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  • Welcome to The Unraveled Woman Podcast… a space for mothers + women who unapologetically want it all. I’m your host, 7 figure sensual wealth mentor Alexandra Wiatr: I’m a mama, wife, and visionary entrepreneur. Together with my husband we built a million dollar business in 2 and a half years with our two daughters on my hip. Now, I guide women and mothers to tap into their sensuality & alchemise the abundant lives of their dreams.Join me as we get up close and personal with some of the most intimate, taboo, and challenging facets of the journey of motherhood, exploring our sensuality, cultivating wealth, and so much more. Remember my love that you - yes, you - were made to have it all.LINKS:Instagram: @alexandraxwiatr Website:

  • Rap Radar is the home of hip-hop’s most revealing interviews. Each week, famed journalists Elliott Wilson and Brian ‘B.Dot’ Miller invite A-listers from across the hip-hop industry to sit down for the definitive conversation around life experiences, music and culture.

  • Smells Like Humans is a weekly podcast dedicated to bringing a humorous perspective to quirky and curious aspects of human behavior. Each show, the SLH crew will focus on a different topic, and share personal stories and observations in a way that sounds like you’re hanging out with your funny friends. The stories and commentary are presented with humor and warmth, since let’s face it: we all smell like humans. (Contact us: [email protected])

  • From Santos, Brazil to Queens New York; from Lagos, Nigeria to Adelaide, Australia, we take you inside the lives of dreamers – of women’s soccer players willing to risk everything for a game. These are stories of far-flung adventures, of heartbreak, endurance, and joy – in unequal doses. HUSTLE RULE is about finding something you love and doing whatever it takes to keep it – no matter what. Hosted by Hannah Waddingham. Based on the book Under the Lights and in the Dark, by Gwendolyn Oxenham.

  • Self Explained is a podcast devoted to all things related to 'The Self'. Expect real conversations, relatable experiences and a whole lot of tips to help you transform the relationship with yourself and ultimately, transform the relationships you have with those around you.

    This podcast is hosted by Katie O'Donoghue, resident Relationship Coach at The Indigo Project. For program releases and more information about her coaching services visit or @katie0donoghue on Instagram.

  • Join host Azdean Elmoustaquim as he takes you on an exploration of his country's distinct culture, vibrant history and stunning attractions. Azdean prepares you for the real Morocco, showing how to travel there, how to get around, what to expect and how to make the most of your time. We meet locals and guides, learn about costs and prices, safety, especially for female travellers, the kinds of scams to look out for in the bazaars, what languages to expect, and so much more. Destination Morocco plans customized travel itineraries to Morocco, including "FIT" and private tours, escorted tours and group tours. The goal is to help you enjoy Morocco like a native.Our podcast unpacks the mystery, opening up discovery of an amazing land. We invite you along for the journey.

  • Aviva Seigler is the executive director at Autistic Inclusive Meets USA and a website editor for Autistic Inclusive Meets. She is a writer, an activist, and an advocate. She is an LGBTQ+ autistic from South Florida, is married to a very supportive husband, and has seven children.

    She has been fighting the CD protocol and other quack treatments since 2014.

    She is a veterinary technologist (LPN for pets). She has her associates and bachelors degree in Veterinary Technology from St. Petersburg College.

    She is very involved with scouting with her 8 children.

  • Do you have a strong sense that there’s something more? More to reality? More to you? Do you feel the weight of your childhood and cultural conditioning and despite having worked to shrug it off, see that it somehow remains?

    Do you intuit that the world could be a much healthier place? Have you learned about and tried different practices only to dead-end, leaving you to wonder, “Is this it?” Have the models you’ve learned left things out, left your deepest questions unanswered?

    The emotospiritual paradigm of Edenity addresses issues like these from an entirely different basis than other psychospiritual worldviews past or present. Embodiment of its three dharmas within one lifetime is the state of Edenity, an effortless unification of the personal, nondual, universal, and devotional domains of consciousness into one gestalt.

    We can have the experience of earth-as-heaven, but not as any utopia or heaven-on-earth, no escape from, or transcendence of earthen existence. This allows us to personally validate the final closure of the millennial-old chasm between humanity and spirituality, a true grounded and mature humanness that can then fluently resonate with the many Divine Bandwidths of Being and Love.

    This podcast is a presentation of Edenity through interviews with its founder, Stace Barron. It's best listened to in order, from the beginning.

  • This is the I am Her Podcast with Pastor Lisa Kai, where we are cultivating God centered conversations to help women rise up into their full expression in Jesus Christ.

    For booking information, visit:
    For more about Arise Ministry, visit: www.AriseConference.TV

  • ‘That’s just woo-woo!’

    Reiki Healing, Past-Life Regression, Mindful Walking… tools to find ‘the real you’ or just spirituality bullsh*t!?

    Becca the Believer and Sophie the Skeptic share their experience of an alternative therapy in each short episode.

    If you’ve ever questioned the efficacy of the Wim Hoff method or wondered if the embarrassment of Ecstatic Dance is worth the pay off… you don’t need to try for yourself just yet! These two have done the work for you.

