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  • What makes you a heretic? Journalist Andrew Gold believes that, in an age of group-think and tribes, we need heretics - those who use unconventional wisdom to speak out against their own groups, from cancelled comedians and radical feminists to cult defectors and vigilantes hunting deviants.

    Learn from my guests how to rebel, think differently and resist social contagion. From Triggernometry's Francis Foster and the world's most cancelled man Graham Linehan to ex-Hasidic Jew Julia Haart and gender critical atheist Richard Dawkins. These are the people living with the weight of their own community's disappointment on their shoulders.

  • True Crime with Caitlyn is a brand new independent True Crime podcast hosted by Caitlyn (or truecrimecaitlyn, if you're here from TikTok). With new weekly episodes coming every Monday you will hear about cases you may never have heard of before- and the odd one you may have.

  • Welcome to The Paradox Files. A mind-bending show about seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statements or propositions that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true. We dive deep into many topics ranging from ghosts to conspiracies, aliens to bigfoot, and so much more! Weโ€™re not here to convince you of anything, but rather, to make you question everything. In the end, itโ€™s up to you. Its time to open The Paradox Files!

    New episodes uploaded every other week!

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  • Come explore 'An Assembly of Fascinating and Intriguing Things' for a captivating mix of true crime stories, historical wonders and famous unsolved mysteries. Each week, Kyle and Adam delve into famous crime cases and unsolved mysteries, making us a standout choice amongst the best true crime and history podcasts out there. In just about an hour, we offer intriguing tales perfect for your next social gathering.

  • Dad and daughter duo, Phoebe and Philip, are REALLY into true crime. As they’re not able to get together because of Covid, they’ve decided to meet virtually every week and share the best True Crime stories from the UK and Europe.

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  • "Welcome to 'Social Sessions,' the platform where curiosity transforms into conversation and understanding becomes a catalyst for change. Our podcast is your ticket to unraveling the intricate threads of society's tapestry. By subscribing, you become a vital part of our vibrant communityโ€”a community that values empathy, critical thinking, and positive transformation. We need you to subscribe because your engagement fuels our mission. With every episode, you'll dive deep into thought-provoking topics, gain fresh perspectives, and walk away with a sense of connection and enlightenment. You're not just a listener; you're an active participant in shaping the discourse of our times. So, join us on this enlightening journey, and together, let's be the change we want to see in the world. Subscribe now and let your voice be heard!" Visit our Website for all our social media platforms www.social-sessions.co.uk

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  • THE SECOND OSWALD sheds light on a little known aspect of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. Could the accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, been set up to be the patsy? The series focuses on writer Kerry Thornley who served with Lee Harvey Oswald in the US Marines and wrote a novel about him a year BEFORE he killed JFK.

  • All I'm Saying is about mysteries, myths, ghost stories, murder mysteries and conspiracies.

  • Collect Call With Suge Knight features raw and unfiltered conversations between the incarcerated legendary founder of Death Row Records and some of hip-hop culture’s most influential figures--past, present and future. Created and curated by hip-hop media icon Dave Mays, Collect Call showcases a side of Suge Knight that most have never seen. Suge’s honesty, vulnerability and current state of mind will all be heard in this groundbreaking podcast series, along with the wisdom and charisma that made him one of Hip-hop’s most powerful and influential business executives of all time. Collect Call will take its audience on a fascinating journey that will reveal the truth, tell incredible never-before-heard stories, and seek to inspire, educate and empower the new generation of hip-hop fans worldwide. 

  • Underworld: Behind the Scenes of the NCA is a new podcast series which unearths the murky world of dangerous offenders across the UK and around the world, lifting the lid on the most notorious crimes solved by the National Crime Agency. The first of its kind, each episode covers a different covert operation the NCA has been involved in over the last decade, with fascinating unheard accounts from those who fight crime in the shadows. Host, Investigative Journalist Ellie Flynn, discusses the cases with those involved, from Senior Investigative Officers to partners from global forces. For the first time the agency is inviting the public to hear first-hand how NCA officers have used their world-leading intelligence capabilities to bring some of the countryโ€™s most dangerous criminals to justice.

  • Dan and Kel love to ramble. They love to ramble while they ramble, and have a nice time in this funny lockdown-inspired show, recorded in the beautiful English countryside. Come and join them for walks and silly chats. No script, just good chemistry. New locations and internet weirdos each ep. Warning: contains some strong language, and silly voices. T: @NiceRamble E: [email protected] I: @nicetimeramble https://www.facebook.com/nicetimeramble/

  • From Serial Productions and The New York Times in partnership with ProPublica and Nashville Public Radio, “The Kids of Rutherford County” is reported and hosted by Meribah Knight, a Peabody-award winning reporter based in the South.

