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  • An AFL Fantasy Podcast for all players. An insight into the minds of experienced Fantasy players with statistics and support to help you through the 2024 AFL Fantasy Season.

  • Just two fantasy nuffies giving AFL Fantasy coaches a space to vent. We say it so you don't have to!

  • Hammy and Sammy welcome punters everywhere to this open punting forum as the team search for value across the week's sporting events. Sometimes heading off-piste to find new markets and sports to bet into.

  • NRL Fantasy AND Supercoach all in one. Join the team who between them have won em both, for all the stats, data and insights that will help you create the winning team in 2024.

  • A couple of mates wanted to start a Motorsport podcast covering the Supercars, ARG Speed Series and any other categories that interest us in Australia from a fans perspective.
    So we did.... and Chat With The Hat was born.
    We will be interviewing the grass roots personalities in the sport. i.e. Marshalls, Medical, Recovery, Race Control, Media, Drivers, Sponsors Journos and of course YOU the Fans to highlight the people and their stories that make the action possible well before the lights go out or the flag is dropped.

  • You found it! The podcast that breaks down All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite one week at a time!

    Leave your comments via voicemail at (312) 725-2116.

  • Billion Dollar Titan of Wrestling's Global Stage
    Vince McMahon is a titan of American entertainment, best known as the bombastic face of the professional wrestling empire World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). As charismatic and controversial Chairman and CEO, McMahon transformed what was once a regional niche business into a billion-dollar global phenomenon boasting millions of fiercely loyal fans. Fueled by unmatched ambition, obsession with control, and sheer force of personality, he expanded wrestling from territorial sideshow to multimedia juggernaut through visionary gambles, WAR-obsessed micromanagement, and a willingness to conquer all competition at all costs.
    Humble Northeast Beginnings Born August 24, 1945 in Pinehurst, North Carolina, Vince Kennedy McMahon had a childhood shaped by life on the road as his mother Vicki and wrestling promoter father Vincent James McMahon whisked him between Northeast territories. Living out of motels, the elder McMahon’s Capitol Wrestling Corporation instilled Vince’s affection for wrestling while teaching him the promoter business inside-out at an early age.
    After attending military school and graduating college in 1968, Vince McMahon entered the family’s World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF). Starting as an announcer and ring crew, he became a promoter and commentator during the 1970s while earning a reputation for bold ambition and cutthroat tactics behind the scenes. In 1979, Vince began pursuing ownership of his father’s promotion. His insatiable drive culminated in 1982 when he seized full control of WWWF – a pivotal maneuver expanding his conquests henceforth.
    National Expansion Through Ruthless Vision and Calculated Risk Sensing major network and pay-per-view potential in wrestling’s broader appeal, McMahon set sights on aggressive national expansion unprecedented in the rigid territorial industry landscape. To stack talents against regional promotions, he lured wrestlers with guaranteed money and promises of stardom backed by might of his marketing machine.
    In 1985, McMahon also envisioned staging the biggest event in wrestling history – WrestleMania. Though decried as impossible, WrestleMania became a smash success still running over 30 years later. Combining pay-per-view profits and MTV cross-promotion, early WrestleManias provided financial fuel allowing McMahon to raid regional promotions for more talent and televised timeslots nationwide.
    By 1987, McMahon had crushed nearly all competition en route to dominance as undisputed king of professional wrestling for decades henceforth.
    Character-Driven Content Pioneering Sports Entertainment Central to McMahon’s success was moving wrestling towards episodic storylines and exaggerated personas – an edgier evolution re-labeled “sports entertainment.” This character-focused presentation pioneered by McMahon tapped into a winning formula of melodrama, machismo, violence and sex appeal that captured imaginations far beyond typical sports fans.
    McMahon himself became an over-the-top on-air villain – the ruthless “Mr. McMahon” character representing corporate greed and abuse of power against crusading fan favorites. Beyond amplifying drama, this established McMahon as lead heel personality setting up talent dynamics still central to modern WWE programming.
    Conglomerate Powerhouse Built Through Ruthlessness and Vision Fueled by the 1980s national expansion's success, McMahon took WWE public in 2000 then amplified moves diversifying beyond wrestling content. Acquiring rivals World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling in 2001 eliminated American competition for another two decades.
    Further sharp dealings allowed McMahon to consolidate wrestling's once thriving independent scene underneath WWE's umbrella. By monopolizing talent and content supply, McMahon fortified WWE's dominance to record profits despite stagnancy creatively and waning popularity through the 2010s.
    Alongside wrestling's core business, WWE Studios produced entertainment across films, television, licensing and streaming outlets until spinning off in 2021. In 2022, McMahon announced his retirement from WWE amidst misconduct allegations and Board of Directors investigations, leaving control to daughter Stephanie as Chairwoman and Co-CEO alongside billionaire investor Nick Khan.
    Cementing a Mixed Legacy Between Trends and Turmoil Vince McMahon's obsessive drive undeniably revolutionized professional wrestling from territorial sideshow to global entertainment Goliath yielding unmatched profits and cultural footprint. Signature events like WrestleMania created seismic waves still felt in modern popular culture. Millions found escape through the drama and spectacle of WWE thanks to the template largely created by McMahon’s vision.
    However, serious critique accompanies legacy as well. McMahon callously eliminated competition while fostering a wrestling monopoly decried as unethical. WWE’s heavy consolidation starved the industry of styles and content diversity over time. McMahon's stranglehold on micro-management stifled creative freedom for decades of talent.
    Off-screen, a corporate culture fixated on McMahon's mercurial whims took priority over basic workplace decency according to former employees. This climaxed in serious sexual misconduct allegations ending McMahon’s full-time tenure, though his family retains control and the blueprint remains deeply ingrained at WWE headquarters.
    Ultimately McMahon's obsessive ambition forged a sports entertainment empire yet his thirst for control sparked no shortage of turmoil. For better or worse, the bombastic billionaire used cunning vision and sheer force of will to permanently reshape an industry in his own outsized image. No single individual is more synonymous with wrestling’s identity than the larger-than-life figure who ruled it with an iron fist across five cacophonous decades: The Chairman himself, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Thanks for listening to Quiet Please. remember to like and share wherever you get your podcasts

