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  • Anything and everything to do with the production, consumption, and appreciation of everyone's favorite lunchtime fruit.

  • Šta je to pravi muškarac? Koje osobine treba da ima? Kako se pojam muškosti menjao kroz vreme? Koji modeli muškosti postoje danas i koliko se razlikuju od nekih ranijih? Zašto muškarci žive pet godina kraće od žena? Zašto mnogo manje vode računa o svom zdravlju? Zašto su u ogromnoj većini slučajeva počinioci krivičnih dela, ali i žrtve? Zašto manje učestvuju u odgoju dece i porodičnom životu? Da li i dalje važi izreka "dečaci ne plaču"? Šta znači rodna ravnopravnost za muškarce, a šta za žene?

  • Herzlich willkommen zu lasch not least, dem zeitwörtlichen Podcast. Ich bin Alexander Lasch, Professor für germanistische Linguistik und Sprachgeschichte an der Technischen Universität Dresden, und hoste hier, stellvertretend, Inhalte, die Studierende im Rahmen von Lehrveranstaltungen für Ihre Kommiliton:innen produziert haben. Der Podcast ist ein echtes Gemeinschaftsprojekt – das geht beim Titel los, über die Auswahl des Introtitels "Hotshot" von Scott Holmes (CC BY via FMA) bis hin zum Cover weiter. Sie können sich hier nicht nur in linguistische Themen einhören, sondern auch Anregungen für die Produktion eigener Podcasts mitnehmen. Denn dieser Cast dient gerade auch dem Einüben in eine solche digitale Präsentationsform.

  • Reporting on power and politics from the capital of global health. Welcome to Geneva Health Files


  • You literally have within you a Top Secret Quantum Alien-GØD taking you on a journey traversing your own personal multidimensional multiverse. In higher dimensions, everything falls into place, working together for the good of you and yours, and nothing bad can happen as you create your own reality! It's all about unending building of purenergy™ and vibration frequency. Higher dimension vibration is a better and superpowerful immortal life!

    This is your portal to higher dimensions: a simplified how-to process of building energy and life-dimension to achieve miracles everyday, immortality, and power to create a new life and super relationships.

    This is the first and only podcast (and website) of its kind, providing a very rich, revolutionary repository of knowledge about how to restore Your Power deliberately hidden from you. The-Powers-That-Be have been keeping this top secret for thousands of years, but I am the one-in-eight-billion who finally discovered it ALL over 30 years. Please join me here and at www.portal2godimensions.com.

  • Batteries are everywhere. Let's understand them better.

    Join us each week as we discuss why we like batteries and learn more about the growing power of batteries around you each day.

  • Neville Lancelot Goddard, generally known as Neville, was an American author who wrote on the Bible, mysticism, and self-help.

  • It's time to Ditch The Quick Fix!

    Are you suffering from chronic illness, pain, and tired of needing the quick fix of a cocktail of medications to get through each day?

    This podcast is here to show you a path to better health without the dependency on conventional medicine or other “quick fixes”.

    If you're ready to Ditch The Quick Fix, head over to:

  • Dans ce podcast, Léa et Clémentine s’interrogent sur les réseaux sociaux, qui constituent aujourd’hui des outils de production de contenus militants. Iels se demandent dans quelles mesures ces outils numériques peuvent-ils représenter une alternative aux médias traditionnels (presse écrite, télévision, radios…), permettre aux militant.e.s féministes de s’en affranchir, et de (ré)inventer leur propres modes d’action et de participation à la sphère politique? Pour y répondre, on vous a préparé 4 mini épisodes...

    petit teaser: dans ce podcast vous entendrez des extraits de nos interviews avec Marie-Noëlle Bas, présidente de l’asso chienne de garde et Elvire Duvelle-Charles, co-fondatrice de Clit-revolution.

    Ce travail a été réalisé dans le cadre d'études de Culture Digitale à Sciences Po Paris en Décembre 2020 par Clémentine Mathieu et Léa Pisu.

    Voir Acast.com/privacy pour les informations sur la vie privée et l'opt-out.

  • Storytelling is one of the oldest art forms. As a species, it has allowed us to grow into the messy, beautiful, complicated animals that we are. My hope for this podcast is to be able to share human stories about the environmental crisis in hopes that we are able to better see ourselves reflected within these complex issues.

    Hear the stories. Share the stories. Change the world.

  • National parks have a primary commitment to protect and preserve the environment. Tune in to learn more about initiatives that have been undertaken by the National Parks Service to ensure natural resource conservation.

