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  • Troubled Waters is a 10-part ground-breaking podcast exploring the untold story of Louisa Ioannidis' tragic and mysterious death in 2011. Louisa Ioannidis was only 24. Beautiful, courageous, and vulnerable, yet her untimely death barely received a two-line report in a small local newspaper. Her body was discovered by passers-by in a local creek, clad in a pink dressing gown. Despite being a strong swimmer, police quickly determined there were no suspicious circumstances. Yet no one has been able to explain how or why she came to enter the creek.

    Louisa’s brother Tass has always doubted the findings and is desperate for answers.

    Over a decade after Louisa’s death, Private Investigator Julia Robson embarks on a fresh investigation and explores the full story of Louisa’s short life and the events leading up to her tragic passing. Together with Producer Clare McGrath, they uncover a gripping narrative full of intrigue. From an international kidnapping, a daring escape and a family’s desperate bid to stay together, it all unravels into a downward spiral exacerbated by a toxic relationship, all the while revealing flaws in a family violence support system that desperately needs fixing.

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  • Well Enough Alone is a celebration of solo living that tears up the “sad and lonely” single script and embraces a path that can be joyful and fulfilling.

    Because there is more to life than “partnered and happy” or “single and searching.”

    There is solo and thriving.

    Hosted by best-selling author and award-winning journalist, Jill Stark, this podcast is for anyone who’s ever been told that being single makes you incomplete. Or that life only begins when you find “the one”.

    To leave “well enough alone” means to stop trying to change something that’s already good enough.

    What if the one you’ve been looking for is you? Could embracing your single status rather than fearing it be the key to a happy life?

    Jill talks to inspiring guests, some who are single and some who aren’t, about what they’ve learned from time spent in their own company, and interviews experts in psychology, human behaviour, business, health and wellbeing, about how to thrive alone.

    Whether you’re happily single, trying to get comfortable with your solo status, or partnered and looking to carve out more time for yourself, Well Enough Alone will empower you to live your life your way.

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  • The podcast that supports you to speak up and be seen and heard in the world.

  • ALONE: THE OFFICIAL PODCAST is the definitive watch-along companion for the smash-hit History Channel series, ALONE. Each week, co-hosts Lucas Miller (Season 1), Callie North (Season 3) and Dan Brown (TV podcaster & producer) will provide in-depth recaps and behind-the-scenes insights you can’t find anywhere else and illuminate what goes into surviving alone in the wilderness and what it takes to capture it all on camera. Featuring interviews with current and former participants and producers of the iconic survival series, this podcast provides the inside scoop on all things ALONE from the people who have lived it up close and personal. 

    Watch the latest episode of ALONE every Thursday on The History Channel and catch new episodes of the podcast every Friday. ALONE is also available to stream on the History Channel app and 

    Alone: The Official Podcast is produced by Spacestation, in association with The History Channel. 

  • Come one, come all to the Cat Hair Lair for comedian Brendan Sagalow’s podcast. Every week he interviews someone new and they talk about…who cares. New episodes every Wednesday! 

  • سفر مطلق، گفت و گویی درونی است که هرکدام از ما شاید هر روز با خودمان داریم. گفت و گو برای سوالی که پاسخ به آن ساده نیست. چگونه سفری ترتیب دهیم تا صفر را که یک دایره بی معناست، به عددی قابل شمارش تبدیل کنیم.
    صفر، همان صدا یا خواسته درونی است که همواره در وجود ما در حال چرخش است و تنها با سفر است که میتوان از خیال صفر به واقعیت رسید

  • The Enoughness with Melanie Rickey is all about finding our just right in life.

    It’s about the pursuit of pleasure, and where our quest for enjoyment, contentment and satisfaction can take us. 

    Inspired by the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, in each episode our inspiring guests reveal how they navigate their too much and not enough to land in their just right, sharing their hard-won solutions for satisfaction, balance and success and more on the way.

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    The Enoughness podcast is hosted by Melanie Rickey.

    It’s produced and edited by Steve Hankey.

    Additional production is by Sophie Smith.

    It's recorded at 1 Warwick, home of The Enoughness with Melanie Rickey.

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  • A conversation about American foreign policy, Palestinian freedom and the Jewish people.

