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  • Contre-enquête est une chaine audio uniquement consacrée au true crime. Vous pourrez y entendre des séries documentaires - composées de plusieurs épisodes - sur différents sujets autour de l'univers des vrais crimes. Et chaque jeudi, un court épisode de moins de 300 secondes sur une affaire criminelle traitée sous l’angle de la réflexion, de l’analyse ou de l’Histoire (avec un grand H) sera mis en ligne. Bonne écoute !

  • Hey there, and welcome to the podcast. My name is Megan, and I am a true crime content creator in Canada. 

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  • For vacation murders and mysterious deaths on holiday join us for this chilling and darkly comic true crime podcast.
    Slaycation is a gripping and darkly comedic podcast that delves into the chilling world of murders that take place on vacation. Was it an accident, or murder? Hosted by a true crime enthusiast, her comedy writer husband, and a seasoned TV producer, this unique and hilarious show will have you laughing, gasping and exclaiming 'WTF?' as you go on a twisted journey through the wildest slaycations that will have you canceling your flight.

    Embark on a chilling yet uproarious adventure with Slaycation, the true crime podcast that fearlessly unravels the darkest corners of vacation destinations. Hosted by the dynamic trio of Jerry Kolber, Adam “Tex” Davis, and Kim Davis, this podcast guarantees an enticing blend of suspense and humor by discussing cases like Shanquella Robinson, The “Kayak Killer”, and more. With a focus on real-life murder stories that occurred in the midst of seemingly delightful vacations, Slaycation navigates through the sinister underbelly of travel, making you question whether your next getaway might be more dangerous than you think.

    Join the conversation on all sorts of vacation murders and mysterious deaths - including husband-wife murders, fiance’ murders, life insurance plots, kidnappings, and cases that will have you asking, was it an accident or murder? Slaycation goes beyond the typical true crime podcast formula. Delving into infamous cases, the show not only explores individual vacation murders and suspicious deaths but also sheds light on the complexities of couples entangled in crime. From mysterious disappearances to shocking revelations, the hosts bring a fresh perspective to the true crime genre, weaving a narrative that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats while injecting doses of dark humor that make the unimaginable tales oddly entertaining.

    Slaycation isn't just another true crime podcast; it's a production led by seasoned, Emmy nominated TV producers and a true crime fanatic who ensure a cinematic quality to every episode. The show takes a deep dive into murder stories, meticulously crafted to engage both true crime aficionados and those new to the genre. With the hosts' distinctive blend of expertise and wit, Slaycation transforms the gruesome details of vacation murders into a compelling narrative that is as riveting as it is amusing. Ths hosts also bring a sense of compassion and care to the cases, along with takeaway tips on how to avoid being murdered on your vacation. They answer questions like, “Is Mexico a safe travel destination for Americans?” “Is it safe to travel overseas?” “Should women travel alone?” “How soon after you buy life insurance, should you murder the insured?” With thoughtful information from their research and expertise. 

    If you thought true crime and comedy were an unlikely pairing, Slaycation will prove you wrong, leaving you hooked on its unique and unforgettable exploration of twisted vacations and the shocking crimes that lurk beneath the surface.

  • Histoires vraies criminelles, terrifiantes et macabres pour nourrir vos cauchemars.

  • The Saskatoon Police Service presents:

    Deals, Debts, & Death: The Disappearance of Kandice Singbeil.

    Kandice ‘Kae’ Singbeil was a 32-year-old mother living on the streets of Saskatoon, SK, Canada, when she vanished in 2015.
    More than eight years later, this true crime podcast takes you inside the world Kandice lived, speaks to those closest to her, and pulls back the curtain on the investigation. Join us on Deals, Debts, & Death, as we explore what it boils down to for current investigators: drug debts and being taught a lesson.

  • For Michael Morrison, the police badge is his future: his ambition, his way out of poverty, his ‘American dream’. But once he puts on his uniform, the badge starts to mean something very different.
    Michael takes on a new identity – but not the one he expects. Inside the force, he faces racism and violence, and on the streets he’s surrounded by hostility. Michael is stuck in the middle, between being Black and being a police officer.
    And when a routine day at work goes wrong and his career is thrown into crisis, Michael is forced to pick a side.
    In this new, limited podcast series hosted by Seren Jones, Michael and others like him finally get to tell their story: a story that has made them question everything they thought they knew about justice, community, and, ultimately, what it means to be both Black and Blue: Behind the Badge.  .

  • Have I got a story for you! Award winning Music Historian and host of the chart topping Ongoing History of New Music Podcast Alan Cross unleashes his next amazing podcast. In every episode Alan Cross takes you inside unbelievable true stories of crime, murder, scandal, strange deaths, unexplainable events, and the general mayhem from the music industry through the decades.There is a lot of bad behavior that needs to be talked about. It’s a one-of-a-kind podcast featuring true crime stories from the world of music.

  • Six hundred thousand people are reported missing each year. Most are isolated events without a common thread. But in some instances, the victims are linked by one key detail…location.
    From the creators of Up and Vanished, The Vanishing Point transports listeners to the last known location shared by multiple missing individuals, uncovering new details about their cases and the significance of the area.
    In this six episode installment, we’ll take you to Hoopa, California, home of the Hoopa Valley tribe. Located in the Pacific Northwest, this area is known for its breathtaking landscapes but there’s more to it than just its natural beauty. It holds a haunting history of numerous unsolved missing person cases. Join host Celisia Stanton and the Up and Vanished team as we explore what makes this tribal land…a vanishing point.

