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  • Contenta Biznis Priče je podcast za vlasnice malih biznisa koje žele graditi autentičan biznis i ostvariti velike ciljeve. Na pravom si mjestu ako ti trebaju konkretni savjeti o sadržajnom marketingu i autentičnoj prodaji koje u svom biznisu možeš primjeniti već danas. Ja sam Ana Marić, poslovna savjetnica, koja svoje 16 godišnje iskustvo na vodećim pozicijama u korporativnoj prodaji i marketingu, kao i radu s poduzetnicama poput tebe, koristi kako bi te naučila da prodaja i marketing mogu biti autentični, zabavni i laki, a ujedno donositi rezultate tvom (online) biznisu.

  • They may be different, but they share one thing that drives them daily- living and inspiring others to live a life of meaning and purpose. Brett and Paolo will find that spark of joy that will turn around your and day help you get out of your own way.Tell Me Something Good is grounded by their experiences as parents and entrepreneurs (fitness, wellness & music) just trying to live their best lives and educate others on how to live a life of purpose, on their own terms.Take a deep dive with the duo as they (and guests) discuss wellness, lifestyle trends, relationships and much, much more!

  • In this Podcast I will be talking about personal experiences that are relatable to many different life situations we experience as human beings and that knock us off our center but that are incredible doors to bring us back to alignment with our power. My intention is to lovingly reflect on the many ways we have lost our center and together walk us back to the way of our heart.

  • Sve na ovom svetu sastoji se od energije i svaka energija vibrira na određenoj frekvenciji, a upravo jedna od frekvencija isceljivanja jeste frekvencija ljubavi poznata i kao 528HZ. Neki kažu da je ova frekvencija toliko jaka da može popraviti oštećenja na DNK svakog živog bića. Mi to ne znamo, ali jedno je sigurno - ova frekvencija je upravo ono što je spojilo nas dve, ono što nas spaja sa našim poslovima i ono zbog čega je nastao ovaj podkast.
    - Nina i Nudla

  • Hi guys! My name is Alyssa. I am no yoga expert, but in such a time of need, everyone need a little peace in their life. Please Enjoy!

  • Welcome to the Confidence Lounge Podcast where we cover all things confidence in life & in business. I am your host Elyse Conroy and I am on a passionate mission to help thousands of women across the world feel more confident from the inside out. Because not on my watch am I ever going to watch another woman do insecure life and business again. So if you are ready to become your most confident self, mama or business woman, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Grab your favorite sparkling beverage, get nice and comfy and and get ready to receive today’s confidence injection!

  • Kroz jednostavni, autentični i sasvim iskreni pristup raznovrsnim temama poput ličnog i profesionalnog razvoja - Idi mi, dođi mi Podcast - predstavlja "wake up call" za ljude svih godina i iskustva.
    Svaki gost, svaka tema, i svaka epizoda, doneće sa sobom totalno drugačije perspektive, uvide i savete. Zato, nemojte uzaludno razmišljati o tome šta vas čeka - biće smeha, suza, i razmišljanja. Slušamo se i gledamo se svake nedelje u 18h.

  • Guy’s Guy Radio with Robert Manni on KCAA

  • Welcome to Ultimate Effort, the official unofficial webcast for Index Card RPG. I’d like to welcome you all to our very first episode. We’ve assembled a motley crew of rogues, barbarians, and scribes from all across the realm to deliver you all the best ICRPG information and news from all around the interwebz, as well as interviews with special guests so you can all succeed in your quest to level up your RPG experience.

    Join the ICRPG community here:

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  • The Menopause Sisters show is presented by Dr Claire, an Advanced Menopause Specialist, and her sister, Caroline a trauma informed yoga teacher with a special interest in menopause. Speaking to a variety of guests, all experts in their field, they aim to help women navigate the physiological and psychological symptoms of the menopause from a holistic perspective. No two women are the same, unique in their own way and all individuals, so too are their menopause journeys. Dr Claire and Caroline hope to help make this transition a positive experience for women, inviting time for reflection, inspiration and personal growth.


    @themenopausesisters on Instagram & Facebook

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • The most recent generation of artificial intelligence technologies is introducing a host of ethical problems to radiology practice and health care delivery. Join Dr. John Banja, a medical ethicist at Emory University’s Center for Ethics, and his guests discuss the ethical challenges that artificial intelligence presents. This podcast is made possible by grants from the Advanced Radiology Services Foundation and the National Institutes of Health National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.

    For articles and research, please visit
    Questions? Email [email protected]

  • This is the place to find all your news & gossip related to the outdoor community. We can’t promise you it will always be factual, but we can promise a few laughs! Trek Together with us through various topics including, gear, food, outdoor rec, and much more!

  • Željko Pantelić polazi od ideje da izađemo u susret onima koji više vole da slušaju nego da čitaju, a cilj nam je da počnemo da komuniciramo direktno sa vama i da debatujemo o velikim spoljnopolitičkim temama.

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  • Crveni Kompas je podcast o osvještavanju prilika i prijetnji na vašem putu osobne i poslovne organizacije.

    Podcast vode Anita Kanđera, poslovna savjetnica koja educira kako primjenom doći do promjene i Tamara Kajari, profesionalna organizatorica koja savjetuje kako strku pretvoriti u svrhu.

    Misija podcasta je biti vaš putokaz kroz svakodnevne osobne i poslovne izazove.

  • This podcast is about sensitive societal issues discussed in an analytical yet subtle and simple way.
    It's a free space where we talk about the very minute of issues in our societies.

  • "Qu'est-ce que la sociologie de la musique ? En quoi consiste-t-elle ? Qu'est-ce qu'elle étudie ?"

    MOSSIC est un projet de podcast présenté par Thibault Chebchoub, étudiant à l'École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales de Paris.
    À chaque épisode, une réflexion est consacrée à un phénomène sociologique lié à l'univers de la musique. S'interroger sur le fait musical revient également à entreprendre l'examen de faits sociaux.
    Au travers de cette série, c'est notre imaginaire de l'objet "musique", son lexique et son appréciation qui sont commentés et questionnés.
    Vous pourrez y entendre la participation de quelques artistes comme Isaac Delusion, Cléa Vincent, ou Irène Drésel présents sur le plateau au cours des émissions !

    Un podcast réalisé et produit grâce au média Radio Néo, par le biais de l'émission "CHAOS, la quotidienne".

    Présentation des chroniques : Thibault Chebchoub
    Animation : Haekel Bekka
    Réalisation et coordination : Thomas et Laura.

  • Grounding all things spiritual into the raw humanness of who we are. This podcast is about getting raw, vulnerable, authentic and HUMAN, to help you on your ascension journey. Being real helps us connect, raise our vibe and heal at a super deep level. Are you ready to get REAL?

    Email: [email protected]

  • Inspired speaker, entrepreneur, author, poet, and recording artist, Matthew A. Thomas uses intuitive sensibility to connect others with themself..

  • Heyyyy World!!!!

    Always wanted that family member you could talk to about whatever, have deep discussion, or even ask for help advice? Well wait no more, I am your favorite CUZZIN you did not even know you needed! Discussing everything there is about life, love, mental health, and growth! All we need is you to add to the family! Send in your questions, opinions, or even your juiciest stories at [email protected] Where I will be reading your stories, and questions over the airways to give you a little helpful love!