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  • In this captivating podcast, I aim to uncover and share the stories behind heinous and insane acts that have been overlooked or overshadowed by mainstream media in the Black community. The mission is to bring attention to the untold narratives, seeking justice for those whose voices have been silenced. With a careful blend of meticulous research, compelling storytelling, and a deep respect for the victims and their families, I present these gripping and often haunting tales. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/kaye-johnson2/support

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    В каждом эпизоде мы выбираем одну из великолепных детективных книг и глубоко погружаемся в загадочный мир преступлений. Разбираясь с деталями дела, мы делимся нашими расследованиями, теориями и догадками, пытаясь раскрывать тайны, которые скрываются в тексте.

    🤔 Как это работает?

    Слушайте, как мы анализируем доказательства, разбираем алиби, исследуем мотивы и выстраиваем версии событий. Вы вместе с нами становитесь частью расследования, предлагая свои идеи и комментируя, кто, по вашему мнению, стоит за преступлением.

    🎙️ Почему "Кто убийца?"?

    Мы создаем этот подкаст для тех, кто любит детективы, загадки и интриги. Это место, где слова оживают, а книжные герои становятся реальными подозреваемыми. Если вы ценитель таинственных историй, то вы нашли свое место!

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  • In a state with wide-open vistas and scenic wilderness, clues to an unsolved murder can disappear as quickly as footprints in the falling snow. Montana Murder Mysteries is a podcast brought to you by Montana Right Now. Missoula-based journalists Matti Olson and Sydney Hanson explore cold case homicides with up-to-date reporting and firsthand interviews with investigators. Visit nonstoplocal.com to see photos, additional information and sources for each episode.

  • הקרבות בחזית הצפון והדרום, המלחמה על עיצוב הזיכרון, והזירה הפוליטית, התרבותית והחברתית - 50 שנה אחרי, הפודקאסט "רוחות מלחמה" עם אמנון לורד, מבית הפודקאסטים של "ישראל היום", מקיף את מלחמת יום הכיפורים מכל הכיוונים

    צילום באדיבות ארכיון צה"ל במשרד הביטחון

  • In 1996,TWA 800 crashed off the coast of East Moriches, New York, killing all 230 people on board. Among the passengers were 16 high school students and 5 chaperones from Montoursville, Pennsylvania. Today, the little town remains devastated by the crash. This podcast explores how experiencing a tragedy in the public eye can change a community and the people in it.

  • 2分20秒の世にも奇妙な物語を放送!

  • Welcome To American Scammers - A WEInvested Original True-Crime Podcast Series, Hosted by Wesley Earp. Join me and explore the Biggest Scammers in American business, Politics, and more. Scams, Drugs, and Deception is only the beginning. Subscribe to the American Scammers True Crime Podcast Now!

  • Pan od kryminału albo po prostu Sebastian. Znajdziecie tu głównie polskie historie kryminalne, ale również te zagraniczne. Zapraszam !

  • Join us as we uncover stories of the missing, murdered and wrongfully convicted that are just so dead wrong.
    Hosted by Anny Valerio

  • Welcome to the creep show. Each week, host Chelsea DeAnn will be taking you on a deep dive into tales of true crime, the paranormal, and anything else that goes bump in the night. So, what do you say? Do you want to hear a scary story?

  • Болсон явдал, бодит гэмт хэргийн подкаст

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  • This podcast educating people on crimes all over the world that you would never believe exist. How people will literally be next door or around the way and have a deep dark past. Based on true crimes and events. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/chosenone1/support

  • Have you ever been sitting in a restaurant enjoying your subpar meal and suddenly swept away in a conversation nearby? This is a show made by people as anonymous as the stranger next to you. The stories and responses are real and genuine. We want you to be a fly on the wall of the most absurd and fascinating tales. We don’t need you to care about who we are... just what we have to say. Now sit back, relax and try not make it obvious that you’re eavesdropping.

  • This is a podcast about relationships that didn't go the way they were meant to, whether it be a romantic relationship or just a friendship. Sometimes the relationships you think will be good for you end up being the worse and sometimes, they cost you everything..... even your life.

  • Texas True Crime is a podcast all about crime in the Lone Star State with a little bit of weird from the Lone Star State thrown in here and there.

  • Delmarva Studios presents: Unsolved Murders In America. Our country currently has 250,000 unsolved murders. We present all of the evidence that is available to the public, along with some hard nose research by our investigative team. We hope that by sharing this information we can help to close some of these cold cases. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Hosted by Chad Greinke.

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    실화사연, 미스터리, 사건파일, 신화설화, 장르소설등 귀로 듣는 달콤한 공포

  • Jean Vanier was called a “living saint” for starting L’Arche, a global network of communities promoting the dignity of people with intellectual disabilities. But nine months after his death, a different story emerged. Host Jenna Barnett follows past and present L’Arche members, scholars, theologians, and activists trying to understand: When trusted leaders commit sexual and spiritual abuse, how do our communities move forward? And if an abusive person shapes our faith, how does that distort our understanding of God? A podcast from Sojourners magazine.