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  • The auction house Christie's, founded in London in 1766, will be represented in Germany for 50 years this year. Dirk Boll, President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Christie's and Stefan Koldehoff, culture journalist at Deutschlandfunk, talk about the major trends and changes in the art trade over the past 50 years.

  • Latin American folklore, myths, legends, haunted places and espooky cuentos del rancho. Hear the stories you grew up with like La Llorona, as well as true stories from listeners and guests. Join friends, Cristina & MJ, every Friday and hear these tales. Stay espooky!

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  • UniCredit leaders and external experts join us for conversations on shaping the future of the Bank, tips for overcoming challenges, and the keys for unlocking success.

    This is Conversations Unlocked. The UniCredit Podcast.

    Join us in empowering communities to progress.

    The contents of the Podcast are property of UniCredit SpA, if not otherwise indicated, covered by copyright and by the legislation on industrial property. It is not permitted to reproduce the contents, in whole or in part, on any medium for commercial purposes.

  • A lifetime of experience riding motorcycles and traveling have taught Rob Beach the finer points of how to have a great vacation on two wheels in a foreign land. Joined by his Public Relations sidekick, Mike Knott, and other special guests, you are sure to have a good time and maybe even learn something. New episodes drop every Friday!

  • Der Immobilienpodcast für Eigentümer, Vermieter, Mieter und Investoren. Hier können auch Immobilienexperten noch dazu lernen.

    Bei uns bekommt ihr nicht nur Updates zur Marktlage, Finanzen und Politik.
    Hier bekommt ihr auch Einblicke in die Tops und Flops aus dem Immobilienrecht.

    Was müsst ihr unbedingt beachten beim Kauf oder Verkauf eurer Immobilie?
    Welche Fehler solltet ihr dringend vermeiden?
    Denn am Ende des Tages kostet euch jeder Fehler bares Geld.

    Durch den Podcast führt euch Tanja Holatschek.
    Sie ist Immobilienmaklerin und Gründerin von Windspiel Immobilien.
    Folgt ihr auch auf Instagram:

    Gemeinsam mit Markus Holatschek, Fachanwalt für Miet- und Wohnungseigentumsrecht, bekommt ihr hier jeden Dienstag neue Updates.
    Markus ist Partner der Kanzlei KAHLU.
    Ihr findet Markus auf Instagram unter folgendem Link:

    Dieser Podcast stellt keine Rechtsberatung dar und erhebt nicht den Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit. Themen zu Immobilien und Investments sind sehr komplex, daher empfehlen wir immer eine individuelle Beratung.

  • original dance station è la radio ufficiale della original music group di foggia. i nostri podcast sono ricchi di musica da ballo....da ascoltare

  • Everything blossoms with attention. When we take time to consider the world and people around us, they unfold. And so this podcast is a collection of the small, the weird, and the wonderful parts of life that we often don't have time to appreciate.

  • Welcome to Caleb’s Thoughts, where so many things happen that the utter lack of accomplishment is surprising

  • Welcome to All Things Botanical. A podcast for those who want to forge a deeper connection with nature.

    Whether you are considering a career change, looking to start a new hobby, or simply want to learn more about the plant life around you, this is the podcast for you!

    Each fortnight we will do some Industry Deep Dives, talking to those who have made a career out of working with plants. Plus, I will share Plant Profiles, commonly known as Monographs, documenting the history, therapeutic uses and benefits of common herbs and essential oils. So you can bring more botanicals into your life.

  • Best known for their signature “crackhead energy” and their balancing act of contagious laugher and wisdom, Eden Mitelman and Simona Catalano let their word-vomit reveal their deepest, most hilarious, and fucking relatable thoughts. They will not only make you laugh, but inspire you to do and be more, for yourself.
    Known for pushing healthier narratives in the millennial world of sex, dating, and love, the duo make it their mission to keep shit unfiltered… Because, well… They really don’t have one.
    Listen to the realest best friends - the ones who actually have your best interest at heart.

  • Dvadeset Jedan je bitcoin podcast za Ex Yu.
    Bitcoin Srbija, Hrvatska, Bosna i Hercegovina, Makedonija, Crna Gora.

  • The Average to Elite podcast teaches both recreational and elite athletes how to perform at their best when it matters the most. This show covers a wide range of performance enhancing topics to educate and empower both athletes and strength & conditioning coaches from a variety of sports; rugby, football, cycling, running, triathlons, ultra-endurance, boxing, MMA and more...

  • The official podcast of the Web3 Delight conference

  • Come follow along as we dive deeper into nutrition concepts, health, fitness and overall deep wellness. Expect to learn a thing or two along the way that you can immediately incorporate into your own fitness journey no matter if you're a beginner or a seasoned health and fitness veteran.

  • Griaß di! Toll, dass du hier bist :) Ich gehe mit dir auf eine Reise mithilfe bewusstseinsfördernder und kritischer Themen (auch mit Gästen) zu Gesundheit, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Sport, Gesellschaft, Kosmos und Co mit Inhalten der Psychologie, Medizin, Quantenphysik, Epigenetik, Psychoneuroimmunologie und weiteren spannenden, neuartigen und auch kontrovers diskutierten Themen, die oft noch nicht den Weg in die Allgemeinheit gefunden haben. Mit Tipps, Kniffen und Strategien zur Eigenreflexion.

    Besuche mich auch gerne auf meiner Homepage

  • Do you want to know how to cure insomnia?

    Do you finally want to sleep better?

    Or do you simply want to know how to fall asleep fast?

    Then the Sleep Better Tonight Podcast is for you!

    Please allow me to take you on a journey on which I share my own experience with insomnia, sleep deprivation, and terrible nightmares.

    There was a time when I asked myself "why am I always tired?"

    I was suffering. I was depressed. And at some point, I even thought about ending my life.

    That's when I decided to become a sleep researcher.

    If you ask yourself RIGHT NOW "what happens when you don't sleep?" because you are suffering from acute or chronic insomnia, you are more than ready for a change.

    I don't say that making the necessary lifestyle changes to finally have a good night's sleep is easy.

    I just want to make the process of saying "goodbye" to your sleep problems as pleasurable, interesting, and enlightening for you as I possibly can.

    And I want to help you to sleep better tonight...

  • This podcast contains real and raw conversations about anxiety, relationships, trauma, embodiment, consciousness and more. Deepen your personal growth through new perspectives and practical ways to work with your emotions.

  • Welcome to The Soft Life with Saddie Baddies. Saddie Baddies is the antidote to mental health stigma, and this podcast is hosted by yours truly, Priscilla O. Agyeman, MPH. We are a virtual sanctuary centering Black and multiracial people and we prioritize the mental and emotional nourishment that is the foundation of collective healing in our communities.