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  • Pabandei ir nepavyko? Susimovei? Nerandi ką nori veikti gyvenime? Nekenti savo darbo? Įstojai „ne ten“? Nepaėjo verslas? Kam nepasitaiko. 🤷‍♂️ Tiesiog susiimk ir... pradėk iš naujo. Antrą kartą pavyks geriau. Karjera, santykiai, verslas, finansai, sveikata — pasikalbėkim su žmonėmis, kurie suteikė sau antrą šansą.

  • Labas, tu klausaisi tinklalaidės „Žingsneliais”, o jos vedėja aš Rasa Jusionytė savo svečių klausiu: ko niekas nežino apie tavo kelią į sėkmę? Kokias baimes reikėjo įveikti ir kaip tai padarei, kad pasiektum to, ką pasiekei?

    Pasakysiu paslaptį, esu pati sukūrusi verslą ir pravedusi šimtus interviu su sėkmingais žmonėmis. Visi bijo. Tai visiškai normalu. Tu nesi viena ar vienas. Tik klausimas kuris balsas tavo galvoje garsesnis: vidinio kritiko ar palaikytojo? Ar žinojai, kad tokia dalis - nuolat tave palaikanti - išvis egzistuoja? Ir kad gali ją išsiugdyti? Esame išmokyti tikėti, kad mums reikia labiau stengtis ir turėti geresnes strategijas, nors kartais mums išties tiesiog reikia atsisukti į save ir nusileidus į vidinį rūsį patyrinėt, kas ten vis spaudžia stabdžio pedalą, kai mes patys gyvenime norime gazuot? Kodėl vis užstringame? Kodėl baimė ima viršų? Kviečiu tave klausytis itin atvirų pokalbių apie mūsų visų viduje nuolat vykstančius procesus ir mokytis besiklausant kitų žmonių istorijų. Juk blogiausia, kai vidinių pabaisų vedini šimtą kartų viską pergalvojame ir įstringame tarp gyvenimo, kurio jau nebenorime, ir to kurio dar nedrįstame gyventi. Ši tinklalaidė - tavo būdas atstrigti!

  • Artur Lebedenko-Swan pasineria į gilius ir prasmingus pokalbius su savo srities profesionalais bei žinomais žmonėmis. Pokalbiai, kurie ugdo, reabilituoja pašnekovus, apie gyvenimo esmę, be skandalų, paskalų ir intrigų. Kiekvienas pašnekovas pasineria į tai, kas yra jo viduje ir jaukioje aplinkoje atsiskleidžia bei suteikia vertingų patarimų ir minčių. Laida yra gyvenimo pamokų, klaidų ir laimėjimų rinkinys kiekvienam žiūrovui.

    Prisidėkite prie kūrybos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC18wxTZHiS7W6lIDTU6A0tQ/join

  • I’m Matt Maruca, and this is The Light Diet podcast! After struggling with health issues as a young kid, I’ve spent nearly half my life seeking to understand how our bodies work in order to achieve optimal health.

    On my journey, I learned about little-known Western research from expert scientists confirming that our bodies are electromagnetic in nature, meaning that we are truly beings of light, and our body’s functions are controlled by light. This research opens the doors to an entirely new and deeper understanding of previously misunderstood Ancient Eastern wisdom about health, energy, and wellness.

    As the saying goes, heaven and hell have the same address: half way between our right and left ears. My goal is to travel the world and learn from leading Western Experts and Eastern Masters all of the things that we can do in our time on this earth to live in the states of bliss, flow, and love that everyone has experienced, but we have been taught to believe are only accessible under special circumstances.

    Achieving optimal health and self-realization in the modern world involves more than just diets of our food and exercise. It requires a new relationship with Light, externally and internally.

    Welcome to The Light Diet!

  • Comedy panel game about weird questions with wonderful answers. Each week, Tom Scott is joined by three guests to ask each other questions with a sideways twist. There's no points or prizes - just reputation and bragging rights on the line. For business enquiries, contestants applications and question submissions, visit https://www.lateralcast.com

  • The Poetry of Reality is hosted by world renowned truth-teller, evolutionary biologist and best-selling author, Professor Richard Dawkins. He has been celebrated globally for his honest critique of religion and tradition and his push for critical thinking. His books include The Ancestor’s Tale, The Selfish Gene, The Blind Watchmaker, Climbing Mount Improbable, Unweaving the Rainbow, A Devil’s Chaplain, The God Delusion, The Greatest Show on Earth, The Magic of Reality, his two-part autobiography An Appetite for Wonder and A Brief Candle in the Dark, and Outgrowing God: A Beginner’s Guide. Dawkins has long been known for his uncompromising passion for science, calling out for the pressing need in modern societies for scientific literacy and rational thinking, especially in the education of young minds. His relentless pursuit of truth, and his recognition of the beauty of life on earth, will feature in this podcast, as he charts his way through scientific and existential inquiries like ‘What are we doing here?’ and ‘When did life begin?’

