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  • Two girls discuss casualties casually. everything from high-profile murders, to historical classics, are discussed with casual friends grabbing a drink-together vibe.

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  • It Happened Here (IHH) is a weekly true crime podcast from Ready Freddie Productions, presented by South African journalist Kate Thompson Davy.

    The creators of IHH intend this to be a true crime podcast that centres victims and survivors, that peers into the psychology at play, and scratches that crime and grime itch we all sometimes have. Having said that, we do not want to produce 'gore porn' or glorify the criminals we speak about. That is a guiding value of ours, as well as: 

    Sex work is work. My body, my choice. Trans and black lives matter. And f*ck your feminism if it isn’t intersectional. 

    If that doesn’t work for you, that’s your call (do better!), but this is not the podcast you are looking for. I’m sure we will fall short of these values at some point, because we’re all flawed and unlearning prejudices. Please do let us know when we go wrong ([email protected]), but also, please be gentle. Remember good hearts, bad moments. We are trying our best. 

    What listeners had to say:

    Marvelous *****

    Jul 9, 2021, lilmamaeverts

    "This podcast is so amazing… from the podcasters voice to the way she tells the stories. Episode 2 had me in tears, but I felt the way she presented the case was so thoughtful. And I appreciate she doesn’t shy away from the tough subjects that NEED a light shine on them!"

    Right up there with the best *****

    Jul 5, 2021, Millie Moopop's Mummy

    "Fab true crime podcast. I’ve never listened to much South African crime and find it fascinating. Subject matter is dealt with sensitively and the research has clearly been done with the utmost attention to detail. To top it off, the host has a voice born for podcasts! Can’t wait to see how this podcast develops."

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  • Привет, ты на канале KrimOne - первом криминалистическом. Хочешь узнать, что такое настоящая криминалистика, как расследуются и раскрываются преступления? Что нужно делать, чтобы избежать их в будущем? Насколько фильмы, сериалы и художественные книги далеки от реальности? На эти и многие другие вопросы ты найдешь ответы здесь. Я расскажу, кто стоял у истоков борьбы с преступностью, как она развивалась и какие перспективы открываются в настоящее время. Если кратно - я докажу тебе, что нераскрываемых преступлений не бывает.

  • An exploration of fraud and white collar crime. Your host is Gene P. Tausk of The Tausk Law Firm in Houston, TX. We will discuss various aspects of fraud and white collar crime involving fraud including: legal, historical, the personalities involved, law enforcement responses and the victims of fraud. Inquiries for future podcast subjects always welcome.

    Introduction and exit music: Dark Hallway (clean) Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

  • Символом кінця зими і початку весни 2022 року став звук загрозливої сирени. «Ґрати» запустили подкаст про те, як проживають війну в українських містах і селах. Люди змушені тікати від обстрілів і ракет, днями чекати в укриттях, спати на підлозі чи на землі, а також вчитись різним видам взаємодопомоги, співучасті та виживанню в лабіринті війни. Сирена лунає по всій країні. Її тривожний образ символізує голос України, котрий сьогодні чути в усьому світі.


    Символом конца зимы и начала весны 2022 года стал звук угрожающей сирены. «Ґрати» запустили подкаст о том, как проживают войну в украинских городах и селах. Люди вынуждены спасаться от бомбежек и обстрелов, сутками пережидать в укрытиях воздушную тревогу, спать на полу или на земле, учиться помогать друг-другу в любых ситуациях и выживать, находя выход в лабиринте войны. Сирена звучит по всей стране. Ее тревожный образ символизирует голос Украины, который звучит по всему миру.

  • A True Petty Crime Podcast that tells overly dramatic short stories based on the most absurd small-time, petty crime headlines. Each story is told over original music, with cheesy reenactment effects. Ever imagine what a murder documentary about a serial cell phone thief may sound like? well, imagine no longer. it’s about to get very very petty.

  • Hola a todxs!
    Bienvenidos a Crimecast, el podcast en el que hablamos de truecrime, leyendas urbanas, historias misteriosas y alguno que otro chismecito. Somos Marce y Aleja y en cada episodio traemos invitados a los que les contaremos diferentes historias.
    Gracias a Bielo por hacer posible este podcast y esperamos que lo amen tanto como nosotras amamos hacerlo.
    Nos vemos saltando un miércoles!

  • Come hang out with Sherrilyn and guests while she gets to know some of your favourite creators! Focusing primarily on True Crime cases, conspiracy theories, hot topics, and everything in between. Get to know the people behind the channels you love. Maybe with a cocktail or 2?…. 

  • This podcast is a documentary of some of the most revolting serial killers of all time involved in the most gruesome murders that leaves you in awe.
    Tune in to catch up!

  • Can you help solve a murder or spot an undetected serial killer?
    There are a lot of them.

    More than 211,000 Americans have died in unsolved homicides since 1980, according to The Economist in 2015.
    Help solve a murder

  • Bodies in the Trees: The Last Recordings of The Unknown Book Club. In this harrowing 6-part series, Susannah Edwards uncovers a podcast investigating black magic and the Occult which may hold the answers to the strange case of The Bodies in the Trees at the Nine Ladies. For fans of Serial, S-Town and Up & Vanished, this podcast was taken down for over a year, but has been re-released due to real world developments

  • Это подкаст "Номерная Станция" про странные и таинственные события 20 века. Каждый эпизод это отдельная увлекательная история или нераскрытое убийство, и все что с этим связано. Мы с любовью выбираем темы каждого выпуска и стараемся выбирать истории, о которых на русском языке написано мало.

  • Наративний подкаст про баги судової і правоохоронної систем.

    Автор проєкту – Анастасія Зубова, ведуча – Олена Горобець.
    Justice-подкаст виходить за підтримки Європейського Союзу за програмою Дім Європи.
    Анонси нових випусків на Фейсбук-сторінці подкаст-студії "Що чути?"https://www.facebook.com/podcaststudioshochytu

  • A true crime podcast that will cover lesser-known stories of murder, mayhem, and other tragedies.

    Who knows? We may even tell you a story from your own hometown.

  • Подкаст об интересных и ужасающих преступлениях со всего мира

  • Have you ever been haunted? Ever seen something out of the corner of you eye, but just shrugged it off? Had things happen on occasion… but just subtle things… and convinced yourself they were nothing until it happened again? We understand. We too have been haunted. That is why we are… FOREVER HAUNTED. Join us every Saturday for different tales of Haunted Objects, to Haunted Locations to Haunted People. Or Join us every Tuesday for a number of spooky True Ghost Stories.

  • Throughout history (recent and in the distant past) there have been groups of oppressed people and the laws that result in detrimental consequences.
    From every law enacted intending to keep groups of people downtrodden to in depth series’ on slavery and the Ku Klux Klan. From the McDonald’s Massacre to the Japanese-Internment of 1942. From the real reason behind the war on drugs to the murders of Jordan Davis, Hakim Jamal and LaToyia Figueroa.
    Put a spotlight on those who aren’t spotlighted as much as they need to be. How can we learn from the past if we refuse to discuss it?

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  • Emily knows a lot about true crime. Dan... doesn't. And they happen to be married!

    Each episode Emily tells Dan a true crime story to get his honest reaction.

    Come laugh, learn, and get weird with us.

  • Forensic Diaries is a true crime podcast and a show with real life case studies of heinous , horrifying , bizarre, or even, in rare circumstances, oddly inspirational crimes. So hold on tight because it is going to be a thriller ride as you surf through this podcast. If you wish to get featured in this podcast channel email us at [email protected] Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/forensic-diaries/support