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  • Asian Girl Talk is a podcast about navigating the cultural nuances of an Asian Australian identity to find the ultimate path to sexual empowerment. By sharing their experiences with dating, family, and sexuality, three women discuss their ongoing struggles of womanhood in hopes of creating a safe space for others to explore such culturally taboo topics.

  • Let your head banging hair down and give that neck a well deserved rest. Whilst the ringing in the ears subsides and you hang up your battle jacket ready for the next gig. Tune into my show come on the journey of discovery each week. Take a ramble through the ins and outs of the heavier side of life. From album reviews to genre deep dives, with almost 50 years of music appreciation and a long list of published reviews, your in good hands. Lets keep it light hearted and informal just the way i like it.

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  • Bring your curiosity and find out just what is technically possible across current, and future, technologies. Join your host, Lars Klint, as he chats with industry experts about where these technologies may lead us (for better...or worse), and how that actually effects us in our day-to-day.

  • If you love to knit or crochet, and if you've ever wished you could do something to brighten up the lives of children affected by HIV-Aids and poverty in Africa, you've found the perfect podcast.

    This is where you learn about Knit-a-Square, the non-profit organisation which is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and hear updates from 'the barn' where we sort squares and combine them into blankets for distribution to crèches and orphanages.

    You can find show notes at

    While you're there, take a look around the KAS website to see how you can get involved in our work. Knit-a-Square is run entirely by volunteers. Everything we do, including this podcast, is in aid of warming vulnerable children in South Africa.

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  • Welcome to the High Performance Father Podcast. This is the change the world needs, helping fathers get time back, rewind their body clock and re-connect in their marriages and family again to become a High Performance Father.

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  • Diving in to all parts of me, and never steering away from an uncomfortable conversation.

  • Have The Nerve is a podcast brought to you by Spinal Cord Injuries Australia and funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Join host, Susan Wood, as she talks you through everything to do with disability.

  • The enlightened journey of life.

    The enLIFEned podcast is not just about personal development or spirituality, we are going deeper and broader and my gosh we are going to have a blast along the way.

    I am all about living the enlightened journey of life. It’s funny because there’s so much talk about ‘enlightenment’ and by trying to reach that state of being, we end up bypassing life! We are here, on earth, in this time and space in human form and the time is so short, and you'll come away feeling motivated, empowered and inspired to live your best possible life!

    You’re going to hear stories, musings, and experiences from me personally, and I will be interviewing some absolutely epic humans that I know you’re going to love. We’ll be going to places that will transform how you think, how you view the world and there will be invitations to dive deep and do some self-enquiry so that you can come away from each episode feeling nourished in your soul!

    Nothing will be off the table here! Be prepared for some raw, authentic, and vulnerable discussions, very likely explicit language and some pretty out there and woo woo things!! I am a giver and I want to give you so much epicness, not only through the airwaves but I will be releasing exclusive content for listeners to access AND prizes and giveaways!

  • Conversations with Adult Migrant Learners.

    Discover the trials and triumphs of learning a new language, and assimilating to the Australian way of life. Hear the struggles and the joys of breaking through barriers to successful empowerment. We explore guests from various cultures and backgrounds; explore a number of different themes and topics, including discussions with teachers and professionals in the field of Adult Education.

    Let’s travel together and delve into these amazing stories through the eyes of the Adult Migrant Learner.

  • After 2 years of planning and even longer dreaming, we have finally commenced our 2-year journey around, across and throughout Australia to discover its unique places, incredible people, rich cultures, authentic experiences and amazing history. We are total newbies to full time caravan living and everything that comes with it, but we knew it was time for a change before life passed us by! So we decided to unplug from our hectic lives, take a leap of faith and spend as much time together travelling as a family. We invite you to join us on our journey as we share each adventure as we go, looking for experiences that keep us connected as a family and moments that just make you feel good! New destinations every week and a new episode every Friday night 8:30pm [Australian Eastern Standard Time] so be sure to subscribe and tune in! We’d also love to connect with you via our social and media channels Website Instagram @thefeelgoodfamily_ Facebook @thefeelgoodfamily YouTube thefeelgoodfamily

  • Peter Lavac drives a 500-thousand-dollar yellow Lamborghini. He’s a barrister. He saved people's lives in the surf; he wrestled crooks in court; he disarmed a gunman in a nightclub; he’s a Lothario; a model; a wrestler; a racing car driver... He is also a self-confessed narcissist.

    This is the Lambo Lawyer. 

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  • Join full-time paranormal researchers Greg & Dana Newkirk (Amazon Prime's "Hellier", Discovery+'s "Kindred Spirits") as they dig into the history, folklore, and anomalous activity behind the world's most haunted objects. Tune in every other Monday to explore the mysteries behind UFO wreckage, cursed artifacts, psychic research, Bigfoot pheromones, and more!