  • Dromana Club is a podcast for wrestling fans, by wrestling fans. Join Con, Danny, George, and Pete as they share their passion for WWE, AEW, and other wrestling promotions. Whether it’s WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, or All Out, they’ll be there to give you their honest opinions, hilarious commentary, and insider tips. If you love wrestling as much as they do, you’ll love Dromana Club. Subscribe now and don’t miss an episode!

  • Hosted by Anthony Schullo, Parker Kirk, and Adam Dyson, The Youtini Baseball Show is your go-to for baseball insights, unpacking the game's history, strategy, and culture. For rookies and pros alike, join a fan-first community celebrating America's pastime.

  • A documentary chronicling the 2024 Los Angeles Dodgers baseball season, from start to finish.

  • Hall of Fame Baseball Writer Tim Kurkjian is joined by his son, Jeff, as they chat all things baseball. Each week you will hear from one of the sport's most storied experts on the history of the game and how it pertains to today. Plus, every week they will be joined by a guest. Without a question, there will be plenty of father-son prodding throughout the show!

  • Twice a week, Dustin Nielson is joined by former NHLers Matt Kassian and Joaquin Gage to discuss and breakdown the biggest stories from around the world of hockey.

  • A podcast talking Country music to Dark metal. Politics to Publicans. Marathon Running to how to build an award winning street Machine and so much more. Not even I know what we will be talking about next.

  • Every Sunday during the AFL season, John and Anthony will preview and review all the games of the round

  • Jack Hudson & Anthony Alesiani present you an all new Port Adelaide podcast with special guests every week!

  • Stu is the biggest Freo fan known to man and a supporter of the Flagmantle movement. Listen in to The Flagmantle Podcast, for all your Freo Dockers content. Rain, hail or shine. Lose, draw or win. Anytime, anywhere, anybody. The Flagmantle Podcast will have all your Fremantle and football needs covered!

  • Discussing Australia’s favourite game from a Queer perspective.