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  • Are you lost as to what to do next in your veterinary career?

    You’ve been a vet for a number of years and have reached a stage in your career where you know you’re not satisfied and you need change.

    But you feel financially trapped, and you're probably unaware of other career options, especially close to where you live.

    Where on earth do you even start?

    I'm here to help.

    My name is Steve Oehley and I'm someone just like you.

    I'm a veterinarian who struggled in my own career. Changing jobs multiple times, but no matter where I went I found myself unhappy. I noticed something - so many vets are unhappy in their career.

    How do you find meaningful work while still paying the bills?

    I signed up to life coaching, got career advice, and now have found a healthy balance between clinical vet work, podcasting and career coaching.

    I've designed a career that works for me.

    And now I'm going to help you do the same.

    I discuss my own experiences with career dissatisfaction and burnout as a veterinarian, and offers guidance and strategies for finding more fulfilling work within the field.

    This podcast aims to provide a realistic and achievable framework for veterinarians to take the next steps in their careers and to design a career that works for them.

    Based on principles of life coaching, the best career advisors in the world, and vets that have already taken the leap.

    This is Next Step Vet.

    Join us on our journey to a more enjoyable life.

  • A comedy advice podcast hosted by Jackie Pirico and Mark Little, who share perfect, unimpeachable ideas on how to improve your life.

  • For entrepreneurial minded STEMM people!

    A show about STEMM professionals who have gone off script and carved their own path beyond the tracks that were set for them. Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine. How they found their why and what it takes to make it happen.

    We are the curious people and we want to make an impact, that's why we did STEMM at the first place, right?

    There are so many ways to actually make a dent and better the world, and you can carve your unique path beyond the traditional or obvious moves.

    Hear it from the ones who made it; the ones who broke free of these predefined guard rails that were placed for them and carved their very own path! They made a major change and this changed them and the world for the better. Wether it is a drastic career change or creating their own business, each had their own way or redefining themselves.

    This is not about perfect narratives, but about the forces that moved them and about HOW they made it happen. The highs, the lows, the trade-offs, the supporters, the detractors.

    This podcast tells their story of being BOLD and BRAVE so that you can find your own inspiration and courage and take the leap you are longing for.

    I am your host Angelique, I wear multiple hats. I worked in drug development for the pharmaceutical industry for the last 12 years, I worked in academia, biotechs, big pharma and I moved on from research to consulting in so many part of the drug development life cycle. Why a podcast now? Because representation and role modelling matters. I want to lower the entry barrier for anyone looking to make a change and inspire and enable others to find the freedom to shape their lives beyond the script they were given. This podcast is meant for you to hear so many examples, business cases with practical insights so that your mindset can change from " how can I do this?" to " How CAN I NOT do this"!

    Tune in for lots of inspiring people!

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    Visit my website https://angeliquegreco.com.au/

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  • A weekly podcast to keep you updated about the latest FDA drug approvals as well as "catch up" episodes of already approved drugs to help you understand the entire landscape for the treatment of different diseases. Suitable for physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other clinicians who want to stay up to date.

  • I’m Valerie, an iOS Software Engineer with experience working at the top tech companies in the world (FAANG) and on my channel I talk about iOS, software engineering, tech, and Silicon Valley for everyone who wants to get into tech, are new to tech, and are already in tech looking to learn something new.

  • Wondering how to get more traffic to your website? Want to know how to market your online business without burning out?

    Welcome to the Marketing That Leads Podcast, hosted by Anita, a passionate travel writer and online business enthusiast who is on a mission to empower coaches, course creators, and service providers to build successful businesses that generate more income, impact, and freedom.

    In this podcast, Anita will share her expertise and insights on using evergreen and automated marketing strategies like blog, SEO, and Pinterest to boost your visibility 24/7 with ease.

    With her proven track record of bringing 7-figure traffic to her website on autopilot, she will teach you the same strategies and techniques that you can implement to take your business to the next level.

    Through engaging and informative episodes, Anita will guide you on how to master marketing that leads to more free time, more traffic, more visibility, and ultimately more sales. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced marketer, this podcast will provide you with practical tips and actionable insights that you can apply to your business today.

    Join Anita as she shares her passion for marketing and helps you create and grow your business with marketing that leads. Subscribe so you never miss an episode and let's get into it!

  • B2B Bites Back is a podcast that covers all aspects of B2B Social Media marketing. Hosted by Luke Brynley-Jones & Helen Sharpe, the podcast was created in response to the rapid acceleration and evolution of B2B social media, which has in part been driven by the pandemic.

    Designed for B2B Digital Marketing professionals, Helen and Luke will sit down every month to dissect new trends and opportunities within a specific discipline of social media marketing, with each episode featuring tactical and actionable insights from some of the World’s leading experts in B2B Social.

  • We are couple of golf sickos pursuing the ever elusive perfect golf. During the journey we hope to not only improve our game, but yours as well! Lets TIP IT OUT!