  • Welcome to the Busy, Yet Pretty podcast. Are you busy, setting goals and achieving your dream life? Yet, incorporating pretty things into your busy life such as style, skincare, perfume & lipgloss? Your host Jadyn Hailey is here to talk all about maintaining a Busy, Yet Pretty lifestyle. On this podcast, Jadyn covers fashion, wellness, living a lifestyle and creating your dream life. Get your almond milk matcha latte and tune in every Monday!

    Jadyn's Social Media platforms:
    - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jadynhaileyy/
    - Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCx48PsDdAossgZjWWnXbvvg

    Business Inquiries: [email protected]

  • 5AM - podkastas, kurio tikslas padėti nors vienam žmogui žengti žingsnį į priekį link geresnio gyvenimo.

    Esminė mūsų pokalbių vertybė - atvirumas, nes tik taip galėsime sukurti reikšmingus pokalbius, kurie kam nors padės gyvenime. 

    Kalbinam žmones, kuriais tikim ir kurie tikrai gali padėti kitiems!

  • Welcome to the Hare of the Rabbit Podcast where we explore everything that is rabbit.
    We look at the different rabbit (bunny, bunnies. hare) breeds, history, superstitions, pop culture, news and more. We also explore rabbit related words such as warren and fluffle.
    I am not an expert, I am just curious about learning more about rabbits just like you.
    I would like to thank you for joining me and listening, I am your host, Jeff Hittinger.

  • Lietuviškos audio knygos privalomųjų autorių moksleiviams, klasikos ir moderniosios populiariosios literatūros.

  • Céline Harleaux – Host of the award-winning It's A Funny Thing Podcast. Author of 40 Days To Self-Love. Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner.

    Since 2017, Céline has inspired thousands of women to improve their relationship with themselves, using simple and effective tools. Céline’s audience absolutely loves her playfulness, authenticity and honesty – she never hesitates to share her most awkward stories, as well as her best tips for powerful and long-lasting change.

  • In the Driven Minds podcast, Gillian Sagansky talks to cultural icons to learn how they navigate through this crazy, beautiful mess called life and find mental strength.

    Through humorous and unfiltered conversations, we discover how struggle and success are not mutually exclusive, and we are never as alone as we might feel we are. Guests share their strategies and hacks, what held them back, how they moved forward and what they learned along the way.

    Produced by RecTag Productions and brought to you by Porsche Type7.

  • A show for people who are ready to radically transform their lives through the use of Stoicism, the Enneagram, and other personal growth resources. Mindset and momentum coach Sarah Mikutel shares actionable exercises, interviews and stories to help you feel more peaceful, enjoy happier relationships, and live a more smoothly flowing life. If you’re stuck in a transition point — you know WHAT you want to change and can’t figure out WHY you can’t move forward — this show is the roadmap you’ve been looking for.

  • So what do you know, Word on the go! Bible study in 10 minutes for the busy and working teen.

  • OnlineBound with Elena Mutonono is a podcast for online language teachers and coaches who are tired of cramming more client hours into their day and look for ways to grow their business in a smart, lean and sustainable way.

    In this podcast we explore the topics of authenticity, sustainability, values, efficiency, resilience and creativity when running an online teaching business in an oversaturated language teaching market.

    We will broaden our horizons, challenge our mindset and forge our own paths amidst loud and demanding voices of scarcity and pursuit of fast profits at any cost.

    Together we will build resilience as we journey into the unknown, commitment to the change we seek to make and faith in creating a better world by connecting people across cultures through teaching languages online.

  • Dive into a hugely popular programming language that is used to create personalized web application.

  • Are you someone who is trying to learn Lithuanian? If yes, this is definitely for you. Listen to these short stories in simplified Lithuanian! They have been specifically designed to meet any language learner's needs. You can find full stories, Lithuanian text, English translation and more at www.patreon.com/reallithuanianpodcast

  • Secunda Mensa est colloquium de cibis, coquendo, et rebus culinariis... Latine! Hospites Catherina et Timotheus nugantur et res coquinas explorant.

    Secunda Mensa is a podcast about food, cooking, and culinary interests...in Latin! Co-hosts Cathy and Tim joke and explore cooking, kitchens, and cuisine.