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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • British stage and screen star Lauren Samuels has just moved to Los Angeles to continue her showbiz career. This podcast, A Brit in LA, is for anyone who shares her fascination with Hollywood and ambition to succeed there. Each week, Lauren interviews inspirational figures who explain how they are achieving their own Hollywood dreams.

  • Britainโ€ฆ An ancient kingdom with legends of violence, cruelty and torment in itโ€™s blood.

    Join your podcast hosts: Ross, Jon and James, as they bravely tread where few would dare.

    Witness their journey into the horrific history of British horror.

    General Witchfinders is a podcast where three middle-aged men talk about the good old days of British Horror (and an apologetic bit of sci-fi).

    We cover Hammer Horror, Pulp Horror Novels and Niche Cult TV.

    Ross and James have been friends since the age of 13 having bonded at school over Blackadder, Red Dwarf, Star Trek and other such stuff when there wasnโ€™t much else good on the telly.

    Then, during the heady days of Britpop and Cool Britannia Ross went to art school in Cardiff where he met Jon and they messed about making things for 3 years with James popping to Wales to visit whenever he could.

    James and Ross had a semi popular podcast called Creeping with Armstrong which ran for 10 years when there weren't many podcasts around and people were less fussy about quality of sound and content.

    Jon went a bit stir crazy over lockdown and foolishly suggested they start a horror podcast, and is flummoxed that he is still doing this 25+ episodes later.

    James is now a Teacher, Ross is a Designer of sorts and Jon is an Artist and Photographer.


    After Lockdown our diaries became more difficult to sync up. But to allow for some of us to carry on catching up regularly and our listeners to continue on getting something to listen to we span off a side podcast.


    Inspired by a brilliant documentaryโ€ฆ 


    (Available on shudder)

    โ€ฆwe watch and review films that loosely fall within the โ€˜Folk Horrorโ€™ sub-genre.

    โ€œTypical elements include a rural setting and themes of isolation, religion, the power of nature, and the potential darkness of rural landscapes. Although related to supernatural horror films, many derive their horror from the actions and beliefs of people rather than explicitly supernatural elements; the primary focus of the stories is often upon naรฏve outsiders coming up against these forces.โ€

    In these episodes, we are not restrained to any country of origin or era. Also, we are often joined by guest from other podcasts to get views from other voices and other countries.

    You can find these episodes on the same feed as the mothership show. subscribe - support us and become part of our community - tweet at us and be tweeted at

    Ross also has another podcast you might like -

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  • Merry Monday and welcome to the year round podcast that explores classic Holiday movies and TV specials.

  • A podcast about Doctor Who. Yes, yet another podcast about Doctor Who.

    Join Martyn, Chris and Sam as they navigate the Whoniverse.

    Contains language some may describe as “fruity”.

    Part of The Bad Wilf Network. Visit for information about our other shows.

  • An occasional podcast about John Masefield's classic children's book 'The Box of Delights' and the 1984 BBC TV adaption. Paul Emmines chats with the cast and fans of the show, who celebrate it every Christmas and keep the enchanting tale alive for future generations.

  • Hello and welcome to Unequal Sequel, a film podcast where the premise is very simple – we ask our guests their best ever sequel, worst ever sequel and finally their dream sequel.

  • Twice monthly podcast delving into the most obscure of the Doctor Who TV spin-offs, the Australian K9 series. Hosted by Tom Marshall and Kevin Burnard with various guests. Join us as we find out whether the show is inexplicably awful, surprisingly good, or consistently mediocre. Everything you've ever wanted to know (and lots you didn't) about this well-kept secret, laid bare. Literally watching it so you never have to.

  • Andrew and Tim are two British men in coronavirus lockdown, rewatching every episode of The Simpsons. New episode every Monday.

  • We host movie screenings in Hamilton, Ontario from the days of our youth. You vote on which film we will watch from our list & then which are worthy of going in the capsule to represent that time or cast out on the junk pile of forgettable flicks.

  • The weekly ramblings of Travis and George. Nerd-dom, cinophiles and shenanigans.

  • Bobo and Ebun only ever talk about film. Nobody Asked them to but they created a podcast anyways. A duo of friends nerd out on movies, short films, series and music videos. Welcome to Nobody Asked Bobo and Ebun !

  • The podcast that dissects misleading movie plot lines that don’t exactly set us up for the real world. Presented by husband and wife duo Ashley and Flo Bates. Join them as they discuss the films that fooled them when they were younger. Email: [email protected] Instagram: @thefilmsthatfooledus

  • The Wheel of Time TV show review for fans who never read the books.

  • Relax with your favourite meal inside Mooby's Restaurant and listen to Dylan Blight, Ryan Betson and Buddy Watson take on you on a journey through the View Askew Universe.

  • Three movies. One improbable connection. Countless puns. Endless pedantry. From the grindhouse to the arthouse, join Doug Dillaman, Steve Skeet and Darren Waugh on this New Zealand-based, Internet-distributed audio podcast. That's not just specific - that's *ludicrously* specific.

  • Between Metropolis and Star Wars lies a 50 year wasteland of terrible movie robots. FIFTY YEARS OF S**T ROBOTS is a podcast that celebrates them all. Hosted by writer and broadcaster, Matt Brown and Stephen Murray, senior lecturer in TV, Film & Journalism at Teeside University. WARNING! The S**t-bomb is sometimes uttered but nothing more.

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  • Esme Todd and Benjy Potter discuss all the latest gossip from the castle. Join them Sunday-Thursday whilst 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here' 2021 is on air to chat about the contestants and the latest episodes.

    Not officially linked to ITV.

  • The 90's Repeated is a movie podcast where we repeat the best films of the 1990's from the very beginning and in chronological order! We discuss what worked then, what still works now and everything in-between!
    If you love 90's movies as much as us, please follow the podcast and join us on our journey through the 1990's. It's a long road.....

    New episodes every 2 weeks....or less!

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  • Welcome to Jungle Confidential, the Mailโ€™s daily podcast about all things Iโ€™m a Celebrity, presented by showbiz guru Katie Hind of the Mail on Sunday. Katie will be joined by insiders, former winners and celebrities with the gossip you all want to hear, plus experts from the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday with insider info you wonโ€™t hear ANYWHERE else, every day of the week while the show is on.

  • Between 1971 and 2008, DiC Entertainment was a staple of Saturday Morning Cartoon blocks, producing over 100 TV childrens series. Now two dorks must sample them all; Join Mark & Avery as they voyage endlessly back in time to watch every single show that DiC released!