  • 'My Therapist Says I Should Journal' is a podcast that discusses the topics that you think you might find in the diary of a disabled woman in her twenties. Join Maya as she hears stories from others and also chats about all things ranging from childhood disability to her favourite rom-com moments.

  • People do wild and crazy things. Lots of wild and crazy things. They always have and always will. These people are known as ‘Mad Dogs’. Each week comedians Sean Woodland and Mick Meredith will investigate wild and crazy shit that humans get up to. From the bizarre to the disturbing and the stupid to the courageous. Whether it be criminal, sporting, political, business, celebrity or even Joe Public, the trials and tribulations of these Mad Dogs need to be heard and more importantly, laughed at.

  • A podcast for Greeks of the diaspora. Join Sydney-based Greek-Australians Tom and Nick as they bring the Ouzo-fuelled conversations of ‘kaffeneia’ the Greek world over, right to your ears. From music, history and culture, to science, philosophy and everything in between, Ouzo Talk is all about 'parea'. And with a bottle of Ouzo always on the table, there's no telling where the conversation might go. It's solving the world’s problems – one bottle of Ouzo at a time.

  • Noble Champions is a modern day salon, created and hosted by the multi-platform visionary artist, Santigold. In each episode, she sits down with some of today’s leading artists, authors, activists, and progressive thinkers who stand up, stick up and speak up for important causes. Inspired by the artist, Kandinsky, when he said that periods during which art has no noble champions are ones of retrogression, these intimate no-holds-barred roundtable conversations where ideas and experiences are exchanged, are where Santi and her fellow champions try to make some sense out of our world, to push culture forward. Boundary-expanding and defiantly vulnerable, Noble Champions is a public invitation to an intimate gathering of the minds.

  • Greater Cities is a podcast about the future of cities. Join leading thinkers and city experts from Australia and around the world as we talk about what makes a city great.

    Over this series, we’re going to explore the big picture city thinking that is happening around the world and here in the Six Cities Region of New South Wales, Australia.

    The episodes cover:
    - multi city regions: what they are and why they matter
    - equity and how we can make our cities places where everyone can thrive
    - the great challenge of our time: climate change
    - innovation opportunities to take a collaborative, systems-led approach to making them better

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    This podcast was produced by the Greater Cities Commission in partnership with The Business of Cities.

    The Greater Cities Commission proudly acknowledges Australia’s First Peoples as the traditional custodians of the lands and waters of what we call the six cities.

    We pay respect to Elders past and present.

    We recognise and value the extraordinary and ongoing contribution of First Nations peoples and communities to Australian life, and how this enriches all Australians.

    We embrace the spirit of recognition, working towards ensuring both an equal voice and equity in all aspects of our society.

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  • This show is about conscious living and mindful relationships. It’s about peace and passion. Whether you’re wanting to become relationship ready, in a stable relationship or married, there’s nuggets of know- how here for you. There’s no need to feel stuck or confused, you’ll learn all about building more connection, care and confidence as well as peace and love in your relationships. Why ? so you can be even happier and even more skillful.

    There are two premises: Our relationships are pointers to our growth edge and We know ourselves through our relationships. Our life is a gentle evolution

  • The Voice of Intuition Podcast is about the practical aspects of Intuition and how it guides you towards your very best life. You will get tips and tricks about why connecting with your intuition is so important. Plus how you can strengthen that bond in practical, everyday ways. There will be resources for you, such as meditations, intuitive readings, and flower readings. Plus you will be hearing from other spiritual professionals about how their intuition guided them to where they are now.
    The host Susan Jane, the Intuitist, is a published author, inspirational speaker, Intuitive Life Coach, and a multi-international business award winner who loves to share a few laughs and plenty of relevant stories while interviewing her guest. Well, more of a chat over coffee with a friend than an actual interview.
    Reflecting on her 40-plus years of understanding spirituality, Susan Jane will also take you through an intuitive perspective of her life experiences and what she did to get through them. This includes understanding her 20 yr emotionally abusive relationship, a near-death experience, and a violent sex attack that left her for dead in a gutter.
    Join us at the Voice of Intuition where you can discover the importance of connecting, developing, and trusting your intuition so you can make positive, confident decisions in life in line with your true core values.

  • Creativity is the central theme of this show, which is geared towards soul-searching Gen X individuals whose interests are art, music, pop culture and literature. How do you bridge the gap between creating, and putting your work out there? How does that relate to character building, healing and connection? Join me on this journey, to find out how you can move through challenges in life so you can confidently take up your space in the world. Some conversations will cover what transformations, reinventions and breakthroughs look like for those who view life through a creative lens, and we'll talk about the lessons learned in those processes. The show ultimately explores how your problems are your gifts, and that doing creative work can fuel your personal power.