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  • A podcast for women, and all those who identify as such, exploring the journey of healing and recovery from all types of pain - physical pain, mental, emotional and even spiritual pain.

    In this podcast we discuss a range of topics that support us in our journey from pain to power including: women's health, the menstrual cycle, menstrual cycle awareness, hormones, the nervous system, trauma, chronic pain, embodiment, relationships, and feminism.

    Join us in the community! Here we learn together on our own personal paths of coming back home to ourselves and our own sense of power in our bodies and lives.

    www.lisadejongcoaching.com (http://lisadejongcoaching.com/)

  • A podcast showcasing optimism, positivity, and human connection. In an increasingly divisive world, this show seeks to bring out the best in all of us by exploring myriad perspectives and the endless opportunities to build connected, purpose-filled lives. No topic is off limits, and no conversation is taboo. Whether it’s health, adventure, politics, or even intimacy, let’s set aside differences and find out what brings us together!

  • PA(SI)MATOM - projektas jaunimui, kuriame nieko nėra neįmanomo. Būtent čia atsiskleidžia visos gražiausios asmenybės. Mūsų motyvuota šeima nori įkvėpti jauną žmogų siekti savo tikslų ir be baimės eiti iššūkių kupinu keliu. O kad šis siekis būtų lengviau įgyvendinamas, į pagalbą kviečiame įvairias asmenybes, kurios neišsenka motyvacijos gyventi ir savo laime dalintis su kitais! Instagram’as - mūsų naudojama platforma, kur dalinamės žmonių gyvenimo istorijomis ir realizuojame savąsias kartu su jais. Ar prisijungsi?

    Pasižvalgyk: https://www.instagram.com/pasimatom/

  • Maya Reynolds, a student at Chaminade Julienne High School, informs us about the effects of gentrification in three cities around the world. Are the impacts of gentrification so black and white? In this podcast, Maya gives us the basics of gentrification but also goes further and discusses how gentrification pushes people into the shadows.

  • Hosted by: Leah Risemberg, Shevlin Jaffe, and Mya Lopez; produced by Leah Risemberg, Shevlin Jaffe, and Mya Lopez; and edited by Mya Lopez

    Includes interviews from Luke Lopez and Helen Jaffe

  • ASCENSION is teaching you that God is Within.
    ASCENSION is taking you back to the soil of your Spirit, and the Soil of this Earth.
    ASCENSION is the key to rediscovering the Heaven You never left.
    ASCENSION is setting the new Spiritual standard for Man.
    ASCENSION is redefining Manhood and Womanhood through the lens of Disciples, growing into Their Own.
    ASCENSION is uncensored, practical spirituality that will encourage you to Be Yourself and Live Your Truth.
    ASCENSION is raising you up into the thinking of God.
    ASCENSION is All God. True happiness is found is in Service to the Lord.

    With Faith, there are no excuses.
    The Holy Spirit is within.

    cash app: $ascensionxpod
    patreon: www.patreon.com/ascensionpodcast
    [email protected]

  • Just podcast is about indigenous females that have gone missing or were murdered in the past that affects these cases today

  • The Wedding Film Collective is a wedding filmmaking group dedicated to helping others grow their business and by instilling three core values: Connecting, creating, and thriving. The Collective will be a place where all voices are heard and a place where there's room at the table for conversations around building a better, stronger, and lasting business.

  • Two wedding filmmakers explain the ins and outs of capturing wedding films from any experience level.

  • How can you - personally - face the truth, stay strong, and take action in the midst of an ongoing climate and ecological emergency? Former wildlife biologist, Zen priest, and climate activist Domyo Burk offers weekly episodes to help you stay engaged with the climate crisis in an authentic and sustainable way.

  • Abbonati: https://anchor.fm/italianwithgiulia/subscribeCiao! Do you want to learn Italian language easily?Listening is one of the most important things in a language and with those podcast, you' re going to learn Italian basic words, grammar rules and more.Do you want more??Follow @italianwithgiulia on Instagram and Telegram. I also offer you free courses on YouTube!!! Visit Giulia M- Italian with Giulia channel.

  • To learn the Heartful Spanish way, all you need is an open mind, curiosity, and an interest in living your best life. Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced level, you'll soak up new vocab effortlessly as you listen along. All episodes are available in English, Spanish and bilingual versions. Learning a language has never been so easy - or so joyful!

  • Kanalas sukurtas sėkmingų tinklinio verslo savininkų - praktikų.
    Mūsų tikslas - padėti išsiaiškinti kas tai yra - Tinklinis marketingas ir suteikti jums informaciją iš pirmų lūpų!

    Šiame kanale jūs išgirsite:
    ✅ kaip pagerinti savo gyvenimą,
    ✅ kaip sukurti savo verslą,
    ✅ kaip tapti sėkmingu ir
    ✅ realizuoti savo potencialą su šiuo verslo instrumentu.
    Tie kurie jau dirba tinklinėje rinkodaroje, čia ras:
    ✅ papildomas žinias,
    ✅ išgirs patarimus ir
    ✅ sužinos sėkmingų šio verslo atstovų, lyderių, praktikų “paslaptis”

    Sekite #TINKLOMANIJA Telegram ir sužinokite apie naujausią informaciją pirmieji!: https://t.me/tinklomanija

    Ema: https://linktr.ee/mercaitiene
    Šarūnas: https://linktr.ee/klegeris

  • Empowering you to grow consciously in mind, body & soul through practical wisdom. Teaching cosmic truths and life philosophies centred around intrinsic meaning & higher purpose. You’re In the right place for self mastery and to expand your consciousness, so that you can live your true Self. The wisdom you seek is within. Let’s dive in. Continue learning & stay connected at www.livintrainingeurope.com

  • Listen along as Occupational Health & Safety Editor Sydny Shepard takes a deep dive into occupational safety and health topics with industry experts.

  • As a leadership coach, Michele’s mission is to support you on your leadership journey whether you lead a team of 500 or are seeking to improve your own self-leadership. Michele’s approach is to guide you in understanding the impact of your choices and actions and help you shift those choices and actions to align with your goals. Michele’s humour and expertise will leave you wanting more. I hope you’re ready to jump in and Get Your Shift Together!

  • Welcome to Slutty Activism, the podcast that’s building a new, pleasure-based movement against fascism where you can learn to create more connections, experience more pleasure, and make the world suck less by being an extraordinary lover. No experience necessary! All aspiring sluts, regardless of gender, orientation, or relationship style preferences are welcome here.
    The show is hosted by Sarah Martin, an anti-fascist sex and dating coach who helps horny people get laid ethically using a proven and powerful alternative to pickup artistry, Female Dating Strategy, or other sexist seduction techniques. If you know you deserve better than what you’ve been told you have to settle for and you’re not ready to accept that this is just how it is when it comes to dating, sex, and relationships, or the creeping advance of neofascism, then head over to http://sluttyactivism.com/ (SluttyActivism.com) to get on the path to deeply pleasurable, more connected, and satisfying sexual experiences today.

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  • ASMR Ambient Sounds is a podcast that creates audio experiences designed to help people sleep and relax. ASMR Ambient Sounds uses various ASMR triggers including soft rain, gentle rain, relaxing background noise, like street ambiances, and other general ambiances to help people sleep.