  • Join lawyer/wine explorer, Tom Massey, in the Cellar Door to hear the stories of the people and wineries in the wonderful world of wine. Tom is joined by winery owners, wine makers and other wine personalities to hear and share their stories, the stories of the wineries and the stories of the wines. It's a podcast about where it all came from and where it's all going. 

  • Keep up-to-date with what's happening at CPX - articles, interviews, upcoming projects, and our views on some current events and other things we’re thinking about. Never more than 10 minutes. Never the same stuff each week.

  • Join us as we discuss our adventures in the complex and exhilarating world of unicorn hunting. Testing the waters of polyamory, swinging, threesomes and more, we chronicle our successes and failures and share the dos and don’ts when inviting another woman into your bedroom.

  • Listen to hundreds of audiobooks, thousands of short stories, and ambient sounds all ad free! "The Philosophy Collection" is a comprehensive anthology of philosophical explorations. Delve into our vast collection of episodes covering a wide array of philosophical topics from ethics to metaphysics. Each published episode invites you to explore deeper thoughts and theories, perfect for binge listening freely.

  • In-depth analysis of socialized philosophy and how to fight against the indoctrination of false dichotomies. Philosophy, sociology, and many other fields interwoven to conceptualize truth in a generation lost in liss Support this podcast:

  • When I wake up, what should I hope that the time is? Why do so many people stand still on escalators? Who should cop the financial consequences of a rental car crash? Join Harrison and Ben each fortnight as they dive deeply into the weeds of seemingly inconsequential problems to analyse the rationality and psychology of human beings. For enquiries, send us an email at: [email protected]

  • Listen to hundreds of audiobooks, thousands of short stories, and ambient sounds all ad free! "The Philosophy Insights Collection" compiles all published episodes featuring deep dives into various philosophical perspectives. This series provides a comprehensive exploration of critical thought processes and the fundamentals of philosophy. Binge this enriching content to broaden your intellectual landscape.

  • Curating information and experience about wellbeing. From expert guests like anthropologists & Psychologists to laypeople with interesting experience, the show is working to unravel the mysteries of happiness.

  • Welcome to Asklé B&B Corner! Dive into weekly episodes with hosts Will and Stephanie Slater, a dynamic husband-wife duo navigating the bustling intersections of parenting and entrepreneurship. From the heartfelt moments of raising kids to the hustle of building Asklé, their health tech startup. Each week you will hear everything from personal stories and reflections to interviews with leading health professionals, parenting and relationship experts, entrepreneurs and world class leaders. Nothing is off limits for these two, so strap yourself in for a raw and emotional ride! 

  • We are brilliant at starting romantic relationships but maintaining them in the longer term can be a real challenge. Welcome to Healthy Us, a new podcast that explores support for all couples, from beginning well, dealing with the ups and downs that occur, and if necessary ending well. Your host is Rod McBride, a psychologist with more than 30 years experience providing support and encouragement to couples, and the author of Couple-Matters blog site.

  • Join me while I chat with inspiring middle-aged, menopausal women who share their mid-life achievements and personal behind-closed-door stories - whilst I take a look at how their personal style has evolved along the way.

    I'm Kate Bird and I'm a Personal Colour & Stylist at Colour me Kate, located in the Perth Hills of Western Australia.  And for more than a decade I've helped women to feel good about how they look in the clothes they wear - and then show them now to go forth to reclaim their identity.  

    I am also a menopausal, middle-aged woman, and I reckon that THIS can actually be the best time of our lives!

    The stories on this podcast will inspire other mid-life women who feel they've lost their identity and that they no longer have much to offer the world.

    These stories reveal the exact opposite to be true.  

    It's time to throw off our invisibility cloak and start talking.

    To contact me: [email protected] 

  • An investigation over 7 episodes into the disappearance and death of Sarah Elise Brown, 23 years, who was missing for 7 days in June 2021 before being found deceased off Barton's Road, Gympie.

    The coroner ruled suicide by hanging.

    The anomalies and unanswered questions arising from the hurried police investigation continue to swirl through the Gympie community who question the suicide finding.

    We uncover previously unknown evidence which throws the police investigation and coroner's finding into doubt.

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