  • Learn everything from the basics to the most complex concepts of Astrophysics in less than three minutes an episode! Astronomy simplified, compressed, touched up, and served right to your ears and mind. Find my blogs, socials, and contact information at linktr.ee/ShouryaShrivastava

  • Podcast u Knjižnici nova je mrežno dostupna knjižnična usluga kojom se promovira bogati fond društveno-humanističkih znanosti Knjižnice Božidara Adžije. Razgovore vodimo s poznatim i javnim ličnostima iz različitih područja kulture i znanosti, nastojeći promicati i razvijati kulturu čitanja, a Knjižnicu Božidara Adžije pozicionirati kao modernu, inovativnu i učinkovitu ustanovu koja svojim širenjem i nadogradnjom usluga pridonosi podizanju zadovoljstva korisnika Knjižnica grada Zagreba.

  • In this six-part podcast series, we showcase stories of refugees as they adjust to their new lives in Virginia. These personal stories are woven together with useful teaching moments about the resettlement process. Season one will consist of six thematic episodes, which aim to bring the listener into the daily lives of refugees through field interviews (at home, work and school), personally-recorded audio diaries and reflective studio interviews.Hosted by Ahmed Badr, a writer, social entrepreneur, poet, and former Iraqi refugee working at the intersection of creativity, displacement, and youth empowerment. On July 25th, 2006, Ahmed's home in Baghdad was bombed by militia troops. He and his family relocated to Syria as refugees before receiving approval to move to the United States. Ahmed is the founder of Narratio, a platform for youth empowerment publishing artwork from around the globe. In the last three years, these storytelling initiatives have reached over 20 million people across the world. In September of 2018, Ahmed was selected as one of 17 UN Young Leaders by the Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth.Visit vpm.org/resettled for more information and additional content.

  • Predsjednik i potpredsjednik Studentskog zbora Filozofskog fakulteta u Rijeci, Filip Pjerobon i Adrijan Štivić, međusobno i sa svojim gostima otvaraju teme važne za studentski život, kontekstualiziraju društveno-političke aktualnosti te razgovaraju o bezvremenskim temama iz raznih područja znanosti i kulture. Adrijan Štivić i Filip Pjerobon vole potragu za znanjem, izazovne debate te se zalažu za pluralizam, demokraciju i ljudska prava. VAŽNO! - Stavovi i mišljenja izgovorena u podcastu nisu nužno stavovi Studentskog zbora FFRI niti ostalih viših instanci.

  • The UFOs of Oz podcast provides listeners expert commentary and interviews on the UFO/UAP phenomenon overseas and in Australia. Host Brett Moffatt and his guests will expand your knowledge and awareness of the latest research and developments as they happen. Unidentified aerial phenomena have swept the globe capturing the imaginations and attention of world powers, the military, scientists, and popular culture. Join us as we dissect the facts from the fiction in this compelling offering into the world of UFOs/UAPs, in Australia and across the globe.

  • Podcast produced by Rethinking Economics Italia. Every two weeks, we discuss a subject relating to Economics and question the common understanding of that subject. Our episodes take the formats of either interviews with Academic and professional experts or short stories we call "I want to know".

  • „Sociološki razgovori“ su emisija Instituta za sociološka istraživanja Filozofskog fakulteta Univerziteta u Beogradu. Naša ideja je da otvorimo javni prostor za glas stručnjaka iz oblasti društvenih i humanističkih nauka, kao i umetnosti.. Smatramo da ih u medijima nema dovoljno, i pokušavamo da odgovorimo na pitanje zašto je to tako. Ujedno, želimo da stvorimo mesto gde će društveno orijentisani naučnici i umetnici moći da predstave svoja istraživanja, rad i inspiracije, kao i da korišćenjem teorijskih koncepata, kreativnog stvaralaštva, ili sopstvenim biografijama, osvetle različite fenomene

  • Frustracija nad percipiranom nesposobnošću da se utiče na bilo kakvu promenu u društvu, dovodi mlade ljude, a i ljude generalno, u stanje totalne apatije oko zajedničkih problema i fokusiranje na banalnu svakodnevnicu. Ali ne treba da bude tako.
    Podkast PODmladina se bavi pitanjima mladih, ali i njihovim pogledima na probleme koje muče celo društvo. Jedino uključivanjem mladih u diskurs o javnim pitanjima, možemo naći rešenja koja će zaista svima pomoći.