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  • Welcome to the Rick Reed Sermon Podcast. Rick serves as the President of Heritage College and Seminary where he has the joy of preaching God’s word and training the next generation of preachers. The sermons on this podcast are taken from Dr. Reed’s preaching ministry in churches, conferences, and at chapel services at Heritage.

  • Paula Swope, author, speaker, and Chopra Certified life coach and instructor, aims to leave you in better shape than when you tuned in. Each podcast guest is selected strategically with your health and wellness in mind. Guests appearing on Paula’s podcast are from all walks of life, but they share one commonality – expertise to help you improve in every way.

  • Bonjour ici Stéphanie Julien et voici le balado des possibles… 
    Parce que tout est possible ici et maintenant!  
    J’ai voulu concilier créativité, mon côté ludique, la
    naturopathie, la santé, mes lectures et vous partager tout ce qui m’inspire! Et
    si vous attrapez ne serait-ce qu’une chose qui puisse changer une parcelle de votre
    vie et / ou de votre santé, j’en serai ravie…Avec ce balado je tente de
    rejoindre le monde afin d’aspirer à la santé, la santé c’est précieux, elle
    peut être fragile mais elle peut être possible!  La santé optimale est accessible ici et
    Bonne écoute!   

    Merci à David Chassé pour la musique originale, composé spécialement pour ce balado :  
    Merci à @chrisp.photog   www.christianperreault.com
    Merci aux productions Arborescence Montréal   www.productionsarborescence.com
    Stéphanie Julien est naturopathe agréée et conférencière
    www.stephaniejulien.com  impliquée  dans le milieu de la santé naturelle et la médecine
    Vous pouvez la trouver sur instagram : @lebaladodespossibles 
    et pour lui écrire : [email protected] 
    Hébergé par Ausha. Visitez ausha.co/fr/politique-de-confidentialite pour plus d'informations.

  • We ALL fall down, together we rise.

    Whether you’re going through dark days, or have dealt with them in the past, or perhaps maybe they have impacted someone you love, we have all been impacted by mental health struggles in some way, shape or form.

    No matter what it is that you are going through, life can and will get better for you.

    We have all felt that same feeling of being alone in this world, when the lights are all out, and nobody else is awake and all we have is the voice in our head. The feeling that even with our friends, family, coworkers, teammates, bosses, coaches, and peers around us, that we are alone in this fight, and in this world. THAT SPECIFIC FEELING IS WHAT CONNECTS US ALL. We are together alone.

    Not only will it get “better” but I truly believe you can find the greatness that resides within you, and that you’ll spread it to others as well.

    I find it interesting to speak with business owners, hard workers, and inspiring people about the challenges they have faced and how they‘ve overcome them.

    Based out of Vancouver, I find it important to speak about some of the difficult things in life, and to encourage others to feel happier and spread the love!

  • This is how we do life… and we’re excited to share it with you! We’re Ashley of @arrowsandbow and husband Dino, and we're takin' it to 11 on our new podcast "Designed to Last!" Through storytelling + sharing our personal experiences, we’re excited to encourage + inspire you. If you’re feeling downtrodden, burnt out, stagnant in your life or marriage, or you feel like you’re navigating this crazy life alone, we’ll be sharing vulnerably + openly in hopes of relating + pushing us all to grow. New episodes dropping every Friday.

  • If you are a woman near or over 50, this is the show for you! Do you feel that you are just getting started and know there is so much more you want to create in your lifetime? It is time to rewrite the script on being 50+! It is not midlife crisis, it is midlife creation.

    This show will cover aging, purpose, motherhood menopause, style & beauty over 50, and so much more.

    We will also explore tools & topics like Human Design, Gene Keys, astrology, Enneagram, mindset, manifestation, legacy work and so much more!

  • Step into a world where real-life stories take center stage. Our podcast dives deep into the realms of harm reduction, substance use, mental health, and the complexities of homelessness.

    Join us as we shed light on the daily struggles and challenges faced by individuals navigating these issues. Our goal? To destigmatize, break down barriers, and foster understanding.

    From heartfelt discussions with your hosts, Tanya (Wellness Navigator) and Casandra (Harm Reduction Educator), to enlightening conversations with guests including substance users, community staff, first responders, and more – we cover it all.

  • Inglorious RBG is a podcast where no topic is off limits. Robyn gets personal in interviews with friends, family, and special guests about life experiences, including: self-growth and exploration, dating and relationships, finding your "path", and taking risks. Life is a winding road, and we’re embracing all the glorious, and inglorious moments it has to offer.

  • Bringing Machshava into relevant real life Avodas Hashem.

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  • Bringing Chassidus and Machshava into relevant real life Avodas Hashem.

