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  • Where psych, education, personal experience and conversation meet to discuss topics surrounding relationships, sex, and self love.

  • Are you, or someone you know, living with an autoimmune disease like Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis? It can be an overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating health journey to understand for both the patient, and anyone else involved like family members, friends, and coworkers.
    Join Sandy Robinson, Certified Life and Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Personal Fitness Chef, and Business Coach, as she bridges the information and communication gap between patients, caregivers, family members, friends, and coworkers, by making what she calls, “The Hashimoto’s Connection.” Hear encouraging interviews with other Hashimoto’s patients, latest treatment options and techniques shared by medical practitioners and professionals, and helpful tips shared from her own personal Hashimoto’s journey.
    If you are ready to bridge the information gap between you and your caregivers, relieve frustrations and misunderstandings with family, friends, and co-workers who just don’t seem to get it, or, if you need to be encouraged, informed, and equipped for a positive Hashimoto’s lifestyle, then this podcast is for you!

  • Your weekly dose of Paid Advertising & Landing Page Optimisation insights, tactics & strategies to help you smash your sales targets and crush your competition. Designed & delivered by Hype Digital, the Top 10 Clutch PPC Agency.

  • Get proven tips from experts to improve your wellbeing, listen to guests with fascinating life stories, and follow as we put scientific wellness findings to the test.

    Presented by the English voice of the Mindshine App, Charlie Inman, and our very own clinical psychologist, Dr Marsha Chinichian, this fascinating and uplifting podcast explores happiness in all its forms and digs deep into what we can do to get more of it into our lives.

  • 🎓Мы приглашаем педагогов, разговариваем об образовательных дисциплинах, традициях и новациях, стараясь выяснить, как возможен человек среди технологий, какие мы – люди в XXI веке, и как нас с вами изучают социальногуманитарные науки.

    Подкаст-проект реализуется в партнерстве с Европейским гуманитарным университетом (Литва).

  • Denver-based home birth midwives Gina Gerboth and Nedra Hale discuss all things birth and breastfeeding, some of which might be of interest home birth families, midwives, and student midwives.

  • From the people that brought you 'No Really, I'm Fine', Mind Over Money is a brand new show, that aims to tackle the issue of financial wellbeing, dealing with a financial crisis, and practical tips on how to manage your mental health along with your bank balance. This podcast is hosted by Gemma Sherlock and in association with NatWest.

  • The How To Adult show is your go-to-guide to learn all the adult life skills you wish you'd been taught in school! (AKA: How to get your sh*t together, build a life you love, and start adulting like a pro.) From personal finance to healthy living, we cover it all every week on the show. New episodes air every Monday morning at 8:00 am,

  • Подкаст для преподавателей РКИ

    Часть Telegram-канала https://t.me/prorki

  • Pabandei ir nepavyko? Susimovei? Nerandi ką nori veikti gyvenime? Nekenti savo darbo? Įstojai „ne ten“? Nepaėjo verslas? Kam nepasitaiko. 🤷‍♂️ Tiesiog susiimk ir... pradėk iš naujo. Antrą kartą pavyks geriau. Karjera, santykiai, verslas, finansai, sveikata — pasikalbėkim su žmonėmis, kurie suteikė sau antrą šansą.

  • Welcome to the Microsoft Education Insider Series! In each episode, you’ll get actionable ideas you can launch in your classroom today. You’ll learn from teachers , school leaders and education experts, who we hope inspire you and equip you to use technology in meaningful ways.  
    Visit education.microsoft.com for more information.

  • This Podcast is brought to you by Onigiri FPV. In each and every episode, I discuss various topics with my favourite guests and my co-host MaiOnHigh.

    I hope you enjoy it, now simply turn up the volume and let's go!

  • Welcome to Not Your Final Destination!We are here to inspire motivate and talk about life!The Good The Bad And The Ugly!Along The Way, We Hope To Inspire Some Of You!Make Sure To Sub To The Podcast & Our Youtube Channel!Thank you For 89K Streams!Make Today Great Everyone! - Felix Diaz Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/fellixdiaz/support

  • All the content in my podcast will be imperative towards my community. Every subject every topic every point of view is pointed towards the direction of bettering my community especially the youth in my community. The work gets done when you make it important enough to not care about what other people think.

  • Podkastas (tinklalaidė) apie miestus, jų vystymą, skirtingas profesijas, socialinius sluoksnius ir įvairiausias veiklas siekiant atskleisti iš ko susideda mūsų miestai.

  • Welcome to the LongWeLive Podcast - hosted by Eisve, a serial entrepreneur and a believer that high performance doesn't require burnout or being in a stressed out state.

    Eisve is an expert in journaling process that helps stop overthinking and getting out of your own way. On this podcast, you'll be given a collection of Eisve's best talks to stop overwhelm, clear stress and find piece of mind.

    Dive into the episodes and work through your challenges quicker.

    Follow along as Eisve provides you with insights you need to get out of your head and calm your mind to live longer life, have healthier body and stronger mind!

  • Подкаст, в котором фаундеры разбираются, как изменить мир и попутно заработать заветный миллиард. Новый медиапроект стартап-сообщества Сбера.

  • Honest talks with UM sexologist Marieke Dewitte and student guests.

    Sex, love, intimacy, being single, relationships, masturbation, pornography, sexting, and much more. These are topics that are a part of (most of) our lives, yet we do not talk about them as much as other day-to-day activities. In our podcast Sex, Love, Corona, Marieke Dewitte (sexologist at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience) takes the time to talk to student guests about their experiences and how the current corona pandemic impacts sexual relationships and sexual development. And all the while, Marieke enriches these stories with the things she has learned as a sex researcher at Maastricht University.

  • Esu psichologas, lektorius Audrius Ivanauskas. Šie podcastai apie savęs pažinimą, psichologinę sveikatą, gyvenimiškus klausimus, grožį, džiaugsmą ir gėrį.