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  • Techniques and tips to gain confidence for effective business communication

  • When you're the youngest of four kids in a single parent house you don't always get all of your needs met. That's why comedian, writer and over all inquisitor Jay Larson has so many unanswered interests. Jay uses a type writer because his grandfather did, who else does? Jay wants to be a classic rock vinyl guy but all that was ever played in his house was classical music. He loves old cars but can't even change oil let alone how many cylinders one has. Each week Jay will explore his curiosities with two separate guests to help him better understand true Crime, Bird watching, Story Telling or surviving life in unusual living conditions. With 17 years as a stand up comedian, actor, writer and weird person who will talk to anyone Jay has acquired a vast range of friends. Which enables him to talk Vinyl records with Marc Maron, binoculars with House of Cards star Michael Kelly (Stamper), Storytelling with Ira Glass, Type Writers with a German ex-physis repairman, and many other random topics. While each topic acts as a thru line to each episode Larson digs deeper to explore how we are all connected to simple things in life.

  • «Меня достаточно» — подкаст о психологии отношений, в котором Паша Осовцов вместе с психологами и консультантами разбирают то, как управлять своими отношениями, чтобы сохранить счастье и себя. Подкаст создан онлайн-школой психологических профессий «Психодемия» при поддержке ТАРЕ Production.

  • Join us on a captivating auditory adventure into the mesmerizing world of avian melodies with 'BIRD.' This podcast is your gateway to the enchanting symphonies of the natural world, where the songs of birds take center stage.Every episode of 'BIRD' invites you to immerse yourself in the soothing, uplifting, and sometimes even mysterious melodies of our feathered friends. Whether you're a seasoned birder or someone who simply enjoys the tranquility of nature's music, this podcast will transport you to forests, wetlands, and meadows, allowing you to experience the beauty of bird calls from around the globe.Each episode is a carefully curated collection of bird songs, expertly recorded in their natural habitats. You'll be transported to lush rainforests, serene lakeshores, and remote mountaintops, where you can close your eyes and let the symphony of chirps, trills, and warbles wash over you. Our expert hosts will guide you through the soundscape, identifying the various bird species and providing fascinating insights into their behaviors, habitats, and cultural significance.'BIRD' isn't just a podcast; it's a mindful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you're seeking relaxation, inspiration, or a deeper connection to the natural world, our episodes offer a serene respite from the noise of the modern world.So, grab your headphones, find a quiet spot, and let 'BIRD' transport you to the enchanting world of birdsong. Join us on this auditory journey of discovery and wonder, and experience the magic of birds like never before."Subscribe now and let the birdsong serenade your soul!

  • Welcome to the hive-all things natural and holistic to grow your family's health.

  • Music Interviews , News & Reviews
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  • The 4|Four Drum and Bass podcast features mixes from DJs around the globe.

  • Dive deep into the heart of music with "Behind the Notes," a podcast that brings to life the stories behind the songs that define our world. Each episode, we explore the creation, impact, and legacy of a hit song, blending engaging narrative storytelling with insightful analysis. From the iconic tracks that shaped generations to today's chart-toppers, we uncover the inspirations, collaborations, and cultural moments that make each piece unforgettable.
    Join us as we interview artists, producers, and industry insiders, offering listeners a backstage pass to the creative processes and personal journeys that lead to musical magic. "Behind the Notes" is more than just a podcast; it's a celebration of music's power to inspire, connect, and transform. Whether you're a lifelong music fan or just curious about the stories behind the sound, this podcast is your gateway to the melodies and messages that move us all. Tune in and turn up the volume on the tales that have set the soundtrack to our lives.

  • The Music Project is an online radio show that discusses all aspects of music. We interview up-and-coming bands, discuss the the latest music news, and more. For an hour every Sunday, we talk about all different factors of music. Since all three hosts are musicians themselves, they can really dig into technical elements of music. Our goal is present our listeners with artists who may become their new favorite band. We try to make our show fun and unique while talking about relevant topics in the music industry.

  • Welcome to the Worldwide Drum & Bass podcast with BMK. Every month a selection of the finest Drum & Bass from all corners of the scene. Expect everything from liquid to jump up and everything in between. Special features will be added to this podcast including sets from my weekly bassdrive radio show, exclusive mixes and regular studio mix uploads.

  • ////////////CRUZ IN THE MIX | underground, fresh sounds and all time classics from the dnb scene

  • Welcome to the Biotic Records Music Podcast, where we delve into the pulsating realms of Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, and Electronica. Join us as we showcase the deep, dark, and uncompromising sounds of our artists, peppered with exclusive, unreleased tracks and a curated selection of electronic gems. Dive into a sonic journey designed for the discerning listener who craves the edge of electronic music innovation.

  • Hello. My name is DJ and since 2015 I've been on disability. Through those times I've experienced quite a few things and I'd love to talk about them. This podcast is nothing special. I'm not a social media star or an upcoming star that can tell you about the industry. I'm a regular person just like everyone else that can talk about common life, the struggles that we share, not having enough money to pay the bills, things that we can relate to, and etc. Overall, this podcast experience is me talking out loud to myself. These episodes will be my therapy sessions where I can say what I'm feeling. Support this podcast:

  • Life is a continuous cycle of lessons, revelations, & gained perspectives. Learning how to be human in a world focused on the advancement of technology and the next generation can leave some feeling disconnected to who are we are at the core and as a whole. Kate Kidd is a girl who has never really had a place to call home being that her family was always moving around as a kid leading her to create a home within herself. She believes in the relatable fact that everyone has their own inner monologue of chaos, calm, and everything in between. Listen to her podcast as she talks about her self-awareness of growing up and the perspectives she's gained along the way from the trials and triumphs of growing up & finding her place in this world.

  • Сказки и рассказки для самого маленького мальчика Артема. Читают бабушка Таня и дедушка Игорь

  • Just some uplifting words and thoughts that will give you that hop for the day! That quick fix needed to get along and sometimes I might can help you get away and be gone if not for a minute ,just long enough to hear my voice ,have a laugh or cry or even that get over that depression that you feel like you want to die. Motivation and determination ,is only a hop,skip, and jump when you listen to the words of Bunny Dean! Support this podcast:

  • Soy una demiguy/género fluido que habla de identidades no binarias y temas relacionados.
    Pronombres: Ella/Elle.

    Twitter: @RaavaBlessYou
    Instagram: @eduardo_darkblood

  • Join us Under the Umbrella to get all the goss on what it's like working as a model and actress in the industry