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  • Ar galima restorane nemokamai gauti vandens? Kokios išmokos priklauso netekus artimojo? Kada suplyšęs įsigytas drabužis laikomas brokuotu, o kada - tai mūsų kaltė? Kiek didelių gabaritų atliekų galima atiduoti nemokamai, o kada už jas reikia susimokėti? LRT Radijo laida „DUK“ užduos šiuos klausimus už jus ir pateiks atsakymus, kurių kartais patingime paieškoti. LRT Radijo laida nepaliks jūsų nežinioje - kas mums, kaip vartotojams priklauso ir kada apie tai net nežinome? Ved. Austėja Kuskienė

  • When has life ever been easy? We have tools, technology, and media available at our fingertips, yet we struggle to keep up. Is the problem really more resources faster? Or are we struggling to find real, meaningful connections with other people? Kindness is the key to all of that. Kindness is the spark in a first impression and it is the fuel that keeps our most meaningful relationships alive. Whether in work, play, or personal interactions, we all could use more kindness in our lives. When we choose kindness, the world gets better!

  • Heather Allison is the Sacred Feminine, Soul + Shamanic Guide for women who are here for something MORE. A Destiny Accelerator, she helps her clients step into the lives, the Love, the Success, the Magic and the experiences they have always been meant for.
    Her work has been described as “unimaginable transformation,” “revolutionary,” “whole-life changing,” and “by far the most important work I’ve ever done” by the women who have experienced it.

    She is an Activator of those who are here to be Activators. The Divine Feminine guide for Divine Feminine guides. And a mentor for every woman who desires to walk a path full of Miracles, and live a life of Beauty and Purpose.

    Through her signature Mystery School, Golden Goddess, Heather teaches the principles and practices from her reality-changing methodology called Sacred Harmonic Energetics™ (S.H.E.). These are Energetic, Shamanic, Emotional, Subconscious, as well as highly-practical and real-life tools that support everything we crave as humans: Deep Love, Soul Aligned business and success, clear Intuition and guidance, personal Power, Harmony, and the fulfillment of our Sacred Destinies.

    Enter the Sacred Feminine Mysteries with her here on The Golden Path — and go deeper into the More you're meant for at https://www.heather-allison.com (www.heather-allison.com).

  • Многие смотрели сериал.
    Ещё больше людей играло в игры.
    Но вот с книжным оригиналом знакомо меньше всего людей.
    Хочется исправить это и донести до людей оригинальность, пусть и в моём восприятии. Произведения читаю в третий раз. И в третий раз восхищаюсь.

    Ссылка для ознакомления со мной, поддержки и прочей радости:


  • this podcast talks about different topics that we deal with in our everyday life

  • «Карьера где?» — подкаст о том, как студенты Московского Политеха пробую себя на рынке труда, обозревая существующие карьерные возможности вместе с приглашенными гостями. А также взаимодействуют с Центром Карьеры Московского Политеха.

    Чтобы не пропустить новые выпуски, подписывайся на подкаст в любимых стриминговых сервисах по ссылке: http://karieragde.mave.digital/

    А также в социальных сетях:

    • ВКонтакте: https://vk.com/karieragde

    • Телеграм: https://t.me/karieragde

    Хотим выразить благодарность работникам Московского Политеха, нашей команде и ребятам, которые согласились ответить на наши вопросы.

  • It is about how a manager can make a perfect team in organisation.

  • A bi-monthly podcast of dramatic reading and explorations of fictional books from the past. Publishes on the 8th and 24th of every month.

  • Hosted by Master Sommelier Laura Maniec, Corkbuzz Wine Talk covers a wide range of wine topics in a casual and easy-going yet smart, informative way.

  • I started the pest geek pest control podcast because i saw such a need to continuously train pest control technicians but unfortunately the only training most of us get is at the annual CEU training, but so much happens throughout the year that affects us but we never find out about it.

    Most pest control business are solopreneurs or small operations of less than 10 employees, between sales and service call you have to do marketing and bookkeeping, order products, and everything else that will fall on you plate that day.

    You don’t have time to read articles, surf the web, scourge thru magazines or much less read 180 page Phd dissertation, but you can listen to an audio version if it doesn’t interrupt your day, like on your morning commute or while you are performing a mind numbing task.

    I know what its like i am the founder of NaturePest and a Certified Pest Control Operator in General Household Pests and Lawn and Ornamental Pest Control in the State of Florida as well as a Certified Horticultural Specialist From Miami Dade College. Im also also a State Certified Best Management Instructor.

    I created the Pest Geek Podcast because i love to learn, teach and instruct as well as a love to serve others and what a wonderful way to give back.

    I hope this podcast will make a huge contribution to the pest management industry.

