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  • Meeting in the Middle Ages is the Medieval Institute of Notre Dame's podcast. Our goal is to answer the questions "what do medievalists do, and how do they do it?" Episodes—a new one each month—are built around informal conversations between our hosts, Ben and Will, and medievalist scholars and graduate students. We discuss how they became medievalists, what led them to their current research, the resources they use, and how they use them.

  • Bio; Born, on what we know to be the month of June, on the 24th, 1978. Everyone that knows her, knows she was made to talk! 🤣 All you have to do is check some of the posts made available on her social media pages. You will see posts on love, faith, religion VS non-religion, marriage,...ect Now you can hear about all about it after home, in your car, wherever you are, you can listen on the go. These segments will definitely give you one to grow on.

  • In this podcast we will explore pivotal moments throughout history that have shaped our modern world. We'll take a dive into historical battles, figures and other events that were, unknowingly at the time, at historical cross roads. We'll speculate on how these characters and events, had they played out differently, could have starkly changed the world we recognize today.

  • Gary Richied and Charlie Westerman preview their book -- A Twisted History of the United States -- and comment on other historical/current events through the lens of freedom.

  • Examine world events and your daily life through the mind of a fighter pilot. These episodes answer your questions harnessing my experiences in 25 years of flying fighter jets, and my PhD in History, Strategy, and Policy

  • Mother Teresa, Dr. Seuss, Gandhi. Is it possible these enlightened historical figures were total scumbags? That's what we try to decide in Scumbags of History, where we pick through the dirty underwear pile of lesser-known facts about some of the famous people society has put on a pedestal. Hosted by confirmed scumbags, comedians Brittany Schmitt and Mateen Stewart, Scumbags Of History is a thoroughly disreputable history lesson on the people you thought you knew from history. Episodes on Frank Sinatra, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, James Brown, Charlie Chaplin, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Picasso, and more figures from history, released weekly. You can find clips of the show on TikTok @wisecrackofficial or @scumbags.of.history, see full episodes on YouTube @ScumbagsOfHistory and follow Brittany (@BrittanySchmitt) and Mateen (@MateenStewart) on Instagram.

  • Welcome to Bloodstained, a captivating podcast that invites you to explore the intriguing intersection of history and true crime. Our show takes a thematic approach to unraveling historical events, offering a fresh perspective that goes beyond the linear narrative.

    What sets Bloodstained apart is the commitment to decontextualizing world history. By examining it through the lens of true crime, we seek to find new meanings and understandings, challenging established narratives and presenting history in a way that resonates with contemporary minds.

    Join me for a thought-provoking journey where each episode peels back layers of history, exposing the intricacies of the past. Bloodstained is more than a podcast; it's an immersive experience that connects you with the human side of historical events.

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  • "Unveiling the Shadows" is a captivating podcast series that explores the mysterious and often chilling world of cults. Each episode focuses on a different notorious cult, from the Manson Family to Heaven's Gate, providing listeners with in-depth insights into their ideologies, leaders, and legacies.Through expert interviews, survivor testimonies, and thorough research, the series sheds light on the motivations behind cult membership, their operational methods, and the profound impact they have on individuals and society.With a compelling blend of storytelling and analysis, "Unveiling the Shadows" offers listeners a thought-provoking exploration of human behavior, power dynamics, and the consequences of belief. Join us on a journey into the heart of darkness as we uncover the secrets of cults around the world.

  • Razumeti čelično prijateljstvo je podkast Novog magazina koji će se kroz dvanest epizoda baviti temom saradnje Sribije i Kine. Kroz razgovore sa eminentnim stručnjacima Novi magazin namerava da predstavi različita gledišta i omogući razumevanje teme na pravi način.

    Domaćin podkasta je Stefan Vladistavljev

    Podkast je urađen uz podršku Ambasade SAD u Beogradu

    Understanding the Steel Friendship is Novi magazine's podcast. Throughout twelve episodes this podcast will deal with the issue of cooperation between Serbia and China. The podcast intends to present diverse perspectives and well-informed insights by inviting relevant experts in the field.

    Stefan Vladistavljev is the podcast host

    This podcast is supported by the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade

  • Who doesn’t like petty texts, celebrity gossip, dating advice, spicy song lyrics, or controversial opinions? Now imagine all that... but it’s historical. In this podcast we’ll be reading some juicy historical letters, diaries, articles and other piping hot tea. So get yourself something to drink and let’s jump into TEXTORY.

    Hosted by Karolina Żebrowska

  • Listen to 'John Buchan Unbound', hosted by Buchan's granddaughter and biographer, Ursula Buchan, and historian Michael Redley. Explore the depths of John Buchan's world through the eyes of his characters and the lens of history. Listen in for a unique journey into a literary icon's legacy.

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  • Tko je i kada nešto otkrio i tko je i kada ta otkrića ukrao? Kako nastaju i kako nestaju civilizacije? Što više pokreće ljude: nada i ljubav ili sila i strah? Jesu li velikani uistinu tako veliki i jesu li negativci uvijek samo negativni? Kako se stvaraju urote i kako propadaju države?

  • HistoryCast otkriva priče iza istorijskih činjenica, upoznaje ljude iza istorijskih likova i nalazi život iza istorijskih datuma.

  • Islam on the Edges with Ermin Sinanović features conversations on global Islam, highlighting themes and experiences from the geographical and other edges of Muslim thought and life. It presents Islam as a truly global religion that is not rooted in one particular region or ethnicity. As such, it spotlights thematic discussions with Muslim scholars and activists from all over the world.
    As a concept, Islam on the Edges is both poly-centric and non-centric. It invites us to think of multiple centers of Muslim culture and religious experience, each equally important and constitutive of what makes Islam a global presence. In its poly-centric nature, Islam on the Edges imparts a non-centric understanding of the Muslim religion. It asserts that any one center or region is not more important to the understanding of global Islam than another. This podcast looks at Islam on the Edges as history, theology, memory, and culture.

    Islam on the Edges is a part of the Maydan Podcast and made possible by a generous grant from Henry Luce Foundation.

  • In our podcast we are going to talk about halloween day our episode will cover topic such as : Ancient Origins of Halloween, History of Trick-or-Treating, Halloween Parties.

  • Looking for help or inspiration on your mysterious and winding path into spirituality and witchcraft? On each episode, host Michael Moorcroft explores a topic to help you on your journey. From sex magic, to ouija boards, to deadly nightshade - nothing is off the table.

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