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  • What's Amanda Knox up to these days? How's Jon Ronson getting on? And what does Richard Dawkins think of bath bombs? Award-winning BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews celebrities and quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath. Joining them is a mix of celebrities...and a man who once had to eat his friends. 

    New episodes every Monday.

  • Michael Bridge and Matchroom Multi Sport Managing Director Emily Frazer discuss pool's latest news and hot topics. Featuring special guests and interviews with the world's best players

  • Join us onboard the good trawler DN35! Arriving in your ears weekly, join us here or on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

  • Welcome to the APWin podcast page! Here, youโ€™ll learn about the essential knowledge to become a profitable bettor.

    Our podcasts contain everything from the best betting strategies to the popular handicaps and the recent news happening in the football industry. The podcasts are rich in information with details for the specific topic. We also offer some handy tips and football predictions.

    The topics we have contain everything from the history and basics of football analytics, popular betting strategies such as arbitrage betting, the types of handicaps you should know and their differences, tips to help you predict football matches, expected goals and how it works and many more. Youโ€™ll also learn about strategies to make more money when betting on football and the latest news, including a head-to-head comparison from the two sporting legends: Cristiano Ronaldo and Messiโ€™s performance in 2021.

    The contents are suitable for all betting levels, whether youโ€™re a pro or a new bettor looking for a place to start in the sports betting world. If you are a beginner, then following our podcast will turn you into a pro in no time! So sit back and let us guide you with the best football information you can find.

  • Two lifelong Villa fans talking about the ups and downs of being a Villa fan. They bring an honest approach to the good, bad and ugly of the mighty Villans journey!  

  • Each week, the Interesting Football Podcast looks at a different English football club in a quest to find the most interesting club of all.

  • If you have a dependency on alcohol, struggle with the short ball, and just generally battle your way through life, you are in the right place.

  • BT Sport presents Ashes Daily, a breakfast show with all the reaction from the day’s play down under, featuring the likes of Jason Roy, Kate Cross, Vithushan Ehantharajah and Steen Raskpolous. Presented by Rob Armstrong.

  • Emma John, Geoff Lemon and Adam Collins discuss each day of play during the 2021-22 Ashes series between Australia and England. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify 

  • Welcome to The Toon Review football channel.

    Everything on this channel is dedicated to our wonderful football club Newcastle United as well as the Premier League and football news around the world.

    This channel has been created to discuss everything going on at Newcastle, The Premier League and football news in general. Match reviews, transfers, player ratings and everything else that is currently going on in the world of football.

  • Ben Stokes & Stuart Broad two of the greatest cricketers of all time, have come together to create their own podcast 'Round The Wicket' , to give you an unrivalled insight into their pursuit at reclaiming the biggest trophy in cricket in 'The Ashes'. 

    Over the next 10 weeks they will be giving us behind the scenes access to their bubble and sharing with us insights into the oldest rivalry in the game. Each week they will be joined by some of the biggest names in sport alongside their current teammates as we experience and decipher first hand, all the unfolding's on and off the pitch. 

    So, make sure that you're strapped in for the ride by subscribing as we welcome you 'Down Under' to witness blow by blow the greatest contest in sport.

    Round The Wicket is hosted and produced by Freddy Clode who runs Blind Dog Productions (Rig Biz, Rugby Pass, Rugby Pod, Race To The Top & Wallplug & Grommet) 

  • The podcast of Trail Runners Association of Hong Kong (TRAHK), including all things related to Trail Running in Hong Kong - interviews with runners and organisers, running tips, topical issues and more.

  • Welcome to the Archery World podcast. Here we discuss all things archery related from things behind the scenes in the shops to equipment to competitions. Support this podcast:

  • The Bugle Ashes Urncast is the new cricket show from The Bugle, hosted by Andy Zaltzman and Felicity Ward

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  • This is a podcast that contains stories, opinions, interviews, encounters and experiences and information that aims to raise awareness about the disparity in an attempt to bridge the gap between genders in Indian sport. The disparity between genders in sport in India, although improving, is enormous. At the age of 10, when I approached a cricket academy to learn the sport, I was told they don’t teach girls, and although this is a result of lack of participation, it is the lack of encouragement and sports infrastructure for women that creates this vicious cycle. This podcast aims at slowly chipping away at that barrier through interesting and short stories and interviews to erase the notion that women can't play sports.

  • A podcast presented by David Earl and Joe Wilkinson about becoming a fan of a new football team, Exeter City.

  • A new weekly podcast profiling the people, businesses and technologies driving the sports streaming revolution. The go-to place for sports broadcast professionals seeking ideas, insights and inspiration in these times of rapid transformation. 

  • Nick Hancock and Chris England are old friends who have both been struck by the same soul-shattering thought: "how is it that everything that has changed about football since I started watching it has made it a little bit more s**t?".

    Have they just been watching football for too long, or are they actually onto something? With the help of some excellent guests from the worlds of comedy and football, they aim to find out.

  • A weekly podcast covering the ins and out of the wonderful world of County Cricket.
    Hosted by Bears fan Aaron Viles AKA The Cricket Connoisseur (@thecricketconnoisseur_), Lancs fan Joe ’Nutzy’ Nuttall (@99nutzy) and Glamorgan fan Lucy Rees (@lucyrees777).

  • Chatting about mountain biking in Scotland and beyond. Guests from the world of mountain biking discussing trail development, responsible access, mental and physical health, urban trails and programmes, destination development, innovation and more. The first few podcasts come from the acclaimed Scotttish MTB Gatheing held virtually in November 2020 - enjoy!

  • From transfer windows to formations, from man-management to getting the sack.

    Craig Levein and Amy Irons explore what it takes to survive as a football manager.