Waargebeurde misdaad – Nieuwe podcasts

  • Comedians and Comedy Store-favorites Steve Furey and Saul Trujillo bring you a weekly dose of crime.

  • Подкаст, где я, Никита Шабалов, зову в гости стендап-комиков, чтобы смешно поговорить о страшном: теориях заговора, фильмах ужасов, трукрайме и многом другом.

  • Pieced is a NEW True crime podcast.

    We will be going into the smallest detail to try and understand mysteries, disappearances, most notorious unsolved mysteries, and a lot more, Whether it's strange or unusual we will be explaining it as best as we can to try and understand the unknown.

    In each episode of Pieced, we will be explaining and breaking down individual events, mystery or murder, to the finest detail.

    Sit back, listen & relax.

  • Different kinds of stories presented by me with facts which boost up your knowledge...👍

  • To date, there are more than 600 unsolved homicides and disappearances in the state of Iowa. Although there are a handful of cases from the hawkeye state that gripped the nation many have gone years without notice. From a native Iowan born and raised it's time to give victims their voices back and attempt to bring some form of closure to families that have been waiting years, even decades for answers. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/iowaunsolved/support

  • 24 Shades of Blue is a podcast that gives the Toronto community a behind the scenes view of the Toronto Police Service's activities.

  • Here you will find the most bone chilling horror stories ever.

  • A series about how one man spent almost two decades in jail for a crime he says he didn't commit. 

    Hosted by the award-winning journalist, Emily Dugan.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • A weekly podcast about crime, mysteries, and other truly outrageous stories in the art and design world.

  • Admissible examines how a key building block of our justice system – evidence itself – is often flawed, disputed, or even manipulated. Hosted by reporter Tessa Kramer, the first season of Admissible investigates the story of 13 men who were exonerated thanks to the discovery of shreds of evidence saved by a forensic scientist named Mary Jane Burton. Burton was hailed as a hero for saving the evidence, but the story behind “the Mary Jane files” is far more complicated and darker than it appears.

  • This is the podcast that focuses on the capture and prosecution of Bryan Kohbeger. The man was accused of a quadruple homicide in Moscow, Idaho,  involving the death of four college students he allegedly didn't know.

    What allegedly caused him to kill? And will justice be served?

    We cover every movement in the case with reporting, discussion, and breaking updates, on the Idaho Murders Podcast. The case against Bryan Kohberger.

  • The Improvised True Crime Podcast. Every week, one case is analyzed and solved with the help of a guest. Hosted by Griffin Toplitsky and Steve Cooke.

  • In January of 1989 the director of Oregon’s Department of Corrections, Michael Francke, was brutally stabbed to death outside his office in Salem. The murder was quickly ruled a “car burglary gone wrong” and pinned on a low-level drug dealer named Frank Gable, a man who Francke's own brother, Kevin, along with storied Oregon reporter Phil Stanford, believe has been wrongfully imprisoned for nearly 30 years. They believe Francke had uncovered a trail of corruption in the prison system— one that ledto the top of Oregon’s political establishment. Murder In Oregon follows the two men on a decades-long journey, bordering on obsession, into Oregon’s drug and crime-infested underworld to answer one question: Who really killed Michael Francke?

  • That Chapter Podcast is your home for the craziest true crime cases, weirdest plots, and strangest horrors from around the world, from back in the day to today. That Chapter Podcast has it all, telling you the scariest stories with a little laugh or two along the way.

  • A New Jersey centric podcast about the paranormal, unexplained mysteries and phenomenon.

  • Recently described by the media as a "legendary New York criminal defense attorney," Jeffrey Lichtman has successfully handled criminal trials and appeals on some of the country's largest stages. His clients include those charged in the federal and state systems with white collar and non-white collar offenses. For over 30 years, Mr. Lichtman's practice style has been marked by exhaustive pretrial preparation and smothering pressure inside the courtroom. His cross-examinations, in fact, have been described in the media during the John Gotti, Jr. trial as a "relentless pounding" in which witnesses were "put through the blender and shredded." The Gotti trial ended with the dismissal of three murder conspiracy charges, an acquittal on a $25 million securities fraud charge, and a deadlocked jury on every remaining count. The media described the verdict as an "unbelievable courtroom upset" and Mr. Lichtman's work as "brilliant." In the recent high-profile Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman trial lasting 3 1/2 months, Mr. Lichtman's work was described by the media as "an astonishing performance" and "so wildly entertaining."

    Some of Mr. Lichtman's recent clients also include Assistant USC basketball coach Tony Bland, Emma Coronel, rappers Fat Joe and The Game, the alleged Boss of the Colombo Family Andrew Russo, Olympians, judges, doctors, lawyers, politicians, and countless others.

    Mr. Lichtman's appellate practice has also had great success, winning freedom for clients sentenced to lengthy prison terms. In September of 2010, he won the freedom for a client who had been convicted and sentenced to 27 years in prison for multiple counts of sexual assault of four victims. After his appeal to the NJ Appellate Division forced the trial court to grant a hearing on trial counsel's possible ineffectiveness, Mr. Lichtman's scathing examination of trial counsel was halted by the judge – who indicated she was prepared to vacate the conviction on the spot – and the client was released, never to return to prison again.

    A 1990 graduate of Duke University School of Law, Mr. Lichtman's office has begun representing individuals on Civil Rights/police misconduct issues as well as on sexual harassment and discrimination claims -- and in just a short time, Mr. Lichtman has garnered multiple millions of dollars of settlements for women sexually harassed in the workplace, and was selected as a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

    Mr. Lichtman has recently been profiled in New York Magazine, the New York Daily News, and in The New York Times as part of the "Public Lives" series. Mr. Lichtman can also be heard as a guest host on 710 WOR Radio (every Monday morning at 7:05 AM), WABC Talk Radio, Fox News Radio, and AM 970 The Answer in New York City. Mr. Lichtman’s office website is www.JeffreyLichtman.com.

  • On February 6th, 2008, 48-year-old Judith Petty left her grandmother's house to return some books at a library three blocks away. After that we don't know what happened. That night her family starts searching all over Parkersburg, West Virginia for her. The next day her father drives out to the family farm to find their property engulfed in flames. When the fire went out, her father found Judith's remains in the cellar. The medical examiner stated that Judith was dead before the fire. Now, fourteen years later, local law enforcement says it was a suicide or that she must have died of natural causes. So, what really happened to Judith Petty?

  • Our card this season is Darlene Hulse, the 4 of Hearts from Indiana.

    Darlene Hulse was forcibly taken from her home in Argos, Indiana on August 17, 1984. Her two oldest daughters witnessed the attack but they didn’t recognize the man who took their mother. Though Darlene’s body would be found a day later, just six miles from her home, her killer has evaded law enforcement for almost four decades and the investigation has remained cold…until now.

  • Delmarva Studios presents: Unsolved Murders In America. Our country currently has 250,000 unsolved murders. We present all of the evidence that is available to the public, along with some hard nose research by our investigative team. We hope that by sharing this information we can help to close some of these cold cases. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Hosted by Chad Greinke.