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  • Bringing Chassidus into relevant real life Avodas Hashem.

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  • Do you feel like you're meant for more than your current job? Do you feel like your creativity is being stifled? Then Tom Schimmer and Natalie Vardabasso want to help you unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and become your own boss. Both are former educational leaders turned full-time speakers, authors, online course creators, and entrepreneurs. In each episode, they'll break down their lessons learned along the way, from finally finding the courage to quit, to figuring out the first steps to build a learning-based business that quickly replaced their former income. Listen to learn how to uncover financial freedom, find your authentic voice, and finally release your need for external validation.

  • Welcome to The Scotiabank Women Initiative® MasterClass Series. In this series you will hear a collection of stories and insights from women who lead and own businesses and want to share their expertise. The Scotiabank Women Initiative is a signature program that helps break down barriers to increase economic and professional opportunity for women to be successful now and in the future. For more information and more inspiring stories please visit www.scotiabankwomeninitiative.com. Participation in The Scotiabank Women Initiative or any program-related events does not constitute advice or an offer or commitment by Scotiabank to provide any financial products or services. The contents of this material are for informational purposes only. Neither Scotiabank nor any of its officers, directors, partners, employees or affiliates accepts any liability whatsoever for any direct or consequential loss arising from any use of this material or its contents.
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  • Steeped Tea With Elsayed follows Dr. Elsayed Elbeshbishy as he talks with other professors, industry experts, and influential figures within the environmental sector. Through invigrating conversations, Dr. Elsayed Elbehbishy works through the most important aspects of their lives, how you can join the industry, their best advice for post-graduate students, and your burning questions! Make sure to join us every other week to learn more about the environmental sector!

  • Bienvenue au podcast En Duel ou en Duo, outils pour couple. Dans ce podcast, nous nous amusons à tester divers outils pour couple, parce qu’on est un couple, comme des jeux, livres, activités, techniques thérapeutiques, conseils d’experts et nous te partageons notre expérience de façon décontractée pour te donner de nouvelles idées à tester dans ton couple.

  • له ولسمشر محمد اشرف غني سره د پودکاستونو په دې لړۍ کې د تېرو تجربو پر بنسټ د راتلونکي لپاره د لید جوړولو موضوع مرکزي نیول شوې او زموږ د گران هېواد، ارزښتونه، شتمنۍ او وړتیاوې په کې سپړل شوې او څېړل شوې دي. د پودکاستونو دا لړۍ داود جنبش وړاندې کوي.

    این سلسله برنامه ها، به استقبال از سه صدمین سالگرد تاسیس دولت معاصر افغانستان که با سال ۲۰۴۷ مصادف است، تهیه و عرضه می شود و هر شماره آن به بخش هایی از حیات ملی و اجتماعی ما اختصاص داده شده است.

  • If you felt totally empowered, what impact would you make?
    After a near-death experience, Host, Bestselling Author, and Certified Mindset + Empowerment Coach, Jessica West, began her path of self-discovery and launched Trésor House, a brand rooted in self-empowerment. These soulful conversations will guide you in doing the inner work to heal your past, align with your truth, grow your mindset, manifest your desires, start your biz, and create the positive impact you know you're here to make.
    Let's go within!
    Join the community: www.facebook.com/groups/empowerfromwithincommunity/

  • Welcome to "The High Performers Club," the podcast that takes you behind the scenes with certified executive life coach Jennifer Kjell. Join us on an exhilarating journey into the minds of individuals who consistently perform at the highest level, unlocking the secrets to their success.
    Hosted by the insightful and dynamic Jennifer Kjell, "The High Performers Club" delves into the motivations and driving forces that push individuals to become the best versions of themselves. Whether it's in their careers, personal development, or the pursuit of passions, our guests share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs.

  • Je suis Alex L'Abbée, l'hôte du balado À Coeur Ouvert avec Alex. Je suis très reconnaissant de vous retrouver ici. J'ai commencé cette journée avec l'intention de créer des conversations qui nous aideront à améliorer notre santé mentale et notre bien-être, ainsi qu'à mieux comprendre certains de nos comportements et modes de pensée. En créant cette communauté, j'espère nous aider à grandir tous ensemble, car l'expérience de l'un peut être le guide de l'autre.
    Je vais discuter avec des personnalités publiques, des athlètes et des professionnels de la santé afin de répondre à vos questions. De cette façon, nous pourrons évoluer, grandir et ouvrir notre esprit ensemble. Un nouvel épisode sera disponible chaque semaine.
    * Pour des extraits inédits, pour participer aux questions "À Coeur Ouvert" et pour accéder à des balados exclusifs, rejoignez-nous sur PATREON! Votre soutien compte énormément pour moi.
    Merci beaucoup et bonne écoute! :)