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  • Two moms telling stories about moms!
    The good, the badass and the crime!
    This is Whine Time!

  • This podcast series exposes some of the darkest stories in Hollywood. In each episode Sloan creates a safe space for these entertainers to share their traumatic experiences in the industry. Some of these guests are survivors of exploitation and abuse, while others’ have been the cause of pain and controversy. So, let’s get into it.

  • من قصد دارم توی این پادکست براتون قصه تعریف کنم. قصه های واقعی از منابع مختلف. لازمه که توضیح بدم ممکنه قصه هایی که در گرگور میشنوید از منابع معتبر خارجی و انگیلسی زبان یا داخلی و فارسی زبان باشه. یا اینکه حتی از قصه های روایی آدم های واقعی که از نزدیک باهاشون برخورد داریم روایتی رو براتون تعریف کنم. قصه های ما میتونه توی هر ژانر و سبکی از جنایی و معمایی تا عاشقانه و اجتماعی باشه ولی چیزی که مشخصه اینه که حتما توی روایتی که انتخاب میشه چیزی فراتر از قصه هم وجود خواهد داشت که علاوه بر جذابیت برای شنونده بشه از توشون یک نگاه شاید اجتماعی ، فلسفی ، حقوقی و یا حتی هنری بیرون کشید. تمام قصه های که

  • Was ist Narzissmus? In diesem Podcast, werde ich Sie gerne mitnehmen auf dem Weg des Narzissmus. Narzissmus ist eine psychische Störung, bei der Menschen ein übersteigertes Gefühl der eigenen Wichtigkeit, ein tiefes Bedürfnis nach Bewunderung und einen Mangel an Empathie besitzen. Die narzisstische Persönlichkeitsstörung ist insbesondere durch Selbstüberschätzung gekennzeichnet.

  • A True Crime podcast hosted by Jaydyn Morrison and Megan Malinak.

    Trust your gut because it’s BFSTFS 💋

  • We are three friends discussing fraud on Fridays. We take a few news stories, talk about lessons learned and try to educate people that fraud can happen to anyone.

    Kelly Paxton is the Pink Collar Crime guru. Look it up. It’s not what you think.

    Jo Erven is the culture queen. She addresses cultural issues in organizations.

    Robert Berry is the process guy. He helps you clean up broken processes.

    Join us for a fun fraud experience.
    Is that an oxymoron?

    Reach out to us...
    Kelly Paxton

    Jo Erven

    Robert Berry

  • The podcast where we discuss astonishing women and the impact they have had on society.

  • پادکست نوار زرد قصد داره قتل های سریالی که در ایران اتفاق افتادن رو در کنار یک بستر تاریخی و اجتماعی روایت کنه


    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • كل ماهو غريب …جرائم تحقيقات …اختفاءات غامضة …غرائب الشعوب …احداث لا تصدق

  • I am here to share with you some true crime and mystery stories all made by women, only. This way I try to understand what led women, through history, to become murderers.
    We meet every Sunday.

  • DeadLee serial is a true crime podcast that dives deep into the depths of the human psyche. Join Lora Deadrick and Lee Moffitt as we try to bring a little light into the darkness. A place where a dark sense of humor and morbid curiosity are a DEADLEE combination! New serial every week. Join us.... Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deadleeserial/support

  • Merhaba, ben İlayda. Bu podcast serisinde, suç dünyasının birbirinden ilginç hikayelerini bir adli bilimler öğrencisinden dinleyeceksiniz.
    Olaylarda geçen kişi ve mekanlarla ilgili fotoğraflara ulaşmak için https://www.instagram.com/suckonusu/ hesabını takip edebilirsiniz.

  • True crime fanatics, it’s time to set the record straight and dive into the science of your true crime obsession. Hosts and forensic experts Laura and Shelly are here to curb the CSI effect and tell you what really goes down at the scene. 
    Settle in and get ready for unfiltered, fact-based banters that go beyond the who, what, when, where, and why of true crime.

  • ve Olaylar Gelişir: Gizemli olaylar, korkunç masallar, tüyler ürperten öyküler, tekinsiz mekanlar, şehir efsaneleri ve memoratlar okuyor hakkında sohbet ediyoruz.

    #gizem #gizemli #memorat #sehirefsaneleri #şehirefsaneleri #paranormal #cin #folklor #korku #gerilim #hurafe #lanet

  • Korhan Korman ve Deniz Yurdakul ile birlikte Anadolu Katillerinin dehşet verici, kan donduran hikayelerini dinleyeceksiniz.

  • In the winter of 1960 three women were found brutally murdered in a cave at the Starved Rock State Park. After months of dead ends, a manhunt ensued that ultimately pinned the crime on a 21-year-old dishwasher at the Starved Rock State Park Lodge, Chester Weger. In spite of contradictory physical evidence and under immense pressure from the police, Chester confessed to the crime. He has spent the last 60 years in prison, maintaining his innocence to this day.
    Join Andy Hale, a civil rights attorney who specializes in investigating wrongful convictions, as he dives deep into parts of the case that have been left out of previous coverage. As Chester Weger’s attorney, he is actively investigating the case and has won the right to test DNA from the crime scene for the first time in 60 years. If Chester is innocent, this will become the longest wrongful conviction case in United States history. This limited series podcast will re-examine the story you think you know, provide real-time case updates, including DNA testing, and access to documents and photos previously unreleased to the public, to uncover the truth of what really happened in Starved Rock State Park over half a century ago.

  • Пурпурни Следи e български подкаст, посветен изцяло на страховития, но силно интригуващ криминален свят.

    Раждат ли се истински зли хора? През седмица, Вяра Георгиева (създател на крими видеа в Youtube) ще ви запознае с психологията и детайлите, стоящи зад различните случаи и тяхното несъмнено въздействие върху слушателите. В подкаста, тя разглежда цялостно житейския път на извършителите - от детството, през провиненията и финалните им дни. Какво ги мотивира да убиват, как избират жертвите си и ще можем ли някога да разберем, какво се крие в ума на един сериен убиец?