    For over a decade, one Tennessee county arrested and illegally jailed hundreds, maybe thousands, of children. A four-part narrative series reveals how this came to be, the adults responsible for it, and the two lawyers, former juvenile delinquents themselves, who try to do something about it.

  • Embark on a timeless journey with 'Time-Traveled Texts', where the wisdom and wonder of the past are brought to life through the enchanting power of audio. Explore a meticulously curated collection of audio-books, focusing on celebrated works that have transcended centuries. 

  • Have you ever been scammed? 
    In The Ringer’s first true crime podcast, host Justin Sayles tracks a mysterious figure who once wronged him. A man with a lot of aliases, a lot of failed businesses, and a trail of victims. Justin follows him through a sham media company, a series of ruined weddings, and beyond, trying to find answers. 
    The police can’t offer any help—but maybe we can. 
    From Spotify and The Ringer, this is ‘The Wedding Scammer.’ A story in seven parts.

  • This is After Dark: Myths, Misdeeds and the Paranormal. The podcast that takes you to the shadiest corners of the past, unpicking historyโ€™s spookiest, strangest, and most sinister stories.

    Join historians Anthony Delaney and Maddy Pelling, every Monday and Thursday to take a look at the darker side of history. From haunted pubs and Houdini, to witch trials and weird UFO sightings.

    After Dark: Myths, Misdeeds and the Paranormal - a podcast by History Hit, the world's best history channel and creators of award-winning podcasts Dan Snow's History Hit, Gone Medieval, and Betwixt the Sheets.

    Enjoy unlimited access to award-winning original documentaries that are released weekly and AD-FREE podcasts. Get a subscription for ยฃ1 per month for 3 months with code AFTERDARK - sign up at historyhit.com/subscribe.

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  • September, 1983.
    Aberdeen Taxi Driver, George Murdoch was almost halfway through his long taxi shift, when he picked up a passenger, close to the city centre.
    On route to his passenger’s destination, for some unknown reason, George turned his taxi into a dimly lit side street, when his passenger wrapped a cheese wire around his neck.  George somehow managed to escape from the taxi, but his assailant quickly caught him, and then strangled him, until his body became motionless.
    Then, the killer just disappeared into the night, leaving George to die, alone at the side of the street.
    Four decades later, this murder remains unsolved, but the police continue to investigate this cold case, with several promising leads.
    Across five episodes, in this True Crime podcast, we speak to Georges family and friends and criminal psychology experts.  We also speak to the Senior Investigating Officer, and the Forensic Scientists at the very centre of this investigation, as we ask, “Who is the Cheese Wire Killer?”
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  • Lucy Letby, the 33 year old former neo-natal nurse, has been found guilty of murdering 7 babies and attempting to murder 6 others while they were in her care at the Countess of Chester Hospital in the Northwest of England.

    The verdicts make Lucy Letby Britainโ€™s most prolific baby killer.

    Follow the trial's evidence just as the jury did, with weekly reports from Daily Mail northern correspondent Liz Hull and broadcast journalist Caroline Cheetham.

    In this podcast, they bring you far more detail about what the jury heard, examine key moments of the trial, and conduct exclusive interviews with investigative detectives, victims, and experts.

    A Daily Mail production.

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  • The Criminal Connection Podcast delivers a unique insight into the nefarious underworld hosted by true crime actor-producer, Terry Stone.

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  • Did one manโ€™s friendship with a dolphin go way โ€“ way โ€“ too far? Itโ€™s 1987 and the British seaside town of Amble has seen much better days. So when a wild bottlenose dolphin nicknamed Freddie appears in the harbour, it feels like a miracle. Everyone wants to swim with him. But Freddie chooses one person above all others: Alan Cooper, a dedicated animal rights activist committed to freeing captive dolphins. Then Alanโ€™s friendship with Freddie is turned against him and a devastating accusation spirals out of control.

  • Unsolved mysteries, creepy folklore, conspiracy theories, UFOs, classic ghost stories, and maybe a sprinkling of bizarre true crime. 
    So cut yourself an oversized piece of cherry pie, pour yourself a large mug of coffee and let's get into it...

  • What makes a great detective? A razor-sharp mind? Amazing powers of deduction? Unique observational skills? Or simple perseverance? Each week on Scotland Yard Confidential, we enter the minds of some of the greatest detectives in history — real-life sleuths who would give Sherlock Holmes a run for his money. We'll follow in their footsteps as they hunt down suspects and crack seemingly impossible cases. Scotland Yard Confidential is a Spotify Original from Parcast, produced in partnership with Noiser. New episodes Thursdays!