  • Conditional 1 is the MRI Safety podcast created for MRI Technologists and those with an interest in MRI Safety. Designed to stimulate discussion, Conditional 1 is produced by James Whittaker and aims to form an occasional series covering all aspects of the field of MRI Safety.

  • So you're looking to leave your nine to five job right? You want to do something else, but you're probably afraid what if it doesn't work out? What if I quit my job, and the thing I fall into fails.

    Or worse.

    I'm even more unhappy there. What happens?

    My name is Steve Oehley. I'm somebody on my own journey to escape the nine to five. I'm here because I know that there are other people just like me who are also stuck in the trap of a nine to five job they don't enjoy.

    Join the community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/escapetheninetofivepod

    In this show, you'll hear from both people who've taken the leap, as well as trained professionals who can share their experience with you.

    We get career advice from a banker turned videographer, a woman who turned down a corporate job for a life working with horses, a guy who quit finance to start a podcast, and many more...

    I want it to create a podcast that not only inspires you to make a change out of the nine to five job, but also provides a realistic framework to actually achieve change.

    We all love hearing about the girl who spends two hours a week blogging and the rest of your time traveling or the guy who started Instagram out of his garage. Those stories are great, but they're not realistic for the vast majority of us. You'll hear stories to motivate you on your own career change, knowing that these people have once been in a similar situation to you. And you'll always get three tips from our guests to help you escape the nine to five.

    You might be thinking these stories are great, but how is this going to help me make a career change?

    Alongside our guests, I'll be providing an episode by episode guide to helping you escape the nine to five. This is a comprehensive framework based on years of work by people smarter than me. At the end of each episode, you'll be given a challenge to help you on an achievable journey out of a nine to five.

    The show is designed to give you inspiration to escape the nine to five, but it is just a starting point.

    It's scary. You've done training and reached a stage in your career where you're getting paid comfortably. You're probably at least in your late twenties, maybe with financial commitments, like a mortgage and or kids, it will be hard. So having a group of people to support you or make the journey easier.

    I encourage you to join our Facebook group: Escape the nine to five PODCAST. There you'll join a community of people making their own transition out of the nine to five job

    Categories: career advice, career development, self improvement, life crisis.

  • Career Sessions podcast aims to get to the crux of careers, from those people who are already in them. Dr Champion and Dr Agnew host a friendly and fun chat with successful Australians who reflect on their path to their current role, reporting on the valuable lessons they have learned through work and study and how much of an influence their study has had on their current role.

  • T3 Transition To Tech presents compelling - and actionable! - information you can use on career strategies and related topics!

    Created for professional women from non-tech backgrounds who are looking to land a job in Tech, T3 is on a mission to help women realize they are not “starting from scratch”; but, rather, that they are “starting from experience”!

    With all the information and misinformation available online, the T3 podcast features women sharing their real-world experience working on technology teams in different roles — and how listeners can follow in their footsteps. (Or forge totally new paths others can follow!)

    Join us for some edutainment you can put to good use today.

  • The Deloitte Download is your chance to get an insight into what joining Deloitte in New Zealand as an intern or graduate is really like! In this series, our graduate recruitment team talk to various people throughout Deloitte, including interns, graduates from various parts of the business and our recruitment team. Each episode is designed to put you in the best position possible to choose your impact and start your career with Deloitte!

  • This podcast is for teachers ready to transition out of the classroom and into a new career. Each week, I will share stories about what I have learned moving from education to the corporate world. I will answer the most common questions and share my best tips to help you get started! If you are considering leaving the classroom, this show is for you!
    Kristi Oliva is a Learning Program Manager for Worldwide Customer Service Assessment Strategy at Amazon. She drives a global program to design high-quality assessment methods that correlate with performance-based business solutions. A successfully transitioned teacher, Kristi is also a Guest Faculty Member and Mentor for IDOL courses, where she has helped hundreds of professionals enter the instructional design field by providing group mentoring and one-on-one coaching.

  • Our mission is simple - To boost Social Leaders across the world.

    How?  By sharing experiences from real leaders, providing expert tips and thoughts, and creating peer to peer support.

    Whether you are starting, stabilising or scaling, join us - Be Inspired.

  • How To Teach Your Kids About Money is a podcast by Cents of Responsibility that's a wonderful mix of insight from Alec Lindenauer, COR’s Chief Allowance Officer, and Julie Frans, COR’s Chief Community Officer. Together, they provide insight into how-to instructions to help parents work with their children in a practical manner, and how those methods are really being utilized by parents.

    It’s a place where they discuss how much allowance to give your kids, when to start allowance, how to have beginner investing conversations, lemonade stands, financial literacy, and much more.

    All of this comes from a core belief that you, the parent or caregiver, is the single best person to teach your child about money. Only you can provide the regular practice a child needs to truly become money savvy. We know this is a difficult ask for some parents. That’s why we’re here to help!

    Subscribe today!

  • Beauty and beast program is for long distance couples a station for them to listen to music and also lubbet topic talking and all that stuff

  • Welcome to the official Podcast channel for The Legal Squeeze. Where we discuss legal topics to squeeze the juice out of the Law.