Kunst – Australië – Nieuwe podcasts

  • Interviewing women, people of color, and LGBTQIA+ people in the hardcore, punk, and alternative music scene.

  • The Little Circus Podcast is the one and only podcast about circus made by kids, for kids. Hosts Kiki and Lila, performers with Le PeTiT CiRqUe®, the only all-kid humanitarian elite circus performance company, discuss topics pertaining to life as circus kids and interview guests from around the globe who are involved in youth circus! 

  • Good vibes only conversations with people from all over about their ‘go to’ places for a drink or food.

    The focus isn’t on what is fanciest or most impressive. It’s on what people genuinely enjoy and so go back for more.

    Have a listen and try out the places if you can.

    Jaz will also create bonus episodes to share positive food and drink experiences as she adventures through life. Don’t expect a formal review. Just descriptions of cool places with yummy food and drinks.

  • Here you will learn all about the Art of wild fermentation and how it can benefit us! My podcast is designed to fit onto your busy schedule as I bring you little tidbits of knowledge every week.

  • Back for a second series and another adventure in brewing, I'm going back through history to find out what it takes to make beer as my ancestors would have done.I'll be growing, foraging and bartering my way to that final brew at the end of the year as I go in search of the guidance, ingredients and techniques that were needed to brew long before we had the benefit of modern equipment and know-how.It's a challenge made considerably harder by the arrival of COVID-19, but where there's a beer - there's a way...

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Molly Codyre from Foodism hosts a brand new podcast using her insider knowledge of restaurants from London and beyond to solve your dining dilemmas. Do you need a restaurant recommendation for your very specific needs? Let us know on [email protected].

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Digitally Diverse is a weekly podcast hosted by Ellen Bennett, where we do a deep dive into the journeys of the movers and shakers in the design and tech industry.

    Digitally Diverse is proudly brought to you by NTP, a community-first tech recruitment agency.

  • A podcast talking about a variety of topics such as running a small business, being an entrepreneur, sewing and the sewing community, and newsworthy things happening around the world. Always leading with love, light and positivity!

  • Hosted by the talented and sassy Libby O’Donovan, the First 50 podcast series will provide 12 snapshot moments that cover Adelaide Festival Centre’s 50-year history. Hear stories, anecdotes and memories by those who have had their lives touched by live performance: performers, artistic directors, ushers, and Walk of Fame-ers.

    The 12 episodes within the series will be published monthly across 2023. Be sure to subscribe for monthly drops.

  • Join Nancy Silverton, Laurie Ochoa and Ruth Reichl in truly delicious conversations about food.


  • The Creative Exchange Podcast delves into topics affecting artists and the creative community such as AI, career sustainability, funding and more. Produced in partnership with Creative Victoria and ArtsHub as part of the Creative Exchange program.

    Each episode we’ll be exploring a range of topics aimed at helping Victorian artists and workers in the creative communities to operate their businesses and enhance their practices.

    More information on the Creative Exchange Series: artshub.com.au/creative-exchange/

  • Are You Still Working – How to Take Your Creative Ideas Seriously  is a new podcast presented by Courtney Collins and produced by Lisa Madden.


    Is there a creative project you’ve been longing to do but for one reason or another you haven’t been able to pick up a pen or a brush or a hammer to even begin?


    Well, this podcast is going to be an angel in your ear, encouraging you to take your creative ideas seriously.
    You’ll hear from seasoned artists, filmmakers, musicians, novelists and photographers about how they continue to do the work they love. They'll share tips and tools that can help you in your own creative work – whatever your bent.

    Episodes drop weekly.

  • Cake is not just a food, it’s an emotion. From the history of cake to the iconic cakes of our childhood, State Library of Queensland’s Cake the podcast takes you on a sweet journey that connects you to memories, community and family. Learn about the people, the places and the recipes that have influenced our insatiable taste for cake.

    Join our award-winning host, Kaitlyn Sawrey of Who is Daniel Johns? podcast fame, and tuck into stories about lamingtons, pineapple cake, CWA scones, moon cake, Greek funeral cake, big cakes, celebration cake, and more … wherever you get your podcasts.

  • This show is about building connections between plate and planet. It's here to empower people to understand their place in the food system and realise the impacts their food choices can have. It's here to share what we can do as individuals to make sustainable food choices in the age of climate change.Show your support, and keep notified of new episodes by following us on our social media channels.Instagram: Climate-Proof Food Facebook: Climate-Proof FoodWebsite: www.climateprooffood.com

  • GRIT: One Road In, One Road Out is a podcast made in collaboration with communities from the bushfire-affected Shoalhaven. Grit is a responsive action project that aims to build capacity, relationships and resilience. It features stories inspired by local young people and interviews with experts in trauma recovery, mental health, emergency response, and more. The stories featured aim to open up conversations about resilience, and hope to provide a tool to better understand and heal from the difficulties that life throws our way. Grit is funded by Resilience NSW, the Bushfire Recovery Fund , The Australia Council for the Arts, and CREATE NSW.

  • As architects and designers we are in a privileged position to be designing spaces and buildings that we will often never occupy. It then becomes so important that we ask the people we are designing for “What do you need? What do you want?”.
    Join Architectural Graduate Abigail Lee, as she interviews individuals not in the Architectural profession and interogates their unique needs and wants from the city.
    Dear Designer aims to highlight the importance of collaboration in the design professions, and gives a platform to those who rarely have the opportunity to be heard.

  • A reading of Daniel Defoe's 1722 A Journal of the Plague Year, about 20 minutes at a time.

  • Join us for engaging interviews featuring extraordinary artists, as we uncover the precise blueprint of their remarkable success. Dive deep into their unique journeys, exploring the pivotal moments that shaped their careers. Moreover, we'll candidly inquire about their ingenious methods for overcoming creative blocks and down periods, which even the most accomplished individuals encounter. Get ready for inspiration and insights that will allow you to follow in their footsteps and embark on your own successful creative journey.