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  • Dokumentära berättelser från skaparen av Rättegångspodden.

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  • This companion podcast to Dara Horn’s new book People Love Dead Jews takes listeners beyond the book to some of the strangest corners of Jewish history, exploring how the popular mania for dead Jews warps our understanding of both past and present.
    In this series, you’ll meet flamboyantly gay Civil War Jewish spies, Japanese “Jewish specialists” trying to build their own Jewish state, genius Victorian identical twins and genius Lubavitcher identical twins, American and Soviet Jewish moviemakers hoping to become Hebrew prophets, adorable imaginary Jewish children, and a very righteous Tyrannosaurus Rex.
    With these strange, dark, hilarious, and fascinating stories, Dara Horn guides listeners through the outsized role that dead Jews play in other people’s imaginations— and sometimes still play in ours. Join us on our Adventures with Dead Jews!

  • We go behind the scenes to explain exactly how, why and when the NFL’s biggest events, rules and unique concepts came to be. 

  • Driven by a pandemic unprecedented in our lifetimes —a virus that has killed our neighbors, our friends, our families—we are witnesses to the massive international effort to create COVID-19 vaccines and get shots in arms. The vaccines were developed in record time, but they evolved from centuries of experimentation and science. “LONG SHOT: THE 250-YEAR JOURNEY TO THE COVID-19 VACCINES” travels back in time to the long-forgotten first inoculators and connects them to the research, methods, and people behind today's vaccines.

  • Kumpulan cerita biografi public figure dan tokoh penting yg popular. Serta cerita kasus-kasus unik dari seluruh dunia yang menarik untuk didengar.

  • I love listening to rescue stories. From the simple standard medevac to the dark and stormy night rescues, they are entertaining and fun to listen to. The Real ResQ Podcast tells the stories of those of us that put our lives on the line everyday. I have been in Search and Rescue for over twenty years, worked in seven different countries and flown on eleven different helicopters. I've completed rescues in the ocean, on vessels and platforms, in the mountains, the woods, and more. I have worked, and trained, and met some amazing people from around the world. They have the same passion for search and rescue as I do. Here, we go behind the scenes of these amazing rescues. We get an inside look and listen to all the good and the bad of these everyday heroes. We hope that you enjoy these stories as much as we do.

    “So Others May Live”

  • Welcome to Tea on History! Join Elizabeth and listen to stories of bygone eras - the scandalous, dramatic, and sometimes tragic tales of our world’s greatest ancestors. From beheaded queens, to nocturnal kings, to outcast poets... it's time to spill the Tea On History!Have a request? Email me at Follow on Instagram: @teaonhistoryCheck out the blog: Support this podcast:

  • Cut Pathways, a podcast developed by the Oral History Program at Carnegie Mellon University, showcases different pathways students and faculty take to navigate their experiences in higher education. This podcast draws on the Oral History Program’s growing archive of oral histories to take an honest look at higher education, exploring themes of culture, equality, and access to education, as well as catalytic points of personal growth, technological innovation, and creative development. Each recorded history is full of funny anecdotes, follies, triumphs, hidden connections, and, occasionally, in-the-moment realizations. Cut Pathways is hosted by Katherine Barbera and David Bernabo.

  • In an effort to keep moving forward, within the new parameters of COVID-19, the Byzantine Studies Program at Dumbarton Oaks has devised virtual encounters with scholars that will inform, entertain, and challenge the Byzantine scholarly community and colleagues in the Arts and the Humanities more broadly.

  • Toista maata on Kansallismuseon podcast, joka kääntää Suomen historian uuteen asentoon. Podcastissa liikutaan aikajanalla menneestä nykyisyyteen, vähän tulevassakin, ja kuhunkin teemaan päästään Kansallismuseon uudessa Toista maata -näyttelyssä esillä olevan kokoelmaesineen kautta.
    Podcastin toimittaja-juontajana toimii Matti Johannes Koivu, ja vieraina kussakin jaksossa Matin kanssa teemasta keskustelevat kaksi aiheeseen vihkiytynyttä: tutkijoita, kirjailijoita, harrastajia, innostujia. Tuotannosta vastaavat Suomen kansallismuseo ja Jaksomedia.
    Lue lisää podin esineistä ja vieraista verkossa, kuule uusimmat museon kuulumiset Instagramissa @kansallismuseo, ja tule vierailulle paikan päälle! 
    Historia on tässä!

  • I got curious about African history and did some research, please listen to get educated on inspiring people and ancient civilizations..

  • One topic, Across the Ages. Each episode delves into the history of a chosen subject, spanning from way back when, all the way up to some time ago.

  • ”Det var” – historia och historier från Grankulla

    Grankulla stads kulturtjänster har producerat en dokumentärpodd om ortens Grankullas historia berättad av kulturråd och mångåriga kultursekreteraren Clara Palmgren i samtal med stadens kulturproducent Cecilia McMullen.

    Poddens fokus ligger på lokalhistoria och historier och perspektivet är Clara Palmgrens. I de fem olika avsnitten rör vi oss från grundandet av Grankulla 1906, via utbildning, litteratur och konst till lokal identitet och nutid. Historierna berättas i avslappnad, men inspirerande stil, i samtal över en kopp kaffe.

  • Fate of Fact is a presentation of Shining City Audio, a C13Originals and Jon Meacham studio. Throughout the course of five episodes in season one of this audio documentary, Pulitzer-Prize winning and best-selling historian, Jon Meacham and esteemed guests, will explore the question of how fear conquered truth, the history and origins of the strong grip misinformation and disinformation have on our politics, and how we got here today. Meacham will trace the roots of America’s prevailing culture of polarization, with an emphasis on why the right has chosen to break with a governing consensus that, however imperfect, was once embodied by the figurative conversation between Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. Fate of Fact offers a historically grounded perspective on the forces that led to the presidency of Donald Trump and the insurrection of January 6—an attack on the Capitol and on democracy as grave as any American moment since the Civil War.

  • New bi-weekly podcast centered on New England crime stories, regional history, empathy for victims & families - Things that happened here. Hosted by Boston radio personality @Anngelle Wood, each episode walks you through a local crime story, the people and places involved in that story, and unravels the details of what happened | Listen on all podcast platforms + Youtube | Follow + subscribe: @crimeofthetruestkind | Online: | Contact Anngelle: | #newenglandcrimestories | #truecrime | #podcast | #ihearttruecrime

  • Into Kustannuksen kirjapodcastissa kirjailijat, kääntäjät ja asiantuntijat keskustelevat teemoista teosten taustalla. Sarjan ensimmäinen kausi käsittelee tuoretta suomenkielistä Venäjä-aiheista kirjallisuutta.

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  • Exploring the stories of the Old Testament from the perspective of the writers and audience, immersing ourselves in ancient history and contrasting the original Hebrew text and the King James version.

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  • Hate Oppression or Depart. This is a podcast that informs others on the social injustice African Americans have faced throughout history leading to our present world.