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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • Most true crime covers the past hundred years of recorded history. We cover the rest of it. From murderous knights and pirate kings to ancient Chinese forensic investigators and the Renaissance's literal fashion police, our episodic podcast dives deep into the historical characters and events that make up some of the greatest crimes the world has ever seen — and certainly not found in your textbooks. For more information visit

  • In this podcast, we examine the rich historical roots and contemporary developments of scientific practice and related disciplines in Africa. Often misconstrued as outside the history of science, scholars and science practitioners alike have sought to demonstrate the vitality of science in Africa, and this podcast aims to share these critical perspectives with a wider audience. While each episode is unique, common threads of discussion are: research methods, discourses of health and science, varying understandings of health and scientific inquiry, and the ways that the social and scientific are intertwined. The podcast is aimed at students and scholars of African studies, as well as casual listeners who are interested in learning about science, technology, and healthcare on the continent. We interview historians, social scientists, and practitioners of medicine and science who have published work on a variety of topics including epidemics, pharmaceuticals, food security, and environmental change. Each episode features a different guest, and takes one of the interviewee’s publications as a jumping off point for discussion. Suggested reading is mentioned at the beginning of each episode and listed on the website, but the conversation will not be lost on listeners who have not read. A complete transcript is available for download on the website, along with references to other works that we make in the podcast. Episodes will be released on the last Friday of each month.

  • We propose to create a series of podcast episodes, to accompany, as an audio-guide, the upcoming exhibit "Science, Nature and Beauty: Harmony and Cosmological Perspectives in Islamic Science," which is set to open on October 18th in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library. In total, there are eleven windows, and hence eleven “episodes.”

  • This podcast tells the story of the Bride of Christ cult that operated in the United States from the late 1970’s to 2000.It began as a conservative Christian church in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ran by pastor Thomas Clyde Smith Jr. A man guilty of incest and rape, who, upon finding his faith while in a mental institution, began having visions that led him to believe he was a prophet being called by God to start “the true church”. What could go wrong…Email us at [email protected] at Upstair Studio

  • Explore some of the most powerful ideas, tensions, and political struggles that shaped the modern world.

  • History Analyzed is a podcast which investigates both history's biggest moments and best kept secrets. Your host, Mark Palmer, draws upon a history degree from the University of Notre Dame and literal decades of informal study. He explains not only what happened, but also why and how historical events occurred. At times, he examines how these events have shaped the present and continue to affect us today.

  • The Land Before Podcast explores fossil histories and paleo mysteries from Dinosaur Ridge, sites around Colorado, the United States, and everywhere on Earth where the remains of dinosaurs and prehistoric life is found. In 2022, a group of Dinosaur Ridge staff members teamed up to create this podcast to connect with dinosaur enthusiasts, those interested in paleontology, geology, ichnology, natural resource preservation, STEM education, natural history, and new fossil discoveries.

    Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, Colorado is North America’s #1 rated dinosaur tracksite, according to an esteemed panel of paleontologists. More than 250,000 visitors from around the world visited the site in 2021 to see the tracks, ancient seaway ripple marks, trace fossils and dinosaur bones embedded in the Jurassic and Cretaceous rock of the Dakota hogback.

    Since 1989, the nonprofit group Friends of Dinosaur Ridge has been providing educational tours and other visitor services including camps for kids, while working to ensure preservation of the dinosaur tracks and fossils set in the Ridge just east of the iconic Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre outdoor concert venue. Dinosaur Ridge is part of the Morrison-Golden Fossil Areas National Natural Landmark, a subunit of the National Park System.

    In this podcast series, our own network of experts share their knowledge and interpretations, explore the issues and challenges impacting the field, do some myth-busting, and of course celebrate the fun stuff from fresh fossil finds to dinosaur movies, dinosaur art, and the stories told in popular culture that continue to fuel human fascination with life on the planet from long before our time.

    Please visit the website to learn more about Dinosaur Ridge, and how you can get involved.

  • This is a podcast about the goodness of G-d, and how to believe and receive the goodness of G-d from his Holy Word. G-d's Holy Word is his gift to us, because we are his creation. None of us are an accident. Your life is very important to G-d. You are not an orphan, you are not abandoned. You are one of G-d's children, and he has you in the palm of his hand. Regardless of your circumstances, you are loved.


    Lesley Sullivan

  • New York City, 1973. Bob Guccione, founder of the menโ€™s magazine Penthouse, is about to drop his latest project, and itโ€™s not quite what anyone is expecting. Enter Viva, an erotic magazine for women published by a porn king but staffed by โ€“ drumroll โ€“ a bunch of feminist writers and editors. Viva features groundbreaking full-frontal male nudes, writing by feminist icons like Betty Friedan, and profiles of literary legends like Maya Angelou. Its cover stars include Bianca Jagger and Shelley Duvall. Anna Wintour is even Vivaโ€™s fashion editor at one point. But what is originally conceived as a high-end, progressive, sexual utopia for womenโ€ฆ doesn't quite turn out that way.

    Stiffed is an Original Series from Crooked Media and iHeartPodcasts.

  • Here is were you will find The Hidden History Of Texas podcast. The episodes cover Texas history from the earliest days of Indigenous peoples to Spanish exploration, control by Mexico, the Anglo’s take over, Texas becomes part of the U.S., the confederates move in, and back to the U.S. The audio files are accurate and try to tell the story as best as they can from all sides of the issues. The hidden history of Texas is a history replete with heroes and villains of all sorts. There were good and bad people throughout Texas history, just as there were throughout world history.

  • Join us on a tour through the history of the West’s water systems and major rivers, as we navigate the challenges of drought and water-scarcity facing the region. We’ll also explore Trout Unlimited’s leadership in finding innovative solutions to long-standing problems.

  • The human-centred story is killing us. Our disregard for nature has not only made us less safe and less capable of sustaining a healthy environment, but also more miserable and existentially isolated. Join Erik Jampa Andersson, author of the upcoming book 'Unseen Beings: How We Forgot the World is More than Human' (Hay House, 2023), on a fascinating journey of natural recovery, recovering the lost threads of our enchantment to come to a deeper sense of embodied relationship with the more-than-human world.

  • Like history? Love museums? Curator's Choice is an interview-style podcast with each episode featuring a new museum and the history of two extraordinary artifacts/exhibits housed there. A new episode is posted every first and third Tuesday of the month.

  • Torture. Execution. Death. Listen as two die-hard fans chat about some of history's most gruesome death sentences. From famous queens and kings to the uncommon names in history, no conviction will be left untouched. Try not to lose your head over this comical approach to the shocking and disturbing stories of treason and crime (whether found guilty or not).

  • A paranormal podcast about the highly strange and weirdly unknown. Join us on our queer adventures as we explore the people, places, and phenomena, outside popular consciousness. 

  • With thanks to the Western Bulldogs Past Players & Officials Association, the Two Dogs Podcast features some of the club's greats recounting their glory days at the Whitten Oval.

    Presented by Kevin Hillier