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  • What's Amanda Knox up to these days? How's Jon Ronson getting on? And what does Richard Dawkins think of bath bombs? Award-winning BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews celebrities and quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath. Joining them is a mix of celebrities...and a man who once had to eat his friends. 

    New episodes every Monday.

  • A miscellany of cases and topics of interest to the legal community and others interested in our legal system.

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  • We work with local, national and international partners to build a fairer society in which everyone can contribute to and benefit from economic growth

    As inequality worsens and the capacity of communities around the world to shake off economic challenges is depleted, the case for switching to a new ‘inclusive growth’ model is intensifying. For the last decade stagnant real wages have squeezed living standards, wealth has become increasingly concentrated and having a job has been no guarantee of stable, secure or sufficient income. The economy is no longer producing the quality of jobs people need to support their families and opportunities vary depending on where people live and what their background is. This needs to change.

    The Centre for Progressive Policy comes up with new policy ideas to tackle the root causes of inequality, harnessing the best of central and local government to help build a fairer, more productive economy.

    At the heart of our work is a belief that inclusive growth can allow individuals, families and communities across the UK to contribute and benefit from shared prosperity. For this to happen people need access to good jobs and a supportive social infrastructure, including health, skills training and childcare. Economic policy must reflect this and recognise inclusive growth as a driver of productivity, nationally and locally.

    CPP empowers local leaders, providing insights and co-designing policy ideas to help them deliver change on the ground. Our Inclusive Growth Network, for example, includes 12 councils across the UK, from Belfast, Cardiff and Glasgow, to Liverpool, Manchester and London, developing and piloting new ideas in their communities­­ to drive forward the inclusive growth agenda in the UK and internationally.

    We also work with central government to inform and shape policy and debate, and to drive forward strategies for inclusive growth strategy at a national level. As part of our work across the political spectrum and with central government, we are research partner to the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Inclusive Growth. Finally, we engage with international institutions and organisations to advocate for change, exchange ideas and identify best practice.

    The Centre for Progressive Policy is independent and impartial. We are not aligned with any political party and are a not-for profit organisation. We are funded by Lord David Sainsbury, who also chair’s our advisory panel as part of his work on public policy. The CPP Director and staff retain full control of the scope, content, conclusions and recommendations of CPP's work.

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  • A discussion of leftist ideology and what needs to change in modern society.

  • Political Rantery for the masses! A podcast between two people crushed by modern politics, designed to appeal to those who feel just as fed up as we are. Sweary, irreverent and sexy- at least that's what our tinder bios say.

  • Conscious review professionals already know reviews are about learning not blame. Whether you are involved in Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews, Domestic Homicide Reviews or Safeguarding Adult Reviews, the chances are you also know there’s scope for our learning and improvement work to get better. In 'The Safeguarding and Domestic Abuse Sector Podcast' you can expect my thoughts, musings and insights on what sector led improvement can look like. Plus, I will introduce you to professionals who are taking action and can inspire us in an incredibly positive way. In this space we will reside in a place of possibility. No burnout. No decisions that ‘reviews don’t work’. Join me weekly for connection and motivation to create a tidal wave of positive impact. Expect honesty, openness for learning and key takeaways to implement in reviews and beyond.

  • برنامج ابعاد .. على اذاعة الرياض

  • Hosted by CSIS expert Rachel Ellehuus, “NATO’s Road to Madrid” explores how the United States’ most important alliance is approaching a critical process it has not undertaken since 2010: updating its Strategic Concept. The last time NATO endorsed a formal strategy, Russia had not invaded Ukraine, China was not yet thought to be a challenge meriting NATO attention, and defense planners were only beginning to look at the military implications of climate change, hybrid warfare, and other challenges.

    This podcast series will examine all these subjects, as well as how challenges from inside the alliance complicate its ability to respond effectively. Along the way, the series will try to help make sense of the inner workings of NATO, which are often opaque from the outside. In each episode, Rachel will speak to guests with expertise on each item on NATO’s agenda as it adapts to this new era. The lead researcher and project coordinator of “NATO’s Road to Madrid” is Colin Wall and the podcast is edited by Ilana Nevins.

  • The New Wave, is the official North West Young Fabian podcast, we explore current affairs, politics and the future of social democracy and the centre left here in the North West, the UK and the world.

  • Sean Spicer goes beyond the headlines with people you may have heard of, but you don't really know.

  • برنامج مسجل يستضيف أسماء بارزة من بنات الوطن كنماذج مشرفه، لها عطاءاتها وإسهاماتها في رفعة الوطن محليا ودوليا وذلك لاستعراض قصص النجاح وفصول الكفاح لهذه الأسماء في مختلف مراحل حياتهن وما حققنه من منجزات.

  • A new series of podcasts to provide more insight on our casework and to share best practice across the housing sector..

  • ‘If not us, who? If not now, when?’My name is Zoe Daniel, and I am your community-backed independent candidate for Goldstein in the forthcoming federal election in 2022.In nearly 30 years of reporting, I’ve covered natural disasters, conflict, economics and politics, and all manner of news around the world. I’ve seen first-hand the impact of climate change in the Arctic, and I’ve covered floods, typhoons, and bushfires across four continents, including Australia.

    I have waited, like many, for our governments to develop costed and structured strategies to safeguard our community and economy, to innovate, and to embrace the immense business and job opportunities that a renewable climate economy presents. In short, to lead.

    I’ve found my voice., and I am stepping up to the table.

    I invite you to join this movement and allow me to represent you in Federal Parliament. Your Voice is Your Vote, and we should no longer be taken for granted. The next parliament is critical to the future of our children, our environment, our economy, and our planet now and for generations to come.

    Let’s make our kids proud of us.

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  • Britain Debrief is a new series of short interviews on Britain in the world brought to you by Ben Judah, a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, in Washington DC. Every week Ben interviews a leading politician, thinker or analyst to work out Britain's place post-Brexit from all sides of the political field.

  • Insight for Impact is SQW’s podcast. As a business, we believe that good public policy shapes a better society – and it must therefore be guided by high quality research, analysis and insight. This principle has shaped our work since SQW was formed in the early 1980s, and we have generated a huge bank of experience and insight in applying it.
    Our podcast series is aimed at anyone with an interest in good public policy (particularly at national and local levels in the UK). It addresses highly topical economic and social issues ranging from innovation and local economic development through to skills, education, health and social care. Drawing on high quality evidence and analysis, it seeks to inform and stimulate the surrounding debates, and it aims, literally, to provide insight for impact.
    For more information and to see our most recently published reports, go to https://www.sqw.co.uk/insights-and-publications/

  • DON'T PANIC! is a podcast aimed at creating engaging content from a leftist perspective by discussing social issues, politics, current events, and more through analysis and humor. Early content and premium snapchats: https://www.patreon.com/dontpanicpodcast Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dontpanicpodcast/support

  • Welcome to Plodcast

    Discover, experience and connect to the people and work of the Metropolitan Police Service in Kingston, Merton, Richmond and Wandsworth.

    Listen to interviews with officers and staff, learn about its specialist departments and hear from the people we serve.

    Informative, sometimes challenging, always interesting.

  • Twice a week, we will be breaking down the top events in US politics. From the coronavirus pandemic to the Trump presidency to activism on various subjects, this podcast will break down everything you need to know.

  • A worldwide podcast representing the heroes within our emergency services family & members of the public who have gone through tremendous challenges and grown through the pain. Our mission is to deliver a meaningful series of podcasts presented by operational UK firefighter Pete Wakefield.This podcast pulls back the curtain and showcases inspiring guests (past and present) who live and work among us every day either hidden in plain site, as part of the firefighting family or from other critical emergency services in both the UK and across the world.

  • Let's Talk Politics is a weekly podcast hosted by Young Political Activist, Bailey Nash-Gardner and Conservative Commentator, Emilio Ray.