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  • SpirituallyRAW “The Ass Whipping Truth”We Expose & Explore Controversial Truths, Myths, & Theories, Surrounding The Spirit World. No Topic Is Taboo!Each week we work super hard to bring you top-notch, entertaining and enlightening content for both of our shows, SpirituallyRAW & SpirituallyRaw UNCENSORED. !!WARNING!! SpirituallyRawUNCENSORED is ONLY for those of you who want the next level of SpirituallyRAW. Content may be earth-shattering for first-timers. If you are really open to truth, and really want facts without fluff --then UNCENSORED will become an addiction for you! Guests include the investigators, debunkers, and skeptics, of the fantastical, conspiracy theories, supernatural, unexplained, and flat out --unimaginable. We've interviewed over 1300 people from around the globe. Our style is very entertaining and enlightening with a straight forward, no-nonsense approach to getting to the debatable facts. We're bold and brutally honest with a savvy sense of humor. We are not biassed one way or the other. Just inquisitive minds searching for answers like everyone else!SPECIAL GUESTS range from experts and leading authorities in ancient mysteries, aliens, conspiracy theories, forbidden knowledge, alternative therapies, health & wellness, psychic phenomena, paranormal, political current events, QAnon, UFOs, world religions, to...authors with inspirational or out-there personal stories. If it revolves around the fantastical, supernatural or unexplained...we want to know about it!“Together We’ll Turn The Universal Key To Global Harmony & Create A Unified World”Listen on: BBS Radio every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 2:00 - 3:00 pm EST. On over 100 of the world's largest Broadcasting Networks, Live Radio Streaming, (over 36 countries) syndication of to ALL major Podcast portals on the planet! THE HOSTS:Ajay(Jay) Matta, "So-Called Realist". Jay is an extremely evolved soul blessed with a witty personality. His tenacious viewpoints and uncanny nature to verbalize brings forth a lot of laughs and insight.April Matta, "Controversial Theorist". Don’t be fooled by her sweet smile and charisma. She’s a sharp Italian who calls it as she sees it. Her female perspective and enlightened sense of humor tie the dynamic duo together.Tune in often, tell all your friends, and most importantly…MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!BE A FEATURED GUEST! Go Here To Apply: https://www.spirituallyraw.comAll shows are recorded with the highest sound quality in a PROFESSIONAL studio.Are you an author, expert or authority in Alien Abduction, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Mysteries, Angels, Conspiracy Theories, Cryptozoology, Dreams, Energy Vortexes, Exorcism, Fairies, Forbidden Knowledge, Kundalini or Tantra, Mind Over Matter, Psychic Phenomena, Sacred Geometry, The World Grid, End-Time Prophecies, The Dead Sea Scrolls, Time Travel, Reincarnation, UFOs, Walk In's, Atheism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Paganism, Mormon, Polygamy, Shamanism, Satanism, The Occult, or Voodoo?... If so, SpirituallyRAW wants you!Your interview is exposed to an audience of MILLIONS of people all over the world! BBS RADIO is WORLDWIDE and heard live on over 100 of the World's largest Broadcasting Networks, Live Radio Streaming, (in over 36 countries) the most trafficked Social Networks, and the largest Podcast Portals on the planet!To include but not limited too; iHeart, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Spreaker, Google Play, Apple/iTunes, Tunein, Spotify, SoundCloud, Sonos, Streema, Radios, iVoox, Alexa, Youtube, and the list goes on and syndication of podcasts, dynamic feeds to ALL major portals, integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Pinterest.April and Ajay(Jay) Matta are the Founders of Mission Rich Marketing Hosts of SpirituallyRAW & SpirituallyRawUNCENSORED, and Authors of, SECRETS To RADIO RICHES "No Experience Needed. No Production Required", and SECRETS To INTERVIEW RICHES "7 Steps To The Grand-Slam Interview Even If You Have ZERO Experience".

  • We are Abigail Dodds and Tilly Dillehay, and we're here to encourage you to make your homes a wartime outpost of life in Christ.

  • Join Nicky Gumbel as he interviews an array of leaders, thinkers, and experts in their field. Each episode introduces a new voice from the world of Christian leadership. In these free-flowing conversations, Nicky and his guests explore themes of evangelisation, cultural transformation, and the future of the global Church.

