Waargebeurde misdaad – Nieuwe podcasts

  • HC Investigation podcast covers murders, abductions, investigations and unsolved crimes across the US.

  • "Beyond The Crime: A Psychological Analysis" is a riveting podcast led by Dr. Lars Madsen Shay Addison, and Dr Rob Brockman. Together, they delve into the minds of criminals, dissecting real-life cases to provide listeners with a unique and insightful exploration of the psychological aspects behind crimes. With expert analysis, captivating storytelling, and thought-provoking discussions, this podcast offers a deeper understanding of criminal motivations and behaviours, as well as the evolving landscape of forensic psychology and its role in the criminal justice system. Whether you're a true crime enthusiast, psychology lover, or simply intrigued by human behaviour, "Beyond The Crime" will captivate and enlighten you on the complex world of criminal minds.

  • When ex-Bunny girl Jayne Gaskin spots the desert island of her dreams for sale online, she decides to risk it all. Trading in their English village home, Jayne and her family relocate to their own private paradise, just off the coast of Nicaragua. And a reality TV crew follows them to film a new show, No Going Back. But soon they all discover that paradise has its secrets. The locals claim the island belongs to them, and it’s been sold illegally. Jayne’s not leaving without a fight. A fight that will soon turn deadly.

    Hosted by Alice Levine.

    Listen to The Price of Paradise on the Wondery App or wherever you get your podcasts. You can binge all episodes early and ad-free on Wondery+. Join Wondery+ in the Wondery App or on Apple Podcasts. Start your free trial by visiting https://wondery.com/links/the-price-of-paradise/


  • Ghosts, Ghouls, and the grotesque meet in this chilling podcast! Join Emily and Mak every Wednesday for stories of ghosts, murder, and haunting phenomena! Here, the mundane meets the morbid!

  • Dirty Money Moves: Women in White Collar Crime deep dives into cases involving a more rare type of criminal, women who commit financial crimes. In Season One, host Jami Rice of MURDERISH podcast takes listeners on a journey to investigate Mary Carole McDonnell, a self-proclaimed heiress and the CEO of a TV production company based in Los Angeles well known for all of the complex lies she told for decades. In Season Two, Jami takes listeners on a journey to investigate Tara Lee, a woman with an expensive taste for luxury jewelry and accessories, who satisfied her desires by taking money from the vulnerable and disadvantaged - destroying countless families for generations to come.

  • "闇追跡" と共に、犯罪の暗くて不可解な世界を深く探求しましょう。各エピソードで、私たちは、歴史に消えない印を残した、最も悪名高い犯罪事件の謎、秘密、複雑さを明らかにしていきます。未解決の失踪事件から鳥肌が立つ殺人事件、国際的な強盗からセンセーショナルなスキャンダルまで、私たちと一緒に証拠を辿り、専門家の意見を聞き、さまざまな理論を探求する旅をしましょう。あなたがベテランの探偵であろうと、ただの好奇心旺盛な魂であろうと、"闇追跡"は、世界で最も悪名高い犯罪の影の中に足を踏み入れるとき、あなたを魅了し、教え、時々恐怖させることを約束します。今すぐ購読して、エピソードを見逃さないでください。

  • Exploring the crimes & misdemenours committed in the West Country of England in bygone days, there causes, reasons and eventual outcomes., that affected families as well as communities for many years after the unspeakable events took place. These episodes cover murderous acts committed between 1900 and 1950.

  • Her Name Podcast focuses on cases of women (with some bonus episodes highlighting men) from years past. Host Kirsten Caron relates the stories of these women in a conversational style. Explicit language throughout.

  • Crystal Righton, Plaintiff in an extensive defamation lawsuit, tells her story after a jury unanimously rules in her favor. After navigating through some of the most emotionally and mentally difficult times of her life due to the lawsuit, Crystal has decided to use this platform to not only tell the truth behind the story, but to also use it as an educational tool about defamation and responsible social media use.

  • For those who like a little old-time with their true crime, join host Allison Dickson of Ding Dong Darkness Time as she explores the villains of decades and centuries past. 

  • Aretha Franklin, Muhammed Ali, Bob Marley, Audrey Hepburn, Jeffrey Epstein. What are the precise causes of their tragic, controversial and sudden deaths? In this series we analyze official medical evidence and look back on the lives of various celebrities in order to understand their death and shed new light on their passing.


    Aretha Franklin, Muhammed Ali, Bob Marley, Audrey Hepburn, Jeffrey Epstein. Wat zijn de precieze oorzaken van hun tragische, controversiële en plotselinge overlijden? In deze serie analyseren we officiële medische gegevens en kijken we terug op het leven van verschillende beroemdheden om hun dood te begrijpen en om nieuw licht op de zaak te schijnen.

  • Siete colpevoli, sapete di dover scontare una pena, sapete di dover pagare il vostro debito con la giustizia… 
    È un mondo che in pochi hanno voglia di raccontare.
    Un mondo che colpisce allo Stomaco.

    Questa è la storia di Fabrizio Locatelli.

    Questo podcast è pensato per scopi esclusivamente informativi e di intrattenimento. 
    Le opinioni e i fatti riportati sono personali degli ospiti e non riflettono necessariamente quelle dei produttori.

  • Join us for this long form podcast about the murdered and missing. Long form because we will do one case in 4 weeks. Make sure to tune in each and every week so you do not miss an episode of the case.

  • Crimini notevoli. Casi misteriosi. Storie inquietanti. Noi due secchioni del true crime sonderemo gli abissi della mente umana per voi. Sangue. Tanto sangue. Non nostro, eh!

  • Ci occupiamo di fatti di cronaca particolarmente cruenti oppure insoliti. In una parola, di criminalita' o, come si preferisce dire oggi, di true crime. Benvenuti sul nostro canale e buona permanenza. Un saluto cordiale,

  • The Official Jinx Podcast takes listeners behind the scenes of the HBO documentary series directed by Andrew Jarecki that became a real-life murder investigation. The show revisits all six episodes of Part One and will serve as a companion piece to The Jinx: Part Two as it airs on Max, beginning April 21. Hosted by Jarecki’s Jinx filmmaking partner, Executive Producer Zac Stuart-Pontier, the show guides listeners through never-before-aired conversations with Robert Durst and other key players in the series, with many new surprises and revelations along the way. 

  • En esta historia hay tres personajes: está Daniel Sancho, está Edwin Arrieta y está una pequeña isla del Océano Pacífico. A lo largo de tres episodios, trazaremos una línea cronológica del caso para localizar qué sabemos a ciencia cierta.

    Repasaremos todas las claves que se tendrán en cuenta en el juicio que comienza a celebrarse este 9 de abril y también analizaremos el bullicio formado alrededor de esta noticia y cómo ha provocado que las pruebas se diluyan entre suposiciones y conjeturas.