  • The juiciest podcast on the internet!Join me, Freya Graf - a Yoni Mapping Therapist & Holistic Sex Coach - in The Labia Lounge to yarn about all things sexuality, womanhood, holistic health and everything in between...your legs! (Couldnโ€˜t help myself!)Buckle up, youโ€˜re about to receive the sex-ed you never had, from the girlfriend you now have, and have a bloody good laugh while youโ€˜re at it!This poddy is full of real chats, with real people, about real shit. So give it a spin if you dare!My intention with The Labia Lounge is to demystify & de-stigmatise; empower & educate; laugh & get vulnerable while helping dismantle the shame around genitals, pleasure, and being a sexual woman through juicy conversations.Itโ€˜s a judgement & shame-free space that aims to normalise the aspects of being a human that we often feel alone in or too afraid to talk about, and reassure you that youโ€˜re not broken!So pop ya feet up and letโ€˜s flappinโ€˜ do this!Freya. xxx

  • Sean Kipe tells the story of former Georgia police officer Michael Chapel, convicted of the 1993 robbery and brutal murder of Emogene Thompson and sentenced to life in prison. However, with the recent surfacing of new information, Chapel’s story may have taken a dramatic turn – one that could potentially prove his innocence. Kipe takes a deep dive into Chapel’s past to find the unbelievable truth behind a story that involves corrupt police officers, crime rings, drug trafficking, steroids, and murder.

    In the Land of Lies is written, created and hosted by Sean Kipe. Original music from Sean Kipe. Executive Producers are Jason Hoch and Gino Falsetto. Story Editing by Jason Hoch. Audio Engineering by Shaine Freeman. Cover Art and Design by Jeana Sullivan. Consulting Producer is Henry Ball.

    In the Land of Lies is a 10-episode series with new episodes available every Monday for free. Apple Podcasts subscribers to the Imperative Premium channel get episodes ad-free and one week early.

  • History runneth over with obscure tales of heroics and villainy, gruesome battles, hilarious happenings and downright bizarre coincidences. Hosts and longtime pals Alex Deane and Bryan Cunningham will be your guides through this hidden history. Based on Deane’s bestselling book Lessons From History, you will meet the war veteran who lost an eye then amputated his own fingers, learn of Africa’s first black bishop, whose great-great granddaughter sacrificed herself to protect her people from Ebola, and be surprised by Abraham Lincoln’s duel with broadswords and the drunken British soldier who single-handedly conquered an enemy fort, and help us solve the mystery of who stole the still-missing Irish crown jewels. But you won’t just be along for the uproarious ride. Join Alex and Bryan as they imbibe the beverages of choice of the characters in their stories. And, contribute your own obscure tales which they will research and tell in future episodes, perhaps with you as the guest.

  • We're Going to Vegas (WGTV) is a travel and lifestyle brand specializing in Las Vegas, the city of sin. We produce exclusive weekly tours and give practical advice about must-see attractions, activities, and once-in-a-lifetime performances. The idea is that we'll show you all of the joys and quirks this city offers so that you can see its dramatic evolution and exciting lifestyle firsthand. And our goal is to get upcoming travelers excited about their trip and make them wowed by the grandness of Las Vegas. Plus, hey, maybe we'll even convince them to move here and join in the fun long-term.

  • In EFFE RELATIVEREN de Podcast, gaat Kaj Gorgels elke twee weken in gesprek met verschillende boeiende gasten. Geen vaste thema's, geen restricties, geen vaste opbouw, gewoon effe lekker slap relativeren en voor de rest zien we het allemaal wel, toch?!

    Geproduceerd door: Tonny Media.

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  • Er was nogal wat te doen rond de orthodox christelijke gemeenschap de afgelopen paar jaar. Ze zijn niet langer onze overgebleven gekkies uit de vorige eeuw. We vinden ze bekrompen en star en de vraag klinkt of hun vrijheden niet moet worden ingeperkt.

    Maar kennen we ze eigenlijk? En hoe denken ze? Gaan ze het overleven? Om het antwoord te krijgen op die vraag maakten Berendien Tetelepta en Jorina Haspels - Goudriaan een trip over de Biblebelt, de gordel die over ons land ligt waar nog veel strenge protestanten wonen. Ze spraken, reizend met hun busje dominees, opiniemakers, onderzoekers,gewone mensen, jong en oud en maakten er een podcastserie van 5 afleveringen van. Over homo's, over vrouwen, over extremisme, maar ook over wat hen beweegt en waarom het zo fijn is in de Biblebelt.

    Jorina en Berendien zijn beide journalisten bij het AD, maar ook gelovig. Jorina groeide ook nog op in een reformatorische gemeenschap. Het nieuws ergerde hun, maar deed hen ook pijn als medegelovigen. Op hun redacties worden ze ook nog wel eens met een meewarige blik aangekeken, ze herkennen het gevoel langzaam een exotisch dier te zijn geworden. Tegelijkertijd: zoals refo's de Bijbel lezen, lezen Berendien en Jorina hem niet. Met die dubbele gevoelens zijn ze op pad gegaan, met een nieuwsgierigheid hoe zijn ze nu echt.

  • Darmstad FM is een radioprogramma, waarin Tina de Bruin in het holst van de nacht in gesprek gaat met BNโ€™ers over hun schaamte. Omdat er niemand kijkt (radio) of luistert (โ€˜s nachts), is het de ideale plek waar de BNโ€™er weer even mens mag zijn.

    โค๏ธ Insta: @tina10a

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    ๐ŸŽง Geproduceerd door: Tonny Media.

  • Daphne en Yves praten over alles wat met seksualiteit, seks, intimiteit, piemels en poesjes te maken heeft. De een een vroedvrouw met meer dan 1000 bevallingen op haar naam en de medeoprichter van beroepsgroepvereniging van een integrale bekkenbodemtherapie, de ander een jurist turned into een tantrisch gigolo turned into een seks- en intimiteitscoach. Beiden met een sterke mening en een heleboel ervaring met piemels en poesjes, die met veel humor en wijsheid op een zeer ontwapenende maar soms ook shockerende manier thema's aansnijden waar het in de seksualiteit werkelijk om gaat. Wil je met ons je eigen ervaringen delen, heb je vragen, of wellicht verzoekjes waar je ons graag eens over hoort praten, dan kan je een mailtje sturen naar [email protected]