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  • Hoi, ik ben Kiki. Tv-troela, Netflix-nerd en Videoland-fanaat. Programma's kijken vind ik tof, maar ze analyseren vind ik fantastisch. In ‘Kiki Kijkt’ praat ik je bij over alle shows met een hoog nakletsgehalte. En dat doe ik niet alleen, want wekelijks nodig ik gezellig iemand uit! Van OnlyFans, tot De Verraders en Temptation Island tot het NOS Journaal. Alles komt aan bod. Want: het begint pas écht als het programma is afgelopen.

  • We watch and discuss every episode of Twin Peaks with three unique perspectives (a returning fan, a fresh scholar and a first time watcher!) Grab a damn fine cup of coffee and give us a listen!

  • Mo and Max are 80s cinema nerds. They are on a quest to rank, debate, and offer fresh takes on the best of the best from the only decade that matters. From Arnold to Zoltar, they cover it all. That answer your question?
    Buzzn The Tower

  • Rolien Magendans en Koos Tervooren tippen elkaar elke week een podcast. Wat blijkt, smaken verschillen.

  • The Insiders Show: Insights from Innovators is the response by The Advanced Imaging Society and Cinionic to the ongoing need for information by entertainment stakeholders in content and technology at the intersection of new technologies and changes in consumer behaviors during COVID-19. The series will feature conversations with respected veteran voices in Hollywood and deep focused discussions on the state of play for 2021, diversity and inclusion in entertainment, the future of film distribution, empowering storytellers with emerging technology, and timely strategies for the post-pandemic entertainment industry among other topics.

  • The Incomparable’s large collection of hosts and panelists take turns on an episode-by-episode rewatch of season one of Apple TV+’s instant classic comedy, “Ted Lasso.” Then, it’s onward to season two!

  • In deze podcast gidst filmjournalist Hugo Emmerzael je door de veelzijdige catalogus van video on demand-platform CineMember. Elke week haalt hij in nog geen 15 minuten de keuzestress bij je weg én licht hij films uit die nieuw zijn verschenen. Enjoy!

  • Sisters M&K discuss all things 2000's and early 2010's pop culture including movies, TV, celebs, and more! Support this podcast:

  • Welcome to the I'ma Need More Wine Podcast hosted by Kristine and Jocelyn! We are attorneys by day who get together weekly to unpack and applaud the things we like and serve up a big WTF to things we don’t like - all while enjoying a good bottle of wine. Join us weekly for a pop culture discussion centering mostly on television series, although we will occasionally delve into documentaries and film. We drink, we know things, we use adult language, and we have a really good time. Grab your favorite beverage and join us!

  • A podcast series of personal accounts from individuals and companies in emerging and frontier production industries. Delivered in a narrative and story driven way, the show presents the many different roles that a production might have. Welcome.

  • Trump of Lies Podcast - 10,000K Daily Listeners: We're in unprecedented times with a FAKE leader who spews lies, incites violence and is dividing our great Country. This podcast dissects all of Donald Trumps lies and all the people who enabled him during his presidency. Help us separate fact vs fiction because his lies are almost worst than the Covid 19 virus! Hosted by DJ MTK and produced by Westcoast Radio Support this podcast:

  • Future Left Podcast is a weekly podcast supported by We're talking about all things future: tech, climate change, conflict, labor, and beyond!

  • Conspiracies, Politics, and Religion: Questioning Everything and Staying Uncomfortable

  • Our reporters and experts take you beyond the headlines to get up close and personal with the news stories that matter.

    In Focus is the current affairs podcast from New eposides every Tuesday & Thursday.

  • Welcome to Social Work Matters with Dr Sylvia Smith, where we explore the realities and celebrate the successes of social work practice, management and education.

    A few words from Dr. Sylvia on her background and Social Worker Matters

    I began my social work career at 16yrs old when I embarked on my first training course in social care.  I now have over 35yrs of experience in social work; practice, leadership/management and education.Bringing a wealth of knowledge, skills and passion to my work and I want to convey these attributes in my Social Worker Matters podcast.

    I am passionate about 'reclaiming social work' and will be exploring the realities and celebrating the successes in this profession.  I invite you to join my guests and me for insightful discussions, sharing of professional experiences and much, much wisdom in all things social work. If you're thinking about joining the profession, are newly qualified practitioners or a seasoned professional, this podcast is for you.

  • Planet Visionaries spotlights climate innovators who are helping to solve some of the world’s most challenging environmental issues. In each episode, host Alex Honnold, an adventure rock climber and outdoor advocate, will talk to one of those leaders to learn about their work, background and what motivates them to preserve the earth. Listeners will hear from the world’s most renowned ocean explorer, a man who has dedicated his life to protecting penguins, a volcanologist who found a way to predict eruptions and a Peruvian biologist who is safeguarding sea life with the help of coastal communities. Taken together, the podcast will offer an intimate portrait of the diverse and dynamic people who are at the forefront of the quest to keep the planet perpetual.

  • Figuring out what to believe is harder than ever in this pandemic, as we’re told we should trust scientists who often disagree or change their minds. In this podcast I’ll be covering the science behind Covid-19 and other medical issues while examining how we can distinguish scientific ideas from chatter, speculation, sanctimony, hype and noise. I’m Faye Flam and I’m a science journalist so it’s my job to sort it out.

    I’ll also be investigating how misinformation spreads through social media and why so many people believe dubious claims – from miracle cures to Q-anon conspiracy theories.

  • The History Of A Game Named Fortnite Battle Royale Meant To Teach People The Hisotry Of How It Started To How It Is Now

  • Jewish women are the strongest force on Earth! We take care of our families, our communities, and carry the sacred responsibility of ensuring our traditions are carried on to the next generation. This is “A Deeper Conversation”. A podcast for Jewish women where we explore ways to strengthen ourselves and our connection with G-d and Judaism. This podcast is hosted by Yocheved Davidowitz wife, mother, teacher, writer, therapist, and most importantly…. Jewish woman! Welcome to “A Deeper Conversation”!Check out more at: Support this podcast: