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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • Tom Barton and Philip Eeles, co-founders of the British restaurant chain Honest Burgers reflect on the last 10 years of their journey from a tent in Brighton through to 40+ restaurants across the nation. Tune in to hear about the highs and lows of starting a national burger brand from scratch, with some great guests along the way.

    Ever wondered about the secrets behind Honest? Or how we come up with the ideas for our Monthly Specials? Our Co-Founders, Tom and Phil, chat through the f**k ups, the story, Honest Farming and more in our 8-episode series of The Honest Podcast.

  • Adulting is definitely a lot of hard work which we never prepare for in all honesty, thus, we all come to the conclusion that 'adulthood is a scam' and yes, I get it, it really is a scam because we got a different package than we ordered.On this podcast, we will be discussing navigating adulthood and everything in between as we share our painful and exciting stories/experiences in the most transparent and vulnerable way with the hope that it sheds some light on your adulting journey. Cheers to being human together🥂Host: Omoniolami

  • Welcome to the Training ByteSize Project Management, a podcast about all things around projects, programmes and portfolios. Our episodes bring you top-tips, such as how to pass your next accredited exam, through to unique industry insights and interviews.

  • Young & Cerebral is a clan of curious and imaginative storytellers based in the Lagos metropolis with a focus on Media, Business Strategy and Growth. Young and Cerebral Podcast is a library of our Radio program. If you missed the On-Air radio version, don’t worry, a recap of the program via podcast below. To listen, click the play button on the respective media to listen.

  • Join Harry on his Spanish journey across the globe 🌎
    Instagram: @chatspanish

  • The TEFL Bitesize Podcast is designed to give all those involved in the TEFL world plenty of food for thought, in bitesize chunks.

  • Relationships are important because our relationships shape us. Our family and home experiences add up to make us who we are. We are created relational beings and we thrive when our relationships are wholesome and healthy. This us why the state or our homes is so important. A happy home is not a luxury but necessary for the wellbeing of all in that home. I believe that to build or create a happy home you must first become a happy person. Realise that lasting happiness cannot be found in external things, but understanding who you are and the value you carry will help you discover the path to true and lasting happiness.This podcast will explore everything you need to BE, DO, HAVE in order to build a H.A.P.P.Y Home. The H.A.P.P.Y is an acronym that stands for HAPPY. AUTHENTIC. PURPOSEFUL. POWERFUL.YOU.

  • The Sam of Somalia podcast is all about Somali language edutainment! My name's Sam, I'm an English guy from the Cornish countryside who Embraced Islam at 17 years old. I moved to London to complete an Arabic language degree and fell in love with the Somali language (and then a Somali woman) in my final year.

    I'm on all platforms from YouTube to TikTok creating educational and fun content. I hope to demonstrate that if I can learn Somali, anyone can.

  • Join Jay Alderton and Dan Meredith as they take you through the ups and downs on Mindest, Social Media, Entrepreneurship and Navigating this crazy thing called life

  • FREE English course! Each class is about a specific expression, a few specific words or a grammatical structure and is divided into 4 tracks. In each track the things you're learning are repeated again and again but with different dynamics so you don't get bored!

    Track 1: Explanation (use, examples, common mistakes)
    Track 2: Conversation (hear the words in context in a conversation, followed by analysis)
    Track 3: Interesting Stuff! (a short presentation about a topic)
    Track 4: Translation Challenge (you have 5 seconds to translate from Spanish to English to review what you've learnt)

    After all this you will never forget the structures or words you have learnt! More information at www.keyteenglish.com/podcasts

  • Welcome to Learn English with Teachify! Here you can listen to our fantastic teachers talking about various topics we cover in class and common mistakes we see with our students. Tip! While you are walking to work, going to meet a friend for a drink or even going to the toilet. Our aim is to get you into the habit of listening to us on a regular basis to perfect your listening abilities. Have fun! #TeachifyYourLife!

  • Welcome to The Aspiring Psychologist Podcast with me, Dr Marianne Trent.

    What you'll get by subscribing to this podcast is access to free tips and tricks to get yourself feeling more confident about building the right skills and experiences to help you in your career as an a Aspiring Psychologist.

    Hosted by me...Dr Marianne Trent, a qualified Clinical Psychologist in private practice and lead author of The Clinical Psychologist Collective: Advice & Guidance for Aspiring Clinical Psychologists. Within this podcast it is my aim to provide you with the kind of show I would have wanted to listen to when I was in your position! I was striving for ‘relevant’ experience, wanting to get the most out of my paid work and developing the right skills to help me to keep on track for my goals of becoming a qualified psychologist! Regardless of what flavour of Psychology you aspire to: Clinical, Counselling, Health, Forensic, Occupational or Educational there will be plenty of key points to pique your interest and get you thinking.

    The podcast is a mixture of solo chats from me to you and also the occasional interview with people about themes which really matter to you and to the profession too.

    I can't wait to demystify the process and help to break things down into simple steps which you can then take action on. I really want to help fire up your passions all the more so do tune in and subscribe. I love your comments too so don’t be a stranger!

    You are also welcomed and encouraged to connect with me on social media:

    To check out reviews of The Clinical Psychologist Collective: Advice & Guidance for Aspiring Clinical Psychologists head to: https://amzn.to/3jOplx0

  • Smart English Coach helps you get to advanced English level FAST. Get the strategies, mindset and shortcuts for fluent and confident English speaking. Presented by Clare Whitmell, an English teacher and coach, with 20+ years' experience of teaching students from around the world.

  • Martin Malone, AKA The Teachers’ PT, is here with a brand new podcast for every teacher around the country (and world).

    We are going to tackle the biggest problems in teaching while having a laugh along the way.

    So hit that subscribe button and put on an episode the next time you’re setting up your classroom or driving home from school. I can promise you won’t regret it.

  • Presented by Doctor, writer and TV Presenter Xand Van Tulleken and community health psychologist, UCL lecturer and self-proclaimed hippie, Dr Rochelle Burgess.

    This podcast is about public health, but more importantly, it’s about the systems that need disrupting to make public health better. In each episode, we’ll be challenging the status quo of this field, asking what needs to change, why and how to get there. Each month we’ll be joined by activists, scholars, artists, comedians and industry professionals to offer perspectives from the UCL community and beyond. 

    We’re calling this podcast Public Health Disrupted because that’s exactly what we want to do. We are going to be breaking down disciplinary, sectoral and geographic boundaries to really understand the diverse and complex issues impacting our health. Issues as complex as structural racism and as broad as the role of tech in public health. 

    New episodes will be made available monthly via the UCL Soundcloud, Acast, Spotify, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast

    If there’s a question you’d like us and our guests to answer, email us at [email protected] or tweet @UCLHealthPublic

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • In The Company of Creatives is a podcast about creativity in all its wonderful forms. Through interviews with inspiring creatives – writers, artists, musicians, creative entrepreneurs – we’ll learn about their lives and their work, their creative process – to find out how to live more creatively, overcome obstacles that so often inhibit us – from imposter syndrome to fear of failure, from procrastination to perfectionism. Hosted by Charlotte Wells, a creative coach and writer based in the UK, the podcast explores ways to put creativity firmly in the centre stage of daily life.

  • Welcome to Own Your Style hosted by Monika Mueller a personal stylist who helps high achieving women get unstuck and have a style that speaks true to them and one that gives them unstoppable confidence. This podcast is no fashion podcast, it's about covering real issues when it comes to style, self-care, and self-love that successful women face. If you are an entrepreneur or professional who wants to uplevel your self-image and have a style that is easy and effortless then you won't want to miss this podcast. This podcast will provide you with real tips, tricks, and tools that you can implement in your everyday wardrobe.

  • Are you an international student in the UK? Do you have a thousand and one questions? Then you’ve come to the right place! Hear international students share their experiences and stories on what it’s REALLY like to study in the UK, and get tips from experts that will help you from pre-arrival to graduation.

  • Panel discussions & debates on philosophy, psychology, culture, and politics, with leading intellectuals from around the world.

  • Join our Community : https://anchor.fm/carolina-kowanz/subscribeThis podcast's goal is to learn something new, or refresh knowledge we’ve forgotten, make new discoveries, and exercise modes of thinking that are ordinarily neglected once our school days are behind us. Offering an escape from the daily grind to contemplate higher things.carokowanz.comfollow me on IG: @carokowanzenglish