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  • Dr. Shivani Amin, MD is an experienced medical doctor specializing in functional medicine and spiritual thinking. Dr. Amin introduces you to the world of wellness through this medical prism & spiritual approach, with a focus on bridging the gap between the two. Critical questions around topics such as mental, physical, and sexual health, as well as healing and immunity, are all up for conversation. This is a safe space created for intimate conversations for us to optimize our health - mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.This is not another boring health podcast with way too much technical jargon; nor will I make baseless claims or preach to you. What I will do is provide a forum where you will learn about proven ways to help you feel your best and create the healthiest version of YOU!So I ask you, what do you want to change about your lifestyle, where you can be open-minded with a spiritual approach? Bring that to the podcast and let’s success together!Connect with Dr. Shivani at @drshivaniamin (

  • Frame(d) Society focuses in the analysis of social issues through films. This conversation includes the thoughts of three clueless college students that know nothing of the world. Do you want to join this rant?

  • Attention all divas!

    From Beyoncé & Whitney to Hepburn & Streep, and all the iconic divas in between, join Steffi & a guest as they discuss & deconstruct everyone's favorite divas on film and TV. Much like film dailies, we do a deep-dive discussion on a diva movie of the week - as well as what that movie did for the diva's career, behind-the-scenes tea & so much more!

    So whether you're a stan, a casual fan, or one of Patti Labelle's lost background singers, pull up a chair and make sure that microphone is on because a new diva podcast is finally here.

  • Standup Comedians Kevin Gootee and Kevin Israel love films and they love arguing about them. But in this unique podcast; they invite their comedian friends to come in and argue why some of the most loved or acclaimed films are trash. Kevin and Kevin preside over these cases and see if their friends have made them change their minds. Check out this podcast dedicated to giving the most hilarious, witty, and funniest movie reviews you'll ever hear.

  • Gary, Terry and Graham are three knowledgeable and and opinionated Bond fans. In this podcast they discuss all things 007, the actors, the girls, the villains and the gadgets.

  • On Scarred For Life, hosts Terry and Mary Beth open up old wounds by talking about the films that scared us when we were kids. They interview writers, directors, and more about that one film that gave them nightmares and how they feel about it now.

    New episodes are released every Monday morning!

  • A podcast about the DC Animated Universe as co-created by Bruce Timm. From Batman: The Animated Series through Justice League Unlimited, we're watching every show and movie and discussing why the Timmverse is the best DC Comics adaptation.

  • A review and discuss podcast about pop culture and nostalgia.

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  • Ryan and Daniel will take you all across the Star Wars Universe with the latest news, rumors, and more. Join them each week and get involved!

  • Hello, boys and girls! My name is Dane Keil and I'm a filmmaker. The goal of No Money Film School is to teach new generations of people about filmmaking without the high financial bar for entry. I'm doing this via podcasts, commentary tracks on full feature films, instructional videos, and behind the scenes videos as I make my own films. The content I provide on this channel will hopefully give people the courage and knowledge with which to make their own films. It's never too late and there's no time like the present. As our dear Lloyd Kaufman would say, "Let's make some art!" Support this podcast:

  • Welcome to the Once Upon a Time... in Nyborg podcast by the two film dudes! Every 2 weeks we, Gustavs and Ali, will take a deep dive into a movie, analysing it, discussing it and just having an overall fun talk about it. In the end, we rate the movie on a scale from 1 to 35, in honour of the 35mm film stock. We hope you enjoy!


  • Hosts Mabel, Agu, and Ashley cover reality shows on love & relationships. It’s easy to watch reality shows for the drama & quick judgements, but Cup of Three is more about understanding where people are coming from and challenging one another’s perspectives through thoughtful discussion. Everyone has experience navigating relationships – romantic or not – and shows like Married at First Sight are great catalysts for in-depth conversations about how we communicate with one another.

  • When you’re filming a movie or a television show, when it’s the last shot of the day, the First Assistant Director will call out, This is the Martini Shot!

    Meaning: after this shot is done, we’re calling it a day. After this shot, you get your martini.

    I call these stories “Martini Shots” because they’re exactly the kinds of stories we tell — and lessons we learn — after we’ve wrapped for the day. Stories about Hollywood and the media, about living and working in the entertainment business, and about living and working in general.

    And like a good martini, they’re short enough to enjoy more than one.
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  • A recap podcast about the Norwegian show, SKAM, and all its many adaptations. Enter the world of the awesomest girl squad, boy squad, OTPs, and everything we love about this teen show. We discuss fashion, some trivia, what Norwegian words/phrases we've learned, and more. Yes, we go on some tangents, but we promise to entertain you!

  • Each week join Andrew Gonzalez and Josh Edginton as they rate and review movies based on video games. Episodes will be released every Friday and additional content throughout the week if available.

  • An informative & comedic podcast covering The Karate Kid & Cobra Kai universe! Hosts: Jason Connell, film/tv expert & award-winning documentary producer ("GLOW", "Holy Rollers", "Strictly Background"), & Sal Rodriguez, comedian/toy collector/MMA fan. Follow us on Instagram @LetsTalkCobraKai, @MrJasonConnell, @SalvadorLosAngeles.

  • Tune in to Lorna Whiston Schools Podcast covering various topics on education, parenting, and social skills to keep up with the ever-changing world. What are the tips and tricks to give your child a holistic education? Airing bi-weekly on Tuesdays @ 11.30 am.

  • Ap-parently Not is a podcast about the beautiful and chaotic journey of parenthood, where things are often not what they appear to be. It can be overwhelming for new parents especially when the information out there is often condescending, conflicting, impractical and at times, completely wrong!

    Join Amy and Angela as they stumble through parenthood, sharing every mistake they’ve made along the way, even the gross and embarrassing ones. And come to the conclusion time and time again that there’s no right way to be a good parent, we’re all figuring it out as we go along, and that’s OK!

    We'd love to hear about your experiences too! If you have any questions, comments or just want to share your story, you can contact us at

    This podcast uses these sounds from freesound: "Child Laughing" by OBXJohn (  and "Lullaby" by Bram (, both licensed under CCBYN 3.0.