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  • Mostly hinged coverage of conspiracies, corruption, cryptids, supernatural activity, and prophecies that might be coming true. Critics call us, "A bit more stable than Alex Jones."
    Live on Wednesdays, 7 PM EST everywhere. ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿธ

  • Sober Sunday Check-In is your chance to connect and check-in with some sober homies around the world about the week that’s been, and to help you feelconnected and reminded that we’re on the same mission, we’re not alone, and we’re in this together against all the odds, whatever those may be.

    Sober Sunday check in is my regular Instagram Live, which I host every Sunday night at 9pm New Zealand time, and then I turn it into this, the podcast version.

    Follow me on Instagram at @mike_is_sober

  • There's a heap happening here in Aotearoa New Zealand! From the serious to the light hearted, join me, Dan Armstrong as we discuss what's shaping our little country in the South Pacific.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Are you looking for a medical podcast covering every day issues in diagnostic tests, antimicrobial therapy and management of infections that is relevant to a low or middle income setting? A show that simplifies complex concepts in an easy to follow conversational format? You've come to the right place. This is Microbe Mail - a medical podcast for the busy practitioner or student covering topics in microbiology, infectious diseases and infection control.
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  • Do you constantly feel overwhelmed, stressed or burnt out? Have you been told that your symptoms are “all in your head” even though you’re sure that they’re not? You’re not alone, and Dr. Kinney is here to help you.Dr. Erin Kinney is a Naturopathic Doctor, coach and speaker who helps her patients understand what is REALLY going on in their bodies so that they can take control of their health and get their life back on track. With the help of other leading experts in the health and wellness industry, Dr. Kinney is here each week to share the strategies and tools you need to keep your body functioning optimally. If you are ready to reconnect with the wisdom of your body and reestablish harmony in your life, be sure to tune in to the Dr. Kinney Show. To find out more visit www.drerinkinney.com.

  • René Rodriguez takes the neuroscience and psychology behind our behaviors, simplifies it, and combines that with an acute understanding of self-awareness, emotions, storytelling, body language, and more to help each of us better deliver our ideas to others. The result is the ability to enhance our message delivery and connect with our audience whether that audience is one person in front of you, 100, or 1,000 and up. And in the process, we influence outcomes and improve our lives by having a greater impact on the world.

  • An editor and two authors commiserate about the writing life, then hit you with some inspiration and send you back to work.

    Episodes air every other Monday. 

  • What makes a good story? Join awk (and guests) as critchat explores writing criticism and storytelling.

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  • Welcome to our podcast where we take a deep dive into empowerment through conscious creation. Our focus is on sharing New- Earth knowledge around the topics of energy healing, the Law of Attraction, Spiritual Ascension, Inner-Transformation, Self-Love and 5D consciousness.

  • Some little things that can help teen moms and just new moms that need some help

  • In a world where women still face intersectional challenges, we need authentic conversations in safe spaces about our shared challenges and successes. Join Dr. Ahne, The Gritpreneur, a physician, combat veteran and women's empowerment speaker, shares her experiences and initiates relevant conversations with her guests. If you are a professional woman who could use some inspiration and support on your journey, we cordially invite you to take a seat at our table on The Woman of G.R.I.T (Growth mindset, Restraint, Introspection, Transformation) podcast, every 2nd and 4th Thursday. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/woman-of-grit-podcast/support

  • The Storied Living Podcast is a go-to resource dedicated to understanding and engaging with story work, trauma and healing. Through this podcast you’ll hear from Trauma-Informed Story Work and Life Coach Lora Kelley and guests. Tune in for applicable practices to help you move from surviving to thriving.

  • Your weekly chat about the best writing tips and tools for your current and future creative projects.

  • Si disfrutas observando la calle y no es un problema para ti perderte y descubrir cosas nuevas, este es tu podcast.

    Vas a aprender detalles sobre Barcelona al mismo tiempo que mejoras tu vocabulario en espaรฑol.

    No olvides pasarte por mi Instagram para completar la experiencia virtual.


  • There are more than 250,000 unsolved homicides in the United States. American Military University presents Break the Case, a podcast hosted by members of AMUโ€™s Cold Case Team as they conduct on-the-ground investigations and work to bring resolution to some of these victims and their families. Subscribe to Break the Case. To learn more about AMU, visit AMUonline.com. 

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Our online educational programs will give you the knowledge you need to feel less confused and more confident to retrain your standardbred.

  • Welcome to the BlocksPaperScissors Podcast! An education podcast about Teaching for Artistic Behavior and the power of self-directed art experience, creativity and experiential education! Music courtesy of The Easthills

  • Hi Veterans, welcome to the VA Claims Insider Podcast!

    We’re Veterans helping Veterans get the VA disability rating and compensation YOU deserve.

    I’m your host, Air Force service-disabled veteran Brian Reese, and each week we share VA disability claim tips, strategies, and lessons learned to help you win, service-connect, and get rated at the appropriate level, even if you’ve already filed or been denied!

  • A podcast where we talk to people that embody a Formidable Mindset; the people who are out there making change happen, whether that be in their work, their businesses, their communities or elsewhere. These are the people who have a mindset that propels them forward, who are a force of nature - who seem unstoppable.

  • Hey, you ambitious babe…

    Are you ready to go from…
    โ–ช๏ธOverwhelmed to Overflowing
    โ–ช๏ธImposter to Inspirational
    โ–ช๏ธUncertain to Unstoppable
    …and Turn Confidence into Cash?

    If you know deep down that you have the potential —
    If you know in your heart you’re here for a bigger purpose —

    Then, hey girlfriend…I’m so glad you found me!

    I’m Tiffany Wynn — wife, girl mama, top network marketing leader and online business coach who took my biggest limiting beliefs and turned them into my superpower. I spent 5 years spinning my wheels and hustling in my business with nothing to show for it to completely exploding my business in less than a year by changing one simple thing...my confidence. If you want to learn how I ditched the grind for grace & built a multiple 6-figure business by staying aligned with my highest self, focused on the things that bring me joy and connected to my soul goals then grab a seat and let’s turn that next level confidence into cash.

    I’m on a mission to create a community where women are audacious about their ambition and unapologetic about how bright they shine because they know who they are and Whose they are.

    Every time you press play, you’ll get mindset strategies and business methods that will leave you feeling more confident and excited about the business and life you are creating.

    Get ready to slay, pray and get paid because the magic and the miracles that God has waiting for you when you step fully into the highest version of yourself are going to rock your world.

    So fix, your crown queen…we’re about Glow Up, Show Up & Blow Up.


    Learn • thetiffanywynn.com
    Connect • [email protected]
    Community • tiffanywynnvip.com
    Instagram • instagram.com/thetiffanywynn