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  • A ‘true-crime’ mystery set in Birmingham and the Black Country, in the English Midlands. Graeme Rose investigates the real unsolved murder of his great uncle, sweetshop-owner Fred Jeffs, on Good Friday 1957, by talking to people who remember the case. Can he unravel what really happened on that fateful night? Written & presented by Graeme Rose.Music Composition & Sound Design by Fox & Rocha (guest musician Martin Cox)Director Steve Johnstone.Podcast supported by Black Country Touring, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Arts Council England, Creative Black Country.

  • In never-before-heard interviews, this gripping new series takes you inside one of New Zealand’s most controversial legal cases, when a kind of madness gripped Christchurch, resulting in a miscarriage of justice that would take 30 years to put right. Peter Ellis, the Creche Case & Me is an 8-part Newsroom Investigates podcast presented by Melanie Reid - or watch the series at Newsroom.co.nz

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  • Conversations about the unsolved Missy Bevers case, from April 2016. Our goal is to share facts and dispel rumors. Thank you for tuning in! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/truecrimebroads/support

  • Kurja juttu on true crime -podcast, jonka jokaisessa jaksossa Minna ja Fiia kertovat Pinjalle hänelle entuudestaan tuntemattomia tapauksia. Jokainen jakso sisältää yhden kurjan jutun lisäksi aiheen vierestä höpöttelyä, hermostunutta naurua ja huonoja vitsejä.

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    Tunnusmusiikki: "Hullu Sakari", trad.
    Tulkinta: Ruusu Saksio

  • 讓大家可以更了解各種心理學及社工到底在幹嘛?

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  • Former Kansas City, Kansas, detective Roger Golubski is accused of putting an innocent man in jail, exploiting vulnerable Black women, and terrorizing the community for decades. How did he get away with it for so long, and what does justice look like for his victims? From KCUR Studios and the NPR Midwest Newsroom, Overlooked is a new investigative podcast about the systemic problems long left unaddressed throughout the Midwest.

  • 靈異事件檔跟大家分享靈異事件、X檔案、超自然事件等

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  • Join us each week as we go beneath the surface and dig deep into the lives of some of the most notorious killers. True Crime enthusiasts, Christie and Melissa, examine what led up to these chilling crimes and discuss all things murder. The truth must be exhumed.

  • The Crimes we’re Into is a true crime and paranormal podcast hosted by sisters Leslie and Tamara. Join us every Thursday for new episodes.And These are THE CRIMES WE’RE INTO !! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/tcwipodcast/support

  • Survivor Stories is a true crime podcast focusing on life or death tales where victims prevail. Join us every other Sunday for a thrilling experience.

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  • The Long Road Home is a weekly podcast for listeners who want to learn about the more mysterious corners of the human experience. Aliens, men in black, missing people, ghosts, witchcraft, and various spiritual beliefs are only a few of the topics we'll cover. Join in and learn along with us! Life is short, take The Long Road Home.

  • Mind-boggling stories from the Holocaust you’ve never heard. Remarkable tales of heroism and horror that will leave you in awe.

  • 旧青年街垒是由三个来自苏南县城但不幸流落世界各地的旧青年创立的podcast,这三人分别是在瑞典斯德哥尔摩艰苦奋斗的Officer Li, 位于北美湾区的非典型程序员一横以及在苏南县城坚守阵地的民间艺术家烤肉。

    做Podcast的念头最早来源于学校社团。2017年,同为摇滚青年的Officer Li和一横于社团公众号上开启了一档以夹带私货的乐评闻名的新栏目,名为反声(Anti-Voice)。反声之名取自哈利波特中的的巫师小报《唱唱反调》(The Quibbler)以及美国朋克乐队反旗(Anti-Flag),然而在用完社团储备人才库(6人以及场外嘉宾烤肉)后,反声就此终结,而Officer Li在反声某期中承诺的电台也被搁置。幸运的是,期间Officer Li通过一横结识了烤肉,经过长达数年的酝酿及拖延,终于决定于2021年12月13日重启podcast计划。











  • The Nick Bryant Podcast features journalist and author Nick Bryant as he interviews subjects about their experiences in the corrupt underbelly of American society. After 20 years of investigating trafficking networks, political blackmail, and other government malfeasance, Bryant turns his lens on those who have refused to accept the status quo of our perfidious political system. New episode every Friday.


  • True crime podcast featuring two unapologetically black women giving you the facts , the theories and the tea.

  • Gloomy Star is a podcast containing ghost stories, alien sightings, creepy things that happen to people, interviews with other podcasters and paranormal investigators. Come along to the gloomy star podcast with your host Henry bilbrey, and remember your never alone.

  • 【每周三上架新集數】主持人Bamboo 和Zoey 將帶來一系列的怪奇分享,無論是未解懸案分析、恐怖案件分享、或是令人心驚膽跳的驚悚電影等,通通都在怪奇故事屋!


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  • The Secret History of the Estonia. A tale of secrets, smugglers and spies and how 852 people died on a ferry. 
    From the team behind The Secret History of Flight 149, journalist Stephen Davis investigates the tragic sinking of the passenger ship The Estonia, uncovering a mysterious trail that leads back to the Cold War.
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  • A podcast created to bring awareness to missing person cases and to highlight certain events. All information presented here is available to the public.

  • 懸疑案件分析、都市傳說、犯罪案件的真相,睡前故事。 大家好,我是詭靈藝&妮妮 Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/guilingyi/support