  • We are passionate about awakening that groan in a generation for revival and the return of the Lord.

  • Her Soul Speaks is a podcast about the dynamics of Womanhood from a Faith Based perspective! Everything from family and friends to food and femininity, Her Soul Speaks is like chatting with your girlfriends about life.

  • There is something about gathering at a table - it's a place of invitation that can nourish your heart and soul. It's a place for honest conversation with women from many walks and stages of life. As Sisterhood, we are better together because we bring a fuller perspective on life. Though our journeys all look very different and our seasons are varied, we can learn so much from each other. This is our hope for this podcast - that we will learn and grow together. So, pull up a chair because there's a seat at the table with your name on it!

  • Version Audio de la Newsletter "Un état proche de l'Ohio" / Ecriture et narration : Camille Roche / Pour en savoir plus :

  • My intention is to help you be inspired and achieve the change you seek to improve your well-being by stepping back and living mindfully.@tsamarafahrana combines the perspective of a Yoga Teacher, Meditation Guide, with scientific insights from her MSc studies on Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics, and practical suggestions inspired by her professional career that started in management consulting. This podcast also includes conversations in Indonesian and English with guests who are experts and enthusiasts on specific topics of Self-Development! Follow & share with your loved-ones!

  • We get curious about all things gender, sex and sexuality, as well as feminism (the inclusive kind), mental health and kink, and all that makes us humans unique and diverse. From body positivity to body dysmorphia, it’s all welcome here. Come with us on a journey of inclusion, acceptance and respect.

  • Kumpulan hasil petualangan ngewe dan berbagai cerita pengalaman hidup. Ikuti kita jangan sampai terlewatkan episode yang terbaru. Salam ah uh Support this podcast:

  • Welcome to Body Image With Bri™ – a podcast aimed to help you learn how to love the body you’re in right now. I am licensed mental health counselor in the state of NJ and a body image and eating disorder recovery coach. My goal is to help change the conversation from diets & rules to acceptance & freedom. Join me as we explore the ins and outs of body image, self-esteem, diet culture and self-love.

  • Doron and Nicole Possess over 35 years combined experience and advanced degrees as personal trainers, coaches, and nutrition professionals. They have read the science and practiced nutrition on thousands of clients.

    Eatrite Nutrition is built on the foundation of REAL SCIENCE, REAL FACTS, and REAL FOOD. Each week we are dedicated to bringing you just that.

    Join Doron and Nicole as they partner with experts in the health, wellness, and nutrition field to deliver you an excellent variety of content based on REAL SCIENCE, REAL FACTS, and REAL FOOD.

  • Is success without happiness and life-balance the ultimate failure? Luke Darcy aims to find out on Success Without Stress.

  • A weekly movie podcast. Listen LIVE every Wednesday at 8:30am EST on 91.3 WVUD, The Voices of the University of Delaware or online at:

  • Writers talk TV! Welcome to "The Last Watch," with your hosts Tony DuShane (CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE JESUS JERK) and host of the long-running podcast DRINKS WITH TONY, and Bernard Meisler (THERE'S NEVER BEEN A BETTER TIME TO DIE) and editor-in-chief of SENSITIVE SKIN MAGAZINE. Every week we'll talk about a different show we watched last week, focusing on storytelling and writing.

  • Licence to Critique explores gender in the world of James Bond and beyond! Professor, award winning author, and leading expert on the subject, Dr. Lisa Funnell (also known as Dr 007) opens her classroom and discusses important issues associated with gender, identity, geopolitics, and power in the longest-running film franchise in history. She is joined by Justice, her Puppy Galore!

  • Blatant Misreading is a podcast where we take academic and political theory somewhere it was never meant to go: popular culture. In each episode, hosts Margie Tang-Oxley and Aaron Posner analyse a movie or TV show with a piece of theory that is, at best, kind of misapplied. Of course we all want an analysis of class dynamics in "Parasite," but we'll leave something that makes that much sense to the pros! We'll be over here applying Noam Chomsky to "Paddington 2."

  • Pink Slime is a Show me the Money Recap Podcast where 2 friends casually comment and share their reactions on each episode. If you love k-pop, k-hiphop, and audition survival programs, then join Pink Slime on their weekly tangents and fan girl moments!