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  • Miten tekoäly muuttaa työtä ja elämää? Tivin ja CGI:n yhteinen Älykästä tekoa -podcast etsii toisenlaisia näkökulmia tekoälykeskusteluun. Juontaja Lotta Backlundin vieraana kuullaan rohkeita tekoälyn edelläkävijöitä eri toimialoilta.

  • Tivi aloittaa uuden podcast-sarjan Biteistä bisnestä, joka kertoo, miten it-alan menestystarinat syntyivät.
    Tässä podcastissa yrittäjät ja johtajat muistelevat, mistä tarinat saivat alkunsa, mitä vaikeuksia kohdattiin ja miten niistä selvittiin.

  • Teaching Buildertrend users how to simplify complex business processes with tech.

  • Drip provides insights and tips on what's currently significant in the media. It is a six-part podcast series that is part of the concept.

    The series discusses the importance of data and why a better customer experience is the key to success. Ritva Leino and Sami Kallinen interview domestic and international experts. The episodes are either in Finnish or English.

    Drip tarjoaa oivalluksia ja vinkkejรค siihen mikรค mediassa on nyt merkityksellistรค. Se on kuusiosainen podcastsarja, joka liittyy -kokonaisuuteen.

    Sarjassa keskustellaan siitรค, mikรค on datan merkitys ja miksi parempi asiakaskokemus on avain menestykseen. Ritva Leino ja Sami Kallinen haastattelevat koti- ja ulkomaisia asiantuntijoita. Sarjan jaksot ovat joko suomeksi tai englanniksi.


    Ritva Leino

    Sami Kallinen
    @[email protected]

    Karri Niinivaara made the final tweaks to the recordings.

    This podcast is a part of the project by, commissioned by the Media Industry Research Foundation of Finland:

  • AI Named This Show is a weekly AI-focused tech show. Join longtime friends and tech media veterans Tasia Custode and Tristan Jutras as they dive into the AI abyss, unraveling the complexities of artificial intelligence. They cover everything from groundbreaking AI news to the practical applications โ€” and societal implications โ€” of large language models, machine learning, deep learning, generative AI and more.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Standard Notes is the end-to-end encrypted note-taking app that keeps all of your stuff safe. 

    In every episode, we chat to the team behind the app about the world of security, privacy and encryption and field questions from the Standard Notes community.

  • Welcome to Copilot Connection, the podcast that explores the world of Microsoft Copilots! Join your hosts, Zoe Wilson and Kevin McDonnell, as they take you on a journey through the different Copilots available and how they can help you in your day-to-day life. From the newly launch date announced Microsoft 365 Copilot to the Dynamics 365, GitHub, Windows, Custom and more Copilots, we'll cover it all. Our upbeat and engaging conversations with experts in the field will keep you entertained and informed. Tune in to Copilot Connection and discover how these AI-powered assistants can transform the way you work!

    Want to be interviewed for the show? Sign up at The Copilot Connection: Call for Speakers @

  • Autoilu on sekoitus järkeä ja tunnetta. Niin myös Autoradio, Iltalehden autotoimituksen podcast kaikille, ketkä rakastavat autoja tai haluavat vain varmistaa, että tekevät autoilunsa kanssa järkeviä ratkaisuja.

  • RO: Acest podcast este despre poveศ™tile nespuse din IT-ul românesc (ศ™i nu numai).
    EN: This podcast is about the untold stories of Romanian's (and elsewhere) IT.

  • Avaus is the Nordic leader in helping companies in a wide range of industries turn their customer data into business results. We improve marketing and sales performance using data and automation - all while pushing you out of your comfort zone.

    In this podcast we would like to share some of what we have picked up over the years - as well as what we think about the future. Listen in for interviews, business updates and much more. For more information visit:

  • Julkishallinnon kehittämistä säätelee aimo annos erilaisia rajoittavia tekijöitä, sekä pilkahdus politiikkaa. Viime aikoina erityisesti ICT-maailman nopea kehitystahti ja vahvasti säädelty julkinen sektori ovat olleet törmäyskurssilla. Liian vilkas valtiolle -podcastissa käsitellään yhdessä sekä julkisen että yksityissektorin asiantuntijoiden kanssa sitä, miten yhteensovittaa hurjalla vauhdilla etenevä IT-ala hieman hitaammin kääntyvän julkisensektorin kanssa. Teknisen jargonin sijasta podcast pyrkii lisäämään kuulijoiden tietoisuutta ja tarjoamaan käytännön vinkkejä kehittämiseen.

  • "Welcome to The Prompt Lair, a thought-provoking and enlightening podcast dedicated to the exploration of prompt engineering and artificial intelligence. Each week, we delve into the fascinating world of AI, showcasing its capabilities, and deciphering its complexities. We take you on an intriguing journey, presenting various prompts and exploring how these instructions can produce unexpected, insightful, and even amusing responses from AI models.
    Through engaging conversations with leading experts, real-time demonstrations, and enlightening discussions, we unravel how prompt engineering forms the backbone of AI conversation design. From dissecting the effectiveness of different prompt types to exploring the latest trends in the field, 'The Den of Prompts' promises to deliver a comprehensive understanding of this burgeoning aspect of artificial intelligence.
    Whether you're an AI enthusiast, a tech professional, or just a curious mind, 'The Den of Prompts' is your go-to source for intriguing insights and in-depth knowledge about the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence. Join us as we step into the AI's thought process, one prompt at a time!"

  • Το podcast του Tzeza Tech, στο οποฮฏο ο Μιχฮฌλης ΤζεζαฯŠρλฮฏδης, αναλฯει, εξηγεฮฏ και μοιρฮฌζεται μαζฮฏ σας, ιδεฮญς και σκฮญψεις σχετικฮญς με την τεχνολογฮฏα, αλλฮฌ και για θฮญματα της καθημερινฯŒτητας.

  • Enterprise architecture can be perceived as a complex, exhaustive, and high mountain, which is difficult to be climbed. Besides, only a few have succeeded in reaching the summit. We, the Alpinists of Enterprise Architecture, take you on a journey to better understand relevant and recent topics in this area. Our objective is to ensure that you don’t get distracted by all the buzzwords on your way to the top.

  • Uncanny stories written and narrated by AI, curated by complicit humans.

  • The AI For All Podcast is your all-in-one podcast for all things enterprise AI. Hosted by Ryan Chacon and the AI Advisor to the United Nations, Neil Sahota, the podcast brings together a wide range of perspectives on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data science, and robotics. Hear from AI companies about their latest advancements, learn from experts in the field including researchers, academics, and industry leaders, and encounter unique perspectives from artists, philosophers, and entrepreneurs.

  • Yet Another Infra Deep Dive brings you insightful and thought-provoking discussions on the world of infrastructure software. Our hosts, Ian Livingstone, a tech advisor for Snyk, and Tim Chen, a General Partner at Essence VC, team up with a rotating cast of guests to dive deep into the latest trends and hot topics in the YAIG community (

    With a focus on delivering actionable and informative content, the YAID podcast is perfect for infra enthusiasts looking to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in their field. So if you're passionate about infrastructure software and want

  • Above and Beyond is a podcast for engineering savvy leaders who value the critical role of evolving technology in modern aerospace defense. Each episode deals with how this technology is impacting the operational environment, always staying current with the latest technical advancements.

    If you rely on this technology to always go above and beyond in your missions, youโ€™ve come to the right place!

  • Formerly a call-in-show, today Mac OS Ken: Live is Ken taking to YouTube, talking to people who turn up - Monday - Friday at 3:30PM Pacific/6:30PM Eastern. Catch him live on his YouTube channel - - or catch the daily audio here!