging technologies that are shaping the way we live.

    We take a look at what is going on around this technology in aspects of key players, technology breakdown, regulation and expectations for the commercialization of these products.

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  • A talk show about iOS development, tips tricks and frequently asked interview questions and answers .

  • Interviews with various people who research, build, or use AI, including academics, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs, and more.