  • Écoutez les 4 épisodes de la série en rafale! Le 14 septembre 2013, le motard René « Balloune » Charlebois s’est évadé de prison. Cette évasion a mis la Sûreté du Québec sur la piste d’une des plus importantes histoires de corruption policière au Québec, et qui implique un ex-enquêteur vedette du Service de police de Montréal. Qu’est-ce qui a poussé Benoit Roberge à trahir son organisation et à causer des dommages irréparables à la société ? Comment est-il devenu le ripou des Hells Angels? Dix ans après le début de l'affaire Roberge, nous pouvons enfin bien vous la raconter.

    Enquête : Jean-Louis Fortin, Eric Thibault et Félix Séguin Réalisation : Anne-Sophie Carpentier Production: Bureau d’enquête de Québecor et QUB radio

  • Fraud. Abduction. Murder. Every week, Crime Story host and investigative journalist Kathleen Goldhar goes deep into a true crime case with the storyteller who knows it best.

    For early access to Crime Story episodes visit www.youtube.com/@cbcpodcasts or CBC's True Crime Premium Channel on Apple Podcasts (where episodes are also ad-free).

  • Podcast d'actualité judiciaire qui se veut léger et cocasse.

  • This is a husband and wife duo. Manesha and Justin pope will be talking all about near death experiences from real life survivors, come join us for this thrilling and hopeful pod! uploads are biweekly on Wednesday.

  • What can people who were incarcerated, and survivors of violent crime teach us about improving the justice system? Everything. Go behind-the-scenes of Benjamin Perrin’s upcoming book "Indictment: The Criminal Justice System on Trial" to hear their raw and gritty accounts, and from others on the frontlines. Awarded "Best Podcasts of 2023".

  • The mystery Zebb Quinn has more questions than answers. The reality is, no one will ever truly know what happened to Zebb Wayne Quinn. By all accounts the 18-year-old was the quiet kid in class … the person you’d see at Walmart … truly the guy next door – a good kid. 

    Nothing could prepare the community, detectives, or the Quinn family for the circus about to consume their idyllic mountain town for over two decades. 

    From Zebb’s disappearance in 2000 to rumors of a lover’s triangle, the cryptic clues left behind in Zebb’s Mazda, and the gruesome discovery of a murdered couple that left the bright lights of Hollywood for a slower lifestyle.  

    Years of questions all connected to one man … a man that would become notorious through his heinous actions.

    A Good Guy: The 22-year murder mystery of Zebb Quinn,” is hosted by General Assignment and Special Projects reporter, Samiar Nefzi and WLOS anchor Holly Headrick. Together, they dive into the mystery, taking listeners step by step through the case, never-before-heard detective notes, station reports, and beyond.

  • Everyone knew bad things were happening on the Naslund farm. Then, in the fall of 2017, Miles Naslund’s body was found welded into a box at the bottom of a pond near his family’s property in Alberta, Canada. His wife and son were charged with first-degree murder.

    The Globe and Mail’s In Her Defence brings you Helen Naslund’s story in her own words for the first time. Through a series of jailhouse interviews with reporter Jana G. Pruden, Helen speaks about the domestic violence she suffered, and what led to that fateful night on the farm. Meanwhile, Helen’s friends come to terms with the abuse they suspected had been going on for decades, and the reality that Helen could spend the rest of her life in prison.

    Tens of thousands of Canadians joined the outcry over Helen’s harsh sentence, asking what is fair punishment when a victim becomes the accused. Now they’ll hear firsthand about Helen’s life, her long fight for freedom, and the way the justice and legal systems deal with women who kill their abusers.

  • Introducing RadioFace Stories the podcast. Our stories are of a comedic nature, involving true crime, hauntings, and other dark spooky tales from our home in the Pacific Northwest. Join us in our pod lab where you will feel like you're hanging out with us as we discuss many random things from our past and present.

  • Just before he was hanged, an indigenous prospector accused of murder set a curse on anyone who searched for his hidden gold. Over a century later, a prospector, a mountaineer, a truth-seeker and a way-shower band together to walk the same paths of those who went looking for Slumach’s cursed gold and never returned.  
    Deadman's Curse: Slumach's Gold is a historical, true crime podcast hosted by Kru Williams from History Television's hit original series Deadman's Curse: The Legend of the Lost Gold. Join Kru and the team as they investigate the curse and legend surrounding the lost gold mine of Pitt Lake. 
    On their quest they're joined by members of the Stó:lō and Katzie First Nations, historians and cultural experts of diverse backgrounds, as they sort fact from fiction and give Slumach a voice from the other side of the veil.

  • Go behind the scenes with members from the Victoria City Police Union (VCPU). A long format podcast giving you an in depth glimpse into lives of police officers working in Esquimalt and Victoria. You won't find content like this anywhere else and you will hear regular interviews from a diverse group of VCPU members telling their stories.

  • Based on a true story, Summer Camp: The Case of the Phantom Pooper follows camp director Mookie as he struggles to solve a string of seriously smelly pranks. Join Mookie and his team on this whimsical caper, and find yourself transported to the best place on earth: summer camp.