  • Some episodes feature professional endurance coaches Joe Howdyshell and Matti Rowe talking about how to live a better life through endurance sport. Other episodes feature Joe Howdyshell and endurance athlete, Grace Staberg, interviewing adventurous and beloved guests in the endurance industry. Hosts will answer listener questions about endurance sport conundrums. Cut through all the B.S. out there and give you what you really need, a roadmap to be Better.

  • The Here I Glow Again podcast is your guide to finding your glow again. I’m sharing my own personal stories and advice on all things on healing, separation and divorce, relationships, spirituality and much more. Submit your questions and topics to IG @hereiglowagainpodcast. Welcome to the #hereiglowagain community. Come as you are and leave your most radiant self!

  • Wavy Days is the podcast you didn't know you were missing from your roster.

    Allison James shares her life experiences as an artist and generally a person with too many feelings. She gives her insight and advice as a lover of business and ex-retail girl. And, maybe most often, she opens up as someone who can't seem to stop talking about themselves for the sake of your own growth, helping you work towards the version of yourself that you like the best.

    You can find her words doled out with a loving edge and a lot of laughter. Because when things get tough, you better learn to ride the wave, baby!

    Where you can contact us [email protected]
    Where you can find Allison on Instagram and TikTok
    Where you can find Allison’s work online www.allisonjamesco.com
    Theme music by The Brook & The Bluff

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  • Want to learn how to optimize your life through living your Human Design? Join Wynd every week as she speaks about thought provoking topics designed to expand your mind into new realms of possibilities. If you’re a spiritual self-development seeker on your path of awakening, and you’re looking for down-to-earth & inspirational stories designed to guide you into higher levels of consciousness utilizing your Human Design, this podcast is for you.

  • Step into the ethereal realm of the Holistic Human Design Podcast, a sacred space where the veil between consciousness and destiny is lifted.

    Guided by leading Human Design expert & Gene Keys Guide Ashley Briana Eve this podcast serves as a beacon illuminating the transformative power of nurturing your inner essence. If you find yourself questioning the fabric of your existence after a lifetime of pursuing conventional ideals, this sanctuary is where you reclaim your truth.

    Amidst the cacophony of modern life, it’s effortless to lose sight of your inner compass, compromising well-being in pursuit of hollow ambitions, succumbing to shadows, and disregarding personal boundaries. In this sanctuary, Ashley offers solace.

    Drawing from her vast wisdom in holistic health, counseling expertise, and profound insights from Gene Keys and Human Design, Ashley guides you through unearthing hidden truths, fostering detachment from the ego, embracing discomfort, and reigniting a sense of wonder for life. The journey begins by empowering you to steer the course of your destiny...

    From the depths of your being.

    Each episode unveils Ashley’s compassionate reflections on the human tapestry, raw and resplendent. Her commitment to nuanced comprehension shines through, offering tangible, research-backed tools to weave newfound wisdom into your reality.
    Seeking an unwavering path to personal growth and existential wisdom? You have arrived. Here, authenticity reigns supreme. Welcome to The Holistic Human Design Podcast.

    Explore Ashley’s BRAND by Design Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/2oWQXnfkoq14rzKk7YWFQX?si=19oQCQ8lTYqltV7DAoHfsw

    Dive into the realm on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRfwEMns_JPDRhbLefW1qJQ
    Embark on your journey at her site: https://www.ashleybrianaeve.com/
    Illuminate your path with Ashley’s wisdom on IG: https://www.instagram.com/ashleybrianaeve/

  • Welcome to The Human Design Profiles, a conversational podcast where host Chantelle Andercastle speaks with each guest about how their personal profile lines influence their business journey.

    We’re all about sharing honest impressions of our hd charts and giving you insights you can apply based on your own profile.

    Have a listen as today’s guest shares their story while YOU read between the lines.

    Connect with Me...

    On Instagram: @clearquartzcreative
    Listen to my other show: The Aligned Action Podcast
    Check out the website: www.clearquartzcreative.co

  • Transformation coach Chris Jaggs is helping everyday people change their lives. Recorded from a secret underground bunker in London, England, he’s honest, hilarious, and isn’t afraid to give you the kick you might need.
    You’ll become inspired each day with a daily quote, learn from guest speakers and have that Monday motivation you need for the start of the week. Subscribe to kickstart your day with the motivation and inspiration you need seven days a week.

  • Giving inspiration to people on how to redirect old habits of thinking. While promoting healthy thinking towards self and others to achieve the act of truly liv'n Life. Applying my inspirational tools on a daily basis ridding the negativity and it is what it is thinking towards self defeating habits . The individual will gain a sense of balance while achieving a higher level of self esteem. Reviews &Comments email to: [email protected] Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/jacob-logan8/support