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  • العمل عبر الانترنت او العمل عن بعد

  • Joe Previte chats with subject matter experts from the TypeScript ecosystem to distill the theory, and practice of building and operating TypeScript systems at scale.

  • Our podcast explores how immersive technology is used in healthcare, focusing primarily on psychiatry. We speak to the companies and people behind medical XR experiences and professional researchers examining the use of this technology for patient care. We also discuss how treatment options will vary as the technology progresses and XR becomes more widely embraced by the healthcare community.


    Psychiatry XR's three hosts provide distinct perspectives of extended reality and the impact technology has on the healthcare ecosystem:


    Kim Bullock, M.D. is a practicing clinician in Behavioral Neurology, Neuropsychiatry, and Lifestyle Medicine. She is also a Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine.


    She is the Founder and Director of Stanford's Neurobehavioral Clinic and Virtual Reality & Immersive Technologies (VRIT) program and laboratory. She is also a leader and pioneer in telehealth services using XR. She's published numerous peer-reviewed articles and is a Cambridge and Oxford Press author about functional neurological disorders. 


    She currently focuses on the use and dissemination of immersive technologies for telepsychiatry and its use in the augmentation of physiotherapy, psychotherapy, and skills acquisition. She treats a multitude of illness domains, including trauma, phobias, anxiety, pain, mood disorders, and somatic symptom-related disorders. 


    Dr. Bullock also provides support and connects researchers, providers, and developers of immersive technology through the Stanford Psychiatry Immersive Technology Consortium (SPIT-C).


    Jessica Hagen is a Healthcare Reporter whose work primarily focuses on digital health innovation within the pharmaceutical, medical XR, and biotechnology industries.

    She’s covered the evolution of medical XR, how pharma companies can leverage the technology, events occurring within the industry, and what still needs to be done regarding developing widely accepted standards of evaluating virtual environments. 


    As a Project Manager and Writer, Jessica has worked with medical XR companies directly, fiction/nonfiction authors, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, international digital health magazines, and government entities.


    Faaizah Arshad is an undergraduate student at the University of California, Los Angeles. She has a deep interest in psychology, health equity, and leveraging technological innovations to improve patient outcomes.


    Thank you for choosing Psychiatry XR, and we hope you find each episode engaging and informative!

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  • The RIPE Labs Podcast delves into the ideas that matter to the people who operate the Internet. In each episode, we'll be talking to experts from all corners of the Internet community about how the work they do contributes to the good of the Internet and the challenges they face in making sure it keeps running.

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  • Home Labbers Podcast for Home Labbers. You run at-home enterprise hardware and software; you like tinkering, self-learning, self-improving, experimenting, and so on. Home labbers share their stories and if you want to get interviewed. Contact me.

  • „AUTOPRIČE“ predstavlja podkast sajta Polovni automobili. Pokrenut je sa ciljem kreiranja jedinstvenog prostora u kojem ćemo diskutovati o širokom spektru tema povezanih sa auto industrijom, kao i nastojati da pružimo korisne i zabavne informacije ljubiteljima automobila, ali i svim vozačima.
    Uz relevantne sagovornike i eksperte govorićemo o aktuelnostima iz auto industrije, zakonskim regulativama, praktičnim informacijama i savetima za vozače, ali i vanvremenskim i zabavnim temama iz oblasti automobilizma.
    Naš domaćin i voditelj je Miloš Maksimović, pasionirani ljubitelj i poznavalac automobila.

  • "Better Automation" by PROCESIO brings in the world's top experts and shares their best ideas on how to improve automation in your business, processes, workflows and lives. So that you save time, reduce costs, up skill your teams, scale up your business reliably and get the right data reporting to make superior decisions | Website:

  • “The History of Apple Products” is a podcast consisting of 10-minute episodes about the history of a certain Apple device, ranging from the iPhone 11 to the MacBook Air, there’s a lot to cover.

  • I'm obsessed with microtechnology and nanotechnology and the impact it will have on our society. In fact, this impact is not too far away. Many companies and research groups are already developing products in the “micro-nano” space, and investors are becoming more and more interested. To understand this developing field, I will research different companies, particularly startups, that are working to impact or disrupt the industries of renewable energy, medicine, biotech, sustainability, manufacturing, space exploration, and more. 

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  • Die Podcasts ergänzen und vertiefen die Inhalte, die wir in unseren Veranstaltungen behandeln. Außerdem kommen AutorInnen zu Wort, deren Fachartikel oder Fachbücher im Bank-Verlag erschienen sind.

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  • We explore the world of Product Marketing through the lens of the women who run it at some of the fastest growing technology companies in the world. Each week we sit down with Product Marketing leaders to hear their journey, lessons learned, trade secrets, and more. Hosted by Mary Sheehan, a Product Marketing leader at Adobe. Mary is passionate about instilling confidence in women who are either thinking about pursuing a career in Product Marketing or are simply looking for tangible frameworks and takeaways in their current role. Mary knows first hand and acknowledges that as a woman in leadership, it can get lonely at the top. This show will help you navigate your career and unlock your full potential in a male dominated space. Women in Product Marketing is proudly brought to you by Klue, the competitive enablement platform for all product marketers, and produced by Sharebird, the product marketing mentoring platform.

  • Blockchain podcast o budućnosti web tehnologija i njihovom uticaju na sve nas. Pokrenuo MVP Workshop 🎙

  • The Electric Power Research Institute cyber security podcast focuses on Operational Technology (OT), emerging technology, and trends in the energy sector.

  • On All About APIs, seasoned API practitioners, product leaders and architects share tangible advice on what it takes to successfully design, launch and maintain APIs that unlock new growth opportunities.

    From new API-enabled growth opportunities, through developer experience, collaborative design, governance, to architectural and security best practices, you’ll walk away with practical takeaways about all things API.

  • Welcome to Not a JPEG - a podcast for creators and entrepreneurs building and innovating within NFTs and Web3.

    Every week, join Katarina and Michael as they explore everyday sectors of modern society and how NFTs will revolutionize the way we start, scale and sell businesses. Featuring traditional sector specific experts, Web3 leaders, and our own homegrown research, join us each week as we creatively apply NFT’s and blockchain technology to the problems of the world we know.

  • Informal conversations led by STRV co-founder and CEO Lubo Smid with people behind next-level ideas, products and technology changing the world around us.

  • Podcast o sutrašnjici. O tehnologiji i društvu razgovaraju Aleksandar Miladinović i Ivan Jelić.

  • Dvadeset Jedan je bitcoin podcast za Ex Yu.
    Bitcoin Srbija, Hrvatska, Bosna i Hercegovina, Makedonija, Crna Gora.

  • The Average to Elite podcast teaches both recreational and elite athletes how to perform at their best when it matters the most. This show covers a wide range of performance enhancing topics to educate and empower both athletes and strength & conditioning coaches from a variety of sports; rugby, football, cycling, running, triathlons, ultra-endurance, boxing, MMA and more...

  • The official podcast of the Web3 Delight conference