Nieuwe podcasts

  • The Criterinot Podcast is a comedy podcast about films that are not in The Criterion Collection. Host Graydon Sheppard is joined in each episode by a filmmaker, actor, producer, comedian, etc., to get into the mainstream movies they love that don't get enough cred.

  • We watch HBO's Watchmen and break down each and every episode with eyes carefully trained by YEARS of Hero Movie Podcast experience and a heavy dose of comic book fandom.

  • We keep you up to date with latest news happening in China and around the world. Updated twice a day at 10 AM and 10 PM Beijing time.

  • Turn your passion for the work you do into a successful business that you love, all without burning out or selling out. Join host Mindy Totten, LMBT, CST-D, for weekly episodes about marketing and all things bodywork business. With clarity, empathy, and a dash of humor, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty about what it REALLY takes to build a profitable and sustainable massage or bodywork practice.
    You do great work in the world. You deserve to make a great living doing it.

  • Ver Aqui|โœผโœฎโ˜› El silencio de la ciudad blanca 25 de octubre de 2019 / Crimen Dirigida por Daniel Calparsoro Reparto Javier Rey, Belén Rueda, Aura Garrido

  • History's Best Authors join host Jon Hagadorn to discuss their recent works on subjects that include heroes, legends, histories & mysteries. Some topics: WWII, stories and biographies, lost civilizations, paranormal events, unexplained disappearances, scandals, disasters, and more. Episodes weekly, providing incredible insights to history. Join us every Sunday night at 8 pm ET anywhere great podcasts are found. 1001 History's Best Authors is a proud part of the 1001 Stories Network. Website Facebook: 1001Heroes.

  • From the people who created Record Store Day, The Record Store Day Podcast with Paul Myers is an informative, record store-centric interview show featuring conversations with great guests talking about records, record stores and experiences in the physical retail space.

  • Two writers, Shawn Smucker and Maile Silva, married to each other, explore the highs and lows of creativity, publishing, and the writing life.

  • Taking a new look at โ€œyou are what you eat,โ€ comedian Dan Ahdoot brings listeners in on conversations about food, life, and more, with some of his most entertaining friends. Not your typical, holier-than-thou food show, Green Eggs and Dan is the type of food podcast youโ€™d make with your friends around the table, roasting more than just the food.

  • From global leaders whose names, organisations and work are familiar to many, to the next generation of creators, mavericks and leaders, Neil chats to friends and colleagues across the world to better understand the forces and brilliant innovation that is shaping the future. This fascinating series of candid and varied discussions will be of importance and interest to all those whose work and passion is to transform healthcare: patients, clinicians, leaders, executives, entrepreneurs or ground-breaking innovators.

    Healthcare Futures provides insights and ideas from the smartest and most brilliant individuals working in healthcare. The first series of conversations include Sir Muir Gray, Grégory Katz and Don Berwick.

    The podcasts will be released fortnightly. For more information, please visit or you can tweet @neilbacon

  • Nuclear news from a different perspective, including safeguarding from radiation, interviews w/leading activists, and how you can help stop the nuclear madness. Nuclear Hotseat is produced and hosted by 3 Mile Island survivor Libbe HaLevy.

  • Academic life is changing and many of us are drowning in increasing work demands. What are the choices each of us can make to change our own situations for the better? And can we change the academic game more generally? Academics and thought leaders share experiences, tips...

  • The podcast for academic women who want to write and publish more while rejecting the culture of overwork in academia.

    Cathy Mazak, PhD, helps you create the career (and life) you want by centering your writing. Kick guilt and overwhelm to the curb and amplify your voice to make a real impact on your field--without breaking down or burning out.

  • Yoga Strong is the practice of paying attention on and off the mat, it's about paying attention everywhere. This podcast centers around yoga but dives in all directions as an exploration to a fully lived adventure.

  • In this powerful podcast Author, Teacher, Equine Sport Therapist, horse lover, and rebel Alexa Linton explores the fascinating territory and newly discovered edges of the horse-human partnership with special guests. Together, we'll be shedding light on all the different ways of relating to and being with horses, learning how to cultivate optimal health for horses and their riders, uncovering the many facets of horse training, and sharing about the rather bumpy ride of becoming an advocate for horses in our current horse industry. It's sure to be an adventure! Find out more about Alexa at

  • Supreme Being is a podcast I created to Unlock every aspect of man reaching his potential... entrepreneurs, money, dating, real estate, sales and every other factor that contributes towards being an ultimate bad ass!

  • An Orientation and Mobility Specialist's roadmap to increasing their students' independence while staying sane in the work place.

  • Welcome to RTAudio! We are 2 Respiratory Therapist educators sharing our passion with Respiratory Therapy students as you journey through your education and enter into our great profession. With the help of guests, we will provide insight, knowledge, and share stories.

    Happy Listening
    Dave and Greg, Respiratory Therapy Program Fanshawe College

  • ¡Bienvenidos! This Podcast contains your audio practice to the Hola Spanish Centre class books. Visit our school site at if you'd like to take classes in Vancouver Canada

  • Introducing, The Millennial Fix hosted by Katie and Sharon. A podcast focusing on navigating life through a millennial lens. Each week we focus on different topics ranging from the workplace, education system, politics, and you’re non-existent love life. We’re helping millennials work towards affording the extra guac we always pass on. Please join us on our journey! Lots of love from Canada.