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  • The ones promoted are the cool heads.
    The deeply respected friends are those who remain calm.

    Stoicism is a 2,000 year old philosophy which you can adapt to your leadership at work, or in your personal life.

    If it was good enough for Emperor Marcus Aurelius of Rome, it may be good enough for us.

    To me, stoicism merges questions of meaning of life, consciousness and the practicalities of functioning as the best human you can be.

    This podcast is a diary which touches on a different topic of stoicism each post.

  • If ya’ll reading this then you are in for a ride! Introducing; DEADSET DAGS- The Podcast.
    Here on Deadset Dags we’ll be chatting about the outrageous aspects of life and what it’s like to be the modern women in this crazy world!
    Deadset Dags are made up by Ashlee and Raquel. Two best friends who are a little extra, little crazy and a little cooky. They are passionate about life, everything including working, living, parenting, drinking and various aspects of societal issues.
    Just two Dags who are all about a laugh, a cry, a whinge and of course an alcoholic beverage.

  • In your final months of living would you dedicate time to recording down your thoughts, feelings and perspective so others could benefit from it? Rhonda Bjelan did.

    Incurable is a real time journey after being given a diagnosis of incurable cancer. A 12 part podcast of a mother and sons exploration of what you go through in the last months of life. Raw, honest and designed to help others understand this period in an individual and families life.
    It is for those who might be about to go through something similar, for friends and family to understand and for the simply curious. Incurable explores what it means to die, to live and to see what happens to belief & trust in God during a terminal cancer journey.

    Join Rhonda Bjelan and her son Clayton as they share what it means to be given the word 'Incurable'.

  • Australian Farmers: Telling Our Story is hosted by television presenter and journalist, Angie Asimus and is powered by the National Farmers Federation. It’s dedicated to connecting our wonderful farmers with health conscious consumers and ethically minded shoppers. Together, we can all learn more about the food we eat and the fibre we wear. This is your exclusive look behind the farm gate. As a country girl herself, Angie knows you'll love what you hear. From the freshest produce, to carbon neutral wool. What about female shearers and farms that give more to the land than they take in the battle against climate change? Is it possible to drought and flood proof your business through diversification so prices don’t fluctuate so much at the supermarket? We tackle the most common misconceptions about life on the land and have many laughs along the way with some of the most memorable characters you could ever meet.

    Partnered with Australian Farmers

  • Harvey Proctor was a dark political star who burned brightly in the 1980s, until a tabloid sting brought him down. 25 years later he found himself facing another vicious scandal. What had he done - and what had we done - to bring him to that moment?

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  • Hollywood has always been a gold rush, and if you strike gold, it’s a rush unlike any other. The world of acting can be cut-throat and full of rejection, or it can be life-affirming and offer limitless possibilities. On The Big Break, Kellie Martin and Chad Lowe talk with fellow actors about that magical moment when they first struck gold, when their lives and careers changed forever. Was it that audition for Rob Reiner? Or was it being cast in a cereal commercial in the 1980s? How did they prepare for opportunity to come knocking? Drawing on their own experiences growing up in show business, Kellie and Chad go all the way back to their guests’ beginnings to learn how some of the most beloved actors of our time got their Big Break.

  • Reality Reno with Mitch and Mark A podcast for anyone who lives in a house or apartment rented or owned and wants to make it a better place to live.  Our passion is space, not outer space but beautiful space, fabulous living space. Our mission is to help people create dynamic and inspiring spaces for their homes.  But we are not just about space, property and material things… we love people. We are deeply interested in the people we talk to and what makes them tick and what inspires the choices they make in their lives and in their homes. You may know us from our appearances on the Channel 9 show The Block, which provided us with the fantastic opportunity to meet some amazing people who have incredible stories to tell about their adventures through the world of renovation and beyond. 
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    Delighted to have you on this journey with us.
    Mitch and Mark.
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    We also have a range of home wares to help you to transform your home into a fabulous space. Have a look here.

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  • A podcast about real people and their real money stories.

    Have you ever wondered how some people find themselves in sticky financial situations? Sometimes managing money isn’t as straight forward as it seems, and things you think will never happen to you…just happen. On our debut season of Real Money with Effie Zahos you’ll hear the stories of real Australians who have overcome a spending addiction, survived an internet scam and gotten ahead of financial deceit just in the nick of time…and much more.

    On Real Money with Effie Zahos, the good news is these experiences you’ll hear from our real Australians have made them all stronger, and they are so gracious in sharing their stories to make sure other Australians avoid the same pitfalls.

  • The podcast for the mother who is flying by the seat of her pants!
    Presenters Shanelle Franklin and Tamara Linke navigate the steep learning curve of the urban mother dealing with sleepless nights, the chaos of kids, tantrums, careers, relationships and self-preservation, all whilst trying to achieve the holy grail. It's survival of the fittest, and nobody's winning.

  • Do you want to be up-to-date with the latest news in your council area? This monthly podcast brings you the latest news, upcoming projects and issues facing the Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council area. You’ll also hear about events and meet people who do a lot their community. The Clare Valley Podcast aims to be informative, relevant and entertaining, by interviewing not just Council representatives but members of the entire community. The podcast is hosted and produced by Annabelle Homer, a former ABC broadcast journalist and a Clare Valley local. The theme music has been produced by Solo Practice and local rural GP, Gerry Considine.

  • A podcast of humanities through the memory of food with Savva Savas.
    Each guest shares three food memories of significance from their life as well as a social impact organisation or cause they care about.

  • The Risk Equation is a construction of conversations between Dr Chris Maguire and those working in high risk, high pressure and high performance jobs, offering a refreshingly raw and human insight into how those taking on incomprehensible challenge do what they do.

  • Created for all fans of Formula 1 and Motorsport. We know that diversity exists within the sport but it begs the question, what can we do to create an accurate image of the motorsport community? And how do we ultimately make it more inclusive? Join Estelle Clapham, as she explores the world of motorsport through interviews and race reviews, with a strong focus on equity, as we collectively push for change.

  • Social workers play a significant role collectively and individually dedicating themselves to achieving social justice, promoting inclusion and improving the wellbeing of individuals, families, groups and the most vulnerable members of our communities. AASW – Social Work People explores the diverse world of social work and connects listeners to the people driving change and providing advocacy on the issues that impact upon the quality of life of all Australians.

  • Giving a platform to Bitcoiners.

    Normal people tell the story of how they found the greatest money ever invented. Contact if you'd like to come on as a guest.

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  • Listen to Australia's best writers and thinkers read out longform essays from The Monthly magazine, the country's leading publication on politics, current affairs and culture. See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Welcome to Shine It Up with Jackie Gillies. This podcast is all about me bringing you some inspiration and motivation to live your best life.

    I'll be chatting to special guests, answering all of your questions, and sharing everything that is going on in my life.


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  • This is The Philosophy of Sex. Waxing philosophical on all of our different taboos, traditions and turn-os. No judgement, no shade, no wrong answers.

  • From the great minds at Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA), Cerebral Conversations tackles
    the biggest issues impacting people living with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities. We’re going all in on early intervention, advocacy, research, inclusion and a whole lot more, to untangle the curliest of ideas with the people who understand them best. Join our special guests and hosts for eye-opening, norm-challenging conversations. Listen to the powerful and poignant journeys of Australians living with cerebral palsy who are breaking all the boundaries. Be part of CPA’s Cerebral Conversations and find out what happens when great minds think differently.